Instagram Problems

Since Instagram was first released, millions of people around the world have made accounts and are interacting with each other on their Android and iOS devices. Although sometime things don’t run as smoothly as they should and there can sometimes be problems with Instagram. In the past users have mentioned that they’re having login issues, they aren’t able to upload images and also read other users stories. So with that being said, if you’re witnessing anything we’ve just mentioned, or anything else, then it give us the writers and members of the Down Today community.

Instagram Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If Instagram is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Instagram Reports

Oh yeah I’m about to shut Instagram down with the next flick.

Instagram was having problems, but it should be fixed now…

ma nagg capit sta instagram down?

Hi @instagram @Meta my app on my phone is still not working … I don’t want to remove it because I don’t want to lose my draft reels… Can someone help please??? Thank you! :)

@instagram and @WhatsApp have so many fuckin bugs on the dektop versions.. why arent you guys not working on it.. ? @elonmusk please buy these both and change them.. shit apps on desktop version..

@instagram Am I the only one whose Instagram is not working on iPhone? I'm literally not able to login into my IG on my iPhone and Web. And Instagram Help & Support is commendable because nobody will reply to you or fix your problem. #instagramdown #instagramisdown #Instagram

@instagram hi! Fill in the data wrong when they asked me for my age on instagram. When I want to appeal, I fill in the data and at the end I get an error that says "Your request could not be processed. There was a problem with this request. We are working to fix it as soon as possible."

@rebb_tomlinson @instagram @Meta not funny it hasn't been working for 24/7 ...

So why is it that when I get a new phone @instagram doesnt want to let me back into my account for weeks.. no response. Backup codes arent working 2 factor auth app not connected. still no response no emails nothing. One of the biggest companies in the world doesnt have support

@TroyRubert @libsoftiktok @instagram Not bullying. Showing ehat the fuck is wrong with todays people working in schools. Grooming them into SEXUAL content and ideas. Digusting as hell