Sky Problems

Find out if Sky broadband is down today or if other customers report slow internet, as you can read status updates below along with leaving details about your broadband or Sky service not working with a location to help other users.

Sky’s range of main products include broadband, satellite TV, and Talk. The Sky Go mobile apps help people take the entertainment with them on Android, iPhone, iPad, and other platforms. The biggest problems seem to focus on Sky Internet being slow, or not working at all with a total outage in certain UK towns or areas.

Sky Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If Sky is down today, then reports will be found below.

Sky Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jackie Gillam

    Every night around 10.30pm my sky internet drops out. Really getting fed up of it now, they never do anything about it!

  • Muhammad Kashif

    its dead slow. I will never be with them again.

  • Judy

    Internet up and down like a yo yo in York for the last week. Trying to work from home is a nightmare. Sky TV isn’t getting a signal either. SKy say there isn’t a problem. Ha ha, there is!!

  • Marc Dewick

    Rotherham, South Yorkshire outage – Although everybody complaining about Sky outage this is an underlying BT Openreach network issue as confirmed on BT website :

    Mon 18th May, 10:41

    BT Broadband problem in the Rotherham North area

    Dialling codes affected: 01709

    Ongoing issues
    Impacting service since 18/05/2020 09:51
    We’re really sorry but we’ve got a problem at the moment in the Rotherham North area, which means that some of our customers will be having trouble getting online. We’re trying to fix the problem as quickly as we can.
    Please revisit this page for further updates.

    Although the above was updated yesterday morning the issue still remains in place.

  • Yasmeen Hussain

    I’m in croydon and my sky internet stop working for three days.

  • Sue

    I am in Dorset and my Sky is off again, try to choose a channel and just blank space. Even my Sky Internet is down, so this has got to be a big outage.

  • Chris Marshall

    Still no internet connection…3 days now..Nottingjam

  • Mariana cirlan

    Very slow

  • Jason Rutland

    Finally up again bloody openreach sort yourselves or do I have to send a complaint to watchdog !!

  • Jason Rutland

    I met a useless network engineer one time makes me wonder where they get their staff from ?!

  • Jason Rutland

    God’s know how many times its bloody openreach the amounts they have been on watchdog it’s unbelievable

  • Jason Rutland

    Down again seems to be every week these days its bloody annoying I live in swadlincote

  • Hon

    Sky broadband down Harlow

  • Adrian Billingsleyisq

    My broadband been down since about 10am in Braintree, Essex. Anyone else got this?

  • David Lopez

    anyone know whats going on in washington with this internet?

  • Adam Southgate

    After a day in college I come home to WiFi but no internet Cardiff what is going on?!

  • Brenda

    Sky fibre is a joke it’s either running slow or down altogether been like this for days now surely sky are breaching their contract to customers

  • Katie Sanders

    Anyone know what is going on with sky broadband was fine at 11 this morning came home to find no connection. Birmingham

  • Rich

    Always problems clacton on sea

  • Rich

    Been down since lunchtime

  • hemant

    No internet in NW11, London since the past 3 days. This service is a big joke.

  • Paul Mabbott

    Fibre down or very slow right now in Manchester 40

  • fatimah

    No internet for 2 days. Blythe road, london.

  • Sam

    When every I play ANY game either on PC or Xbox, I get rubber banded everywhere. My ping in Teamspeak is always been on 40 but now its around 1083. Fix It!

  • Hugh Riseborough

    No Internet for 2 days now on fiber optic.
    Woodhouse, Leeds

  • Maddison

    My internet has ceased working in Bulwell, Nottingham since 10am. I spent over 35 minuted on the phone, I was asked to remove the front of my BT phone socket off the wall to plug in the micro filter inside the socket – clearly no where to plug this in?? Thought she was winding me up! Line testing failed to show nothing except there may be an issue in my area. Well my neighbour has virgin and no issues with his internet connection. If sky have issues at least admit it and not waste my time and phone money calling for nothing. Had anyone else in my area got issues with sky ?

  • Suzanne Beckwith

    Broad band speed has been ridiculously slow recently like being on dial up and my mobile phone data runs quicker now on top of that the broad band has been down for past 2 days here in Manchester m18 area not staying on for more than a min last night 7 times yet I’m being told services are ok when I can clearly see they arnt working properly

  • Julie Armstrong

    WiFi really bad and unusable since 10th Feb. Rebooted everything and still nothing. Cabled devices dropping out too. Driving me nuts. Not on fibre as no fibre up to house so what’s the point? Sky will get a mobile data bill at this rate.

