FIFA 20 Problems

FIFA 20 is powered by EA servers and majority of fans were very happy indeed with its release. But new games especially ones as popular as this can go down under heavy demand, or run into other problems in certain situations. When the EA servers are not working, it could lead to a total outage hurting many other games and not only FIFA 20.

The FIFA 20 web apps started running into problems from the moment it went live with a gateway timeout in browsers so how is number 20 going to fair? Although at launch they always have teething problems due to demand and issues are a cause for concern, which is why this page is right here for you to report any such problem. Main downtime will take place through planned maintenance or even unscheduled on occasions, game crashing, lag, not being able to open matches etc.

You can access support with the FIFA 20 UT web app on the right of this page through official channels. You can also see status reports from the FIFA community below, or leave problems you are having today to share with others.

FIFA 20 Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If FIFA 20 is down today, then reports will be found below.

FIFA 20 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • James

    I was just completing in the FUT weekend league and then suddenly froze and kicked me out of my game, fuming is currently an understatement. They NEED to fix this, because this is all becoming a joke now.

  • DannyBoy

    Having problems once again trying to gain access to FUT. Tried last night didn’t have any luck and once again, thanks to the good old EA servers, I can’t get one now either! Is anyone else having the same issues, or is this just my internet?

  • Greg

    Im having problems with the Fifa 19 companion app and also when trying to log on, i’m guessing the servers are down again, as per usual, been happening for a few hours for me now.

  • Noah

    I am being kicked out of many games that I start online, on ultimate team I am getting error communicating.

  • Josh

    I was having issues with FIFA 19 so decided rather than get angry first I should try and uninstall it. But now I am super ANGRY because it is NOT showing up in my reinstall library and keeps asking me to buy it again an aim NOT going to do that. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Leon

    Pan network is connecting but can’t connect to the ea servers on my PS4 tried with lan and WiFi can anyone help

  • Mantas Mančiunskas

    I try to login on ps4 ..not working..on web app error EA ACCOUNT SERVERS UNAVAIlBLE…WTF

  • fifa 19 Ultimate team unable to connect to server since saturday. what’s going on… I have pre ordered version.

  • Declan

    In fut 19 web app I did a sbc and when u complete it you pick a player out of the 5 players that are there and I cannot click on the player to do the other ones it’s reallt frustrating

  • Simon

    FIFA no IFA lol

  • Jessie

    Has anyone had this issue last week – “Entering a match has been temporarily disabled”

  • Simon

    I have been playing FIFA since they released them, but IFA 18 by far is the worse for issues. I am so hoping they can get it together for 19.

  • Larry

    The servers are going to crash the second you can play fifa 19 this month.

  • Garry

    Jesus all this hassle trying to play online with FIFA 18, roll on for the new one this year… Hopefully they sort out the issues…

  • Craig

    Twitter has repotted that #FUT and EASFC will be offline at 12:00 AM PT on June 6th for maintenance, with FUT Match Creation being disabled 30 minutes prior. All services estimated to return at 1:30 AM PT.

  • Ged

    It keeps saying that EA servers are unavailable on the companion app. Started yesterday evening.

  • Barry

    Can’t access FIFA mobile store as of 10 March 2018, the record breakers are back and a free elite player, but that’s useless if you can’t access the store.

  • Silva

    For 3 days now keep getting kicked out of fut in the middle of a match i lost 5 matches because of this cause when i get kicked i het the los annybody knie why this happens?

  • peter baker

    my fifa fut not working ps4
    why no info about this from ea

  • Mahtivelho69

    Only a good thing that your son cannot play. 🙂

  • lpark

    My son is having connectivity issues with FIFA 2018. It stops during his game causing major frustration. How can we fix this problem?

  • Daniel Sinclair

    Why do I keep losing connection to EA servers? It is costing me games and points in squad battles and yet it is the server not my Internet. This happens too often and aboit time EA did something to rectify this given how much us users invest towards playtime and FUT packs. It is ruining a fun experience.

  • Pablo

    I am not even online so yes I am OFFLINE and still cannot get onto the game.

  • Macy

    Is anyone else having issues with FIFA 18 Career Mode?

  • Larry

    I cannot seem to play even single player let alone anything else on FIFA
    18, guess because it is a new game the servers are getting smashed.

  • Stan

    I am having issues connecting to FIFA Ultimate Team and Regular Seasons, also Pro Clubs entry is an issue. When I try it just keeps trying to load on the loading screen with no one being connected.

