Spectrum Problems

Spectrum (was Charter Communications) might experience an Internet outage on occasion, but their services are not limited to just broadband access and also include cable television and home phones. Spectrum looks after customers in around 25 states across the United States.

The Spectrum outage map can be accessed with the contact details on this page and the phone number is found also to the right for desktop users. You can also run tests with a speed test from the customer service section of Spectrum, again follow links on this page.

If you are currently seeing an outage, then leave your location and details about Spectrum down in your area within the status report section.

Spectrum Status insight for Wednesday 27th of May 2020

If Spectrum is down today, then reports will be found below.

Spectrum Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Henry

    The internet is super slow, cannot even open any website because it loads a page from top to bottom so slow i cannot be bothered to wait.

  • Marcuz

    Down in Dallas at the moment for me, no net at all.

  • Alex

    I am located in Torrance and have no internet at all, I have called support and i heard a message saying routine maintenance.

  • Janis

    Internet is still down since yesterday in 13114, any ideas when there is going to be a fix anyone?

  • Ramone

    We have internet issues in Waynesville NC.

  • cain

    I have no updates to say why the internet is down, I know it was a,ittle windy yesterday but really with all the tech nowadays and no internet. When i say update i mean on the restoration to fix.

  • hal

    outage with phone and internet , flushing,ny

  • Erin

    Web service is down in Stevens Point, is Charter Spectrum down for everyone?

  • Nancy

    I am in Columbia TN and Internet is down for me.

  • Randall

    Useless service yet again from Spectrum aka Charter. I am located in Riverside, CA and nothing.

  • Jamie

    Charter is still down for me have have no idea as to why, tried calling customer service and no answers there either. Time to take to Twitter I think as social media has a punch.

  • Helen Barnhill Chiverton

    Spectrum TV is out in NC as well.

  • Charles

    Is Charter Spectrum experiencing an internet outage, would love to know if it’s just me or not. I am in Wisconsin.

  • Libby

    Internet outage i mean, which to me is my power lol.

  • Libby

    There is a Spectrum power outage in Wisconsin right now.

  • AmyP.

    My charter Internet is down in Bristol, Tn. Geez kinda hard to work or homeschool with out it. I’m hopIng for a fast fix here.

  • Minnie

    Altamonte springs is down yet again, not internet for like 2 hours.

  • Teresa

    8 hours I have been down for now, I live in Kissimmee Fl and so unhappy about the service we are not getting.

  • Bri

    Turlock ca is down, gets a little windy and internet goes lol.

  • Jen

    Not net in Pasco, whats wrong now?

  • Melissa

    My Charter internet is down, i seem to have an outage issue in Grandview, Wa.

  • Gary

    Is Charter Internet down for anyone else? Mine is offline in West Richland.

  • Christine

    Hey Spectrum how come the internet is down in Minnesota? Have you any idea how long this will take to fix?

  • Frank

    I have no Charter Spectrum tv, internet or phone service in 63379 area. Whats going on guys?

  • Henry

    Charter Spectrum is down for me yet again, this time its the internet.

  • James

    New Milford CT has no Internet, seems to be down for the whole area.

  • Karl

    Internet is down in Wenatchee.

  • Hilary

    Is there anyone else in Wenatchee without internet?

  • Chloe

    I am located in Topanga Canyon and Charter is still down, services like tv, net and phone are all offline for me.

  • Daniel

    Both TV and Internet have been out for a while now, about 3 hours I would say. I called Charter and they said things should be back online soon, no explanation as to why there is an outage though lol.

  • Eddie

    I am continuing to get a DNS error when trying to access the Internet.

  • Daniel

    Down in Alhambra, i have a total blackout of all Charter services.

  • Lemmy

    Charter is down in Minnesota too.

  • Kenny

    There is not one week that passes by wothout me having very slow speeds when i specifically pay for high fast speeds. Right now it is so slow i might as well walk a letter to the recipient rather than send via email.

  • David

    Is anyone having issues with Charter streaming today? For me it is offline and cannot stream anything, about time they started updating is social media networks to let us know what is going on.

  • Tony

    I am located in area code 30605 and have no internet from Charter, tried calling customer services and they say they are aware of the issue and that’s it.

  • lltbake78

    Yes, Kennewick, WA is down. Pages not loading at all.

  • Chuck Tyrrell

    Been down all day in Kennewick, Wa

  • Grace

    Charter or Verzion, both are not great but what choice do we have in LA.

  • Brett

    Both internet and cable are down today. I am in Los angeles and still no service.

  • Brittany Mead

    Internet is down in Bristol TN

  • Catrina

    Down again is Charter Television, i really am getting rather annoyed with the service i am paying for. I work hard and expect to come home and relax watching something from a service i pay for.

  • Frances

    All us Charter customers pay good money for a service, is ot really too much to ask to at least give us 90% of the service we pay for. Because at the moment i think i am getting around 30%.

  • Dion

    Been calling all day and still no answer, also still out.

  • Fred

    Down in flowery branch ga.

  • Katrina

    Internet down in Roswell, GA on Feb 16

  • Ron

    My charter TV is not working on CBA, all other channels are fine.

  • Jeannie

    Down in Kalamazoo, mi. Anyone know when it will be back?

  • Vince

    There’s now no TV or Internet in Bristol, TN.

  • Tracy

    Internet down once again at north of parchment.

  • Jeremy

    Everything down with a total blackout in flowery branch, Georgia

  • Carolyn

    Internet down in Apple Valley, MN.

  • Kim

    My Internet is out in Johnson city,TN.

  • Bill

    Internet not working in CA.

  • Ron

    This Charter outage is really annoying, the one day I needed Internet.

  • Chris

    everything is back up in Rochester, MN

  • Andy

    No internet for hours in Morro bay, CA

  • Tod

    Looking at everyone else saying it’s not working made me laugh, as they said it was my non charter router.

  • Ellen

    No internet at all in south central Wisconsin, am I alone?

  • Sean

    Internet service seems to be returning gradually, my phone is still an issue.

  • Ron

    Charter continues to have Internet outages, hopefully today doesn’t follow the pattern seen yesterday,

  • Cd

    Out since yesterday

  • Howard

    Down for me, since Oct 13th and now 14th. Not happy with these problems, might switch.

  • Jen

    No on demand in West Olive, MI

  • Bill

    Still down in Missoula, no idea why they charge me extra for worse internet.

  • Mike

    Once again, Charter service is out again.

  • Josh

    I’ve got no internet in Manchester Tennessee and i phoned a family member in Morrison and they have an internet outage as well.

  • Shelly

    No internet shelbyville tn, am I alone?

  • Sam

    I also have no internet in CA, been like it an hour for me.

  • Brett

    No internet or TV in CA, what’s going on Charter?

  • Dan

    No Internet or TV in WY

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