Tesco Mobile Problems

Tesco Mobile supplies hundreds of thousands of people in the UK with a MVNO service, using operators O2 and Vodafone. Tesco Mobile problems could include login issues, a total network outage leaving customers without data, calls, texts or Internet and many more.

Issues are going to occur and if they do customers can feel happy to complain here on Down Today. This is where you can come to have your say about your service problems. In a way this is the live Tesco mobile status update page, where if something is wrong it can be listed here.

Customer complaints in the past on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook (Links to the right) include signal issues, messages not able to be sent or received, as well as incoming and outgoing calls not working.

Are you having Tesco Mobile problems today?

Tesco Mobile Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Tesco Mobile is down today, then reports will be found below.

Tesco Mobile Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Judith Wilkinson

    Hi thought something was wrong with my phone as everyone i called it said “unable to connect” !Then tried husband’s phone and his was the same, so what’s going on?

  • Patrick TIZZARD

    Hi what the hell is going on all my family have mobile none of us can make any calls we pay for a service and Tesco mobile don’t even consider there customer by letting us know it a bloody joke.

  • Paul buttler

    I’m in Horsham. Can’t make calls . is there a problem??

  • Will

    Can’t make calls…

  • Linda – Cheltenham area

    Can’t make any calls

  • Sharron Claypole

    Hi, my mobile is down and only receiving calls – Ilkeston, Derbyshire area – anybody else having the same probs?

  • Nathan Conner

    My phone keeps saying emergency calls only is the system playing up ?

  • Andy

    PAYG – Issues with receiving automated calls, my 75 year old mother has received over 40 calls since Friday night, her Doro phone does not block. Tesco says they are aware

  • Ellyz32

    Can’t login and my top up isn’t showing

  • Adam Gibson

    I have just had a screen replacement and callers cannot hear me but I can hear them! O2 “Mast Down” does not effect my internet or texts but I cannot hear Voice Callers. Is this normal, or even possible please?

  • Kibibi

    Is Tesco down ?
    I can’t seem to use the app and I can’t top up my sim ?

  • Franchesca Leagan

    Im with EE and my internet connection for wifi is currently down too. Luckily I can still play games using data.

  • Mick

    Can’t make calls get message saying call not sent

  • Emma Wilcock

    i can phone up the 4444 number to add credit to my phone today ?????

  • Trevor Halladay

    I’ve got no SMS or phone signal on my mobile here in Sheffield – am I the only one?

  • Ken Johnson

    Yes I’m still getting the same problem if you try and send a text its says sending for about 40 seconds then gives a message saying failed tap to try again. They said on the news yesterday it was supposed to be fixed overnight, and Nothing today on the news channels saying its still not working. I hope Tesco will be compensating everyone affected by at the very least giving customers a weeks free rental, being Disabled Family/Friends text me throughout the day to check I’m OK when they don’t get a reply panic sets in as it did yesterday before anyone knew there was a fault. this is more than 24 hours now If as they said on news last night its a simple Data problem regarding an expired licence then this should have been fixed easily overnight, it seems to me its far more serious than they are telling us. Nobody is telling Customers what is going on No updates on the News today not good enough.

  • Elizabeth

    Network still down when is this going to be resolved this has cost me thousands of pounds already pulm you fingers out

  • Victoria

    Yes this is true mine still doing that aswell today it’s a joke

  • Michelle’Jeanine Wright

    I’m still having problems sending sms it says sending failed but my partner is getting them 4 or 5 times. I thought this was supposed to be sorted by now!

  • Steve Thomas

    Phone and internet connection went down at approx 14.30pm . Swansea S.Wales. I was in the middle of organising a gig ( Im a music promoter) and have a band lost some where outside Cardiff. They are on teco mobile as well. I cannot contact them nor them contact me. It looks like I might have to cancel the gig.If so I stand to loose approx 2.5 thousand pounds. Tesco you need to pull your thumbs out of your bum and sort this out now. Also no texts.

  • DJ

    tried texting but phone showed “message failed” yet at other end, the recipient received up to 8 copies of the same message. no internet either so I cant even get a message through on whats app. yet people I know who are with virgin have had no problems at all. my Tesco contract has just expired so it may be a sign to leave and try elsewhere.

  • Elle

    No data or texts but calls working why is this happening?

  • samantha

    text messages not working, calls not working either

  • Lyn Gaffney

    Outage is very hit and miss today and no internet hope tesco get it sorted soon worried cos daughter is heavly pregnant and i maybe needed

  • Alexander

    I’ve had Tesco mobile for years first time I’ve experienced it. As far as I can tell messages are still sending it’s nearly reporting them as not sent

  • Ruth

    Text won’t send

  • maha

    there is no mobile data connectivity showing though mobile signals coming, anyone else exp the same prb?