  • Terry Smith

    Every time i sell or buy something on the market my coins keep returning to the same amount this all happened after playing a sp tournament and not getting the coins from that match is anyone else having this issue if so does it fix itself

  • BEN Jarrett

    What’s up with FIFA

  • rootopey

    It is the first I have played FIFA it’s FIFA17 I download in PS4 and play ultimate team. Then I want to use web app but the web app or the cell phone’s app show me that I didn’t purchase FIFA17 I can’t use this app. I really some help.

  • Felix van den Berg

    Companion app doesn’t work

  • Callum

    I am in Pro Clubs and would like to leave but all I get is an unexpected error then will not let me join anyone else. I am playing FIFA 17 on the PS4.

  • Jhan Arslan

    It has been telling me for the past 2 hours that the fut server has high volume traffic and to try again later, but I have tried restarting my console, my connection with everything and it still won’t work. I had 2 games of fut champs and they both disconnected yesterday and now this is happening… I can’t even play or record any gameplay…

  • Layth Husam

    That means u probably don’t have online gameplay access permissions (i.e. Xbox live gold or PSN plus). If u have have purchased it then restart your console to use it.

  • Alan Easton

    I keep losing connection with the server during games,even though there is no problems with my Internet

  • Max Blue

    When I try play online it says ‘Your profile does not have the correct permission to access this feature’
    Anyone know wat to do

  • Thomas Bickerton

    I want to do the sbc and play some games but I can’t get on companion app or ultimate team.

  • Tom

    Can’t get on ultimate team keeps sending me back to main menu. Anyone know how to fix it?

  • Shivam Roy

    Its not loading at all…. I tried installing it again but taking too long to load.. Not loading 🙁

  • Flip

    Is it down for every1

  • John Craig

    Web app wont load for me today. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Andreas Dam

    fifa wont start now

  • The Notorius Fern

    I get to my team sheet and my subs or reserves don’t show up and it crashes. Won’t load transfer page either or my club.

  • j

    Cant use store or connect to match server but can load ut?

  • sam Brownway

    Ea won’t let me on to ultimate team today

  • Shakeel Asghar

    Fifa 17 companion not wrking giving message ea servers are down been doing this forba while.

  • Toby

    And yet again no surprises that EA servers are currently down, maybe they should learn from Steam and do something about their platform.

  • Kerry

    If you visit the EA Help Twitter account they say there is an outage, which means all EA games will be affected.

  • Jack Scarlett

    Exactly the same but without the rainbow heads lol
    Really starting to piss me off!

  • Alister Foye

    Anyone else having problems last couple of days? I’m on career mode on Xbox one and suddenly crashes or won’t load on after a game or I get this weird thing where one player gets a rainbow head with graffiti on it.

  • Simon

    Are the FIFA 17 servers down right now? I cannot get into a match game at all.

  • James Grubb

    Ea web app down yet again anyone else having problems today again#

  • lara gerard

    Ever time a get ten minutes in to a game of FIFA 17 ea servers stop is there something going on all this money we spend its a joke on us all by ea and Xbox there laughing all the way to the bank

  • Stuart

    Ea servers are down yet again , surprise surprise !!!!!

  • Tom

    Xbox Live is all connected and showing online yet I cannot connect to EA servers. Both FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 is down.

  • Craig

    Time and time again EA servers go down when I try to decide to play FIFA 17. This is becoming a joke, is there an EA maintenance again?

  • Alex

    It keeps saying I need to update squads I do it then it says it again

  • chrissy

    is server dwn 2day??

  • nathan

    This is twice in two weeks……. crap

  • Carl

    PSN is working ok for me but EA sports is not. FIFA is down as so is BF1.

  • Jamie

    FIFA is down, been trying to get online for ages. EA sports suck.

  • adam

    my fifa points havnt come through. who has the same problem?

  • Mathias

    Anyone able to play FIFA 17? I can’t connect to the servers despite having a great internet connection

  • Jason

    I got Battlefield yesterday ready to play for the first time today and EA servers go down. Please sort this out asap.

  • Orlean

    Not again, for crying out loud EA, servers are down yet again for yet another maintenance no doubt. Not happy at all as i want to play before i start work in 2 hours. No chance of that hey.

  • Aaron Sinclair

    Is server’s down today for any one

  • Calcio per Sempre

    Can’t play/buy players/get season points and I still have a great internet connection

  • Jayson Cox

    Fut is still saying last weeks totw since wednesday, plus I havnt recieved my fut draft token for pre ordering

  • BlueCollarNINJA

    down right now

  • Roky

    Server down problem 14-09-2016 to today

  • Luke

    EA needs to sort out their issues right now, I have also tried Battlefield Hardlined and nothing, EA servers are clearly down.

