3 (Three) Problems

3 (Three) is a UK Mobile Service provider, which offers SMS, Mobile Internet and Calls, although with so millions of people using this, you can imagine the amount of disruption when there’s an outage and this can be anything from having no signal or issues when the phones software.

3 (Three) Status insight for Monday 8th of March 2021

If 3 (Three) is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 (Three) Reports

@ThreeUK enough lies about work being done in the area. You are the worst fucking network and should be shut down for your unreliable, awful service. @Three_Is_Broken pic.twitter.com/Xm1OAhuEPd

@ThreeUK Hi, It seems your PAC by sms service is down. you pls confirm? Thanks.

@ThreeUKSupport @johnoceallaigh @ThreeUK the same things happening right now to me. I’m trying to call my mom, (who lives down the road from me) and it’s not letting me ring her it’s telling me to call 118 313 but when I do it’s saying the same thing.

@ClaireAFC2020 @tescomobile @ThreeUK Tell me about it! I've got 2 months left with @ThreeUK and I'm counting down the days. I spend my working day driving here there and everywhere and lose so much time waiting for maps to update because I've no mobile data signal.

Sunday evening 10km run powered by @ThreeUK #5G πŸš€ Cooling down watching #MCIMUN #SkyGo #PL #sundayvibes #SundayMotivation πŸƒ pic.twitter.com/46Qq4SdPU3

well done @ThreeUK we try to solve things online, you ask to call. We call and the "service is down" so no one can help, what a waste of time.

@ThreeUK why is the Internet down again...

@threeuk epic fail in #axbridge #somerset today letting down market traders and customers; unable to take card payments all morning. #fail #cardnotcash

Ok Twitterverse, I’m looking to move mobile provider from May, @ThreeUK have been a big let down so hit me up with your recommendations!

Hey @ThreeUK are both your website and app down?

@DavidSeek @paulbohm Last year, @ThreeUK suddenly cancelled my SIM as I was away from the UK too long. I was locked down into a 5km radius on the other side of the world at the time.