FFXIV Problems

With Final Fantasy XIV, also known as FFXIV, is one of the most popular played games, with thousands of gamers login in on a daily basis you can imagine that there’s going to be some issue, especially when there’s unscheduled maintenance, leaving there to be downtime. However, there’s other problems which can also occur other than maintenance and that’s the servers going down, gameplay freezing or trouble when trying to login in.

FFXIV Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If FFXIV is down today, then reports will be found below.

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FFXIV Reports

@FinalFantasy why am I having so much trouble logging in? On my ps4 @SquareEnix are no help whatsoever

@Agny995 @Cu_zoned @finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy Donโ€™t always trust them. I watched their control videos on the PS5 update and noticed several Fram hiccups during my play though. The thing with them is that they donโ€™t always play through the entire game, not saying never. So they could easily miss parts that have issues.

Going live in 10 minutes with @FinalFantasy XII Zodiac Age....without issues hopefully, but no 2nd monitor. @TwitchSIE @TwitchNetworkHQ @TeamToska @Streamboosts #LetsGrowStreamers twitch.tv/mystiquetez

@finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy Why dont you guys just go back and fix the textures on the ps4 version of the game? Dont need to change any lighting or add any dumb fog. The game was fine as it was just need to fix issues you simply just completely ignored. You sold a unfinshed game.

@ExclusiveRare @Galaxier3 @finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy But you also shouldnt be blinded by issues of a game. Its not just this door. 80% of the textures in the game are low res. Its not a big issue, but still a issue regardless.

@GarryHalflol @AtariJaguar5 @Kanenums888 @pasiveshift @iFeezX @finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy I do now. But legitimately read it the other way the first time. Personally I feel Yuffie should just be itโ€™s own thing aside from VIIR Intergrade exclusive to ps5. Similar to KH BBS .02 Fragmentary Passage. That way it avoids all the issues of being seen as dlc & is itโ€™s own ch.

@markeusgilbert @the_randomizer @finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy ^this, even the car industry is haing issues, and they are way more important

@YovaLyT @GainerHarry @ryanarneson20 @MatoiStrife @Wheresthebeef95 @OverseerD @finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy No. Ps5 still hard to get at msrp. You don't supply chain issues by invoking anecdotal evidence. If I can't hit the buy now button for a ps5 on any major retail store, then it's still definitely hard to get.

@finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy No, because the only way to get a PS5 where I live is to hope you win the occasional lottery that will give you the chance to buy one, because of availability issues. โ˜น๏ธ