ESPN Problems

With ESPN creates coverage for fans that are into their motorsport, basketball or soccer as well as other things such as Poker and also the very popular X Games you can imagine the amount of people who have signed in to watch their favourite sport. However, sometimes there can be slight hiccups, meaning this leads to some viewers having loading issues, connection errors or even bad picture quality due to the servers.

ESPN Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If ESPN is down today, then reports will be found below.

ESPN Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Ken

    Trying to watch ESPN and I am having really bad quietly with the picture.

  • Mike Bridges

    I live in the UK and it’s Fri 27 2018…2nd day of Draft playing out this evening and, ALL I can watch on espnplayer is espn 30 for 30 films! Adobe Flash keeps getting blocked and, even though it’s allowed, there is NO watching Live Games, Demand or Live TV! I feel a little better knowing it’s not my laptop (which I’ve done a System Restore…which is 1 amongst other things that bloody well didn’t work!) Here I paid you a few days ago and, I’m not getting to use the bloody Player to watch ANY games! ANY news on when this will be rectified? Fortunately for someone, it’s May and not a Saturday in Sept and no Football gets watched! lol….let’s be gettin your IT guys on this!!

  • Jessie Chapman

    in Paris France on January 9 2018. Long load times on the website and can’t get a video to actually play. Tried on 2 computers so it’s not just a computer issue, it’s a server issue.

  • Brady

    Streaming is terrible on ESPN, it keeps breaking badly all he time.

  • Buster

    Games keep freezing on me such as College Baseball, why the hell did they have to go and change the webpage.

  • Mike

    I go onto my ESPN and I have no picture at all.

  • Simone

    My ESPN Watch app is not letting me see anything, I am on holiday and would very much like to watch stuff.

  • Clark

    The last ESPN Player update was Version: 1.4 on 9th December, 2014, when will the next update be released?

  • Sara

    I subscribed to the NCAA pass on ESPN Player and wished i never did, playing on the iPad is a little temperamental.

  • Gilbert

    When I load my games they just crash, paying for a service that’s not worth it.

  • Sandy

    The ESPN Player iPad app is rather poor to be frank, after spending money on the subscription just after like three days I cancelled it because games wouldn’t load.

ESPN Reports

@QueensIceZ @espn It’s not really a fair comparison with the Knights copyright issues in the beginning, but you run with it.

How is Mish not working at @espn or @FOXSports or @MLBNetwork at this point. Even pre Marlins COVID-19, Mish gets more scoops than me at @BaskinRobbins! And he is easy to listen to. Hire him!…

@lilcat68 @PeachsInGa @HerschelWalker @espn @FoxNews @CNN @ESPNNBA @NFL @JudgeJeanine @WNBA @HARRISFAULKNER Why do I get the impression that your definition of the word justice is a very progressive interpretation of it? We definitely have issues to fix but we are not some horrific nation. Not even close.

@FLea41032180 @HerschelWalker @espn @FoxNews @CNN @ESPNNBA @NFL @JudgeJeanine @WNBA @HARRISFAULKNER GTFOH! That's utterly ridiculous. Why don't you say the same to Hershel? He's bringing up issues from the past as well. Go back to the peanut gallery. Your attempt to sound profound failed miserably. "Those who are ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it".

@SDSU2TheMax @espn @Dodgers @Padres @Joe_Davis You got issues man. Sorry you root for a team that has an empty trophy case. Grow the hell up.

@espn I don’t watch baseball but I’m guessing the pitcher did that on purpose? Either that or the batter has anger management issues.

@42xibuckraD @FortniteGame @espn It’s hard for a delevoper to keep the same activity over and over again, probably they have more things to do, I’m not working at epic games to know what’s going on there

@HerschelWalker @espn @FoxNews @CNN @ESPNNBA @NFL @JudgeJeanine @WNBA @HARRISFAULKNER An American can respect the flag, country, anthem, civil & human rights, military, racial equality & good police at same time. Disrespecting any of those above emits more disrespect, the very behavior they’re opposing - it’s conflating issues imo. Be activist on personal time.

@FortniteGame @espn It feels like Epic is focusing too much on Party Royale. Yeah, it’s cool, but there are issues in BR, Creative, and ESPECIALLY STW that need fixing.

@FortniteGame @MarkRein @espn I am having ping issues today with fn. My ping went from 20 to 100. In other games ping is the same as before. Is it jusg me with this problem. I am eu region. Help me pls

@JoanCha92148123 @HerschelWalker @espn @FoxNews @CNN @ESPNNBA @NFL @JudgeJeanine @WNBA @HARRISFAULKNER Its not, BLM has been a post modern Marxist organization from the beginning. They have been using race issues as a cover for their desire for revolution.

@sandyleevincent @HerschelWalker @espn @FoxNews @CNN @ESPNNBA @NFL @JudgeJeanine @WNBA @HARRISFAULKNER they are out to cause chaos - they are working with China- and funding the Democrat party and do not care about black people period