Injustice Problems

The new Injustice 2 is the next installment after ‘Gods Among Us’ and this is set to take the gaming world by storm. This game was first pushed as a beta with the full game released May 16th 2017. If you are playing right now please do let us know what your Injustice 2 server status is like along with any other problems you may have.

Fighting game Injustice 2 by NetherRealm Studios for Xbox One, PS4 is also available on iOS and Android.

This is you main page for any Injustice 2 problems, some of the main issues that occurred during beta gameplay included beta codes not working, stages go really dark, not able to open the game after beta registration, you can even ask questions you may have such as, Please d let us know if you having any issues now that the game is in full?

Injustice Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Injustice is down today, then reports will be found below.

Injustice Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Scarl3tPirat3

    can’t connect to servers to play guilds or online on xbox, can’t sync saved data

  • Ace

    I’ve brought the ultimate edition and downloaded it but it says ‘waiting to install’, I’ve restarting my game, restoring the liecence, reinstalling the game and restarting the PS4 and nothing’s worked, help

  • ben

    Cant connect to online or guilds.

  • Jaylin

    I cant find games online when will it be fix

  • Jaylin

    I cant play online. Fight when will the sever be back up

  • unknown

    reboot your device

  • unknown

    you get audio through headphones

  • Ryan wiliams

    My app won’t work at all. it’s annoying that chapter 2 isn’t available, but now I can’t even play…

  • Erik Alejandro Lopez

    I have the same issue

  • Erik Alejandro Lopez

    I can’t acces to online battles or guild, it says that I’m not connected to the server, I’m connected to internet and I have a gold account, how do I fix this issue?

  • Arya

    Hi guys im arya from iran …i pre orders injustice 2 and ive been playing from the moment of release …but here is the problem since the release day ive found 1 match online….in 3 4 days ive found 1 matchh justttt one….nobody else seems to have this problem …even in the rooms when i wanna play versus when we select the characters it disconnects me …it just keeps searching for opponents….some one plzzzzz help

  • Todd Sulikowski

    audio problems on injustice 2 end. no voices from characters cut scene pus music. need patch!

  • Marco

    The load screen takes for ever, when im choosing and option like continue the story mode, it takes five minutes to load, even after the fights, it takes a couple of minutes to load the rest of the story

  • Ken Avery

    When starting the disc,I get the” do you own this game” prompt. Have played for several hours, it can’t access or resume the game.

  • David Corey

    cant get on the server for xbox one

  • Bryan Williams

    Keeps saying downloading profile, this buffers and never comes back !!!

  • rohit sawant

    After opening it automatically gets closed

  • M.K.

    I’m still waiting for a match after almost a full week of no matches and just the loading screen. I thought it would be fixed with the new update from today but it’s actually way worse. It doesn’t even say “Joining Match” anymore.

  • Mark

    OK, I am still waiting for the character reveal.

  • Roger

    In certain parts of the game it suffers from lack of music, beta is amazing but still not got my code yet.

  • Jack

    A brand new character is going to be revealed tomorrow Feb 2, 2017. Hopefully the servers will not crash.

  • Danny

    Injustice 2 is one of the best games to look at graphically, but the stage does go madly dark.

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