  • Angela Thompson

    I agree absolutely shite. Been having problems since Christmas. Engineer came out at the weekend and fixed service bub only lasted ababo an hour. We are paying high costs for fibre broadband but not evee getting half a mb download speed. Will cancel and move to Virgin #NotGoodEnough

  • Stewart Fox

    SKY…total crap you would be better off with two tin cans and a piece of string. They are money grabbing arseholes with no interest in their core customers whatsover. Customer service non existent and total shit…quit the cretins and seek anybody else!!!

  • Abdul Omad

    Its been 1 week my net is dead slow n from yesterday day time till now its not working plz do something to solve this

  • Kathy

    I’m in Kettering Northants and no internet at all since I woke up

  • Vicki Logan

    No internet in desborough northants second time this week

  • Kathy

    No Internet since 9am this morning and no information

  • Assia Ashiq

    ffs no internet AGAIN been off since 3am in burton on trent

  • Bob

    During the Christmas holiday period I can safely say that Sky has given us the worst ever service. Happy New Year and all that but wow what a rubbish beginning to 2018, using Sky Internet during the day is basically a no no.

  • Angie

    Sky Broadband is down for me in London. I was last night half way through a movie when the thing just cut off on me and still down now.

  • Bryant

    I have Sky Fibre. And I’m getting 8 kilobytes a second for download speed and little to no upload speed. Fix this. I got Overwatch with the Christmas update AND I’m getting Destiny 2 which is an ALL ONLINE GAME. Please guys…

  • David

    No broadband for two days in Chester. Been on the phone and chat. Losing the will to live. Was offered Sky fibre as “an option” that might help. Cheeky buggers.

  • Peter

    Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, my sky broadband has not been working last night and today. 14/12/17
    On a text message exchange with sky extremely slow communication. Not resolved yet 5:409pm????

  • Kay Gulvin

    My board band is not working pitsea essex anyone else down here

  • zoe hall

    my broadband is not working properly in london se9 area no upload spead and download speed 1.9mbs what is going on.

  • Charlene Bimpson

    Mine is the same in Moreton

  • john salter

    I have had conversations with Sky and my Broadband is still not working after 7days in Wallasey, I have never known a company that can do this

  • sasha

    no internet in leeds since yesterday. bloody joke now should give ppl compensation duno how sky have audacity to charge the prices they do with such a crappy service

  • Nicky Green

    You cant do anything ive had issues all day and im up in manchester

  • kay bee

    No internet at all for the past hour West London.

  • Ted Anderson

    sky router down to 50% signal strength and smart phone very slow to hook up. What to do??

  • Dennis Carroll

    Broadband on and off since yesterday wn2

  • Helen

    No internet connection ne6, newcastle

  • Jason Cooke

    WN7 1UE down since 20:30. There goes the report I’m no longer submitting tomorrow.

  • Dave Keenan

    My internet is not connecting. Bradford. West Yorkshire. Bd12

  • J

    I live in central London.

  • J

    My internet went down at 01:30am on the 6th of November 2017. This happens frequently in the middle of the night. At least once a week. This is ridiculous that i pay full price for choppy sevice. I will be moving to a more reliable service provider.

  • James collins

    Internet suddenly not connecting, Bristol

  • Fiona Johnson

    no broadband Somerset 🙁

  • xxx

    Up and down Sky internet! London

  • Gary

    Had no internet since last Friday just keep being told it will be on today then the next day etc it’s a joke Lancashire

  • Adriana Husarova

    No Sky Broadband in Aberdeen Ab16

  • Craig Woodhead

    Got no connection in South Derbyshire DE65

  • Clive Bowen

    No Internet in Bridgend cf31

  • Donald MacLeod

    Sky broadband and phones down again
    This is a shocking service provided in Inverness by sky
    Advised my daughter to leave as soon as contract is up

  • Marek Piasecki

    No connection yesterday and today in LU1 5JY

  • x

    Sky is in and out constantly! East London

  • Ian Nicol

    No connection in Benfleet Essex

  • J Goodchild

    No internet connection yesterday morning and none again since yesterday evening
    Falmouth in Cornwall

  • David Ralston

    Had intermittent internet and connection problems throughout September. Has completely shut down today. Northern Ireland Craigavon area.

  • Trish Coaten

    Absolutely useless service Sky should be ashamed of themselves daylight robbery for a service you don’t receive

  • Mark

    Slow and choppy here in East London.

