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Outage for Spectrum? Get an overview with problems reported to Down Today on phone issues, your TV signal and in regard to internet being down. The services are not limited to just online access and also include cable television and phones. Spectrum looks after customers across the United States.

Most Reported Spectrum Problems

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Timeline of 2024 Outages for Spectrum

This chart shows Spectrum outage reports in 2024 and over the last year.

Spectrum Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

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3 months ago

Spectrum outage currently in Dallas, Texas, Not been told why it’s out, wondering if many others have problems?

5 years ago

The internet is super slow, cannot even open any website because it loads a page from top to bottom so slow i cannot be bothered to wait.

5 years ago

Down in Dallas at the moment for me, no net at all.

5 years ago

I am located in Torrance and have no internet at all, I have called support and i heard a message saying routine maintenance.

6 years ago

Internet is still down since yesterday in 13114, any ideas when there is going to be a fix anyone?

6 years ago

We have internet issues in Waynesville NC.

6 years ago

I have no updates to say why the internet is down, I know it was a,ittle windy yesterday but really with all the tech nowadays and no internet. When i say update i mean on the restoration to fix.

6 years ago

outage with phone and internet , flushing,ny

6 years ago

Web service is down in Stevens Point, is Charter Spectrum down for everyone?

6 years ago

I am in Columbia TN and Internet is down for me.

6 years ago

Useless service yet again from Spectrum aka Charter. I am located in Riverside, CA and nothing.

6 years ago

Charter is still down for me have have no idea as to why, tried calling customer service and no answers there either. Time to take to Twitter I think as social media has a punch.

6 years ago

Spectrum TV is out in NC as well.

6 years ago

Is Charter Spectrum experiencing an internet outage, would love to know if it’s just me or not. I am in Wisconsin.

6 years ago
Reply to  Libby

Internet outage i mean, which to me is my power lol.

6 years ago

There is a Spectrum power outage in Wisconsin right now.

6 years ago

My charter Internet is down in Bristol, Tn. Geez kinda hard to work or homeschool with out it. I’m hopIng for a fast fix here.

7 years ago

Altamonte springs is down yet again, not internet for like 2 hours.

7 years ago

8 hours I have been down for now, I live in Kissimmee Fl and so unhappy about the service we are not getting.

7 years ago

Turlock ca is down, gets a little windy and internet goes lol.

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