3 (Three) Problems

3 (Three) is a UK Mobile Service provider, which offers SMS, Mobile Internet and Calls, although with so millions of people using this, you can imagine the amount of disruption when there’s an outage and this can be anything from having no signal or issues when the phones software.

3 (Three) Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If 3 (Three) is down today, then reports will be found below.

3 (Three) Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • elizabeth mckenzie

    I cant use the three app to check for my refund i have talked to three customer service 3 times and they have cut my call off

  • Luke

    Anyone else having problems with ThreeUK, had issues getting on the site and have full bars but no signal, or at least cant make a call.

  • Michael phillips

    Three network down now calls and Internet anyone else having issues north east area

  • Sam Dunbar

    calls and data off most the night , at the moment data hit and miss but least calls seem be ok , Falkirk

  • Tony beadle

    Finally back on in Hampshire

  • Elisha Rahman

    Last night from 11 everything got shut off no signal no internet or txt now I have 2 bars that’s still weak still can’t access internet

  • kirsty

    No service from 11 last night in Glasgow, phone now shows full bar and 3G but still wont let me txt, call, receive emails or use internet

  • Douglas bonnell

    No data Birmingham B14 has been intermittent for a few months and now completely off since about 9 last night.

  • Dimi

    No service from last night in Edinburgh and the network it’s still down. I can’t work because of three issues. That’s a Joke

  • Zoe

    No internet connection in Cumbria

  • Lo-Anne Lewis

    Down in suffolk

  • Chris Seddon

    My phone wouldn’t recognise my sim this morning “not provisioned” once reset it recognizes it but has no internet connection.

  • Steven

    Down in Preston

  • Steven

    My three phone has been showing no connection all morning and wont let me make calls. after a while the internet came back but the phone is still not letting me make calls

  • Emma,

    No service this morning in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

  • Anais

    No service since last night in St John’s wood.

  • steven clifford

    Heath Charnock, Chorley, Lancashire. PR6. No Internet, mobile 4G data router just showing a RED light, I’m having to piggyback on to an alternative (FOC) service to access my mail etc. All this on two brand new 2 year contracts with 3. I do hope that this isn’t a reflection of things to come!

  • Grant Devaney

    Kingston area no service since 10 pm last night

  • Tony Gallagher

    I have no Service – Grantham Lincolnshire

  • Ian Walsh

    Grrrrr… that’s shocking.
    I can’t believe that these Three won’t let you fix that for them. Maybe I’ll just Google some coding stuff and roll some app stuff out to millions of customers to stop them doing the same thing over and over and over without ever thinking of stopping… or maybe upgrading to keep with the pace of technology change.

    Makes your blood boil really doesn’t it?

  • Ian Walsh

    So you signed a contract, forgot about it and somehow that’s Three’s fault? Loads of people have phones/ contacts that are for emergency* and rarely used.

    30 days notice on a rolling month contract sounds like, well, a month right?

    If you don’t pay that’s breach of contract and so yeah, Three can get paid. That’s how these things work.

    *yeah yeah yeah of course there’s a data outage right now but in an emergency you’re not gonna email an ambulance after you?

  • Virg

    The 3 service in Twickenham is totally down on several SIM cards and devices. This has been lasting since the beginning of the week + happened several times last month for several days! This company are just liars, the only thing they want is picking you with fake promises, then they absolutely don’t care to cut 100% of the service without even telling you in advance! I lost so much precious time for work because of this catastrophic service over the last several weeks. Even the night now they cut it!!!! I am boiling!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clive Hallam

    Started having problems in Birmingham Friday 13/09 and now have no mobile broadband at all. Router appears to work fine, connects on powering up then network is lost after a few minutes.
    Really frustrating is underplaying the situation. My partner and I both work from home.
    Anybody else experiencing the same here?

  • Adam Porter

    not bin able to top up since thursday

  • Claudia

    3 mobile via my mifi device has been down since 4th Aug, came back through the night but now 5th Aug am its down again
    Birmingham UK

  • Shona Marie Hawksworth

    How did you resolve it?

  • Rebecka Ramsay

    Am with ID and had no signal all day in Nottingham.

