Crunchyroll Problems

When the Crunchyroll servers are down is can cause concern to those who are using the website or app, leaving many browsing the internet to find out what the current status is and how long the downtime could well be. In the past there’s been reports of this type of service running slowly, not loading properly or even login issues.

Crunchyroll Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If Crunchyroll is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Crunchyroll Reports

@evemeir @Lawlietsys @cutesugoi @Crunchyroll The only reason why they overworking it’s cuz of the fan base that’s pressuring there also not working on 1 project there working on 2 big projects like AOT and JJK.

Are plans at least underway to fix the issues with the @amazonfiretv @Crunchyroll app? I just want to know if I have to just accept this dropping every few minutes thing and move on.. keeps dropping and defaulting to different subtitles it's too frequent :/ thank you in advance

@DoctorBagel9000 @Crunchyroll Well the pacing sometimes is so slow it feels like filler. So now when I say my issues with the show I'll say pacing/filler.

@NashDNash2007 @Crunchyroll Planning a convention like this takes *months* if not the better part of half a year in advance *minimum* (and not all the issues are Stateside, either--visas and international travel can be problematic due to covid). Sad, but honestly expected thanks to the plague.

@Prime_Box @MERL1067 @ChingKaiLok1 @Crunchyroll Well then there are other issues than just filler. How is the pace if how they adapt chapters then? Because sometimes it feels like a fight just goes way beyond how long it should. All this tells me is that some parts are boring.

@Crunchyroll Black clover fans are starting to become the toxic Jojo fans. Just "My show is better than this higher quality show because I say so, with no evidence" No, your show isn't better. the animation has massive issues, and the designs for the cast are inconsistent at best.

@Crunchyroll can you guys please address the issues with the app on almost everything? On ps4, firestick and elsewhere it crashes constantly and it hasn’t had an update since last August. I’m getting tired of re logging in

@Crunchyroll Is it me or is the Crunchyroll app not working?

@Crunchyroll @CristinaVee If Cristina wasn't an inspiration to me before, she is now after learning she has ADHD. Granted I have Autism, but both do share similar symptoms and it gives me hope that even if you have some struggling mental issues, you can still be a voice actor/actress. Keep it up Cristina!

@Crunchyroll Just wanted to let you know that the beta site is not working for me and I can't find a way to return to the normal site Please help

@Me_Wise_Magic @PBRedMango @VIZMedia @Crunchyroll It can't be released due to licensing issues. The studio behind it may own the film but, can't rerelease it due to them losing the JoJo license, but the JoJo creator can't rerelease it due to him not owning the film. It's just simple licensing stuff.