Gran Turismo Sport Problems

For those of you who are crazy about driving games, then you’ll know that Gran Turismo Sport, which has been created by Polyphony Digital, is up there to be one of the greatest ever games to be released on Playstation. 

Most reported Gran Turismo Sport problems today: However, with many gamers joining in and racing against each other online, there maybe times where the servers are down with login in problems or poor connection due to millions playing at the same time, leaving gamers getting rather frustrated. 

If you run into some problems when starting the game, or you get kicked out of a lobby and you don’t know why, then you can see the Server Statues on the Gran Turismo Statues Page. This shows you maintenance work and any errors that are starting to occur plus, upcoming content.

If anyone is witnessing anything that’s not right, or there seems to be an outage, then don’t hesitate to discuss with out readers in the comment section below.

Gran Turismo Sport Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If Gran Turismo Sport is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Gran Turismo Sport Reports

Is the Red Light of Death in #PS3 caused by specific games? That's my experience. No overheating, or HDD / optical drive problems, but a specific game. In my case #GranTurismo 5. It doesn't happen with other games I tried, no matter how long I play. What is going on?

@thegranturismo Yeah, and I haven't been able to connect to the server ever since!!! It says I need to update the game in order to connect to the server. BUT IT IS already updated. Doesn't matter what I do either!

@thegranturismo My game can’t connect to the server after installing the latest update…?

@thegranturismo Just updated latest version server is down

@kieran_30 @thegranturismo And where are the bug fixes etc ? Nothing here about lobbies, server stability or anything like that ! ?

@thegranturismo Im hoping the details we have so far are not everything? Ive seen nothing about bug fixes, server issues, lobbies etc ? Im hoping there will be patch notes detailing these ! ?