BBC iPlayer Problems

The BBC iPlayer is a very well known video streaming platform that can be found online and also through an app on Android, iOS and Smart TV’s. However, with so many users catching up on their missed programmes it can sometimes run into problems, for instance buffering issues, poor internet connection and the app not working in general as the apps keeps on closing down.

BBC iPlayer Status insight for Monday 8th of March 2021

If BBC iPlayer is down today, then reports will be found below.

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BBC iPlayer Reports

@BBCSport @BBCTwo @BBCiPlayer Lack of diversity is not a problem. Well, except when it’s too white according the bbcidiots

@BBCMOTD @BBCOne @BBCiPlayer I don’t think it’s Fulham’s form that’s the problem, but the fact #NUFC look so bad and have only won 2 in the last 16 league games!!

@Dengiehammer @HutchHutchison4 @BMLSPURS @pye_luke @BBCMOTD @BBCiPlayer bang on mate, problem is now footballers are soft so and so's.

@BBCMOTD @BBCiPlayer Interesting to see a player directly mocked like that. I get the feature in the programme highlighting it - no problem with that - but I did cringe at the ending. Genuinely surprised at Ian Wright joining in at that point.

@Arsenal_04_89 @BBCMOTD @BBCiPlayer @IanWright0 Well he didn’t receive any treatment and carried on playing without any problem at all. So I think we all know the screaming like a banshee needs mocking

@FlowContempArts @BBCiPlayer @Samsung Hi I have the same problem on my Samsung tv, was fine Friday when I last used but now won’t load up at all, did you get yours working again?..thanks

@adamwinterb @afc_kenny @NorthernMonkeh1 @bs7world @BBCMOTD @BBCiPlayer I'm saying that this isn't a problem whatsoever if this happening regularly against any and every team. But it's not, is it? A near 70 yr old Wenger fell over at a train station at Stoke & MOTD took the fucking piss. When have you seen THAT for other clubs with older managers?

@AshmanCS @BBCMOTD @BBCiPlayer The problem here is that Pieters got yellow only because of the screaming. The ref didn't even see it and i doubt the linesmen saw it either. I am sure it hurt, but it is really embarrising when you scream like that and then a few secs later you walk like nothing happend.

My @BBCiPlayer is out of sync via my @amazonfiretv. I have tried the audio sync setting fix several times but within seconds the problem repeats. Anyone else? All other apps working fine. 🙏

@gardenguy123 @MadePerfectTV @BBCiPlayer No I know exactly how much things cost.. Its the finished design thats the problem.. His designs are 💩

@EuroAthletics Seems to be a wider problem as the @BBCiPlayer feed isn't working at all.