  • Cassian

    I’ve sent message this morning to my wife and I got information that message couldn’t be sent… of course, my wife received this message x20 like a spam! Phone is saying that I can’t send anything and… the other person receives this text. What’s going on? Also sometimes I’m disconnected with network. Wtf?!

  • Nicola

    Connected to the network but texts will not send. It keeps saying network not connected. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Susan

    Text are bribe sent and tecrecei but showing as failed, no data connection at all. Calls seem unaffected.

  • Angela Champion

    Has anyone managed to speak to tesco to see what the problem is and how long its likely to last?

  • n kidd

    Does anyone know what the problem is and how long it will last?

  • n kidd

    yes all 4 if my families fones are having issues today. messages failing to send

  • i put credit on my tesco mobile and they still havnt put it on so no phone usage for text data or phoning people they know they are having problems didnt even let us

  • Megan

    21st June 2018 no service suddenly at 7pm-ish can’t get it back

  • Justin Carroll

    Had no 4g signal for several days, doesn’t get past H+

  • Dona Ferentes

    No phone signal at all today, BT31.

  • Shannon Irons

    What is going on tesco are really good idea cant get my network but I have signal I can’t get 4G but I can connect to WiFi please get this sorted fast!!

  • David Armstrong

    I have been with Tesco for over 10 years, I asked for a new small SIM card on Wednesday 23 May, They cut off my service on Saturday 26 May not an issue, they said I may be out for one day which I could live with, no SIM arrived Saturday, Monday came home from work me SIM card went onto their chat was on 1 hour 40 minutes only to be given the run around, questions I asked were avoided was told due to the bank holiday it would arrive the following morning, I wanted to talk to someone but was told I would need to phone a 0345 number, this was 18:05 when I phoned I was told their opening hours were until 21:00 to phone back, due to bank holiday I assume, back on the chat 35 minutes with avoiding the questions again, they said as a gesture of good will they would credit my account with£5, I told them not to bother that I wanted a working phone. Worst service I have ever had, Avoid like the plague.

  • shirley evans

    My phone displays date and time as 18th April 1922 and time is about two hours slow.
    Some of my texts are being received into the wrong person’s box, e.g. Two Janets but with different sir names all going into one Janet box.

  • Paul Oehme

    Son downloaded app when he puts in his mobile number it keeps asking for his monthly phone number he what to check his monthly allowance ie data, minutes used, texts has he keeps getting a message that he has to top up yet he on a monthly contract

  • Yvonne Skinner

    no service so16 (southampton) all afternoon

  • Mandy Price

    I have a problem yet again with my coverage. I have 2 bars but its saying i can only make emergency calls this is happening on a regular basis and im on a contract

  • Joanna brady

    My friend has Tesco mobile SIM card. We live on the isle of Wight and she’s only getting a capital e on the signal for internet. Are there problems as this has been the case for about 3days now. Thanks

  • Kevin Davis

    Signal disappearing throughout the day and ‘no service’ at all at times. B73 area

  • Roland

    No signal for three days Np108jz I think we should be compensated.02

  • Anita Halewood

    Through the night 22nd to 23rd .o7am phone displaying emergency calls only from 2am and no sim detected back up and running now . Northwest area

  • Suzanne

    Is Tesco mobile having issues in the Nottinghamshire are? It’s showing the provider on the phone but no calls or texts are going out or being received. Started earlier this afternoon.

  • Paul

    my phone says tesco network is unavaliable, but it was working this morning. is there an outage issue in south east at all at the moment??

  • Wendi

    I live in South Devon . My tesco phone signal is very low. I have to go to a window in kitchen to receive texts. Forget voice calls. Signal too weak. I did investigate on line. Apparently an O2 phone mast is out after bad weather last week. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Rik Apps

    No Voice calls available but sms ok

  • Pritchard

    Mobile network down since Sunday 4.5.18. Have Internet but no phone. Saying emergency calls only????

  • Stuart White

    My Tesco mobile won’t let me make calls signal keeps going and comes back then goes again it was ok till this bad weather came please help

  • janet critchley

    Im in blackpool and with tesco cant recieve or send texts.cant make calls or recieve them either for 2 days now.its been down..tesco shud compensate us also as overcharged me last month

  • Joanne Price

    No signal in Newcastle Upon Tyne 4 days now !!!

  • Aidan Turnbull

    Cannot receive or send message or make call – it says Mobile network not available even though I have ‘bars’ and have topped up

  • Natalia PoceÅ‚ujko

    I am living in Galway and last few days have really big issue with data and coverage. I change a sim as recommend and half day was ok . Coming to the evening same s.. again! Will anyone from tesco answer what is going on ! And don’t tell me is my phone or sim coz is not !

