Hulu Down Today?

Hulu is a well known video streaming service that offers lots of quality broadcasting to users across the US, also an on demand service that’s available on Smart TVs, computers, via apps, consoles, TiVo and more.

Common Hulu problems impact video streaming mostly, but also issues with their login and the website. The most complained about tends to be buffering issues, mostly of an evening.

Hulu Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

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4 years ago

It seems like I need to restart my TV or router after every show, having buffering issues and freezing issues again. Is Hulu down, problems every day.

4 years ago

Non stop buffering issues with Hulu, mostly seems to be at night. I’m in New York.

4 years ago

Is anyone having Hulu freezing problems today?

4 years ago

Hulu is not working in Ohio, its down yet again for the 4th time in 3 days. I am so considering going somewhere else because this service has been really bad. Other apps are working just fine, just seems to be this one.

5 years ago

Hulu is not working too well for me today, I use on my Samsung TV and nothing is loading, all I can see is a message saying, “Theres Nothing To Watch Here Now.”

5 years ago

Video sound is going on and off all the time, and the excessive buffering is ridiculous.

6 years ago

What is happening with customer services! I have tried calling the official number and it just keeps getting cut off.

7 years ago

I click on the HUlu activate tab and nothing is happening. I am a new customer and ned to activate my account.

7 years ago

Hulu Live TV is not so live because its not working and when it is i have missed the important things.

7 years ago

I keep getting a hulu authentication error on my ps4, is anyone else?

7 years ago

Not able to login to my Hulu account on my PlayStation 3 console.

7 years ago

Users are having issues with their Hulu login as well as myself, i thought it was just me but its not. On the official Hulu Twitter account they report there are issues of users getting logged out of their accounts on multiple devices.

7 years ago

Hulu is not working for me, not really over the moon i can tell you as was ready to watch a cool movie.

7 years ago

I have tried to open my Hulu app on my smartphone and n my PS4 and nothing is showing, servers got to be down.

7 years ago

Hulu is down for me on all devices, whats wrong now?

7 years ago

I cannot see Doctor Who on Hulu anymore, i am so upset. Please bring it back, pretty please.

7 years ago

I try to go onto Hulu but my Samsung Smart TV is apparently not connected when it is. Three days this has been happening for now.

7 years ago

I have tried to watch Dr Phil on Hulu and cannot, how come? So not happy.

8 years ago

I cannot watch anything on Hulu because it has frozen on me, has this happened to anyone else?

8 years ago

This morning i got a ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message on my screen, what is this?

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