  • Elisse

    From last month my network speed on a sim card with unlimited internet option is between 2kb and 50kb.go *** yourself three with your garbage network

  • Angie Jones

    I have a 2GB data SIM card in my s10 plus. I’ve opened the 3 app, and it’s saying that I have 1.9 GB left, but there’s a message saying I need to buy an add on. If there’s a problem with 3, would that be why the app is playing up? I’ve spoken to them on chat, and he said that I definitely have data left, and that I’ve hardly used any!

  • e andrews

    can anyone tell me if three data sim is down in dorset please

  • Dj

    Only 50kb (not mb) on Three 4G in Inverness.!! Useless – but in same house O2 gives 8mb on 4G.

  • Keith

    East Anglia 5mbps max on 4g

  • Keith

    Called Three
    5mbps iand below is normal and ok according three tech
    Tried everything
    I believe that the 4g network for three is beyond capacity now
    This happened with 3g to 4g
    You tube works and thats that according to Three!

  • Keith

    5mbps is normal and ok

  • KissmyfatArseThree

    Can`t begin to relate how disgusted I am with Three at the moment. I`ve just tried to cancel a rolling one month broadband only sim which I`ve had, but haven`t used for 5 years..I`d forgotten I even had it… (For 5 years I`ve paid £7.50 a month for something I`ve hardly ever used), I was told (quite haughtily by a very rude indian rep), that I need to give them 30 days notice and pay a FURTHER payment, (despite me explaining that I don`t use it,and wouldn`t be using it, and had now destroyed the sim). He first went through all his cue cards telling me what a “wonderful customer” I was, and how VALUED my custom was, in his folorn attempt to stop me from cancelling. He didn`t listen to a damned word I said. I cancelled the direct debit with my bank thinking that that would be the end of it… but apparently not. Did you know that even if you cancel your means of payment, these leeches can STILL take money from your account by presenting the bank with the contract? – (That shook my faith in the bank also btw). After learning this from the bank rep, I rang Three back to pay them their damned charge only to be told “sorry the system is down”. I really don`t understand the attitude of Three, their treatment of customers is hardly conducive to gaining my custom in the future. To be honest I am now determined never to use them again. Horrible grasping firm.

  • mug wump

    Apart from the dreadul coverage… (another story…), heres a sorry tale.

    I have a three sim in an older 3G ipad mini, & It seems now that with recent updates, that there is NO Three app that is compatible with this older model. The old app will only open to a locked screen telling you to “update now”, clicking that, sends you to the app store where you find there IS no option to “upgrade now”, just an `open` button which sends you back to the locked screen, and its message. Uninstalling and re-installing the app just re-installs the same obsolete app, and its “upgrade now” message….
    Come on Three, this is elementary programming… how hard is it to filter out the older machines and turn off that dumb message? did you suddenly decide to piss off all your customers with older ipads? (and presumably older iphones too as they use the same operating system)?
    Why disable the working app, if you`re offering no viable alternative?

    Heres one customer who will be cancelling his payments and using another carrier, enough is enough.

  • Sonia Smith

    I’m with id mobile on three network since monday have not been able to receive or make calls, id keep telling me to restart phone, take sim out put it back in bla bla.
    Can’t get any answers as to why my signal strength is now only 2 bars yet partner on O2 is experiencing NO problems.

  • Gulay Ahmet

    Hi, I have had terrible days for years where I can’t even get one page opened or hours, it’s not a joke. Every time I can’t seem to get anywhere with customer services as one of them was basically calling me a liar. And I was in tears as one of them was being pushy with me. And I asked if the price was the real price & got charged £11 or more while he should have told me why & what to yo considering I told them I had fibromyalgia but said I have to pay. I said I leaving because they changed the dates & made my leaving date even longer & I was told it would stay the same as he assured me it was only the contract had changed & the dates would be the same. The service is so bad & I stupidly stayed as its the cheapest but you pay a price for the cheapest & get a bad service & go to bed in tears for being called a liar not on. Bang out of order. 3 Three you need to be kinder to customers & provide an excellent service. As fed up of being lied to loads of time. Fact.

