Snapchat Problems

Those of you who have Snapchat and are currently witnessing problems, then you’re in the right place to give our writers and members of the Down Today community the heads up on your situation, as of in the past there’s been many reports of users not being able to login to their accounts, sending direct messages, videos and photos to friends and family or stories freezing. With so many people using this app on iOS or Android devices around the world, without a shadow of a doubt there’s going to be an outage of some sort, whether that’s unscheduled maintenance or app updates.

Snapchat Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Snapchat is down today, then reports will be found below.

Snapchat Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Kirsty

    Stories for me aren’t loading, been like this for about 10 minutes now…

  • Josh

    AGAIN my snapchat seems to be having issues, this keeps happening all the time recently. Not happy they need to fix this once and for all.

  • Billie

    Is anyone else having issues tonight with Snapchat? Trying to add things to my story and it doesn’t allow me. HELP!!!

  • Ryan

    I can log in to snapchat on other people’s phone but I can’t log into it on my phone and I’ve reset it then downloaded it and it locks me out help

  • Isabel

    My snapchat keeps freezing whenever I open a snap or try to post one. It then stays frozen and then shuts off

  • Ailat

    Can’t log in or load anything

  • Sonia

    I cannot post anything, I can send messages but just not post to stories, keeps coming up failed all the time when I try.

  • David

    Not able to upload stories, this needs to be fixed.

  • Sharon

    Snapchat is down for me and not working at all.

  • Samantha

    I have opened Snapchat but it’s not letting me refresh, keeps asking me to try again.

  • Gina

    Not letting me post photos today to my stories, but yet i see all my friends and family are.

  • c

    It says that someone’s un added me but I dont know if they have because we were getting on really well?? is snapchat glitching and un adding friends or have I done something

  • k

    I really need help! I logged into my friend’s snapchat account on my phone, and then I logged out and back into my account. My snapchat is now like messed up because none of the stickers that usually show up are there and it isn’t showing all the different fonts. I am really distressed by this and not ok. PLEASE SEND HELP! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!??!? HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Charlotte

    There are Snapchat problems right now where the maps are not working, simply not updating. Restarting the app doesn’t seem to make any difference at all.

  • Amisha

    Is anyones “emoji appears next to someone when your on their bestfriend list, but their not on yours” emoji not showing up ?

  • Bella

    i’m having the same problem. i even tried making a new snapchat and it just says it’s loading but every other app works fast with my data or internet.

  • Joseph

    Same got the same problem but I need this account to contact my coworkers

  • Chloe

    My Snapchat won’t let me log in idk what to do I’ve re-downloaded the app I’ve reset my password I’m doing my password and username right..

  • kelsey

    Omg I’m honestly crying rn because that’s what mine is doing I’m balling my eyes out… if you got help from this will you help me out…

  • kelsey

    Did you get help with this?

  • kelsey

    Did anyone help you and say what to do, because I’m currently stressing because mines doing the same…

  • kelsey

    Hi I’m really stressing out because my snapchat WILL NOT let me log in ,, Ive tried login into my old account and I reset my password for my old account and it STILL wouldn’t let me log in ,, im doing the right password and username ,, please help, I need to get some pictures off my memories for my mother I’m panicking and crying !!

  • Angel

    Nothing seems to be working on Snapchat for anyone. I can’t send or see my messages. Can’t open stories can’t open maps can’t do anything.

  • Jason Mccracken

    not getting some peoples messages

  • Holly

    Hi I’m really stressing out because my snapchat WILL NOT let me log in ,, Ive tried login into my old account and I reset my password for my old account and it STILL wouldn’t let me log in ,, im doing the right password and username ,, please help !!

  • Abigail Wilson

    I am trying to log into my friends account to send her streaks but it keeps saying “conection failed” but it will let me log into mine

  • Sally

    Mine won’t refresh.. I can’t see anyones story?

  • Samarth Agarwal

    Unable to send my story to more than 100 friends.

  • Angela

    I have a IPhone 5c and my snapchat not letting me log in it keeps saying check connection

  • Angela


  • Angela

    Hi. my snapchat not letting me log in it keeps saying check connections

  • Daff

    My Snapchat won’t let me see my own story! I clicked on the right left corner and then it freezes and crashes.

