Wave Broadband Down Today?

Are you having Wave Internet problems? If the answer is yes then report your broadband status right here. If you are experiencing a service outage in areas such as San Francisco Bay, California, Washington state, Oregon or Sacramento share your troubles with many other customers.

Main Wave Broadband problems include a total server outage leaving the internet, websites etc down. Other issues include TV not working, speeds are ultra slow, apps not downloading or opening as well as not getting the full Mbps speeds you are paying for.

Maybe you are having troubles with the phone and cable TV services, if you are please do report below your problem along with your location as this helps determine if it more of a widespread issue or location based.

Wave Broadband Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Wave Broadband is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report Wave Broadband Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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7 years ago

Guess it is going to be a long night, net was down for a while but now back on in Whitney Ranch

7 years ago

My Wave internet was down in Whitney for like an hour, but its all back up and running again.

7 years ago

Love the fact that my Internet was out yesterday where I live in Oregon so i called Wave and they said there was a traffic crash, yet i drove all over the place and there was not crash anywhere. LOL.

7 years ago

My Wave internet just gone down on me again. I Bet I am not the only one!!

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