  • Edwards Spencer

    My 4g is slow and weak real bad when I called them try be smart by sending text msgs with we have not cancelled contact I ant paying them jack all I go back to my virgin mobile eveyone do black to 3 network and don’t pay them note plus cancel direct debit as well make them listen

  • LIZ


  • Kiley

    Connection this week so far and I know we are only on Tuesday has been really bad. Admittedly last week was worse than this week but nether the less signal is still poor in London, East Dulwich.

  • Connor

    I turn my wifi on and off and still no network. Just not connecting at all, which means I have to use all my data up.

  • Redouane AHMED ALI

    13/04/2019 all day

  • Redouane AHMED-ALI

    No network at Kentish Town road in Camden

  • Steve

    Data services in pl12pd area of Plymouth are ridiculous yet again. Started a year ago and getting worst. Internet is impossible to use most of the time. They blame it on people using data. If I’m limited then reduce my bill.

  • Jo

    I’ve had no signal at home, & intermittent signal when elsewhere, for the last three days in Ipswich.

  • Kate

    I have nothing wrong with signal or anything, but what I do have issues with is I have paid 2 bills in just one month, 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end. I have ALWAYS paid by direct debit once a month at the end.

  • Lauren

    I’ve had no signal for 24 hours now

  • Damien

    I am in Finsbury Park London and have no signal at all, but on the bus going towards Camden Town and signal comes back. This is just a pain, wonder if anyone else has the same issue in this area.

  • Gulay Ahmet

    I’m in South East London & having problems daily it’s b|be ending. I have rang up but never get anywhere as promised to ring me back but 1 ring & no more I’m not super woman. Also I’ve had some bad customer service where I’ve been told off & spoken to with bad tone, made me so upset so I put the phone down then had call back after I put phone down & like an idiot I ended up being sold a contract I really didn’t want but wouldn’t sell me the one I wanted & insisted time again I should get the second deal to when I said I’m broke but didn’t care at all still kept pushing the second deal. Now I’m being charged for £195 for a contract I never had yet told me to give it away & then to give 30 days notice yet had no itemized bill said it didn’t exist. But first time without being told by 3three first I got a bailiffs letter to pay up. Nice one that’s just what I need when suffering with health & money problems. They don’t know what each others doing its a absolute mess. Help give me strength please.

  • Ahmed Semerdzhiev

    Banned outgoing calls unless I have a credit. I have an active mobile data packet by March 5, 2019 but I only use the Internet. The operator has made me update the phone software and much more, but I think the problem is not in the device but in the mobile operator. They said that up to 24 hours my problem will be removed but I know the same issues with new purchased sim cards from my acquaintances. They also do not work. You can use the Internet but not make a voice call.

  • mike pearse

    24 month contract had no data for the full 24 months cut a long story short was in hospital for a month had a call from (3g) saying il be blacklisted if I don’t pay straight away bit hard when in hospital but even better was I only had 2 months left of my contract any help would be great full..was told when took my contract out the mask will be up in 2 week’s plymouth. ..it’s still not up 3 years later !!!!!

  • Steph

    Had no 4g for last 3 days only gettin H+ in Hull area

  • s

    No signal in SE13 for weeks. Can’t make or receive phone calls in parts of post code and no data. Switching.

  • Anon

    I have no signal whatsoever. I just changed my network in the last few days and I’ve just had my number transferred as well so my old phone is of no use. The status thing says it will be sorted by Monday. It says that for so many areas. WTH. This is appalling. They need to give us more information.

  • Paul

    Nothing in central Scotland either!!

    No wonder we can’t get our coverage sorted, the team don’t even know where they are. The UK is made up of 4 separate countries with borders and their own capital cities. There is life outside London, the capital of England, not the UK.

  • Matt

    My WiFi network with three is down and has been most of tonight anyone else have this problem

  • Daniel O’Neill

    Since 23rd of last month signal has been fluctuating crazily between 4g 3g and no service, most of the time no service for hours at a time? WTF is going on 3 customer Glasgow! No explanation from network ( service centre is in Mumbai?)

  • andy

    Sick of connection drops if I can’t provide data don’t offer it. Crap company needs to close down.