  • Alesha

    My Snapchat kept coming up could not refresh n I logged out n tried going back on n it wouldn’t let me log in n it’s the same for all my friends

  • Bre Sepeda

    My snap won’t let anyone else use the same password to log into the same account

  • Olivia

    Is it true that on the 10thof March 2018 that Snapchat is getting removed for iPhone 4,5,5s,5C?

  • Bob

    Really annoying!! Snapchat isn’t working right I can’t see messages when they are coming through in notifications?

  • Adri

    Someone complain to Snapchat

  • Bobby

    I’m not receiving msgs although a notification comes through I can not see it and all it says is ‘can not load refresh’

  • Carmen Rios


  • Carmen Rios

    It says im recieving messages but i dont get them till later

  • Adri

    Every time I log out. It just shows me the same messages I opened up

  • Adri

    I’m not receiving any messages

  • Mad

    Snap is logged in now but I tried sending streaks and it looked like they all sent and I logged back out and when I got back in it said none were sent. Also it only has one or two people show up at a time saying I got a snap from them and it will be like 30 minutes after they sent it

  • Ben

    Snapchat still isn’t working!!! It keeps saying it can’t refresh and not loading messages!! Please fix urgently

  • A.T

    My Snapchat is sending snaps but isn’t people aren’t receiving them, when will this be fixed?

  • Roseen Jezrawi

    It works again but some of my streaks are gone and chats won’t show up 🙁

  • Harlie Weir

    i can’t log into my snapchat and i need to do my streaks urgently! :/ i’m going to loose over 600!!!

  • Tony

    That wasn’t supposed to happen until the 10th of march

  • Adri

    Try again. It’s working for me

  • Donna

    My Snapchat is back!!! Thank you xox

  • Elle mcmullen

    Thankssss xoxoxo

  • Conor

    My Snapchat won’t load any snaps so uninstalled it and now it won’t let me log back in!!! Fix this urgently please I need to do my streaks

  • Josh

    My snapchat is sending the snaps but my friends aren’t receiving them

  • Magan

    Can’t log in

  • Mad

    My Snapchat was doing the same thing with not letting me long on but just a few seconds ago it just let me log back in and now it’s saying all of my streaks are gone and that it can’t refresh

  • Elle mcmullen

    Please fix snap I hate this new update all together

  • Tristan

    I can’t log in ://// all other apps are worthing though

  • Brianna

    Omg y is this happening like r u serious imma lose all my streaks wtf sc

  • Elle mcmullen

    My snap is not working Fix it now !

  • G

    Same with mine

  • Jenna


  • G


  • Morg

    Hi my snap has done the same when will it be fixed

  • Anby

    There was a post on my friends sc saying that sc will delete its self of iPhone 4s and 5s I’d show you a screenshot but I can’t access sc sorry -abby xx

  • Ed


  • Stephanie Stevens


  • Bri


  • Bri


  • Tiegan

    Mines had done that to !! How long will this take to fix???

  • Abigail Goddard

    All my online apps are working but sc isn’t,it won’t even leave me log in

  • Adri

    So has mine. I’ve done everything but I don’t understand what is going on

  • Tilly Kempshall

    My snapchat wouldn’t let me post anything so I powered my phone off tried to send a snap it wouldn’t let me. I logged out planing to log back it and it now won’t let me. I have an iPhone 5s and an iPad and it won’t let me on both devises

  • Rebecca

    mine is doing the exact same

  • Kelsey

    Mine has done the exact same

  • Cait

    My snapchat couldn’t not refesh so I logged out planning to log back in and it says that there is no connection so I put my 4G on and that didn’t work either? Please help streaks need to be done

  • Lisa O’ Neill

    Hi, im having problems logging into my snap chat. I have reset my password so many times and have tried to set up a new account but it wont let me. I really dont want to loose my pictures as I havent saved them to my gallery yet. Ive tried to send numerous messages to snap chat support but dont find them useful at all.

