3 (Three) Down Today?

3 (Three) is a UK Mobile Service provider, which offers SMS, Mobile Internet and Calls, although with so millions of people using this, you can imagine the amount of disruption when there’s an outage and this can be anything from having no signal or issues when the phones software.

3 (Three) Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If 3 (Three) is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Michael Dickins
5 months ago

I cannot top up on the phone or over Internet
Reply is sorry service is down
Anyone else having issues

1 year ago

Hi Folks, Three mobile has been slow for several days now in the TD area. Can you advise when this will improve ? Thanks.

Sally Lambert
2 years ago

Mobile internet is hardly working in Portpatrick still. Usually good but has been a problem for the past week or so, with speeds less than a Mbps. Posted as may help others.

2 years ago

Last three days my mobile internet is so slow that it is taking an age to load every page, and even then it is incomplete. This is making it practically impossible to get anything done. I am in AL8 postcode.

2 years ago

Why, again, I can’t call anywhere? I paid for 4 numbers and we can used Three! Watsap and rest od social media works but I had telephone appoitment with doctor, I brought my btother phone, Tesco, and everything was fine. Rochdale, England, Three phone are dead!

Christopher Azzopardi
2 years ago

In Dunblane, Stirling, Scotland. Anyone knows why please? New customer with 3. Very Frustrating!!

Jason Redvers Latham
2 years ago

My messages do not get sent using facilities on mobile phone and tablet since mid afternoon. There must be something wrong at Three but everything else is working. I am new to using texting in this way.

Anthony Newman
2 years ago

In Cornwall it’s actually getting worse it’s gone from 3g to no internet absolutely useless can’t wait to get out of this contract , there should be a no win no fee company fighting three to end contracts free

Grant Porterfield
2 years ago

Live in Cornwall and have been with 3 for many years. Last 18months the mobile wi-fi has been appalling, sometimes as low as 0.2Mbs. Have already switched phone provider now thinking about changing wi-fi to someone else.

I franklin
2 years ago

Live in Anglia district no network on my phone at all today can’t get any help it’s a nightmare tried there landline number for service and sales no connection there either what do I do

Dawn Morrison
2 years ago

No 3 in Birmingham. Anyone know why. Or when it will be fixed

2 years ago

Internet playing up soppose to be 4g but getting h .in nottingham

2 years ago

Internet been sluggish all day

3 years ago

3 day with no wifi, also signal barely there at one bar, so no internet on the phone. How do I get my £8 per day compensation?

3 years ago
Reply to  Emma,

I’ve had no service last 3 day in Redditch. Getting very annoyed now.

Gerard Harris
3 years ago

Three Internet is again very slow in the BS11 area. Worthy of compensation I would have thought, either that or they don’t mind over exaggerating their capabilities.

Gill Grubb
3 years ago

I tried to download and access My3 app in July last year, and failed. I assumed it was a temporary problem. Tried again on 28 July 2020 and again today 31 Aug 2020, still no success. Because I can’t sign in I can’t get to live chat. I want to be able to check my usage regularly and to potentially change my contract. Any suggestions?

elizabeth mckenzie
3 years ago

I cant use the three app to check for my refund i have talked to three customer service 3 times and they have cut my call off

3 years ago

Anyone else having problems with ThreeUK, had issues getting on the site and have full bars but no signal, or at least cant make a call.

Michael phillips
4 years ago

Three network down now calls and Internet anyone else having issues north east area

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