FIFA Down Today?

FIFA is powered by EA servers and majority of fans were very happy indeed with its release. But, FIFA problems have arisen a various times when playing the game and it may not always be your local network, console or PC that has issues. When the EA servers are not working, it could lead to a total outage hurting many other games and not only FIFA.

The FIFA web apps started running into problems from the moment it went live with a gateway timeout in browsers. Although, at launch they sometimes have teething problems due to demand and issues are a cause for concern, which is why this page is right here for you to report any such problem. Main downtime will take place through planned maintenance or even unscheduled on occasions, game crashing, lag, not being able to open matches etc.

You can access support with the FIFA UT web app on the right of this page through official channels. You can also see status reports from the FIFA community below, or leave problems you are having today to share with others.

FIFA Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If FIFA is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report FIFA Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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4 years ago

I was just completing in the FUT weekend league and then suddenly froze and kicked me out of my game, fuming is currently an understatement. They NEED to fix this, because this is all becoming a joke now.

4 years ago

Having problems once again trying to gain access to FUT. Tried last night didn’t have any luck and once again, thanks to the good old EA servers, I can’t get one now either! Is anyone else having the same issues, or is this just my internet?

4 years ago

Im having problems with the Fifa 19 companion app and also when trying to log on, i’m guessing the servers are down again, as per usual, been happening for a few hours for me now.

4 years ago

I am being kicked out of many games that I start online, on ultimate team I am getting error communicating.

5 years ago

I was having issues with FIFA 19 so decided rather than get angry first I should try and uninstall it. But now I am super ANGRY because it is NOT showing up in my reinstall library and keeps asking me to buy it again an aim NOT going to do that. Anyone else have this issue?

5 years ago

Pan network is connecting but can’t connect to the ea servers on my PS4 tried with lan and WiFi can anyone help

Mantas Mančiunskas
5 years ago

I try to login on ps4 ..not working..on web app error EA ACCOUNT SERVERS UNAVAIlBLE…WTF

5 years ago

fifa 19 Ultimate team unable to connect to server since saturday. what’s going on… I have pre ordered version.

5 years ago

In fut 19 web app I did a sbc and when u complete it you pick a player out of the 5 players that are there and I cannot click on the player to do the other ones it’s reallt frustrating

5 years ago
Reply to  Simon

FIFA no IFA lol

5 years ago

Has anyone had this issue last week – “Entering a match has been temporarily disabled”

5 years ago

I have been playing FIFA since they released them, but IFA 18 by far is the worse for issues. I am so hoping they can get it together for 19.

5 years ago

The servers are going to crash the second you can play fifa 19 this month.

5 years ago

Jesus all this hassle trying to play online with FIFA 18, roll on for the new one this year… Hopefully they sort out the issues…

5 years ago

Twitter has repotted that #FUT and EASFC will be offline at 12:00 AM PT on June 6th for maintenance, with FUT Match Creation being disabled 30 minutes prior. All services estimated to return at 1:30 AM PT.

5 years ago

It keeps saying that EA servers are unavailable on the companion app. Started yesterday evening.

6 years ago

Can’t access FIFA mobile store as of 10 March 2018, the record breakers are back and a free elite player, but that’s useless if you can’t access the store.

6 years ago

For 3 days now keep getting kicked out of fut in the middle of a match i lost 5 matches because of this cause when i get kicked i het the los annybody knie why this happens?

peter baker
6 years ago

my fifa fut not working ps4
why no info about this from ea

6 years ago
Reply to  lpark

Only a good thing that your son cannot play. 🙂

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