3 (Three) Problems

3 (Three) is a UK Mobile Service provider, which offers SMS, Mobile Internet and Calls, although with so millions of people using this, you can imagine the amount of disruption when there’s an outage and this can be anything from having no signal or issues when the phones software.

3 (Three) Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If 3 (Three) is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 (Three) Reports

@ThreeUK in a desperate attempt to migrate my no. Now customer service phone lines seemed to have gone down I thought I'd use the app..... Silly me pic.twitter.com/aqk4emprxG

@ThreeUK is your network down in the HU5 area?! i’ve not had a proper signal since yesterday?!

@ThreeUK Shittest company ever. Send all the pointless texts in the world but if you wanna actually clear somet up you’ve got whispering Pete from deli muttering down the phone

Fuming @ThreeUK doubled my phone price plan and then put the phone down on my then answer and no ones speaks 🙃 i feel a complaint coming on

@moonster8 @amyjones19 @ThreeUK My question is what they can switch on? Cause on a top up ee card last night. I had up to 80 Mbps and couple of instances up to 130 Mbps. On our "Best network for data" the best it could do was 8 Mbps down 1 Mbps Up. And they still say there is no problem with network.

Hi @ThreeUK is there any eta on when this issue will be fixed? Its been down for two days with nothing but a generic error status on your site pic.twitter.com/TNsqrGgkiq

@ThreeUK my service is down & I can’t log in to my 3 account, also won’t allow me to reset my password

Day 18 @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport - Okay so we've dipped back down. Checked at 6:45pm. Am I missing something here? Work was supposed to be complete by today so I'm guessing at least tomorrow and on should be a good day? pic.twitter.com/l3f9C51E8K

@richardsmith120 @amyjones19 @ThreeUK And still with brand new phone, SIM which was activated a month ago. I still receive 3 to 5 Megabits on a good day. On a bad one 0.5 down is most i could receive. Support can't do anything, and the tech never say what's the bloody problem. Only comments are congestion or new sim.

Welcome to @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK . Today's (and yesterday and Sunday's) data speed is *drumroll please*......0.12mbps. So glad I have unlimited data with such speeds. If you were thinking of transferring to 3 - don't believe the ads. It isn't fast but it is regularly down.

@ThreeUK seems services have been down all day in the hythe Kent area for both broadband and mobile

@ThreeUK how can you provide network service when your website itself is down everyday? Joke of the year this is 😂