  • Amir

    Snap chat not working

  • Magdalena Zaruska

    I blocked someone from seeing my story and unblocked but they still can’t see my story

  • chizilla004

    same omg it also happening to me

  • chizilla004

    when I want to log onto my snapchat it says that I’m using a version of snapchat or operating system that is no longer supported and I should update and my snapchat is not on the updates list. PLS HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  • Justice

    Snapchat won’t let anybody view my story, even though my settings are on letting everyone view my story

  • Pam Giarratano

    snapchat sent my daughter a compilation of 2017. She thought that she saved it but cannot find it anywhere? Is there any way to get it back. she is upset

  • Melissa Narine


  • Troy Whittaker

    Same I’ll shout u

  • have 15k+ Anybody doing snapchat 4 snapchat shoutouts?

  • fat whale

    i cant post snaps at all. not even tk streaks, hell when i try to take a picture everything lags. wth

  • Unknown

    Ive forgotten my password but when I try send myself a code. It says it’s the wrong number, when I know for sure it’s right.

  • Saffy

    Won’t let me post a video. Can’t even send it to one person

  • Nathan

    Cant send messages on snapchat however can send pics with writing on why?

  • Diego Salerno

    I can’t login, I been trying all day long in all my devices

  • Rylin

    My friend can’t see my story and I can’t see hers. But we are friends on snapchat.
    Any ideas?

  • Ariana

    I keep trying to log in, and it says my password is incorrect. I have changed it multiple times. It says my wi-fi is the issue but data won’t work. I have lost all my photos now. I have been crying the past hour. Snapchat u ruined my day!

  • Liam

    Lsmith19994 Snapchat me

  • Harry


  • Harry

    Mine hasn’t let me log in but won’t load any messages now but let’s me load streaks

  • Ella

    It’s still not letting me receive my messages

  • real jake

    just says its not refreshing stories

  • Ella

    Let me log in but says no connection and wot let me see if I have any messages or let me send any when can this be fixed

  • Nicole Espinoza

    it should be working now

  • real jake

    sorry it is lol

  • Alysin

    Add me when snap starts working again ally3473958

  • John

    Snaps wouldn’t send so I logged out and when I tried to log back in said check the connection??? Newt wrong with my wifi

  • real jake

    not for me

  • Adam

    It’s back!!!!

  • Jade

    It’s working now!!

  • Jess

    Got WiFi not letting me log back into Snapchat saying I need connection when I do help

  • jade

    does anyone know how long this will last??

  • jade

    Does anyone know how long this will last??

  • Bob

    I can’t log in or send anything, pictures or chat. It made me think my phone died…

  • Maya

    Been over an hour how long do they need my life’s is so boring without snapchat

  • Courtney Mccarthy

    What is going on

  • Iris moore

    Omg I have streaks ffs!!!! I logged out to do my friends and I get relayed with this, you better restore my streaks if I loose them!

  • Courtney Mccarthy

    This is annoying me

  • Veronika Garcia

    what radio station said that????

  • Eoin

    Won’t leave me login even online

  • J a d e


  • Nicole Espinoza

    How long will this last?:(

  • tom

    no probably not

  • Alphabet_boii


  • Alphabet_boii

    i mean if you don’t send streaks to that person within 24 hours you lose the streak so

  • Jade

    It’s just the server being low

  • Jade

    When will it work again?

  • Jess Triscott

    jumping off a bridge, see ya’ll later

  • em


  • Ellie-May Buffey

    Best not be

  • Sk

    Are you being serious,I’m gonna loose my streaks:(

  • real jake

    mines not

  • Skye

    What’s happened to sc? When will it be fixed I have streaks to send? I’ve been told sc is hacked

  • Alphabet_boii


  • aanderson

    Will I loose any of my streaks, even if they don’t have a timer???

  • Bii

    Snapchat is Down for two days it said on radio

  • Ella

    It won’t let me log onto sc and it won’t refresh

  • ggggg2

    workkkkkkkk fffs I need it for homework lool need to ask my friends about it

  • Dee

    I’m getting so mad bc it won’t let me log in and it keep saying error

  • Lily

    When is it gunna start working again ?

  • Gemma Louise Scott

    Add me when it is up (if you are funny) – StarDomU

  • Moeyaaseenmia

    I better not loose my streaks snapchat*

  • mia

    snap won’t let me login omg

  • pc

    same i have a streak of 250+ and I’m gonna lose it if it doesn’t let me log in will it get fixed soon!?!

