ESPN Problems

With ESPN creates coverage for fans that are into their motorsport, basketball or soccer as well as other things such as Poker and also the very popular X Games you can imagine the amount of people who have signed in to watch their favourite sport. However, sometimes there can be slight hiccups, meaning this leads to some viewers having loading issues, connection errors or even bad picture quality due to the servers.

ESPN Status insight for Friday 22nd of January 2021

If ESPN is down today, then reports will be found below.

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ESPN Reports

@IndySpanglish 1) IndySpanglish is the new more demented Rudy Giuliani. 2) In the USA, everything IS about race. 3) @jemelehill was NOT fired from @espn & trump IS a #whitesupremacist. 4) People like you, who want to pretend race issues are the fault of Black people, are bad for race relations

@KrisBryant_23 @espn It ok KB... nobody has fun when people are discussing where we may or may not be working on a few months

@_IamTrueHate @TheKOTShow @espn RJ not on Wiggins level yet but what I love about RJ is his heart an grit... his Bag is not there yet but he gone get it cause he be working an more importantly its clear that he's strong minded

Three major issues that will shape the future of the Pac-12 via @espn #CFB

@espn @FirstTake @GetUpESPN who edits/produces the Podcasts for you guys and are you hiring? Because hearing First Take audio has been problematic for weeks for varying audio issues and it’s kind of laughable but also i feel like potentially an opportunity??

@espn is the app having issues? No content found on espn+

@dpshow @espn @YESNetwork @NFLonCBS Not working again today on peacock. Thanks again for selling out, Dan

@dpshow @espn @YESNetwork @NFLonCBS @peacockTV is having some issues, they keep showing that the show isn't "available on the device"

@K_U_P_ @MiamiHEAT @JLo @espn @SportsCenter @LegsESPN @NBA @NikkiSpo @CoachSpo @JimmyButler @Bam1of1 @MeyersLeonard @nunnbetter_ @D_Bo20 @raf_tyler @PreciousAchiuwa @ThisIsUD @Goran_Dragic New season. New rankings. Right now the fact is that Miami is 7-10 in the east. Not enough firepower on offense and definitely not enough efficiency with the turnover issues. Plenty of time to turn it around though

@espn Sexton could NOT MISS if he tried! When it is falling it doesn't matter what part of the floor you let it go! Working it

@espn FYI..the audio of the Suns/Rockets stream is not working. It sounds like @MarkJonesESPN is giving play-by-play through a WWII walkie-talkie.