  • Stephen Foden

    I live in Combe Martin, North Devon. Myself, partner and son have had no signal for 2 days now. So irritating especially considering I rely on my phone as waiting for a call from the hospital and my father is extremely ill. Not good especially as I pay around £50 A month for something I can’t use

  • Carole Ann Bate

    I live in swansea and signal has been reaally bad for a few weeks. It was really good but at the moment it is rubbish. I don’t know why but would appreciate knowing the reason for this

  • Carole

    My signal used to be good but I agree at the moment I am lucky if I get 1 bar and it’s getting worse. Why

  • Summer

    3rd day with no service at all apparently a mast is down. But they don’t seem to be to bothered about rushing to fix it…. but I still have to pay for a service I cannot use

  • Agnes

    Same problem for nearly 3 wks told after another 2 sims engineer looking at it works fine outside house gad enough of this .

  • Maz

    Is anyone having problems making phone calls today , I can get internet and send txts but can’t use phone it’s searching for signal very annoying

  • Tanya Dorling

    no service all day so far .. not happy as my dad does not use wi fi….

  • Whitecamp1

    Ok, how come my wife can get a signal and I can’t, from the same room?

  • Steve

    Been with Tesco for about 6 Year’s + and within the last two weeks Tesco has gone from good to absolute rubbish.
    Can’t text sometimes they fail. Hit and miss if anyone wants to call me as it goes to answerphone, Tesco’s said it was my phone, then another call to Tesco and was told me it was probably my SIM card, so they sent me another SIM card, guess what, it’s the same, another call to Tesco’s told me that the 02 mast is down, got a text saying issue maybe done within 48hours, Another call to Tesco’s 2 days later and was told the mast is still down, got a text from Tesco’s saying the same only try and sort it hopefully in 5 days.
    Tesco’s Be aware you will loose customers unless you sort this OUT
    3 more days then I will end contract.

  • Aleksandrs Golovcanskis

    no coverage since 11 am

  • Paolo

    This is feckin unbelievable! Whole day without connection! Great thanks Tesco Mobile!

  • Vinnie

    Absolute Joke Tesco,Still no data,call,text service since 11am. I hope you are going to compensate your customers over this Debacle.

  • Pawel Felczak

    no coverage in Galway

  • Valdas Uselis

    no coverage in mayo in my phone or in all network?

  • Chandra Namaskar

    Emergency calls only for the last 4 hours at least County Mayo Ireland

  • Meg

    No network all day today, same for 2 family members also on Tesco. North Devon

  • Christine Latham

    Network down for the last 3 days in Manchester area when is it going to be fixed and how much refund or comp are we going to receive after all this inconvenience?????

  • Roslyn Hunter

    can’t get a signal at all today and been having problems for the last 3 days

  • Roslyn Hunter

    can’t get a signal at all today live near Glasgow

  • Wendy

    Not able to send or receive texts or receive phone calls today here in Swansea!Anyone else having difficulty?
    Never had any problems before….seems I may be one of the lucky ones judging by some of the comments below!

  • Rosalyn

    Signal hadn’t been working for over two weeks… Gets signal for 10 seconds then no service again… Phone only service only works when connected to wifi which is no good for me as I am self employed and clients text me to book in ut I’m not getting any messages or phone calls because your service is tash

  • arthrstwrt

    Been down for three days now.

  • Dorothy Mattison

    Ongoing problem since August of not receiving some texts – have contacted Tesco on many occasions. Despite providing evidence – still no explanation. Receive conflicting information each call. Appalling lack of customer service. Formal complaint not addressed properly so have responded and waiting a reply. I have never had such a bad experience with a company. They are not delivering a service I am paying for.

  • Sheila Alice Stephen

    No service for 3 days now

  • Marco

    Having major issues today unable to make calls

  • Paula Mcpherson

    Is anyone having problems with tesco mobile as in can only make emergency calls ??

  • Kim brown

    Network is busy ?

  • Michelle De St Paer

    I can’t log into my account. Shop can’t either.

  • Julie Chambers

    Cant send texts and coudnt receive them anyone else having any problems with tesco mobile .

  • AB

    Intermittently not receiving texts. No pattern to this and could get some but not all from same sender within the same 10 minute period, for example. Been going on for weeks. Tesco have advised me to change my SIM card but this hasn’t helped- anyone else had this problem? Anyone manage to resolve this problem? Thanks

  • Bryony Rose

    Mobile data not connecting although states 4G is on bedford

  • Mc

    Mobile data is not working in uxbridge…anyone else have the same issue

  • Dave

    Can’t receive texts or calls,rang Tesco have to wait 5 days for a response absolutely shocking.Roll on end of contract.

