Sprint Problems

By visiting this page, which we’ve dedicated it to all Sprint outages that are currently happening today, users are able to comment below with any issues that they’re currently witnessing, as of in this past there’s been reports of network problems or issues when trying to make calls or send texts. It can sometimes be a nightmare, especially as something can strike at anytime, which can leave customers feeling rather annoyed. Although there is a positive to all of this for those who are experiencing this situation, you may still be able to make WiFi calls when normal cellular isn’t working!

Sprint Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If Sprint is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sprint Reports

@sprint @TMobile just irritated me something crazy. Systems down and sold me a defective Note 20 Ultra 5G! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️!! And it keep saying the phone is not compatible when I put the IMEI number. Go back to the store and @TMobile telling me I gotta pay a $70 restock fee. Are u serious

@sprint @TMobile guess the merger didn’t make you guys any better. Known outage and didn’t tell anyone. Costing me quite a bit yet an offer of $5 makes it all go away? Ha. Guess @Verizon or @ATT will get our business now.

@TMobile y’all need to sell @sprint back because they slowing us down big dawg

I've been down with @sprint since 2001 but now that @TMobile is part of the Sprint Network it's like I've been down with T-mobile since 01. So gimme my #5Gsfor5G

@sprint Upon reviewing your coverage, it shows that your area is still being affected by an ongoing outage. At this time, we ask for your patience while our Network Team works for you.

My 5g has been down for days @sprint what's going on?

I am waiting for a cell phone maker or cellular provider to put a "SLAM DOWN the phone" button next to the End Call button. #tuesdayvibes #TuesdayMotivation #cellphone @Verizon @TMobile @ATT @Sprint @SamsungMobile @Apple @BLU_Products #cellular pic.twitter.com/CbCIBFiB3T

@sprint thank y’all for holding it down and letting me access the internet unlike @GetSpectrum. Because of y’all I can actually do my college work. #FuckSpectrum

@Sprint @TMobile North Little Rock, top of hill. Same phone (moto edge 5G). Sprint 4G band 25 gets 4Mb/s down, <1 up. Tmobil 5G gets 1.2 Mb/s down, <1 up. When you guys gonna do some work around here?

@sprint bitch don’t slow down my data ima pay my phone bill in a min df

Are late night texts way down? Seems like no one is getting twisted. What stats we got @Verizon @sprint ?