Instagram Problems

Since Instagram was first released, millions of people around the world have made accounts and are interacting with each other on their Android and iOS devices. Although sometime things don’t run as smoothly as they should and there can sometimes be problems with Instagram. In the past users have mentioned that they’re having login issues, they aren’t able to upload images and also read other users stories. So with that being said, if you’re witnessing anything we’ve just mentioned, or anything else, then it give us the writers and members of the Down Today community.

Instagram Status insight for Thursday 6th of August 2020

If Instagram is down today, then reports will be found below.

Instagram Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    A few reports of Instagram being down, although might be a selected area or even country exclusive.

  • PollyP

    Problem and problem with the app, first I tried to want a live and then it disappeared and then im unable to add anything to my story as well, gutted as just got round to relaxing with my phone 🙁

  • Kerry

    Having nothing but trouble with instagram tonight, it seems to be down and im not able to upload any images to my profile?!

  • Tina

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone else having the same problem as me when trying to load my Instagram? Photos aren’t loading whatsoever and didn’t know if anyone else is having the same issue…

  • Karen

    I had over 1500 followers on my Instagram and now able to log in to that account. I have two other accounts and been locked out of that as well, what’s wrong, because I have not breached anything wrong.

  • Mackey

    Not letting me upload any videos, all I am seeing is a blank screen and not adding to Storie. Would love to know if anyone else is having the same issues?

  • Katie

    The Instagram notifications are not loading even though the news feed is changing. Keeps saying comment will be loaded once connected.

  • Finlay

    I have a few accounts and my main one id ok, but my other accounts are not. All I get is try again later, I logged out to see if that would world but oh no it hasn’t, I cannot log in now.

  • Belinda

    I cannot seem to login to my Instagram account.

  • MaxiRyu69

    The “save to collection” function is absolutely messed up these days. When I try to save pictures to my collection it says “We’re sorry, but something went wrong, try again later”…. or in another scenario if I try to access my “Saved pictures” I receive the annoying message “ingress timeout, streamID=*****

    I live in Thailand. Could it have something to do with the area’s internet connection?

    Can anyone help? thanks in advance.

  • Brian

    I cannot refresh my Instagram profile, so guessing its down yet again. I am certain this is a DDoS.

  • Molly

    I was on Instagram then it went down on me, then I got back on and now its DOWN again here in Vauxhall, London.

  • Carl

    Forst Facebook and now Instagram, i know Zuckerberg owns the lot but you would’ve thought he would’ve run of different servers.

  • Gregoriades Constantinos

    please contact me on my email [email protected]

    have you found a solution?

  • Hannah

    Instagram is down, as is snapchat and Pinterest but everything else is fine. I’m still getting notifications but every time I go onto the app it says couldn’t refresh feed but I have internet and it works for everything else but those 3

  • dee

    instagram is down in Winnipeg. Please fix this asap!!!!!

  • Sarah Taylor

    Instagram is down sort it

  • Simon Dorricott

    I can’t remember my password and they say they have sent me a login password through my email but I I have tried this many times and have not received this email

  • Kathleen

    None of my Instagram re-posts today are posting to their respective Facebook pages. Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve experienced a time-lag in the past, but nothing longer than 10-15 minutes. Thanks!

  • FabianL

    seme here from today

  • cant log in with windows app – any suggestions?

  • Almedin Paloja

    I have iphone 6s and instagram is updated to 27.0 version but archive stories its not working just in my instagram account but in other devices work please fix it

  • Tri Rifi

    {“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”}
    advice please anyone ???

  • Kunwar__007_

    My I d hack

  • Britney

    Mines says this too

  • Craig Hand

    Hello everyone. My followers list is fluctuating and when I look at the list of my followers They nearly all have a blue button and I need to follow them again! So I did and shortly after I checked again and they’re all blue again! I’ve got quite a few new followers but this problem means that I can’t follow them! HELP ANYONE.

  • Legionedits

    Am I the only one that the insights show only the first numbers and not the whole series of numbers on my business account?

  • grant bailey

    I can’t get the Superzoom on my instagram. I’ve deleted. Redownloaded logged out. Hard boot. Still won’t show up.

  • Ahmad Youisf

    Same 🙁

  • Ahmad Youisf

    I can’t log i im not hacked my accoun’t didn’t disabled but it comes a messege up when i try to login says please try a few minutes before

  • Ahmad Youisf

    Same here any fixes

  • Payam Behradkia

    Why my instagram window suddenly after 1 minutes gone, and I can not check my instagram, again I should open it

  • Stamatia Zdrali

    For God’s sake we can’t work here! Fix it or burn it.

  • Stamatia Zdrali

    For God’s sake we can’t work here! Fix it or burn it

  • Joie

    Yes I have two accounts and I’m seeing the feed for my other account on my main one. all save collections are gone. It’s prompting me as if I just started a new account. It’s showing that im following people but prompt me to follow. Group messages are all gone as well. Been like this for a few days now.

  • Adrian

    I have the exact same problem. Have you had any luck with a fix? “{“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”}”

  • Logen Williams

    Ya I got a message saying someone else logged in and I went and reset my password. Then it responds with

    {“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”}

  • أحمد العرّيف الظاهري

    I can’t log-in since yesterday on my account it tells me request time out

  • RijuRick

    Yeah it is down since yesterday. Unistalling & reinstalling it also is in vain.

  • hooligans

    mein instagram account ist hacked. was kann ich tun????

