Instagram Problems

Since Instagram was first released, millions of people around the world have made accounts and are interacting with each other on their Android and iOS devices. Although sometime things don’t run as smoothly as they should and there can sometimes be problems with Instagram. In the past users have mentioned that they’re having login issues, they aren’t able to upload images and also read other users stories. So with that being said, if you’re witnessing anything we’ve just mentioned, or anything else, then it give us the writers and members of the Down Today community.

Instagram Status insight for Friday 18th of June 2021

If Instagram is down today, then reports will be found below.

Instagram Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Instagram Reports

Is anyone’s Instagram down?

Dear Instagram, I am unable to see my message box. Its not working from last 2 days . I have reported lot of times but no response. Please look into this. @instagram

@instagram username- From last 4 days my DMs are not working there’s some glitch. I have reported 4-5 times for the same but no response. Pathetic customer support from Instagram. You should do something about it asap. My email id- [email protected]

@instagram I have two accounts and facing different problems in both the accounts. 1st account- Reels are not working from the very starting and I have reported this issue 15+ times but no response from Instagram.

Instagram down? Mayday mayday 🏳

@instagram The request review function for ads is not working. Is there some other way to get help?

@mosseri Please fix the business promotion, it’s not working!!! @instagram @InstagramComms

@instagram Help me to fix bug in my id .Reels not working yet

Facebook and Instagram down – Thousands complain as world’s biggest social media sites go offline… #google #agency #marketing

My @instagram dm is not working and its been the case for the past couple of days. I have tried sending requests through the help section in Instagram but the problem doesn’t seem to be resolved. @instagram please look into this and help me solve the issue