  • Harry

    I am down, fifa is not working and i cannot get the new fifa 17 demo.

  • Mark

    Good to see that you can download FIFA 17 for free but it will not download for me.

  • Paul Mcdermott

    And I lost every single 90 plus rated player lol

  • Shaun

    Why aren’t the silver packs showing on iOS any more

  • Tom

    Ea I’ve lost my inform ibra can I have my coins back plz


    are the servers down on fifa16 for xbox 1 as I cant get on?

  • crozbomb

    oh good ive found you already, ill be round to put your windows in soon


    not working fifa 16 on my mobile ,screen just show connecting………..

  • cain ayres

    Do you know when it will be back on

  • Johnny

    Cant play UT.Game freezes or does not start.A multitude of glitches that keep happening are never fixed properly.

  • Steve

    Who will win the FIFA 17 cover, will it be Martial, James, Hazard or Reus? Thought I would ask the question seeing as we cannot get online anyway.

  • Reece

    EA servers are down and not letting me play FIFA 16. Funny how online seasons still work though.

  • Doug

    Are EA servers down for FIFA 16? Not able to connect online.

  • Stefano Fren

    I Checked The fifa 16 Server a White ago it was Red with a Line ‘Server Down’… Now its Green but Still i cant connect

  • Ry

    Yeah I was playing in the morning and now it isn’t working so I think it is a ea problem we can’t fix

  • Jack

    Just when to get on FUT getting the same message u back on yet?

  • Stefano Fren

    for me the same …i don’t know what is going on..just now…did you found a solution?

  • Abdallah Ali

    Servers Down in Kenya. No notice until you try to start match

  • Joe Smiler Cousins

    “You will not be able to use the online features in fifa 16 unless you create an EA account. Go to any online area of he title to try again”
    Not happy atal it seems this recent update has a few bugs whats happening?

  • David Hearne

    Can’t access my companion app 24 hrs now any info EA

  • Cameron

    My FIFA account has been banned for unknown reasons not explained to me. I have done nothing wrong for them to block me, pleae help someone, pleaseeeeeeee.

  • Muriel

    Are they going to put the Chinese league on FIFA?

  • Medoplayer

    Do anybody know the fix for fifa 16 pc version (ea servers are not available please try again later)??

  • Michael Neat

    Course you did


    EA i was hacked i lost all the legends and team of the season ronaldo team of the season suarez team of the season messi team of the season neymar team of the year neuer team of the year de gea 25 millon coins and 300,000 fifa points

  • Kelly

    FIFA is down, is there maintenance going on we do not know about?

  • Graham

    I have forgotten my FIFA security code and seeing as the iMOTM is now available i cannot get. Please help EA!!

  • Calvin

    FUT on PC maintenance was this morning at 6am UK time and will not be back online for at least 5 hours which means no gameplay until 11am.

  • Abdul_Ibra

    I’ve been trying to connect to online games for 2 weeks now and isn’t letting me. Honestly is pissing me off. Im in Mexico and i have friends in the US who have the same problem as well. I mean when are we gonna be able to play and enjoy with no problems? WTH man!!!

  • Liam

    I am having issues with FIFA Ultimate Team servers again, are the servers ok because not able to play online again?

  • Mark (Editor)

    So hope nothing goes wrong on June 12 because there are going to be live and online events in London and Los Angeles, there will be demos, competitions, live events, special guest appearances and much more. Livestreams galore for new games etc. Get ready for EA Play – Learn more here >

  • Teddy Painchaud

    Can’t connect in IOS APP to online season for 2 weeks now (USA)

  • Ben

    My Fifa 16 is down

  • Pirerre

    Yes at last improved messaging abilities, also fixed is the rematch issue in online draft.

  • Jerry

    FIFA 16 title update is now available for Xbox One, 360, PS3 and PS4 plus the PC.

  • Christopher Johnson

    Down in Manchester

  • Frédéric Mentzen

    EA servers down now, for fifa 16 IOS ?

  • Evildeep

    Won’t let me sign in to ea servers ? Says I need to create an account, I’ve had the same account over 10yrs man are the servers down ????

  • Ryan

    Yes they gave me 300k to start a new team tried to get back in and hacked again

  • Nathan Tilley

    My store on is saying error every time try to buy a pack or add coins

  • Harry

    My team is not showing up, it’s happening with anyone else?

