FanDuel Down Today?

Here is where you can check if there is a FanDuel maintenance break or anything with the service is not working. If there is an outage or you are having login problems etc then this is where you can either read about them or you can report your current troubles.

Some of the main FanDuel problems that have happened its fan base include not being able to login to their accounts, NBA, NHL scores etc now updating, website not working as well as server or verification issues. These are just a few of them to mention but we can assure you other troubles with the service do occur.

The web-based fantasy sports game has been called a game of skill and not gambling, it is a sports base within the daily fantasy sports such as football, baseball, basketball and golf. It is as simple as choosing a contest where you can play for cash or just for fun, then you pick your players and then watch and win. Is Fanduel down for you today? Please do report your FanDuel status in the comments below, thank you.

FanDuel Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If FanDuel is down today, then reports will be found below.

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WesleyandCrystal Smith
3 years ago

Whats up with fanduel being down

6 years ago

The website is mega slow since the maintenance update, the app is not even opening for me right now on my Android phone.

6 years ago

Is there a Free Money contest coming soon? if this is the case then expect servers to go slow.

6 years ago

Nightmare when I woke up earlier to see FanDuel under maintenance. Is it still going on because I cnanot login to my account?

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