Snapchat Down Today?

Those of you who have Snapchat and are currently witnessing problems, then you’re in the right place to give our writers and members of the Down Today community the heads up on your situation, as of in the past there’s been many reports of users not being able to login to their accounts, sending direct messages, videos and photos to friends and family or stories freezing. With so many people using this app on iOS or Android devices around the world, without a shadow of a doubt there’s going to be an outage of some sort, whether that’s unscheduled maintenance or app updates.

Snapchat Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Snapchat is down today, then reports will be found below.

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5 months ago

Snap not working

3 years ago

Not working, lots of problems with snaps uploading.

3 years ago

Stories for me aren’t loading, been like this for about 10 minutes now…

3 years ago

AGAIN my snapchat seems to be having issues, this keeps happening all the time recently. Not happy they need to fix this once and for all.

3 years ago

Is anyone else having issues tonight with Snapchat? Trying to add things to my story and it doesn’t allow me. HELP!!!

4 years ago

I can log in to snapchat on other people’s phone but I can’t log into it on my phone and I’ve reset it then downloaded it and it locks me out help

4 years ago

My snapchat keeps freezing whenever I open a snap or try to post one. It then stays frozen and then shuts off

4 years ago

Can’t log in or load anything

4 years ago

I cannot post anything, I can send messages but just not post to stories, keeps coming up failed all the time when I try.

4 years ago

Not able to upload stories, this needs to be fixed.

4 years ago

Snapchat is down for me and not working at all.

4 years ago

I have opened Snapchat but it’s not letting me refresh, keeps asking me to try again.

5 years ago

Not letting me post photos today to my stories, but yet i see all my friends and family are.

5 years ago

It says that someone’s un added me but I dont know if they have because we were getting on really well?? is snapchat glitching and un adding friends or have I done something

5 years ago

I really need help! I logged into my friend’s snapchat account on my phone, and then I logged out and back into my account. My snapchat is now like messed up because none of the stickers that usually show up are there and it isn’t showing all the different fonts. I am really distressed by this and not ok. PLEASE SEND HELP! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!??!? HELPPPPPPPPPPP

5 years ago

There are Snapchat problems right now where the maps are not working, simply not updating. Restarting the app doesn’t seem to make any difference at all.

5 years ago

Is anyones “emoji appears next to someone when your on their bestfriend list, but their not on yours” emoji not showing up ?

5 years ago
Reply to  kelsey

i’m having the same problem. i even tried making a new snapchat and it just says it’s loading but every other app works fast with my data or internet.

5 years ago

Same got the same problem but I need this account to contact my coworkers

5 years ago

My Snapchat won’t let me log in idk what to do I’ve re-downloaded the app I’ve reset my password I’m doing my password and username right..

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