  • Darren Wayne Hooper

    Severs down Cambridge uk

  • nima

    server is in high demand so we should just calm down

  • Alex Mocanu

    Its now down in the uk too

  • Adrian Wilko Wilkinson

    Fifa 16 ut android eveytime I finish a game i.e Starter cup, Bronze cup, Silver cup and Gold cup it
    says EA servers are not available at this time. Please check your network connection. Normally this happens when they do update the game and your in the middle of a tournament and normally by forfeiting the tournament fixes this issue, but it hasn’t resolved the issue this time. It’s a complete piss take that a massive company in EA cannot keep a game free of bugs and sever issues.

  • BantaBrigade

    Isn’t possible for me to join a FUT game. Since around 5 o’clock today GMT time it just says ” searching for opponent” but doesn’t..

  • James

    Servers keep kicking me of the ea servers

  • Mamat

    Fifa 15 can online but fifa 16 cannot. What a joke. From Malaysia

  • daniel

    can any of you connect to ultimate team

  • Kraskin

    FIFA 16 Down

  • fraser

    Ea are a multi million pound company and they cant even keep their servers up. We all give ea money to open packs and everyone knows the fifa points are so overpriced but we still give the money. All we expect them to do is to keep their servers.


    Still get kicked every time I add a player… Over a week now

  • Jay

    Their servers are down atm. I downloaded the game yesterday & it was working fine but suddenly it stopped working and im getting error ‘EA servers are not available at this time. Please check your network connection, or try again later.’

  • Jack

    Have you got this sorted as I am having the same problem

  • Jack

    Hi I have the same problem have you sorted it

  • Vonwald

    Same Here. Annoying as hell

  • Jack B.

    Every time I try to enter the buy fifa points screen it sends me to the packs where there is only bronze silver gold and promo packs and no fifa points. when I try to buy a pack with fifa points when I have none it tells me to add points. when I press yes it replays with “you currently can’t add fifa points. try again later” I have been trying for a long time now!

  • Sam

    It’s still the same, can’t sell my team to get the new 86 Jonas

  • Mike

    mate i got the same problem with Gareth Bale, wated to sell him for the 100k packsbut i couldent

  • Ollie

    Whos fut is still nkt working

  • Affiliate Member

    Not working at 20:00 gmt it’s a bloody joke

  • Shane Morton

    im having ut problems i cant change my manager without being removed from ultimate team

  • hgs

    Anyone know why when I try to use the FUT web app, it never advances from the “Loading…” message? :/

  • gordon

    Wait till u get a inj or susp player and u cant swap them u wont be happy then

  • Craig

    Got it working. Created new squad, adding players one at a time and testing if it crashes. Some it would on so didn’t use them. Added enough to play a game. After that can use any player I want and even use the original squad. Ridiculous work around for a company like ea but with a little playing around it seems to work. Not tested fitness or cards issues which others have also had.

  • Nico Zambrano

    side note, is any currently having UT problems?

  • Nico Zambrano

    try to create a concept squad, some players i can put in no problem,but a select few, when i try to put in the squad, kicks me out of UT completely. Anyone else having this problem?


    dude i just realized my lgnd squad is missing 4 players .wtf


    same problem with same player.

  • Jaime Reinoso

    I had the same problem
    Just add a manager to your team

  • Yash Hindocha

    i bought a silver player for 150 coins it kicked me off fifa and i went back on ut and he was gone

  • Anthony

    It won’t let me sell First owner players , I Packed MOTM Dí Maria and it won’t even let me put him on the transfer list like wtf EA please fix this ! And I can put any subs in my team it jus logs me out .

  • Cesar Soto

    Same.. Can’t sell anyone, can’t switch players and can’t get into games

  • Jacob Funderburk

    I am yeah I’ve got my defender who was only suspended for one match and he’s been out for 4

  • Daniel

    I cant even get on ut

  • domino16890

    How will we know when we are compensated?

