CenturyLink Down Today?

CenturyLink provides communication and data services within 37 states in America offering Internet, phone and TV (DirecTV / Prism TV) as well as home security. But when there is an outage the main result of this majority of the time is to do with servers problems or maintenance. What is your CenturyLink service status?

One of the main CenturyLink problems is the internet being down, other issues are the website not working, not being able to download apps, trying to login but cannot.

If you are having any of the above problems or anything else we would like for you to report them, you can even ask questions and reply to other comments here. This is basically your platform for you to complain or ask questions about CenturyLink difficulties.

CenturyLink Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If CenturyLink is down today, then reports will be found below.

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6 years ago

Portland Oregon is still down for me. No internet or TV.

6 years ago

In Herriman, UT it seems there is a major outage, well i mean there was for a lot of people but I seem to be having issues even though it was supposed to have been rectified.

7 years ago

Both Prism TV and Internet are down for me, this is like twice in this month alone and we are only on the 12th. I am in New Mexico.

7 years ago

In Edgewood Nm and got not net.

7 years ago

My speed is supposed to be around 25Mbps but I am getting between 0.75 and 15 Mbps. This is fluctuated way to much now and never really stable. But for some unknown reason CenturyLink say everything is fine, well of course they will say that because their bank balance is growing fast unlike our speeds.

7 years ago

How do I get a real ISP? Well, I know for sure it was not you CenturyLink as you are providing super slow net.

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