Pokemon Duel Problems

Whether you’re playing Pokemon Duel on either iOS or Android device and are having any kind of problems, then do feel free to leave your server status, as some players have experienced the app crashing, error messages popping up, unable to download from the App Store or Google Play and sudden maintenance causing players to have unexpected downtime.

Pokemon Duel Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Pokemon Duel is down today, then reports will be found below.

Pokemon Duel Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • The Zen Athlefit

    Hi I have a mega charizard Y and a mega venosour but they are apper in the fusion section to level them up but they are not appear in the deck…….. How can I use them please tell me please

  • Pratik Khelkar

    How much time is it going to take to complete the maintenance. End time was shown as 8:00 UTC. IT’S 11:25 UTC NOW!!.

  • Abhay Juneja

    How much time Maintenance take

  • Ajim Aca

    I can’t finish my download

  • Ashish Negi

    Is the game on now or still maintanance

  • KKaty

    Opens and then I can’t do anything.

  • Richard Vi

    Open the game can mornings press anything

  • F415 Sul1sty0

    after update, i begin match duel then error again in home screen like before, can’t do anything…
    i like this game but i uninstall it and looking another pokemon game

  • Araceli

    When the game opens i can’t press any option. I uninstall the game and worked for a while but it crashed again. It happened after an online duel. It’s sooo frustating!

  • Yee lok enoch Chan

    The game start up and i cannot press anything

  • Doctor

    Me too, all day….

  • Jade Sharo

    I have the same issue

  • Fabian vanderPlas

    The game starts up, when im in THE main screen where you can battle and fuse and stuff, i cant press anything, and THE tiles are also darker. Someghing maintenance?

  • Charlene Tune

    Hi I’m experiencing the text not found error

  • Kayley clinch

    Doesn’t anyone know when the Maintenance will stop ?

  • Anthony

    I can only write my name then it crashes.

  • Klauss Garcia

    The game opens, it starts, but then i cant choose any action, like configurations nor quests or even spin my pokemon figure in the central area

  • Bleh

    Check your inbox

  • Amelia

    I bought the Booster Six Pack and was supposed to received six figures, but only three of them were in my deck. I emailed Pokémon Support but they didn’t reply. I’m devastated.

  • Harsha

    I kept on pressing the ok button but it still didn’t work.

  • Peter

    Not workign for me, i keep opening but the game keeps crashing after I updated my phones OS.

  • Sally

    It is Pokemon Go all over again with the amount of maintenance they undergo.

  • George

    The future of this game is scary, simply down to having so many maintenance breaks.

  • Maxie

    Yeah, I got the text not found error and have no idea what this is.

Pokemon Duel Reports

@jakyvir1718 @poke_fan_92 @Pokemon gameplay for the past 10 years, with little to no additions but features do get taken away. Primal was the first innovative entry in the series and even it still had a lot of the exact same issues as previous entries. So in short. You're a hypocrite.

@NianticHelp @XxRash @PokemonGoApp @Pokemon @NianticLabs Your game is an obvious money grab that we willingly play. But at least don’t be dicks about it!!! Have a way to fix issues!!!

@BombtailsTheFox @MovingStones_x @ubergecko_ @LordBoblyblob @Pokemon Ah yes... because you totally didn't say I took I too far and blamed me for your leaving of the fandom. Silly me...you asked me what I meant and tried to clarify issues. Yet I'M the hypocrite

@JaffaBerri @Pokemon They should tho, there was no reason not to aside from them being lazy. All they had to do was wait to release it to keep working on it.

@fyters_alt @Pokemon I tried doing that once. A message appeared in front of my face saying "now is not the time to use that", and the chainsaw quit working.

@Elapandah @ScrambledLegsTy @Pokemon I can’t tell if you’re joking or actually trying to offend me. Either way, it’s not working.

@Pokemon Honestly, Hop is one of my favorite rivals of the franchise. He is very relatable due to having issues involving self esteem issues, not to mention that his battle theme is awesome.

@YodaItsjhonwick @jakyvir1718 @Pokemon They were awful for their time, and everyone knows it. And Yellow only fixed some game-breaking bugs, in fact, it created MORE issues.

@Afrodita_PKM @Pokemon_ES_ESP @Pokemon the time limit in Pokemon battles is not working at all and most battles never end please hear all of us. @Pokemon @NintendoAmerica @thetruebowser

@Kanashisadface @jakyvir1718 @Pokemon uhmmm....ok? They're still plagued with issues but you do you

@Neckapples @playmakersama @Dread_Loche @anonymousimd @Pokemon I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but the team working on the DLC are separate to the team that’d be working on a new game, also games have like a 3 year development period not 1 year. Games like BoTW(development length wise) are an exception not the rule.