  • domino16890

    You are telling me been on the fone to 3 advisors he said that it depends if I get compensated by the ea team

  • Luke

    Total joke my teams red cards have bin there abbt a week i cant even swap um out so jus cant play thf lost 2 players on the transfers jus gone cant believe we spend hard earned money to be robbed !!!!!! Bring on pes 17 fukkkkkkkkk fifa

  • Kurt

    Why can’t they just fix it they can see we are all pissed off ea are a joke the money they make and they can’t fix this problem I can see people noyt buying fifsa if this Carry’s on we deserve packs after what they have put us through

  • liam

    It’s not letting me change my FUT team around and then it pops up on my screen ‘sorry unable to communicate with the ea servers and then boots me off the whole thing. Plus I can’t play any game modes not even pro clubs. Ea get this sorted had every single fifa since the 6th one came out sort this out

  • stoorey

    Same problem here, it’s been like this since Thursday, I have Legends in my club Weah, Carlos , Hagi TOTS Alves + too many to list spent £100’s on this game, get it sorted ea. or al be claming every penny I spent on FIFA points back from my credit card

  • Dan

    Might not be able to sell any of my players but my fitness is 99 all the time so saving loads of money

  • OFFICIAL was

    I’m back on but it still having the same problems as before
    They haven’t done anything to help the game

  • alfie

    I can’t build a team or list players

  • Jboi C

    So I am a converted PES player coz apparently FIFA is better? The gameplay is better u have the licences but ur servers are terrible lagging game 1 in 4 and now this? I have spent over £300 on ur terrible packs for a rare Lewandowski that’s worth 55k and now I can’t even play a game anyway. There should b some apology packs given to people that have spent money in the time the servers were down because without gamers u have nothing and I speak for all the other people that have invested money and time in ur game we should b compensated in some way.

  • Chris Murray

    Been buying ea games for years and considering ea as the biggest name in gaming they have the same issues every time,after they make the money off the games they don’t give a f*** about anyone cos they’re pockets are already lined,Wld be a different story if the gamers stood up and said f*** u ea we ain’t buying ur games anymore,they wouldn’t be long reimbursing or rewarding gamers then.


    I’ve had 3 players suspended for 8 matches
    Any 1 else having this. Problem

  • chris

    Can’t connect to EA servers in Sweden…

  • Boss tings

    Won’t even let me on my ultimate team

  • Damien

    Look on there Twitter feed it’s gonna be down from 7am for maintenance for 5 hours

  • Jd

    Still not connecting

  • Ben

    Says on Twitter servers dowm from 7 am for 5 hours or more

  • cherkassky

    I cant sell my players i go to quick sell one of my players and it says lost connection and it comes off it happends with every bpl player i have git andi want to sell my team anyone help ea would be great

  • Alex

    I have the same problem.

  • Louis

    Was kicking me of whenever i added a player from my club to my team but I woke up this morning and it won’t even let me go on ultimate team

  • Rhyswilliams

    We all pay 50 pound expect at least to get a warning or a gift from ea for terrible servers

  • Kittipong Wangkham

    Why l can’t play. From Thailand.

  • Damien

    Mine’s doing the exact same thing and my player fitness’s ain’t going down either after I play a game VERY STRANGE

  • Damien

    It only started working after I applied a 20% squad fitness card to my team then it let me change my team without kicking me and also let me play against another player REALLY REALLY WEIRD

  • Damien

    It’s finally working but and this is a big but my player fitness’s are staying at 99 after I play games and there games tally goes up but there goals stat stays the same even when they scored in the previous game so there’s still a few little bits that need ironing out

  • Mr steal your girl

    I bought firming, kept crashing, sold him and it works fine now, no wonder he was so cheap

  • Battenhole

    Had Hummels suspended for 15 games now sort it out

  • Shane Morton

    cant even change my manager without it kicking me off ultimate team

  • Boss tings

    My players fitness didn’t go down and won’t let me change my team. Not that surprised do it’s Ea

  • Chris

    Right people thi has been doing my head in for last few days but I think I’ve had a break through. I created new squad and put a player on team then exited and if didn’t kick me off added another player doing the same process. This is on ps4 in the uk. I still cannot sell people and there is one player who I can’t add to team so bought another version and that worked. Good luck everybody and I hope it works for you if try.

  • rko

    there are more bad stuff than good ones in fifa, you dont do good tourneys anymore, you have to go against handicap, random disconections, fails, maintance, and this,

    the question is, why am o still here??? i hate you ungrateful fifa, what will you give us as a reward?


  • ziad

    same here . found a way to get 100 chemistry but they wont let e add the players needed

  • ziad

    i agree

  • ziad

    i cant change my squad it says severs down

  • lee

    I can play but only one game at a time as everytime I finish one game and sort my team ready for the next , I hit the search opponent button and it boots me out so I go back into ultimate team and it lets me play a game then does this all over again ….. Some of us have spent 50 quid on this game plus money on fifa points for packs …. Compensation should happen coz this is shocking EA terrible customer service

  • Marcus

    Can play a game. But EA don’t give me the coins. It says server is down.