  • Colin sprules

    Slow internet in callington for past three days signal really bad

  • Darren Hill

    No internet in lincoln anyone else in area have the problem

  • Amy Hoodless

    No Internet at all in Immingham today

  • Kati

    No internet in Runcorn!

  • CJ

    No internet in Thanet

  • Barbara Shaw

    Lost network connection again, this is very frustrating. Grrrrrrr

  • Barbara Shaw

    Lost tv connection hours ago. Broadband off now but keeps coming and going. Lost complete network. Nightmare!!!!

  • Mike

    Mines been off since Thursday also apparently they have no idea when it will be back on

  • Dee

    My internet has been down since 1pm Thursday apparently a major outage at exchange supposed to be fixed yesterday

  • Steve

    We are in Hartlepool and our broadband has been off for around 24 hours. BT have checked the line and said it tests ok. Is anyone else in this area having sky broadband issues ?

  • Jane Byford

    No internet again twice in a week here

  • Mike

    No internet for the last 6 days with sky. Useless (Peckham rye area)

  • Dan

    Changed my Internet from BT to sky today and ever since I changed the Internet has gone worse I can barely use it upstairs it’s very frustrating and annoying

  • Spen

    Internet is not working, has been intermittent for 1wk now. Tried fixing through the steps on Sky website but it goes off in the night and not back on until mid afternoon!! Flintshire, Wales

  • earthling!

    Currently no sky broadband service in Dulwich area of London!

  • peter horsman

    Sky Internet and phone not working in clapham


    Cannot access broadband these passed 24 hours since the torrential downpours in the south east.
    When will it be resolved

  • Tracey

    Working from home due to holiday, promised my boss it would not affect my work. Well thanks to sky I am a liar. Sick to the back teeth as internet keeps dropping and and phone not always working, cutting out half way through conversations and not a good for business. Cant get through to find out how long this mess is going to last. Had engineer out and problem still here. Now tearing hair out. Can anyone tell me what is going on?

  • Tom Smiles

    Just joined Sky Monday 31st /17 ( Not a very good start after defecting from Virgin ) it’s a good job we get our mobile service from Tesco mobile..I know stupid dealing with different suppliers’ but Tesco mobile are now owned by Talk talk my missus hates talk talk , Virgin always fails customer service wise ( if you have a problem your put through to someone in India who cannot speak English) My family are always saying how good Sky is…….I had my own idea but ended up here.
    (I wanted to go off the grid)
    Yesterday I was sent a questionnaire from Sky… I raved about how easy it was setting up broadband , today I don’t have any , I’m housebound and rely on the internet

  • Lindsay

    Wifi now completely gone after weeks of dropping out continuously. Totally fed up what are we paying for? Glasgow South G76

  • Brian Watts

    No broadband internet for 3 days ts25 area

  • Dave Lydon

    Post code DA15

  • Dave Lydon

    Surprise surprise ..Sky internet down again, for 3 months now almost every day our internet goes down for hours on end. Sky can’t seem to fix it or do anything about it. Its so bad now that yesterday I had to buy a Three hot spot device on monthly contract to use emails at home for work. I’m bored of Skys excuses and we’ll be cancelling our contract and going elsewhere

  • Dan

    23kbps when I normally get 38GB speed connection on a fibre line in Maidenhead – SL6

  • CATH

    No internet connection in oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. Any idea how long it will be down?

  • Davis

    No Internet in Leicester – LE3 5RS

  • Tony Berritt Junior

    Haven’t had internet this morning – Harwich

  • Emma MacLean

    Internet signal on and off mostly past 2 day rubbish really in colchester essex

  • Denise

    No internet or sky thanet kent

  • Andrew

    Broadband down between midnight and 7am with no warning.

  • Patric Souresrafil

    No Internet since Midnight in Loughton Essex

  • Hunter

    Broadband always down after 12 midnight, Wallasey CH44 5SZ

  • Victoria Mitchell

    Still no broadband in Bourne PE10.

  • Caroline Harrison

    No broadband since last night I’m in Bourne Linc’s

  • Dom the Dominator

    Broadband down. Dudley west midlands

  • Kirsty Wilkes

    No broadband all day in Bedford.

  • Fiona Thomson

    I haven’t had sky boardband since yesterday afternoon. I live in Nottingham.

