Sprint Problems

By visiting this page, which we’ve dedicated it to all Sprint outages that are currently happening today, users are able to comment below with any issues that they’re currently witnessing, as of in this past there’s been reports of network problems or issues when trying to make calls or send texts. It can sometimes be a nightmare, especially as something can strike at anytime, which can leave customers feeling rather annoyed. Although there is a positive to all of this for those who are experiencing this situation, you may still be able to make WiFi calls when normal cellular isn’t working!

Sprint Status insight for Thursday 4th of March 2021

If Sprint is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sprint Reports

Does anyone have any Internet phone and TV services they really like because @ATT has let me down again! Does anyone like @comcast @sprint any suggestions because I need new everything! #fail #switch #NotAgain #internet #phone #TV

@sprint Fuck you. My "unlimited" data has went down 50 gigs. From 100 just a year ago. pic.twitter.com/Tk1qLw7eRt

@sprint has hands down the WORST customer service (online, in person and over the phone) that i have ever experienced like wow never again.

Switched from @sprint to @ATT , please don’t let me down guys.

@TMobile I have @TMobileIR and everything since the merge with @sprint who had bad service my speed has slowed down i can't even get service in my bathroom 😒 I have to Connect to wifi. not to mention i put in for a service ticket an can't even get a response to get my phone fixed

@sprint trouble making and receiving calls for 4 days in Dallas area. Not getting any answers from sprint except towers are down? What's going on? When will this be fixed?

@sprint @sprintcare your 5G network is down in San Francisco CA been down about 10 hours

@jgabe1100_ @sprint That’s cause it’s T-Mobile now and they slowing down sprint so you’d switch 🤷‍♂️

@TMobile your network is trash! Ur not the fastest....that’s frivolous....@sprint is weighing you Down. Your service is worse than ever! Even in a major metro. Leaving soon

@_itstaayy @sprint @TMobile I swear ! I just got my bill down to $150 after paying $300 for over a year