Crunchyroll Problems

When the Crunchyroll servers are down is can cause concern to those who are using the website or app, leaving many browsing the internet to find out what the current status is and how long the downtime could well be. In the past there’s been reports of this type of service running slowly, not loading properly or even login issues.

Crunchyroll Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If Crunchyroll is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Crunchyroll Reports

@ValkyriaStore @J_Star5060 @Crunchyroll its literally a fucking manga, you have insecurity issues

Big props to @Crunchyroll. I contacted their support to let them know about 2 issues with 2 different dubs and the issue was fixed in like 1-2 days. Greatly appreciated🙏🏾

@Crunchyroll When will you be fixing the problems with subtitles not working?

@SirTeaBagasaurs @H89447 @Crunchyroll @DemonSlayerUSA She’s got all kinds of issues lmao. Trash-tier waifs, op is depressed.

@Crunchyroll I would love to watch the series over here (in the Netherlands), but I can't seem to access season 1 due to licensing issues. Only season 2 and 3. It's hard to get invested into a series of you're missing a season worth of character building. 🥺

@felixsourkroute @Crunchyroll There's absolutely nothing stopping "dudes" from wearing these. Well, except perhaps sizing issues. 🤷‍♀️

@MasterOfTheNine @Crunchyroll @Funimation having same issues after switching from the merger

Dear @Crunchyroll Will you please sort out buffering issues on your apps 🙏 It's something a lot of people always complain about and you never seem to address it? 🤷‍♀️ Sincerely, one exhausted anime lover who's tired of flat-packed furniture from moving house. #Crunchyroll

@huncho_willie @GD_Blastblock @LastStation6 @GutsLivingdeath @SaleemNY99 @erengotnext @Crunchyroll If you prefer anime, then watch OP. You have 1000+ eps to binge before worrying about pacing issues. Once you've caught up, then switch to manga😉 **most people are put-off by animation and some cringe in the beginning. But power thru and you'll see why it's so popular

@Crunchyroll Please fix your app, I literally can’t watch anything that I watched midway because I just keep getting errors and when it does work, the subtitles are not working.