  • rbwilkinson

    Internet and phone down in Canterbury. CT2

  • Jacqueline Donnelly

    Haven’t had sky broadband since 17:00 yesterday my post code Ox44un can someone please advise.

  • Roy Blackwell

    Sky broadband down in w-ton now…no diagnostic or issue(s) fix available ?

  • EssexBlues

    Mayland, Essex Dropping out all the time..downloading nrw install from steam and it looks like a sine wave of 200KBs – zeroKBs.
    It says Shadow Of Mordar will take 45 days ti install is going on I have unlimited Fibre…not limited 56k modem.

  • Jan smith

    Sky Broadband slow and dropping out all morning and now into the afternoon cosford wv7. Cany get online at all to slow. Having to use my phone. Sky saying have no problems in area.

  • Paul Ammon

    Connection keeps dropping TN24 Ashford, Kent.

  • Paul Ammon

    When it comes to that check which channel you’re on under your sky router settings. Helped me out with my xbox.
    Channels 1,7, or 11 are generally more consistant.

  • Sandra

    Sorry I didn’t mention my town – Mold

  • Sandra

    Broadband dropping out every three weeks, then every two weeks, then every week and now I have nothing. Can’t do diagnostic on
    line because I have no broadband. Have to go out of area to make contact with outside world but can’t check service status because have to be in property to do that. Are these people real!!!!

  • ladylinda54

    Broadband dropping out every couple of hours over the last few days. Birmingham B20 area

  • Phillip

    Previous message perhaps should have included name of town which is Wrexham.

    DUH !

  • Phillip

    Ruabon area multiple issues as we have our mobile handsets connected through router for wifi calling

    So no phones hence no internet whether mobile or landline.

    Anybody with any update is welcomed.

  • Jennie Pritchard-Jones

    Broadband, TV, phone, nothing working Wrexham LL14 3YG, what’s going on can’t use house phone either???????

  • Linda

    Hi is the sky network down in Glasgow I have a dissertation to hand in and I’m almost freaking out!!! Please! any advice would be welcomed Linda x

  • sylvialessells

    Has the storms caused these issues switch to fibre optic underground please S!y

  • sylvialessells

    Since renewal of package in Oct/Nov to day .TV and wifi issues are randomly to 24 hrs Today switch channels on Sky watched for minutes programmes are off air hence menu and TV guide is on show .On strike again Sky team lol

  • Mick Marx

    My broadband has been very very slow for nearly 6 months now ( Ws15 ) , I am a gamer and need solid Internet. I will be doing sponsored gaming for cancer research next month . Any solutions , can’t get through to sky from my mobile

  • Dilys

    Broadband down in Cf37 since 27th may

  • Jennifer Jordan

    Help I can phone out but no calls can be received I tried to phone sky got message about a TV series and then cut off Help

  • Chari

    No interent in Watford wd18 0ax

  • Kate Dyson

    No Internet in Staffordshire.

  • Juraj Duro Banom

    Internet not working in Barnsley

  • Terry Redman

    No broadband in ta8 Somerset

  • Catie

    Internet not working in Purley

  • Milly Gordosova

    Internet is not working in Tooting Bec London

  • liam

    Barely getting half a Mbs-widnes

  • Rob Anglim

    Keeps dropping signal , with no change non the lights on my router, it so so slow , why , I’m in winsford , Cheshire , any help please

  • Glyn Arrowsmith

    And people have the cheek to say Sky is good compared to TalkTalk….. never had issues like this with them…… nor AOL !

  • Janey Barinov

    Appaulingly slow broadband!! No idea if the rest of Southampton is suffering but we certainly are! Hope I can post this without switching to 4g!! Bloody annoying!!

  • terry

    This site is not user friendly – however, i hope in in the right area to pass on or even better ask and get a reply to this: i have “sky internet” whatever that means, what i don’t have is sky broadband – what do i do to get the rest of sky services on the tv e.g. catch-up, searching for programs etc

  • Danielle Lindsay

    My sky internet has been down all day and still not working… And ive had nothing from sky saying that there was any issues clackmannanshire uk.

  • Duncan

    Sky broadband very slow with regular dropouts/disconnects here in Basingstoke

  • Kirsti

    Sky broadband ridiculously slow, kelsall Chester.

  • julie

    Sky broadband not worked for 2 days in North East anyone else git problems

  • Amy

    Sky broadband down in most of the staffordshire area

  • Laura Atkin

    Sky Fibre down in Scunthorpe. Sky service report states all is OK but after looking on Twitter, I’m not the only one with no Internet.

