FFXIV Down Today?

With Final Fantasy XIV, also known as FFXIV, is one of the most popular played games, with thousands of gamers login in on a daily basis you can imagine that there’s going to be some issue, especially when there’s unscheduled maintenance, leaving there to be downtime. However, there’s other problems which can also occur other than maintenance and that’s the servers going down, gameplay freezing or trouble when trying to login in.

FFXIV Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

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3 years ago

Can’t connect to the servers are they down or is it something to do with my device?

5 years ago

I have tried to play final Fantasy on my Apple iPhone but i keep getting connection error 600, what is this s my net is fine.

5 years ago

I cannot log in to my account from any of my Android devices. Keep getting error with network and i know my internet is fine.

6 years ago

I try to access the website login and it keeps asking me to turn on cookies, anyone else having the same issue?

6 years ago

The Final Fantasy website is not letting me log in, keeps telling me password is wrong so i reset it to another and still nothing.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jolie

Maintenance has been scheduled for today, all worlds will be affected.

7 years ago

Not able to play, what is going on because I have tried for like 30 minutes now and nothing. I do not recall any scheduled maintenance for today.

7 years ago

Is there a FFXIV maintenance going on or something, I cannot get online.

7 years ago

FF was down today after having its maintenance update, all is back up and running now.

7 years ago

The Lodestone Maintenance begun today at 10am and will be completed June 7th at 3 GMT. This is for the new patch 3.3.

8 years ago

So many worlds were not available earlier, such as Adamantoise, Behemoth and many more. Some are still not working properly though.

8 years ago

Those of you living in North America you would have noticed servers went down for a period for data centre ffxiv maintenance. Are you still down or back up and running?

8 years ago

I tried to install the Final Fantasy XIV Libra Eorzea and had a few issues getting installed. Once i got it i had issues logging in.

8 years ago

I was in the middle of playing when all of a sudden the game just stopped and logged me out. I have never once had issues since i purchased until now.

8 years ago

I can’t log into ffxiv, are there server issues today?

8 years ago

Is anyone having FFXIV Problems logging in?

8 years ago

My FFXIV client is not working the way i would love it too. Transgaming that is all I am saying.

8 years ago

I sat here and downloaded a lot of GB of data that i didn’t blooming need, I already installed it before.

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