  • Scarlett

    Because not everyone’s snapchat is down

  • Kitty


  • Pat p

    Princesspat1 everyone add me when it works x

  • Ellea

    Is everyone’s sc down reply if so x

  • Ell

    My snapchat wone let me log in?

  • Katie

    How can you get a friend to keep your streaks if everyone’s snapchat is down??

  • Scarlett

    Chill out everyone geeeezz, right like I said before u have to wait! It will work, u have to give it time, don’t go searching for hacks because this is a good time for hackers to get your information while its down so let it sort it’s self out on its own

  • Landon

    Same idk what is wrong

  • Sabiha

    My snapchat wont let me login aftet i had toreinstalled it because it stopped letting me send or recieve any snaps at all

  • ella

    tf !!

  • Scarlett

    I remember this Happening awhile ago to me and a lot of other people, basically all u can do is wait until the morning, get one of your friends to do ur streaks and go on another social media platform for abit while it sorts it’s self out!!

  • Becky Grant

    snap not letting me log in, no server ??? when will it be back feeling lost
    what has our lives come to

  • Mya

    Mine keeps saying that I have no connection

  • Sahar

    Not letting me log in

  • Brooklyn

    Mine won’t let me log in keeps saying I have no connection

  • Liv

    howd you sort it?

  • K


  • Naomi

    Snapchats won’t refresh or send with WiFi or 4G, logged out and it says no connection?!

  • Millie

    It wasn’t loading so I logged out and now it isn’t letting me log back in and I haven’t done my streaks

  • Alex

    I got timers w all my streak, plz sort it outttt 🙁

  • Shelly

    i have connection and its keeps saying I dont and wont let me log in

  • Kiara

    Saying I have no connection can’t log in

  • Alphabet_boii

    They’re trying to fix it so now we just need patience i guess

  • Leah

    OMg sawt sc out I nearly got 400 day streak

  • anon345

    doesnt say when itll be fixed tho

  • Paris

    Snaps is so unserious

  • Tayla

    Yea me too

  • Paris

    Snaps a so unserious

  • Alphabet_boii

    that’s good that they’re aware of the issue

  • Matthew Berrick

    Did they say when it will get fixed by?

  • Elliemae

    It’s saying I have no connection

  • ronnie

    it says i have no wifi when i clearly have

  • Elliemae

    Why won’t it let to me log in plz someone reply x

  • K

    Ive been watching a lot of videos, reading, re installing the app and it’s not working 🙁

  • sieriah

    Can Yu Please Fix It, I’m Not Tryna Lose My Streaaaaks!!! :'(

  • Scarlett


Snapchat Reports

@snapchatsupport My snap is not working I did all the forget password steps but I am not receiving an email to renew my password

Snapchat go to hell You suck anyway Its okay to promote BURNING DOWN AMERICANS BUSINESSES I hope AMERICANS flush your SNAPCHAT down the TOILET

@snapchatsupport I have a problem with my Snapchat not working I put my password it won’t let me log in

@snapchatsupport all day today I have tried to open stories and videos from group chats and they haven’t been working — now it won’t let me save anything to my memories (pictured below) but the thing is it’s not connected to save to my phone so I shouldn’t delete apps, music, etc

i'm trying to post a BLM related link to my snap story and the mf doesn't want to post? is snapchat down for anyone else or...

@snapchatsupport I have a problem, please solve it: when I download a snap in (our story - the map), it comes down, but there are no views !! Note that the place where I got off there are a lot of hooks, please solve it and thank you

Is everyone’s snap not working or just mine?? Wtf this is like the 3rd time in the last month and a half @snapchatsupport

@Omozuwajoy_ @snapchatsupport I got fed up with not hearing any solutions so I deleted and re-downloaded.. seems to be working just fine now. We shall see.

@Snapchat⁩ ⁦@snapchatsupport⁩ HOW DARE YOU You are spreading lies. Have you shut down protestors!…

@snapchatsupport @Snapchat pls tell me why i still cant leave people’s priv stories with the update. i literally have the button but when i click it or hold down on it it won’t do anything