    This is the 2nd time in as many months that Sky has gone down after 12am. Both times it has gone from working perfectly, to suddenly having an orange light on the router and a ‘connection dropped’ message appearing on my devices. Rebooting doesn’t work.

    As it’s late at night, there’s nobody available at Sky to update and advise on when the problem may be resolved. An up to date service report would be a start!

  • adrian atkinson

    Think it’s time to leave sky because all the times the Internet goes down. They still want a payment every month but they can’t fix the problem with the service.

  • Chris

    Further to previous message, tried to contact Sky by phone, but they don’t answer. They just have this continuous message replying and replaying, without actually answering. Wasted over 10 minutes waiting before putting phone down!

  • Chris

    Yesterday, 3rd May 2017, could not get Sky broadband at home. The whole evening/night. Went to library internet service the next day, and found that to fix a problem with Sky broadband you need to have access to the internet and follow their process!?! Just how stupid are these Sky people?

  • Mandy Brailsford

    Is sky broadband down because im having problems with it

  • lilian flesher

    Broadband dropping in Grimsby for a few hours

  • mike

    Intermittant issues with Sky Wi-fi in North London…for the past 6 weeks!

  • Jess

    Down in Fulham for more than two days now.

  • Pete

    Sky down in York

  • RandomGirl

    Down in Crawcrook/Ryton – Newcastle

  • Christine Woodley

    No internet at moment and been off and on all night. Bexhill On Sea. What’s happening ?

  • peter jones

    my broadband down in rotherham for over two weeks but on going for 6 weeks in total. works for few mins then drops out. sky don’t want to help and say openreach need to come and sort but I have to wait two weeks. why should I pay for sky.

  • Sarah

    Internet been off more than its on for 7 weeks.. beyond a joke now. On one min gone the next. Taking the p….s

  • Beth

    Broadband down this morning and every morning between 5 am and 6 am in Southampton. Why this specific time? Last 6 weeks terrible service. Want to leave sky but will lose on demand TV. Enough is enough.

  • Ann

    Stockport – internet has been really slow all week.

  • David bove

    My internet hasn’t worked since Saturday I’m using my phone to send this obviously B92 any reason why and yes I have paid the bill

  • Carolyn Dawkins

    Down in ex4 since last night restarting router gets me online again for 5 mins then it drops again 🙁

  • LittleWar

    Down in ex4 exeter. Restarting the router only solves it for 5 minutes, then it drops again

  • Steve s

    Mines been up and down all weekend not on today, if it’s not sorted soon going to ofcom to see if I can get combo and change back to Virgin early Sky is crap

  • jeremy todd

    Somerset carhampton slow since we’ve had it, slower in afternoon

  • Runio Vu

    London EC1V area, cant play computer game with 1000 pings. What should i do ?

  • helen m hart

    get your broadband sorted out you say your the best but looking at what is happening to the broadband since last night going down it is crap and i will be looking some where else

  • Martine Cuffe

    Yet again no signal in Wirral grrrr. Started off fine in the morning, completely lost by midday. Slow again this morning (24/03). Worst decision ever was to change to Sky broadband 🙁

  • Inese Derupa Sebarsova

    Problem in Hoddesdon second day

  • 16 queen

    on and off and very slow

  • The Anglo Saxon

    On and off signal loss over the past 7 days but this weekend download speed below 1Mb phoned sky was told that they have removed any restrictions about 2 hours ago but still happening. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lakenheath Suffolk. anyone else having problems ?

  • Alan

    Sky internet keep going off in north kenton newcastle

  • Amanda Smith

    Very slow, dropping out Sutton coldfield two days.

  • Taryn Ann Grant

    No broadband Oxford, New Hinksey

  • chebw

    Sky still the same as twelve days ago,Kettering,Internet slow to stop.

  • Aly Ainsworth

    Broadband not working near Wakefield. Currently trying to work from home and unable to connect to services. Very inconvenient.

  • Ju-An Sagge

    Everington street. Hammersmith is down 3 days now.

  • Jim

    Is the internet down everywhere. I can’t get a signal in Manchester.

  • Karen

    Down in Hythe Southampton which is a real pain as meant to be working from.home today…

  • Morgan Harvey

    Same today in Newport

  • Morgan Harvey

    Newport Gwent area all day

  • chebw

    Kettering Area.

  • chebw

    Internet dropping out, started yesterday

  • Jsyd

    Down in sw8, vauxhall

  • Rositsa Tsvetkova

    No internet near Tooting station . Also there is no conection to landline as well.