  • Robert Moore

    Mobile data total rubbish for last day or so (Exeter) had to go to cafe just to do this ,it’s normally ok so this is a recent thing

  • Kirk Tye

    I have no connection with any of my services mobile SMS or otherwise my post code is OL5 9PQ.

  • Kirk Tye

    I have connection with any of my services mobile , SMS or otherwise my post code is OL5 9PQ

  • Alessa Zayats

    No internet for the past 2 days. Nw5 but travel around London through the day and no difference

  • Ivaylo

    No coverage and signal and internet all day postcode is me17 3ls

  • Mike Groak

    Still no Internet access for about 5days now on my 3 network getting very annoying wondering when is going to get fixed no start date

  • Mike Groak

    I still can not top up on my 3 account for about 5 days now so annoying as I still can not get any Internet access I am wondering when will it get fixed

  • Celia Bownass

    How many different sites do I need to put this on? No phone service in Scone PH2 6GE, 4G not good enough to sort out “Three in Touch “

  • No service. No data. Nada. 3rd or 4th time recently. Hours at a time. Not happy

  • jake routledge

    Haven’t been able to use 4g for the past 2 days. Can anyone help?

  • Myriam Musumari

    Im based in east london

  • Myriam Musumari

    No mobile internet for the last 2 days

  • Jean

    No signal for the last 2 days in Cheltenham Gl51

  • Glynn Coupland

    No coverage in grimsby for last 3 days

  • Gary Hayes

    No internet or signal in Stoke on Trent UK st4 area

  • Ali Castle

    Have the same in France

  • Ali Castle

    No wifi in Normandy France just stopped working. Do the decent thing and give us an update please

  • Mirela Elena Bachetta

    Three network seems to be down today . Anyone having same problems?

  • TAsha

    Can’t do anything top up use allowances or anything

  • Diane Case

    Able to use phone without any problem. However unable to use 3 app. Have not had an account update since Nov. 2017.

  • Bogget

    Im on the id network using 3 in north lincolnshire no phone calls or sms today rang them they say should be back by the 26th….aaaggghhhh

  • Kimberly

    My3 app is down won’t refresh it says “unable to load try again later”

  • Fabbbarry

    Trying to access internet in Spain via my three account, not working today

  • Shiraz khan


  • Shiraz khan

    I can send texts but not make calls keep dropping.

  • Nigel Blight

    Sms down all day in parts of Milton Keynes

  • Ippiki Ookami

    Three network seems to be down, same issue anyone? Thanks

  • Evan

    A crazy amount of money he been deducted from my account from 3 mobile and I can’t talk to anyone about it cause their system is down . Anyone experienced something like that?

  • Caroline Bird

    I am not recieving calls or texts but can call and text out

  • Aleksandra

    No internet connection although my account is topped up. Few minutes ago everything was fine, now I can’t do anything on my device. Better fix it fast or I’ll kill you.

  • Jacqueline

    Bought £50 in top up by card through site, 0 data is what I have right now, no money, no credit, 3 have robbed us blind once again and currently have no way to get help from 3 or money back

  • abbie

    My husbands old phone died. I bought him a new one yesterday. I got a 3 network. I have had to climb to the top of a 1000 ft hill ( highest p;oint in the area) to get a signal. That is not realistic. Seriously. I have never had any network that didnt work in my home except this one. I have sent for a new SIM from a different company.

  • Youcef Beno

    I can make calls but I can not receive

  • badger freedom

    I have the 100GB data offer for £25 which includes unlimited calls and texts, this gives me 30GB tethering. I thought this was a pretty good deal and it is sometimes. I am trying to tether from my mac in north cornwall. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but lately it keeps not working. I have to disconnect and reset everything, turn off and turn on. It is getting quite frustrating.

  • Vicky Harrisom

    I hate 3!! Had nothing but problems with 3. Forever getting texts saying they are working near my area. Cornwall. Phones been down sInce last night. This happens often. Absolutely gutted I couldn’t speak and still can’t talk to my I’ll partner.
    Useless. Stuck in this contract till October.

