Imgur Down Today?

Is Imgur down today? As we all know it is a complete nightmare when there are photo problems with this online service, but it is even worse when Imgur servers go offline for some reason or another.

There could be multiple issues that crop up when something goes wrong, such as Imgur login not working, the app keeps freezing or crashing, website is not loading at all and shows an error code, or maybe you are having a complete nightmare trying to upload a photo being it a jpeg or gif.

Imgur or the way we say it imager is one of the largest image sharing sites on the web, which started back in 2009 by Alan Schaaf. It is a community for sharing, voting and commenting and is a free service.

If you are having any type of Imgur photo problems or anything else, please do share with the Down Today community.

Imgur Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Imgur is down today, then reports will be found below.

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6 years ago

Not able to access the comments even mine, photos seem to be bad as well when I swipe through them, i have to do it one at a time by clicking.

6 years ago

My Imgur account is not letting me in when i try to log in. Keeps saying “We’re Over Capacity”

6 years ago

I try to access Imgur on Reddit and it seems ultra slow to load up. Reddit however is all good with everything else so it is an Imgur issue.

7 years ago
Reply to  Billy

It says on Twitter they are having a few issues and trying to fix the error.

7 years ago

Is Imgur down right now?

7 years ago

Imgur service status for me is, “503 service unavailable.”

7 years ago

I am getting 503 error when trying to open Imgur.

7 years ago

I cannot login to my Imgur, is the service down right now?

7 years ago

Yesterday Imgur were monitoring a DNS outage, they said they sorted it but i beg to dither.

7 years ago

Is there a dns outage at the moment because i am unable to connect via sky.

7 years ago

I have Virgin internet and cannot connect to Imgur, but i can using Google DNS.

8 years ago

I have very good specs on my phone and yet Imgur is rather slow sometimes and sort of jumps a little. I do not like the browsing lately either.

8 years ago

Not able to login today – Guess Friday the 13th is playing a huge part in mess ups.

8 years ago

A few images have not loaded for me, some go through and some do not. I either get server unavailable or image cannot load.

8 years ago

Uploading images seems to be very hard today. I have tried like ten times now and it just gets stuck and nothing happens.

8 years ago

My Imgur app keeps crashing on me, does anyone have an explanation for this?

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