  • hooligans


  • Nasier

    Down in Kuala Lumpur

  • Keri Covey

    I am having the same issue

  • Vickie

    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it’s saying there’s an error and can’t connect to the internet.. yet I am connected to the internet and other apps work fine

  • Lindsay Satmary

    I’m getting the 5xx server error message. 🙁

  • Shat

    Having same problem still

  • Mitra Panahi Feyzabi

    It’s have been days that I have problems with hashtags and I’m a photographer so hashtags are necessary for me but seems no one care to fix it

  • Mehul Gajakos

    Since a few weeks my Instagram Stickers are missing. I only have time, location, temperature, emojis and selfie logo. I only have 2 tabs instead of 3. Got the newest version of instagram and ios. I uninstalled it several time, but still have the same problem. It seems that it has something to do with my account. I created a new test account et voilà all stickers are available. But I don’t know how to get the stickers back to my account. Can’t find any hints and tipps. Got somebody the same problems?

  • Tom Louwell Basco

    Mine already fixed.

  • Pixie

    Down in the UK and keeps claiming it’s on my phone (tried to uninstall/reinstall) so tells me to open but shows the icon as a circle and crosses.

    So having to wait for it to fix itself before I can install it again

  • hey

    everytime i try to log in through the windows app it show “URL request timed out”. its been the same from past 1 week 🙁

  • Tom Louwell Basco

    BTW, Mine was already fixed.

  • Radom3017

    Anyone still have the problem “Sorry there has been a problem with ur request?” I’ve got it since last November, they haven’t changed anything since ;/

  • Lawal Opeyemi Noah

    down in Nigeria as well

  • Tom Louwell Basco

    What the hell are you talking about, Its a legit followers not bot or fake accounts. I never heard that you can buy followers on Instagram.

  • Jaden

    What’s wrong with UK

  • SMS

    ” Buy them ” Lol, Instagram has been alive for 7 years and your eyes still talking about buying followers. You’re an idiot

  • Kayleigh Roath

    I’ve only just recently been able to log back into it so I assume it was a minor bug on Instagram that’s now been fixed hopefully

  • Kayleigh Roath

    I’ve recently been able to log back into mine so I assume it was just a minor bug on Instagram that’s been fixed , is yours working yet?

  • Misfits. We are the Blacksheep

    did yours ever start working again ?

  • Misfits. We are the Blacksheep

    did it ever work for you?

  • Chance

    did yours ever go back to normal? same thing happens to me

  • IG: neednonotice

    Instagram downnnnn 🙁

  • Shivang Goswami

    yes down in india also

  • Helga Toor

    Down in Ukraine

  • Rodmena

    Back online in Iran

  • Maria Valueva

    down in Russia

  • Reek

    Down in US

  • Rodmena

    down in Iran

  • 3SH

    get out of uk!

  • 3SH

    ooo bravo tom for 13k followers! from where did you buy them?lmao

  • Luna

    Down in swede

  • 3SH

    too much cow urine drinking!

  • matty

    instagram down in scotland

  • amit choudhary


  • Alexandra Stewart

    Instagram down in UK London – or maybe it’s just mine?

  • Mohsin Sadiq


  • Instagram down, big bummer!

  • Marcus Christiansen

    Instagram down in Sandvika, Norway

  • Kayleigh Roath

    Yes! I’m experiencing the same things at the moment, I logged out of mine recently and tried to log back in only for it to say there was a problem with your request,kept trying with various other accounts , but got the same thing, I’ve looked it up all over the place seeing who else is having the same problems or if anyone knows what the case is and there’s quite a lot of people experiencing the same issues, it seems like it’s been going on for a while now , where you’re unable to log in via app but can get onto it but can easily access it by the web / safari so my guess is that it’s most likely an Instagram bug they haven’t fixed but if they continuously receive reports about it hopefully they will look into it and sort the problem so many people are having

  • Kayleigh Roath

    Don’t think it was deactivated I was worried at first because I logged out of mine recently and tried to log back in only for it to say sorry there was a problem with your request , and I’ve looked it up and there’s quite a lot of people experiencing the same issues, it seems like it’s been going on for a while now , where you’re unable to log in via app but can get onto it easily on the website / safari so my guess is that it’s most likely an Instagram bug they haven’t fixed but if they continuously receive reports about it hopefully they will look into it and sort the problem so many people are having

  • Tom Louwell Basco

    I have the same problem, I have a 13k followers now i can’t login on app but on browser or use Facebook app integration i can login on App or browser. My 2nd account has no problem like this, just my Main account cannot login. Is there any Instagram system maintainance? Tried changing password but still no luck.

  • deded

    same here, I’m in Malang Indonesia..
    can’t login with my phone..

  • Ardelia

    I’m having the same issue.. why ohh why

  • tempehbacem

    have you tried to login with packet data ??, it seems instagram app wont login or showing up feed when use wifi connection.

Instagram Reports

My permotion ad payment is not working every time I do Paymet it’s failed.I complained through your portal (FB & Insta)but no one responded. (FB & insta page id @Facebook @instagram

really disney ? you're just going to keep casing tom hanks in every second film you make ? i havent watched any of them since kappy outed him as a pedophile so good luck with the saturation will cure the audiences dislike theory .... fyi tell him to shut his creepy instagram down

@instagram ur website is not working in my jio phone nowadays

@IAmLarryA @marcuslemonis @Facebook @instagram @Twitter @CampingWorld Larry how on earth could u count several thousands of tweets? & not sure why u would. Like Ive stated Im a fan of contests and Marcus, he’s awesome for doing them, but this seems even more off now, I try to use Occam’s razor to keep things simple, but in this case not working.

@instagram not working again - my neighbour likes to mess w my shit