Cricket Wireless Down Today?

As many of you already know, Cricket Wireless coverage or network issues can become somewhat annoying, especially when the servers are down. With so many customers relying on their services on a daily basset can also cause other problems so therefore, by leaving your status we’ll be able to help you along the way until everything has been resolved.

Cricket Wireless Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Cricket Wireless is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Ryan Collins
2 months ago

Service not working on Thursday 22nd February. I am in Pittsburgh PA.

Amy Martin
3 years ago

My phone is down after Nashville was bombed this morning.

3 years ago

Phone service seems to be playing around for me for the past couple of days and im not too sure on what’s going on as I can’t receive texts?…

Mallie Jones
5 years ago

I am more than pissed. My son is away at college and has not had service for the past two days. He has gone to the cricket store in town and they changed out his SIM card. Still a no go. According to customer service the cell towers are up and working. The issue has been “escalated” to the technical team. When you call to check on the status they have nothing beneficial to tell you. This is the type of thing that makes you switch to a more reliable carrier. Totally Frustrated with the entire issue!!!!

HW developer
5 years ago

Can’t even have a competent alert when their website is down – just hangs up endlessly. Finally learn via phone that it’s down. Such pathetic amateurs, this company.

6 years ago

When are they hoping to have the phone service back up and running

6 years ago

Can’t call out and get calls I am in San Antonio

Harleigh Evans
6 years ago

So haven’t had good service for about 4 hours now. I can’t not have a good service right Now! I’m trying to get a better job! Please fix this!

Adele Connell
6 years ago

Very spotty cell coverage today for Cricket in Tooele, Utah! What is the problem? Also, my husband (who has T-Mobil) can’t get cell coverage.

Laura Dalton
6 years ago

No service in Portland, Oregon. I want an explanation, an e-mail acknowledging the issue, and a possible eta. I am going to have to swich carriers. I should have switched last summer after the 12 hour outage. I can not rely on cricket. I have a high needs disabled child and it is not safe to have an unreliable moble carrier.

carol maryea
6 years ago
Reply to  jose A.

My sentiments exactly,I am 63 an live alone if I had a medical emergency I can’t find a spot out on the porch to call out,what if I fell in the house,no service they suck att doesn’t upgrade their towers,last year att upgraded cricket to cmda and hence that is when all the problems began

jose A.
6 years ago

Still no service for calling in or out WTF. And don’t know what’s happening, if an emergency occurs what then this is unreliable service at its worst somebody is dropping the ball and need to get there act together. AURORA ILL.

6 years ago

Right now there are a number of cricket and at&t customers in omaha Nebraska who can’t receive text messaging from Verizon or Spint and Verizon or sprint can’t receive text messages from them neither. This started around 10:15 pm last night. I was on the phone with cricket for about 2 hours trying to troubleshoot the issues. I am almost sure that the problem is within cricket/at&t. I heard later this morning that cricket is having the same problems in several other states.

Anita Longbrake Mckenzie
6 years ago

Can’t make any phone calls why is this??? Can’t receive phone calls for the last 3 day

Herminio Alicea
6 years ago

I have been having bad reception for almost 2 weeks. My phone sometimes shows LTE complete bars, but the download speed barely reach 1gb. or even making or receiving calls. Fl.

6 years ago

Not receiving any calls at all to my phone, not even able to call 611 , not texts no nothing. I have to have wifi to get internet.

6 years ago

I have not been able to make calls or get them. I can send text messages though, which is very strange. I am in Brooklyn NY.

7 years ago

I hate cricket. I will leave them as soon as I get time to port to another network

7 years ago

No phone service >:/ no text msgs.. smh

7 years ago

I cant even get internet on. It keeps on showing the E sign on my phone instead of LTE or 4G

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