  • Rhes

    Down in tooting

  • Frigo VanMuntendrop

    Down in Tooting Broadway / St George’s area

  • Shelly Wood

    Down in Balham

  • Amanda

    Down in Clapham North

  • Tony

    Down in camberwell too

  • Mike

    Down in Brixton, Lambeth.

  • James

    In Leicester. Internet keeps dropping out, ranging from 5 mins to 3 hours yesterday evening. Been like this for a week or 2 now.

  • Jim

    Chester internet down

  • Matty G

    Yep, down in leicester for me too

  • Kevin

    Yeah I’m from Leicester connection down here

  • Anna

    Leicester city connection gone down anyone else in this area had issue

  • Jonathan Lee Bennett

    Very slow second day now not happy I never had this with BT

  • Tracy Ball

    Mei too !!! Tracy Leicestershire

  • Katie Young

    It’s it your sky

  • Katie Young

    My sky internet has just gone off I don’t know what is going on

  • Chantelle keane

    My internet has gone off about an hour ago wounded how long it will be off for

  • Daniel Paine

    Internet dropping every few minutes – really really slow – South Wales

  • Paul

    No internet connection in Belfast. So they put the costs up and provide a poorer service. Sounds like a win win situation there!!

  • Yichen Chen

    Internet is not working in Portsmouth.

  • Robert Kincaid

    Internet super slow in Walsall

  • Burnsey

    I am sick to death of paying for fibre broadband from sky and it not working! Whitehaven cumbria

  • Harry Palmer

    Broadband connection has been intermittent to appalling since just before Christmas! Already been fobbed off with a replacement Sky Hub (old model of course!) which has made no improvement!!! Think I will be better off with 2 tin cans and an extra long piece of string! Kingston-Upon-Thames.

  • Michael Turley

    Broadband down this evening in north London. Sky tv still working. Hadn’t had a continued outage like this in 2-3 years.

  • amanda friel

    sky gone down in blackpool again

  • Bojan

    Sky broadband has now been switching off & on in my area of South London for a month… a joke and interfering with my family’s lives! Do not join sky! Will be leaving

  • Finnster

    Sky bb down yet again in Warrington. !! Beyond a joke now,sort yourselves out sky !

  • Lexi Rhodes

    Ours has been bad for over a week resetting the hub router 10-15 times aday to get a conection!!!

  • Charlotte

    Only getting a 1 out of 4 bars on ours. Been like it since last Thursday (10 days ago) either had no internet at all or just 1 super slow bar. Barry, South Wales.

  • Paul Tooley

    No internet in newquay

  • roger

    no internet in Selsey PO20

  • gemkaifan

    Yes me too, Im in langdon hills as well. Come on Sky fix this!!

  • Linda

    No internet or phone today in Langdon Hills Basldon any one else having this problem!

  • Leoni

    My sky broadband has gone off 5times (from 6pm-10.30pm)this evening. This has been going on since September. I am leaving sky & with Never encourage anyone to join them


    Sky broadband down in bootle. Had enough. Bye bye Sky.

  • Clifford Hall

    Customer reports Intermittent at best in Burnham on Crouch.

  • Erika R

    Internet has been disconnecting every few minutes during the last three days in Bristol. I just switched to sky from another company, this is so disappointing … makes me want to switch back!

  • John Bradley

    Sky broadband down 2 days Belfast

  • Zivile Rubyte

    Internet off 3 days ..

  • i0am0random

    Sky should be prohibited from doing broadband because clearly no one is happy and there is always constant problems. Definitely not worth what people pay for it.

  • Le Panayi

    Sky has always been fine for us here in Medway until a few months ago when we started getting regular drop-offs. This week though it has been impossible- so slow it’s worse than dial-up, and dropping off all the time. Must change asap.

  • Florina Bosneag

    No internet access from 1 hour.What happens?

  • MPS

    Got sky fbre supposedly should be getting an average 34mbps but getting less than 10 for past few days, Kids going mad cant play online gaming not happy. Shirebrook Notts

  • Gill

    No internet access over Christmas (Preston area). We’re not happy with Sky. Having changed to Sky recently we won’t be remaining!

  • Sharon heaps

    No internet connection or phone. St helens, Merseyside.