  • sue

    Had not network for 2 days, got 5full signal bars but can not send or receive texts/calls or internet, just said not registered on network, havnt got new phone or sim, tried everything even factory reset, still the same.
    Sunderland Tyne and Wear

  • sue

    Not registered on network, used same sim and phone for over a year

  • claire

    no network all day in South london was told this morning will be fixed by 31st December now online says 3rd of Jan

  • Clare

    I have been with 3 for 18 months with no problems. For 2 weeks now there’s been no signal in Darwen. I don’t want to make wifi calls or texts. Is the any other solution to this problem?

  • Brandon

    Have one bar all week. Called 3 they say there is no issues with 3 must be my phone sim. Idiots. I have reset my phone dozen times still have one bar and internet is dead slow on 4g. 3 fix it now or I will leave you

  • Bk Morris

    Joined 3 yesterday and had no conection at all in warminster wiltshire..not good.

  • As a Three customer for nearly 7 years (Pay As You Go) , this time I’ve had enough of this appalling service from this network! Will be joining GiffGaff as soon as I burn the last remaining data allowance.

  • colin

    no signal for 2 days tamworth

  • Tracy

    No signal in Warrington since last night. Can’t make or receive calls, no 3G

  • sailor

    No signal since yesterday night. North Scotland

  • CynicalMe

    On iD. Network got no coverage in the northeast

  • Angela Fry

    Neither can I send texts

  • Angela Fry

    I cant access 3 customer services,just cuts off after taking my details?

  • Angels

    Mine has been the same in Leicestershire…only working phones are those which can do Wi-fi calling. I am an ID Mobile customer (uses 3s network). Down more than up of recent. I won’t pay for days I have no signal – otherwise it’s paying hard earned money for zero service. I am luckily not tied into a contract luckily so will choose a better provider if not resolved shortly. If you happen to have taken out a new contract (less than 30 days ago). You can force the network to cancel it & return handset & sim. Google OFCOM rules for mobile providers.

  • Steven Rielly

    Got a feeling 3 may be facing court cases. This is day 9 of network being down more than up. My phone has forgotten what the 4G symbol is!

  • Camilla Beresford

    Cannot get incoming calls in Weymouth. Anyone else in this area having problems. 3 told me it could take 8 days and I only changed to 3 today from Vodafone. Might go back to Vodafone

  • Denise Lewis

    Unable to call out but receive incoming calls, at home. Signal is usually good, but been unable to use for days. In Devon

  • Helen Grennan – howells

    Cardiff area network down all evening and I am a full time care giver not a good service at all anyone else having problems

  • Paul Burnett

    Can’t get network for days now I’m disabled and need my phone badly

  • Shane Sterling Price

    Oxford area it is down 999 calls only gggrrrrrrrr

  • Shira

    Can’t send emails

  • Richard G

    No network for the last few despite sometimes showing good signal on my mobile…SE Kent.

  • Karen

    I have no WIFi/MIFI broadband in Wigan. I cannot acess apps on iPhone 6 Plus or internet. Problem started Friday 3rd November. What is going on 3 mobile, get it fixed! Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  • Steven

    Same up here in North West Durham. Started on my Talk Talk landline first. Then onto my 3 mobile. Strange though I could not call my elderly parents less than a mile away however I could call anywhere else in the UK. The American voice is automated and you will not be charged for any calls.

  • Ola

    Same as well , trying to call a taxi from my phone , had to walk home.

  • Caroline Goddard

    Same here, wondering if it has anything to do with the weird Somalia calls I’ve been having.

  • Susan Green

    Hi up on the east coast and son in Nottingham can’t connect to landlines either just get American accent giving message ! O2 and EE are conmeeting with no problems.

  • Harry

    Same here, i use it as taxi phone so i need it to work.

  • Benny

    Hi, what county are you in? Im in Hampshire having same issue, receive ‘sorry, but your call cannot be completed’

  • Benny

    Unable to call any landline since after 5.30pm today (to other mobiles and receiving is ok). Hampshire area.
    Receive an american voice saying ‘sorry, but your call cannot be completed’


    Cant make calls to Birmingham land lines ….. can all others

  • Susan Green

    Can’t get mobile to connect with any landline this evening worrying when trying to contact my 80 year old grandad.

