Sky Problems

Find out if Sky broadband is down today or if other customers report slow internet, as you can read status updates below along with leaving details about your broadband or Sky service not working with a location to help other users.

Sky’s range of main products include broadband, satellite TV, and Talk. The Sky Go mobile apps help people take the entertainment with them on Android, iPhone, iPad, and other platforms. The biggest problems seem to focus on Sky Internet being slow, or not working at all with a total outage in certain UK towns or areas.

Sky Status insight for Thursday 1st of October 2020

If Sky is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sky Reports

Thanks @SkyUK for not telling me that you’d get rid of @DisneyJuniorUK channel. What kind of torturous this? My autistic daughter has been violently melting down since she woke at six. This is disgraceful. #autism #DisneyChannelUK

@LilMacca81 @SkyUK @SkyKidsOfficial Disney have shut down the channels in the UK because of Disney plus. I just woke up to find out the same.

3/ Growing up in a segregated school system How did US get here? Monuments coming down Debates (she walked away after 8 mins) Her apixiban copay Working the internet better My roof and basement leaks Health of our trees, and the look of our sky #grateful 4 her company/time

WiFi down in my area, Could be down for upto 48hrs Thanks @SkyUK No streams until I get the Internet fixed!😭😭

It's crazy to think it was just four years ago that three big tech companies planned to beam internet down to Earth from the sky, and each scenario sounded wilder than the next. 💻…

The @SkyUK Internet has been down at home all day. This is the reason to buy physical copies of things!!

Hi 👋 I hope you're checking the line outside problems with the line Do not know what that all about Sky @SkyUK @SkyCinemaUK that telephone phone line 😳 Sky network was Slowly down today give me Think about what going on With the line

@SkyHelpTeam internet down again!! Sky make is so hard WFH

@SKYserves hi, our sky internet connection is down (since this morning.) Will pm account number, please help..thank you

@SkyHelpTeam hi why is my internet not working? I've down everything I can. Turning it off and on, rebooting it, factory settings etc but nothing! Third time in the past month! Getting sick of this! Might just leave sky if it happens again!!

Hell if I understand this, @SkyUK connection giving me 22mbps Down and 16 Up, fine for most things but for some reason @GoogleStadia keeps giving me Unstable connection messages (on a wired connected PC and a Chromecast) making games unplayable... Now even happens with Monopoly?

@BBCWatchdog @mattallwright Fancy taking on @SkyUK for letting down 80yr man for last 7 weeks Can't connect a phone wire to a pole. Hours on phone missed and cancelled appointments & still today not got a date as they cancelled for the 5th time this morning. #bbcwatchdog