  • Rhyswilliams

    Can’t sell any1 it’s terrible ea

  • Rhys cornish

    Absolutely shocking once again from EA!!!!

  • Joshua Achampong

    I still can’t send players from my club to the transfer list or make changes to my squad. Even if I try to make a new one. They don’t keep red cards or lose fitness after matches

  • Jonathan Folland

    Not able to build teams or change players or sell players at all for the past two nights now! This is not what we pay for EA!! Seems to me this community challenge could be the cause but this needs sorting ASAP

  • Joshua Achampong

    Yup. Same

  • Simply

    Terrible EA….it’s been 24 hrs plus now. Bought a 90 rated player but can’t add him to my team or change formation or sell anyone. Pathetic…..

  • Regan Baines

    Could be, I’m just hoping they fix it ASAP

  • Damien

    Still not working for me uk based and not very happy everytime I try to swap players around and exit back to menu it kicks me saying cannot contact ultimate team server please try again COME ON EA we customers have forked out 50 quid in this game and we’re not getting a service we’ve paid for

  • John

    Doing my nut in, can’t sell anyone, can’t play the game, I wana sell my team, that’s all.. Ffs EA, how hard can it be, just fix it. Give us 100k packs as this is awful

  • Eden Jakov

    Same.. Maybe because of the players upgrades ?

  • Corey Jones

    this is so broke for me, using pc version, try to put hummels into my team, get kicked off ultimate team and hummels is back in the club, also couldnt put hernandez as a ST, but works as a CAM? the hell EA

  • Regan Baines

    Can’t put any players into my first squad, so I have to use a non rare team and as a result I am getting relegated, seems like EA aren’t trying to fix the issue

  • BEN

    i have found a fix..create a new team and place the players on each position separately..and enjoy

  • Thom Twohill

    Same problem here. Getting error 1069/409 Fitness and contracts get used though.

  • billya2016

    i keep getting the message you will not be able to use the online features as you do not have an account – anyone else getting this

  • Holyspirit

    It’s letting me play while game but in the end error msg cannot connect to server

  • Luke

    It’s actually still not working what a joke

  • Shane

    Thank god ea have sorted it out, gotta go work now though cheers ea now compensate us all

  • Ollie

    I cant sell any players or swap them. What is going on?

  • Youssef El Masry

    The same here

  • Damien

    It’s annoying if you take into consideration how much ea charge for these games 50 quid a pop and this is the service we get, or ironically don’t get

  • Damien

    It would be nice if ea compensated us for all this hassle and irritation

  • John

    yes still happening – anything to do with Brexit?

  • Damien

    Same here pal, doing my head in now

  • Damien

    I’m in the same position I got my strongest team on the bench cos I was playing a single player season game to get there fitness back up and I won’t even dare to play online with them I’d get smashed

  • Samuelkay

    I can’t sell any players or swap players with players from my club anyone else had this problem?

  • Kurt

    Games my fitness doesn’t change I hope my record comes back for Costa think us lot deserve packs don’t you ea

  • Kurt

    I’ve been scoring loads with Costa inform and it comes up with the games just no goals happening to all my players sort it out ea wow

  • Joshua Achampong

    Same. I really want to fix it. I was hoping there were answers, but I see that a lot of others are having the same problem.

  • Joshua Achampong

    This is the exact same thing that is happening to me right now

  • Lee

    Having the same problems as everybody below. This is the 3rd day running now.. It’s not good enough.
    Been relegated twice back to back season’s from 3 to 5 too! Probably cus I’m crap but also bcuz I’ve not been able to play my strongest team at all!

  • Connor

    Exactly the same happens to me. I Scored two amazing goals with Yaya Toure and when I finished the game it said:
    games 1
    goals 0

  • Rob

    Now when I go on to the companion app it does the same but instead says this player no longer exists

  • Rob

    Every time i add a player I get kicked plus every time they play a game they’re stats don’t follow up including fitness and goals scored

  • Luke

    Wtf can’t even changed my squad without it signing me out, can’t put players on transfer list its pissing me off, I’ll go buy pro Evo sort it out!

  • Mishail Sohail

    Can someone tell me how to solve the server problem in FUT 15.thanks!

  • marcos

    That’s exactly what’s happening to me the past 2 days man wtf

FIFA 20 Reports

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