  • Stacey Boardman

    I’ve had no signal all day and been expecting important calls. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Pawel

    Three the best for roaming.Signal sometimes not good.Got some problems now in Lymington area but which network is perfect?? Get EE and they have constant issues

  • Sandra Thwaite

    3 is shite will not renew contract thought it was local to my area after reading comments obv not

  • Isabel Thompson

    The Wi-Fi coverage has been quite poor for a week now in Hull. Does anybody know the problem?

  • Amira Khan

    Sience I make a contract for one year the serevec became bad and slow I’m disappointed from three …

  • sarah whittington

    Constantly getting ‘Not registered on network’ Harrogate area – Yorkshire Dales.what is going on??

  • Mlicett

    Have had NO SERVICE at all since this morning around Pimlico. What is happening?

  • Mlicett

    Anyone know what is happening? No service at all around Pimlico

  • Wolf

    Same here for the past few moths my connection went from 5 bars or min 4 to 2 or no connection. What is this? Can anyone explain why one day my 5 bar connection to 3G went down to 2 or no service? What is this?

  • Darren Morey

    Has been going downhill for the past few months in Andover.

  • Last chance Three!!!

    Three g data has been slow for the last 3 weeks or more in Hull. After the 35£ add on Three connection is a joke…!!!!!!!!!

  • Murv

    No signal for over 24hrs now, but I’m the only one affected in our house. Lad at three shop said it’s a network issue and not my sim. This sucks. Area…… N.Ireland

  • Gill

    Emergency calls only for nearly 24 now anyone else?

  • william allen

    no signal at picket twenty near andover this morning

  • Kay

    No signal whatsoever this morning (2.10.17) I’m in London, Waltham Forest.

  • Ray

    I’m discussted with threes poor Internet signal, I pay £35 a month so I can tether, I can’t do that either, I was on live chat. They disconnected me because they were not receiving my texts, I want compensation, no joke, I’m serious, when someone pays for a service, that’s exactly what they want.
    It is unlawful, theft. But three won’t do a thing, not taking live chat, the system is overun with people complaining.

  • Carolina

    My phone is down since yesterday. I’m in richmond

  • denis

    no signal at all today in North and South Manchester. When will the problem be fixed?

  • MAllanL

    Getting No Signal — Emergency calls only — in Belfast tonight. Anybody else?

  • Tony

    Third day of no coverage from Didcot to Newbury along A34 and along A4 to Hungerford nothing phone just in constantly searching mode

  • Bill

    The Three 3G network in Dumfries Scotland has been getting gradually worse. Now it is DOWN and has been for days with virtually zero signal, though 4G IS actually working. Folk with older phones which are 3G only have no service. Do Three actually employ ENGINEERS who can go fix things??

  • Bogdan

    No internet access through the 3 network in SE22.
    Thanks 3

  • Bogdan

    In SE22 no internet access through the 3 network.
    Thx 3.

  • Khatoon Noonan

    We have 2 three Smart phones. we have suddenly lost all the contacts.. Can ‘t ring out or receive any phone calls. we live in Kingston area . has anybody with three got this problem today.

  • S.J. Engledow

    Has anyone else been having problems with the GPS signal when using maps?

  • Mrs Burrows

    Devon emergency calls only. Lots of trouble in the last couple of weeks.

  • Rose Bower

    Can’t call mobiles but can call landlines

  • Crags

    Sort it out three FFS not even like you’re the cheapest provider anymore and your still crap! Can’t make or receive phone calls!

  • Louise Edwards

    Carnt make call or text can use internet and wat app but nothing else ??? What’s going on I keep have problems like this with three!

  • Martin Clenahan

    Can’t make calls or texts, I’m in Kingussie area, this is 3 time this year, my phone very important for my job going to cancel contract,

  • tony platt

    I’ve tried making calls this morning but all in getting is..your not registered on this network…roll on October when I can cancel my contract …its a joke…


    I think it’s pretty bad that I called my Mum 3 times 2 days ago and her friend called her too and she says her phone never rang, checked her phone no missing calls on log nor messages,really awful as my Dad has been taken into hospital and that could have been emergency calls,also a week ago sent a text to my friend’s daughter to say I could not make her Engagement Party never heard back found out she never got it. Feel this network has gone downhill and agree very poor service and even more so since they raised their prices.

