Snapchat Problems

Those of you who have Snapchat and are currently witnessing problems, then you’re in the right place to give our writers and members of the Down Today community the heads up on your situation, as of in the past there’s been many reports of users not being able to login to their accounts, sending direct messages, videos and photos to friends and family or stories freezing. With so many people using this app on iOS or Android devices around the world, without a shadow of a doubt there’s going to be an outage of some sort, whether that’s unscheduled maintenance or app updates.

Snapchat Status insight for Wednesday 28th of October 2020

If Snapchat is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Snapchat Reports

@snapchatsupport we believe some Kuwaiti Officials are bribing your 3rd party partners in Dubai and other countries we dont know abt to shut down her account! Please investigate and stop this suppression ASAP!!

dang my snapchat isn't working :( @snapchatsupport

I handled the guy who pester me for sex using my nudes. By threatening him to go to the police and he stop spreading it around and took the video on snapchat down. And I even blocked him. I told him I know where he stays n if he wants his friend to get in trouble then go ahead.

@LKRBOI About to check Snapchat down there lol

@snapchatsupport my snap is MAJOR GLITCHING. nothing was working now whenever i open the app the freaking screen goes black and it kick me out, i might cry if it happens again :)

anyone else’s snapchat not working?

Is anybody else Snapchat not working?

@snapchatsupport for some reason on snapchat my snap score is at 100,500 for me but only me. Everyone else see’s my snap score as 95,000. Another thing that seems to happen on Snapchat is whenever you listen to an audio or you’re in a group conversation, your brightness bounces up and down.

Me: I have the app and it's not working @snapchatsupport : unless you have the app or a code you can't login. Me: I have the application..the code isn't working .. .. .. .. .. .. @snapchatsupport : unless you have th...

@snapchatsupport Via the app, On a browser apparently the codes are incorrect. My device time and setting are network provided and working. All other codes generated by the authentication app work on their respected accounts.

@snapchatsupport My accounts have been taken down for absolutely no reason.