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Find out if Sky broadband is down today or if other customers report slow internet, as you can read status updates below along with leaving details about your broadband or Sky service not working with a location to help other users.

Sky’s range of main products include broadband, satellite TV, and Talk. The Sky Go mobile apps help people take the entertainment with them on Android, iPhone, iPad, and other platforms. The biggest problems seem to focus on Sky Internet being slow, or not working at all with a total outage in certain UK towns or areas.

Sky Status insight for Saturday 2nd of July 2022

If Sky is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sky Reports

@SkyHelpTeam hello had new fibre broadband fitted this week for my sky glass and Internet is down now

@truthbyproxy1 Ignore the @BBC @SkyUK @ITV Their so-called journalists and editors are just a mouthpiece for the perverts, racists and left. Anti-brexit anti-union anti-conservative and corrupt to the core. Absolutely worthless 🤡 We need to take them down commercially.

@SkyUK are too taking the fucking piss. I was speaking to someone at 6.30 and tried to help which was like banging head against a wall who then transferred me to someone at 7.55 who put the phone down and your lines close af 8pm you are a joke of a company

Shame to see @Forces_TV have been closed down off @SkyUK channels.

@SK21878 @SkyUK I tried to get my bill down once and ended up spending more as they blagged me into saving some leopards or a snow tiger, some cat, it’s all in my husbands name now as I can’t be trusted

@SK21878 @jessfearnehough @SkyUK Our virgin package went up to £140 a month, took me ages but got it down to £69 with faster bb speed, 2 boxes, full uhd and Netflix included - this includes a mobile SIM card worth £25 a month I don’t even use, still in the envelope in the drawer! Ask for that

Isn't there a ominous saying that 'there are many things between the sky and earth we don't understand', like yeah there's the internet down here it's pretty crazy if anyone noticed

@SK21878 @SkyUK Haggle harder and don't back down. Eventually they will put you through to the retention team who will sort you out. 1 1/2 hours I spent, got my £50 package for 25.

@SK21878 @SkyUK Call out they’re bluff and tell them your cancelling. They will back down

Rang @SkyUK to discuss staying with them but needed the cost to come down. Was offered a £5 discount and told I could leave if it wasn’t sufficient. 11 years I’ve been a customer, new customers are paying £26 a month for the same package! Any recommendations to switch to?

@jwbensley @SkyUK @interdotlink If if you forget which network you are on, look down :)