Crunchyroll Problems

When the Crunchyroll servers are down is can cause concern to those who are using the website or app, leaving many browsing the internet to find out what the current status is and how long the downtime could well be. In the past there’s been reports of this type of service running slowly, not loading properly or even login issues.

Crunchyroll Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If Crunchyroll is down today, then reports will be found below.

Crunchyroll Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Gordan

    is anyone else having problems today? Nothing wants to load for me.

  • Randal

    Is there anyone else that is having the same issues as me!! Every time I play anything it pauses after abut 5 seconds then will not work again when i refresh.

  • Belinda

    I am getting an error message when I try to watch anything, this is website only. On my iPhone 8 the app seems to be fine.

Crunchyroll Reports

why is crunchyroll on my apple tv not working Please help @Crunchyroll

@Crunchyroll wow your terrible service is still not working days later?! AWESOME

@MangaMogura @Crunchyroll I think MAPPA or Madhouse can also do wonders with this. Wishing for a 25 episode series to cover all 110 chapters of Season 1, to avoid pacing issues as usually seen with recent manhwa adaptations. Waiting patiently if it happens.

@Crunchyroll This is great news but let’s not forget the great animation team we lost Hope they are at pace and now resting and looking down on those who are working on s2 ❤️ 👼

@Crunchyroll Hey, just wanted to ask if you guys are working on the browser version of crunchyroll as well. There are so many features available on the phone version that are not on the browser version yet.

@_cvjo @Crunchyroll i have so many issues with chromecast too

@Ghost27302024 @HerrNimmermehr @Crunchyroll You can have empathy for issues occurring in other countries. I don't see how this is a worthwhile point. (Heck, I'm not even American.)

I’m so tired of @Crunchyroll and their apps not working. I’m so close to cancelling my subscription since I can’t even watch what I’m paying for.

@Crunchyroll my voice actor friend is very skilled. Has done many voice acting jobs as I said. I suggested working for and with anime company(s) as a new job. He is very interested. After mentioning learning another language is not need. As most anime shows are needing ENG dub

@DavidGOcrazy490 @Crunchyroll Well if you think about it, she's very emotionally damaged due to abandonment issues which is why she gets really attached to Ryuji's kindness and attention and gets extremely possessive of him while Ryuji isn't attracted to her out of love more like out of necessity or pity imo

@Crunchyroll Are you guys having issues, cannot login says password or username is incorrect, had the same for years. Was logged in yesterday.. Tried password reset never sends email. Yes I checked spam!

@Crunchyroll Since it’s not working time to watch it on kissanime🤦‍♂️