Pokemon Duel Problems

Whether you’re playing Pokemon Duel on either iOS or Android device and are having any kind of problems, then do feel free to leave your server status, as some players have experienced the app crashing, error messages popping up, unable to download from the App Store or Google Play and sudden maintenance causing players to have unexpected downtime.

Pokemon Duel Status insight for Friday 22nd of January 2021

If Pokemon Duel is down today, then reports will be found below.

Pokemon Duel Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Pokemon Duel Reports

@Pokemon yall have some explaining to do again after another BS day trying to buy a skateboard. Did yall not learn yall lesson after the first time.?? Yall need to work harder and smarter.. cause of yall stupid website not working i missed out once again. 🖕🏽

@Pokemon you are the highest grossing media franchise with an estimated revenue of $92 billion. How about investing more on you servers and IT. I was blocked 5 minutes into trying to buy the skateboard and your site is still having issues 2 hours into the "fixed" launch.

@Pokemon Fix your vending machines. There are 3 in the Treasure Valley...they are all broken. 5 in the whole state, and you can't keep them working. It's a vending machine guys...not a rocket.

@Pokemon Instead of talking about a future products, how about address the issues with the website again?

@Pokemon Haha you guys must be kidding us. Instead of an update on the bear walker skateboard issues you make a post for the shining fates cards which probably is going to end even worse? You guys are a joke!

@Pokemon My computer got blocked for purchasing it. The website is not working at all.

@Pokemon More issues. I've been blocked for trying too hard to purchase one of your products. Very disappointed

@Pokemon Really disappointed in this launch. Refreshed a couple of times today because the site kept having issues, was 2 clicks away from submitting, and was IP blocked. Real human, real shopping cart, yet 30+ botted scalped listings on eBay already.

@Skent26 @Pokemon Maybe have a waiting room or so it randomly? Their system is not working well.