  • [Adam Aqualung]

    If I had the power I would gladly make them bankrupt, force them to refund all of their customers (whether you’re on pay as you go or contract) like you rightly said so.
    We have terrible service here in London SW8,SW9 – Poor reception when calling, text messages arriving late & slow horrendous internet.
    Don’t even get me started on about their appalling excuse of customer service. Every time I call them about the issues raised above, it’s always the same old excuse “restart your phone” or “we’re planning upgrades in your area” I mean seriously??
    How three are getting away with this level of disgraceful service is beyond belief. Not to mention how they have the cheek to constantly increase top up prices & contract prices..
    They should be shut down honestly END OF

  • Karen Louise Crosskey

    What is going on with 3 network. My husband has a contract phone and pays monthly. Since Monday morning he has had no internet coverage. We paid the bill last week and it came up on Monday you’ve used all your monthly data allowance, if that was the case then he wouldn’t be able to call out, which he can.
    Every 3 customer should receive compensation , due to the fact your not providing the service they pay for . Sort it out. At least explain on your site what is going on. It’s disgusting.

  • Truth86

    PAYG all you can eat is permanently throttled on tethered devices between 3pm and 12 midnight. Best to switch to a month to month contract, they have one for 26/month

  • Derbyshire

    My signal has been low for over a week…best thing you can do now is find a different network,it’s problem after problem now with 3network…I spend 35 pound on unlimited,don’t think I would use a gb in a mouth with how slow it is…

  • Anthony Parkes

    something like two and a half hours later, have just tried again this time was able to make a call although the reception status bare said barely one bar, the heavens have just opened up so I’m wondering what effect that will have on 3’s services


    I forgot to add in my below comment that I am in Hertfordshire, so the problems seem pretty wide spread.


    I had no 3 dongle internet from around 5.30 last night 7.9.17, until about 10pm, starting to get a terrible service.

  • Grace

    Back up in Kingston London

  • Gary

    Threes internet in Nottingham area went down about 17.30 and came back on around 22.00

  • Tony

    Stopped working at approx 7pm in Blackpool from Asda in Marton to Devonshire Square in central for approx 2hrs, when I drove past the Vic hospital I glanced at it and it had come back on.
    Whether it was an area problem or a network problem I don’t know as my mobile reception was full strength throughout.

  • Beki Minty Haigh

    Back on in Huddersfield.

  • Faisal Khan

    It stopped working in Bradford around 18:00 hrs. But now its fixed and working….just now.

  • James Smith

    no data – travelled all across West Yorkshire in the last 3 hours and nowhere working

  • Paul

    Not working in Colindale London, it was working earlier today, this happened as well yesterday hoping it will get sorted ASAP just plain annoying, it’s now 21.11 and still not working.

  • Rainy Campbell

    Northamptonshire no service at all.

  • Rainy Campbell

    My internet and network keeps crashing. Frustrating can’t get hold of anyone at 3!!! Have a teenage daughter to collect who cannot contact me !! NOT HAPPY

  • Victor

    Not working in Sherborne, Dorset. Very irritating!

  • Matt George Roberts

    No calls or data in Cardiff

  • Dan Botoaca

    Nothing at all in grays too…no internet….i was about to het a new phone in this evening…and still nothing improved from 6pm

  • Euan MacGuzzi McGlynn

    Same in Edinburgh have they gone bust or not paid their phone bill.

  • jason

    my network has been down with IDmobile since 6pm BRADFORD area does anyone know when this will be back up and running???

  • Roberto Tascon

    My phone network has been down since late afternoon today and still not been fixed. This is ridiculous when my work depends on my use of internet.

  • Alaana Glaze

    Yes I called them again and there is a recorded message saying they are aware of the issues and that they are working on it. They thank us for our patience.

  • Sharon Bux

    My network on my phone is totally down and has been since 5pm. Blackpool area

  • Paul Smith

    Same here in Somerset nothing at all frustrating

  • Darren Phillips

    No internet on my three dongle. Can’t phone them either. Can’t top up. Nothing.