  • natasha stringer

    Been having problems all day with slow or no Internet. Corby Northamptonshire:(

  • jenny cotterill

    sky broadband keeps going of all lights are on except internet light keeps flashing orange then goes of been like it since yesterday morning done all the checks still nothing annoying as hell located in high Wycombe

  • laima

    keeps turning off from Friday! Very disappointed! London

  • Oops

    Problems in Hertfordshire, Bishops Stortford, been with sky for 3 years and never had any problems and all of a sudden the box keeps turning off and staying off for hours and occasionally the whole day, this time round it’s been off since Friday evening around 4pm.. unacceptable service

  • karoo_to_channel

    Had Sky for a few years with no problems until now, but over the past few weeks wifi keeps going down intermittently, for a few minutes at a time in Portsmouth.

  • Karen Burr

    Hi, Sunday my Internet went down and after doing all the diagnostic checks it still didn’t.. After about 2 hrs it came back on and now it’s done it again…. Aylesford, Kent!!!!!!!!

  • Zain

    My sky wifi was working all of today and I was out for an hour still fine and working and then after I finished eating it was down fully. It was not working at all. I am located in Manchester, Old Trafford

  • Therese

    Again today same thing, no network! Unbelievable!

  • Therese

    N177PU turnpike lane area london – Sky has down on and off for months, every time it’s for hours sometimes days in a row!! Really unacceptable!! Thinking of changing back to Virgin!

  • Yvonne Goodes

    Down in East Chinnock and has been all day

  • Marcus Cobley

    Internet down in Yeovil

  • Duke

    gone off in mid Cheshire wed 30 Nov, 21.00

  • Dan

    Gone off in the last hour in South Wales

  • Harry Hales

    Virgin media

  • Glen Laird

    Just got sky broadband in bristol.may as well get on the roof with a coathanger.byebye sky it was horrible knowing you.ohh can anyone recommend a provider in st George?

  • Fiona

    My sky broadband has been utterly shocking for months now. If 2 people are on devices it works well for one but not the other. Absolutely disgraceful. What am I actually paying for here?? Edinbrugh

  • Daisy Curson

    Our sky broadband over the last month is atrocious. If there r two people using the Wi-Fi in the house one person’s is fine and the other person’s won’t do a thing. We called sky who said well we are getting the 3 whatever speed we should be. My brother in law is a computer whizz and said there is no way in hell we are cause if we were we wouldn’t have to use our mobile data just to look on facebook. Blyth Northumberland

  • Lady of Milton Keynes

    I have had Sky for 3 years (I didnt pick Sky I was with O2 and it moved or something with Sky) but this week is the first time Ive ever had a problem, its slow, its cutting, and its really getting annoying! Its been like this for a week! Sky please FIX THIS MESS! Bucks Milton Keynes area

  • Aaron

    I have lost Internet in Selby anybody else?

  • Henrymaj

    Switched from std to sky fibre for more reliable service for safety monitor. Since change this week even slower than std bband service and connection dropped over 50 times for between 5 and 50 mins. We use nest safety cam and missed an emergency because fibre down. Southampton.

  • Enrico

    On and off from 12:00 midnight to 03:00 am with our sky Internet connection! Halstead, Essex area!

  • elizabeth

    Lost broadband in bedford last week still problems unbelievably slow what are we paying this terrible service for will switch provider

  • Sonia

    Yes me too

  • Disappointed sky bill payer

    Today between 10 pm -3am no internet connection at all Dunfermline area very annoying

  • Ryan

    No broadband in the Forest of Dean. Anyone else?!

  • Nedlo

    Looks like sky broadband in the Luton area is down again, is anyone else effected?

  • Tony

    Fibre optic cables have been ‘broken’ between Luton and Dunstable and Sky are working to fix it. Disruption to parts of Beds, Bucks and Herts. Refers to Sky status website via a mobile connection for more info. It looks like Sky FOB will be out for a most of the day whist they repair the cables

  • (((PaulTregoning)))

    Curious that there’s nothing here about significant outtages affecting Sky today, which the helpdesk acknowledges and other sites are reporting.

  • Sue

    I’m in sandy Bedfordshire my broadband is. Down unplugged switched of and on nothing

  • Corey Kirby

    We have no broadband connection here in Rotherham, this needs fixing asap seems like we are paying for nothing.

  • Joanna Hardy-Gates

    Intermittent problems in Portsmouth 🙁

  • Hannah Lee

    It’s down in Portsmouth.

  • Jason Richard Bendell

    It’s down for me too, Portsmouth!

