Sprint Down Today?

By visiting this page, which we’ve dedicated it to all Sprint outages that are currently happening today, users are able to comment below with any issues that they’re currently witnessing, as of in this past there’s been reports of network problems or issues when trying to make calls or send texts. It can sometimes be a nightmare, especially as something can strike at anytime, which can leave customers feeling rather annoyed. Although there is a positive to all of this for those who are experiencing this situation, you may still be able to make WiFi calls when normal cellular isn’t working!

Sprint Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

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3 years ago

Sprint services may be down, as lots of people aren’t receiving any notifications.

Cory James
6 years ago

Sprint down in MEXICO ? What is the problem? How long until service restored ?
Can’t make any calls .. Probably can not receive any calls either.. But how would I know ? No access to sprint.com no way to contact them .. Access to internet .. Text & email limited or non- existing .. Any help?

6 years ago

I am so thinking fo going back to AT&T because surely they are much better than the poor Sprint service I am getting lately. Service is always down in LA.

6 years ago

Services has been down for hours now in Elk Grove, how long is this going on for?

6 years ago

In Queens there is no Sprint service at all, I am not able to call or send texts.

7 years ago

It is official from the Sprint on Twitter, customers in Wisconsin are experiencing issues with access to data and voice services.

7 years ago

I am in La Crosse and cannot send any messages from my phone, is there a Sprint outage right now.

7 years ago

There seems to be a sprint service outage in wisconsin area.

7 years ago

Sprint Service is down, bet someone has knocked a tower over or something.

7 years ago

Is the Sprint network down? I cannot use my phone right now.

7 years ago

My phone is totally out, no Sprint service at all.

7 years ago

My phone is not working, i mean like the calls and text messages. I am in Atlanta.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jane

Me also, can call out but getting no data at all.

7 years ago

I have no data but can call out to people, i am in Houston, Texas.

7 years ago

Since I purchased the HTC 10 my sprint network has gone form bad to worse, nine times out of ten cannot get signal, is this the device or Sprint service?

7 years ago

Is anybody having issues receiving or making calls right now with Sprint?

8 years ago

St Paul MN and texting does not work to other sprint members but does to Verizon friends.

8 years ago

I am in Valrico, FL and not receiving any calls, even when i try to make calls nothing is happening. I got my friend to call me from her mobile and they are not coming through.

jane smith
8 years ago

Sprint SUCKS. I regret the day I switched from Verizon.

8 years ago

Sprint service is getting worse in my eyes. I have been with them since my first phone way back on flip Motorola phone lol. But since the signal is weaker, data non-existent and so forth.

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