BBC iPlayer Problems

The BBC iPlayer is a very well known video streaming platform that can be found online and also through an app on Android, iOS and Smart TV’s. However, with so many users catching up on their missed programmes it can sometimes run into problems, for instance buffering issues, poor internet connection and the app not working in general as the apps keeps on closing down.

BBC iPlayer Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If BBC iPlayer is down today, then reports will be found below.

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BBC iPlayer Reports

@no66217435 @England No it doesn't, the last two games an error message came up, iplayer works fine but the actual game doesn't come on.

@bbceastenders @matt_james_morr @Nat_Cassidy @TheOnlyVinegar @dragraceukbbc @BBCiPlayer @bbcthree Black people are becoming fed up of your trash show and humiliation of us with a lack of black couples which Eastenders seem to have a problem showing. Now you have finally done what I thought you couldn't go any lower....a black drag Queen?....go and stick your tv license up.

@PeteMcCaffery20 @jonahmoffster @bbceastenders @matt_james_morr @Nat_Cassidy @TheOnlyVinegar @dragraceukbbc @BBCiPlayer @bbcthree She watches cause daily soaps are addicting! Hard not to watch…even if they become irritating wrecks. My problem is that reactions don’t feel real. FI: why does Kat despise Sharon because she visits Phil? All else is brushed aside in favor of misunderstanding and hatred.

Hey @BBCiPlayer, I keep getting error messages 03110/04110 with live streams, on demand is fine. Tried: SD setting, cache clear, app reinstall & tv reset: didn't help. Internet speed on TV is 551down/36up. I don't see what the problem could be. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Any ideas/tips? Thank you!

As is public knowledge, I worked in the health and social care sector for 16+ years.This isn't a new problem. It has always been care Vs profit.This is an excellent example of what's not working Panorama, Crisis in Care: Follow the Money:… via @bbciplayer

@BBCiPlayer - any help with this please? (See above) Problem with @Philips TV app? See thread here.. Thread 'No iplayer live channel streaming on Philips 43PUS8545/12'…

@lippmann_walter @BBCR1 @billieeilish @glastonbury @BBCiPlayer @BBCSounds She is a great person. Very empathetic. It's the problem with conservative people that they lack true empathy.

@aljwatson @rainworthgord @RAIL @BBCiPlayer Absolutely. This whole thread just screams "middle class 1st World problem". Get some perspective.

@youfibre @BBCiPlayer I’ve DM’d you, but yes, it was something you could have sorted quickly last Thursday, but your tech team weren’t interested. I even explained what the problem was and how to resolve it. But no, I had to go the long way round and get the BBC to sort it for you.

@ukusefya @Sampa_The_Great @bbcglasto @BBCiPlayer Problem u always blame Zambian as she also celebrated Zambia or embrace the culture

@BBCiPlayer the problem persists, there's no info on your website about that error code and not sure else how to get help. Can you help?…