Disney Plus Problems

Disney Plus has recently been released at the back end of last year, 2019, and has been a hit with fans ever since. Although, with so many users trying this new way of watching their favourite Disney films and TV shows whilst relaxing in their spare time, there can be some slight disruption.

There’s been several issues, which have occurred in the past and customers have been saying that they’re having all kinds of trouble, some being, buffering when wanting to watch something, or having messages pop up and saying they should contact customer services.

So therefore, if you’re finding that you are currently witness any of these we’ve just mentioned, or are experiencing anything different that may not sound or feel right, then do feel free to let us know in the comment section below and us, the writers, will be able to keep you up-to-date until the issue has been resolved.

Disney Plus Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Disney Plus is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Disney Plus Reports

‘Mulan’ to skip major theatrical release, to stream on Disney + A "family friendly" movie...with a Hong Kong friendly main Actress defending Beijing Line on cracking down demos in Hong Kong. You decide if this is worth 30 US to stream on Home TV .theweek.in/news/entertain…

When will a Hannah Montana reunion happen? Just something I’ve been thinking about lately. I loved that show! Also would be down for a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion. Hyped for that Phineas and Ferb movie coming to Disney Plus on August 28th! Disney, bring back my childhood plz pic.twitter.com/aN0MJssM3o

disney plus is so ghetto i should be able to hold down this button and fast forward

@BillHuntBits @thedigitalbits This need not be all bad if they do license it out to say @Criterion and the deal gives them the cash influx plus sales certainty (popular movies) to move into 4k Blu-Ray. Disney brings down their expenses while still taking care of their catalog plus good PR for them

@RLTerry1 @FeelinFilm The numbers will speak for themselves. Not all theaters are open, and this wouldn't have opened anytime soon - so the delay until 2021 would not save any jobs. Plus, Disney is down nearly $5 billion last quarter - so this cashflow can actually save jobs.

@MEMBER31773 @Jim222001 @briantruitt @disneyplus True but they would also have piracy problems if they put it straight to Disney plus free. Netflix and all other streaming platforms deal with it.

@whyofcorso $30 to rent after I’m already $7 for the Disney+ subscription? Nope. Plus, I’m not down with the expansion of VOD for big movies. The movie theater, communal experience is one of my favorite things.

@EMK55102 Kids don’t super understand that online shopping isnt video game money & if they make it too easy to rent those on Disney plus there’s gonna be a /lot of problems/

@GuillermoDelAln I buy 4 tickets for my family plus popcorn and drinks. This is WAY cheaper. I guess it comes down to how much does Disney make per ticket sold to see if they lose big or not.

disney plus negotiator: what's it going to take to get you to rent this thirty dollar movie me: well, you didn't open this meeting with 'let's get down to business' so

Disney really said... ”Let’s get down to business to defeat… Your bank account” with this Mulan Disney plus home price tag 👀👀 twitter.com/getfandom/stat…

re: is the $30 to see mulan in addition to the monthly fee to stream disney plus. thats a big thumbs down for me. twitter.com/AdamNuchtern/s…