  • Michelle Day

    No mobile date since 17:00 what’s going on

  • David

    My 4g has stopped connecting also and 3G isn’t doing anything just keeps saying unable to connect to mobile data. I’m in the Cardiff area

  • Samantha Bubb

    No signal from Colchester to Walton on the Naze

  • Jo

    No 4G on my phone and 3G doesn’t work. Notice about 16:00 travelling from one side of London to the other.

  • Beki Minty Haigh

    If you manage to get through, would you please post reply here? I just have the dongle for the Internet, no phone.

  • Celia Cooper

    I have the same issue! I am on ID mobile which I believe is on the 3 network

  • Alaana Glaze

    im also in west yorkshire and phone was working perfectly untili approc 18:10 when i lost all internet connection, I have tried calling 333 but it says please hang up and try later

  • Beki Minty Haigh

    I’m in West Yorkshire and have no coverage, thought initially a problem with my account, as data should have renewed today but now, it would seem to be widespread. Anyone have any idea, how long this may take?

  • Fran

    So my phone is saying I have signal however it’s not actually connecting me to the internet at all, was working fine all day up until about ten minutes ago. Do we know how long this is due to last?

  • Anon

    No internet connection today in London!!!!!


    My internet is disconnected,I hope this gets sorted soon cause it’s annoying

  • James Egan

    No data for the last few hours in Plymouth.

  • John Robinson

    I’m having the same problem. Do you think this is a long term issue??

  • Liam Donaghy

    Belfast, issues started on 31st August 2017, all hotspots are throttle until 12 midnight, then they work again. Data speed drop of 99% down to 0.02 mb/sec on my tethered laptop. Lots of issues after the 10 quid hike on the all you can eat package, now I’m paying 35/month sim only! Three used to be a great network, worked in the USA and many other countries, not sure what’s happened them now, but ORANGE went the same way… used to be good then over 1 year they lost a lot of customers.

  • jejoma


  • seb.

    was on Chat with `three` employee confirmed to me problems until 3rd
    September…no phone network in Fulham,but the dongle works as it is on a
    different frequency.

  • Bex Badger Hallihan

    3 been down in South Wales since Thursday, CF31 AND CF23 so no signal at home or work. Mightily pee’d off now…

  • Chris Gardner

    10k west os La Rochelle. It was fine June and July but rubbish or down for most of August. Still no signal.

  • jejoma

    Where are you? I’m near Beziers and apart from the two days last week have had no problems since I came out here at the end of July.

3 (Three) Reports

@ThreeUK I have 2 contract with you and always have problems being cut off even though I have paid my bill can't talk with anyone on the phone and I have had so many scam calls and messages claiming its @ThreeUK I will never get a contract out with you again!!!!!

@Power0verMen @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport The girl I work with had the exact same problem and has had nothing but problems with three since June. She’s taking them to small claims because they unrightfully took almost a grand out of her account and haven’t paid it back yet!

@mick_miller @ThreeUK They'll play every dirty trick in the book to stop you cancelling. They'll tell you your details are wrong, or say the "cancellation systems are down", or they'll stick you on hold music for an hour and then hang up.

Grr, have to go back down town thanks to @ThreeUK , who think customer service is optional and seem to be able to answer a phone only if they're TAKING money. There's no point saying call us then putting a "haha we're not going to answer anyway"message.

@ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK @Three_Is_Broken your 4G has been down for quite some time now and now on your 3G service, I’m encountering network issues.

Why don't you guys offer eSIM's via email if your phone supports it for SIM only contracts? Surely this would cut down significantly on recycling paper which you used once and dispose of? @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK #esim

I hate to say am highly disappointed to say this is the end of the road. I will be closing my account down and be rest assured that I will do all in my power to get my resolution @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK

@ThreeUK I am sick and tired of THREE's 4G service issues. 2mbps down at the moment. Tried support,, useless. Don't bother with Three's 4G home broadband.

@ThreeUK hi, I’m having real problems with my 3 homefi at the moment. It has got worse over the last week and I am having to use my 3 mobile hotspot to tether all our devices too (so the mobile signal is fine ... although often 3G and not 4G!). Postcode is BA12 0QT. Can you help?

@ThreeUK Is the internet down ? Running like dial up today