  • Jade

    Broadband down in Gosport

  • Solo De Felipe Mascarenhas

    Sky Fibre is down in Glasgow, Bridgeton area, since last night.

  • Sherry

    I have no broadband since yesterday lunchtime. I called to sky broadband service, checking steps are really too long. It took over 1 hour to do it, and the conclusion is to wait for 3-5 days! I still don’t have internet now! However, I was given a link about sky hotspot which is useless for me now at home! Disappointed with sky, it’s second time within a month!

  • mke

    Honestly, i’ve been with sky for 5 years. Had a lot of internet problems with them, they changed my parents landline number without consent (also blocked our phone temporarily), Finally we’re going to change. They’re terrible, so much worser than Virgin Media (going back to them now). Sky overall is a waste of money, don’t go for them… you’ll regret it

  • Wan Racer

    Sky net terrible in Harlow area today. Keeps cutting out for 10/15 min periods.

  • techienumber1

    here is some advice about sky they promise so much but deliver so little just tell them you have had a better deal with another internet provider and tell them because of their failure in service the contract is void and this will allow you to change providers because in the trading standards act if you are paying for a service that you are not getting then you are entitled to refund or contract termination you all have rights know them use them and sod the rest

  • techienumber1

    this is because sky dont like their customers so they keep reducing their connection speed and some time stopping it altogether

  • techienumber1

    if you are having trouble with sky don’t stand for the usual guff demand they reconnect the service of you will ask for a different service that will work like plus-net we did we havent looked back since reliable connection speed fibre 34mb -76 mb your choice but with the 34mb you get 3-4mb download speed and the other 8-9mb download speed

  • Frustrated

    Bedford, sky fibre broadband router for is not connecting to, smiley face light, constant orange. Yet the sky status website is reporting no issues


    got sky for 12 months 5 months have passed and it has gotten really really slow. doesnt load youtube videos . cannot play counter strike global offensive its just horrible. wish i had chosen virgin media because when i go to my friends house that has virgin media everything is running perfectly….

  • mark Jeffery

    Same symptom with myself ie orange light on and not flashing

  • John Connolly

    I’m in Rushden Northamptonshire and am having the same trouble with SKY broadband and my phone as I did with BT. intermittent dropping and very low speeds. I have only been with SKY for a few months now and it has gotten progressively worse since they put it in. The telephone connection is not worth a crap either. I have had contact with SKY and have had an Outreach (BT)(??) engineers(??) out to check everything but it doesn’t seem to do any good. The “settling in period” has been over for a while now and it just seems to be getting worse. I now hate to call SKY and I have to go through the whole self testing thing each time – that crap gets old – Especially as all concerned seem to think it is outside lines???? I have no idea where to go from here. If I didn’t need the phone and Broadband for Genealogical work and home banking, etc. I would tell them all to GTH.
    John Connolly

Sky Reports

@rockstar_13_ @virginmedia Wouldn’t give virgin the time of day complete rubbish and their internet keeps going down.gone back to sky

@SkyUK "guaranteed speeds"...still doesn't reach my kids room in a tiny 2 up 2 down terrace in London... 4 years and you still can't get internet in their room. Sick of it now.

@SkyHelpTeam Internet (Sky Fibre) is completely down, run through the connection diagnosis and it's still not working. Sky Q is not much good with no Internet.

@SkyUK hey! what do I do if my wifi is down and I'm not on the list of people to be helped over the phone? I have reset it twice. Thanks!

If your sky internet keeps going down you have no one to blame but yourself for giving money to the man the brought us Tony Blair

@SkyHelpTeam The Sky Internet is down in Tonbridge Kent, any idea when this will be fixed as working from home. Thanks.

Just spent 20 minutes figuring out why the website was down (at least, for me)... Then realised @SkyUK have wrongly blocked our domain, :/

@premierleague @TAGHeuer #PremierLeagueIsCorrupt #nufc #GeordiesDemandAnswers @TAGHeuer @Barclays @Budweiser @EASPORTSFIFA @CocaCola @Nike @beINSPORTS @SkyUK The regime you sponsor is rotten to the core. It is corrupt. Your own good names are being dragged down too - will you show that you care??

@SKYserves Hi Sky Cable, our internet connection is down since 5 days ago. We cannot connect despite several reboots of the router. Kindly check. Account number: 672769248

@SkyUK ... is there a phone number I can call from my mobile as my phone line is down in my house and has been since last night?

@SkyUK is the internet down in some places in Cumbria?