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With ESPN creates coverage for fans that are into their motorsport, basketball or soccer as well as other things such as Poker and also the very popular X Games you can imagine the amount of people who have signed in to watch their favourite sport. However, sometimes there can be slight hiccups, meaning this leads to some viewers having loading issues, connection errors or even bad picture quality due to the servers.

ESPN Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If ESPN is down today, then reports will be found below.

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ESPN Reports

@Supercin2000 @Nunyabiz223 @tmarchii_ @espn Michael Phelps 23 gold metals 13 of them individual golds. Also an ambassador for men not being afraid to speak on mental health issues. He’s a straight white man so it doesn’t fit the narrative.

@Firecat40 @phillyphilly267 @wolves2025chmps @03_flip @WatsonBrowns @espn I know u didn't, sweetheart. I'm simply pointing out every country has its own issues and dilemmas. U act USA is the worst when others face considerable much worse problems. I do travel, yes just within the USA. Oh, I do know my geography. In case, u were going to play that game

@tmarchii_ @espn As a women how could you respect how ESPN uses women's right issues as well as race issue just to virtue signal. It's a joke as a women you should be sickened.

@phillyphilly267 @03_flip @wolves2025chmps @WatsonBrowns @espn And not everyone has the same circumstances. I’m VERY far from poor, just not delusional. Most working class jobs don’t pay enough to afford a 1 bdrm apt on full-time schedule, but you think anyone trying to make sure the working class survives is “lazy” and “deserves to be poor”

@bustygold @espn She knew by not competing she would be rewarded with praise after her playing career. This was planned which is fucked because she used a mental health excuse to make money and earn honors… not because she had mental health issues

@espn There’s bigger issues that Russia is involved with.

@espn I'm sensitive to mental health issues. It's a very serious thing. But quitting in the Olympics is pretty unforgivable in my opinion.

@Nunyabiz223 @tmarchii_ @espn I see that too. I think maybe because Simone brought world attention to our struggle with mental health issues. I am just super happy when the successful athletes give back

@phillyphilly267 @03_flip @WatsonBrowns @espn So, instead of addressing real issues that both the left and the right should care about, your response is finding me a new place to live? 😂

@KevinWeekes @SanJoseSharks @espn @NHL Unless he's working elsewhere or not interested in the gig, Owen Nolan should be a candidate. That man was a MONSTER for SJ.

@unshamelessly @LeisureSuitLiam @ghoulscraps @Veyseylaaa @espn I didnt miss it, the comparison he made is not equal to what it means to be transgender. Its like the "attack helicopter" theory, you're just making things up to downplay real issues

@lordairdroppers @FrankKhalidUK @cfc_canada21 @espn Its a bit risky dont yiu think... Neymar issues have been injuries and he is 30 and its epl....Barca was the best option but how he left and his wages makes it unfeasible....