  • Alina

    No network hounslow

  • levi

    some areas no reception at all
    SE16 Bermondsey London.

  • Roseleen

    I can’t go on the moblie data anyone else have that problem

  • Rachael

    Is Tesco network down. I’m only just getting emergency calls only

  • Colin Taft

    no internet connection from coventry today at 10:30am

  • Maisie Kate

    is anyones phone not got servise today?mine hasn’t.

  • Louise Lappin

    No service on my phone from 4pm this afternoon. Why? Dundee

  • patricia carrington

    No service on my phone in Essex

  • Jacksy

    No service!

  • Jacqueline Curle

    I have no service on my phone, I am a 77 year old lady living on my own & my phone is my lifeline, this really isn’t acceptable. What am I paying for?

  • Alex milne

    Virtually No service for weeks now, both at home and 30 miles away last week,still no service , Tesco / 02 are really annoying

  • Brenda Branes

    no service for 4 weeks getting the run around from Tesco

  • Sharon Newsome

    I am with Tesco/ o2 are there problems today as my grandson couldn’t contact me before his flight and he as upset as he s only 7.ive also always had problems downloading any sent pictures but constantly have signal issues.

  • Rodney Gladston

    No signal, or searching for signal for the last 24+ hours. Anyone help?

  • Sumski86

    No signal for about 3 days. If i switch off and back on. I get a couple ofbars for about 5 mins then gone again

  • Anita Hodgson

    Pe30 kings lynn no service since 6pm

  • Ann Townsend

    we are in NR8 6HE drayton norwich allways good single now we only have 1 bar

  • Jeremy Wicken

    no service at all for last 24 hours

  • Ken

    Text messages sent but not received

  • Gabby

    Mobile data hasn’t been working for two days!

  • Andy Lewis

    Can’t receive some text messages. Tesco have said there is an issue and that things should be back to normal today. Not holding my breath!

  • Jon pyner

    No service! All day! CM144JG

  • Amanda Bingham

    Still no service, been going on for over a month. Post code ba15 1bx

  • June smith

    Still have no net work Pe159ne 2 months this has been going on

  • Barry Apps

    Still no network (post code TA13 5DJ) this is since Friday morning and maybe much longer. This is an 02 network fault, but just how long does it take to put right??? It’s now over two and a half days.


  • Hazel

    No text messages getting received when I send them to Australia. Had this problem for over a month and tried with two different phones. However, I am able to call the same number and this is recieved.

  • Nick

    I have no reception, emergency calls only?

  • Julie

    I’m in South Petherton somerset i get 3 bars then in a flash nothing just emergency calls. I can’t even phone tesco customer services for help or anything. It’s been like this for days now

  • Pat

    We still can’t use phone or get text messages or people can’t get through to me by phone or text and its been out for going on now nearly two weeks now. Not very happy as got text saying it would be sorted in 5 days and it still hasn’t been. ~This is in Waltham Abbey Essex. Also as we’re not getting a full service will we all be entitled to refunds for this as not happy it is still going on for so long. Also can we find out exactly why this has happened. Pat

  • Betty Boop

    I understand that an o2 mast is down in my area. As Tesco use o2 platform, does it
    causes problems for us. Maidstone area

  • JoeRob

    Still can’t use phone or text

  • JoeRob

    Can’t use mobile phone and my data usage allowance disappeared five minutes ago. (Merseyside).

  • Lisa Stoten

    No service in bexhill

  • Barbara

    No service in South Woodham Ferrers since 5pm Sunday 18 June

  • Pete F

    No connection in Petersfield for the last 2 days

  • John Bennett

    Problem sending texts in Norwich

  • paul b

    no signal in doddinghurst

  • Peter Vertigan

    Tesco mobile off all day in kings lynn

  • Graham Brookes

    No service at all Ne26

  • Sam

    No service?

  • Gill Sharp

    No texts being sent

  • Kim Watts

    No signal here in West Kent! Anyone else with same problem?

  • jjdickson

    Messages not delivered – yet again.

  • Panchovilla

    No service in PO36 all day so far……..EE fine……

  • Alysha

    Keeps saying no network then searching but still nothing for the past 5 hours now

  • David P

    Petersfield. Been no phone service all day

  • Aaron Walsh

    Phone just hangs up when trying to make calls

  • Kate Hewitt

    Phone keeps saying network not registered! Has been saying this on and off for at least two or three weeks…

  • Milo’s Mum

    Can’t ring out or receive calls (3 days). Been told that the next update as to status will be in 5 days. South Ayrshire.

  • Liam

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with their network?

  • Jennifer Ramsey

    Cannot ring out or receive calls. Data and texts still working. Tesco mobile having issues ??

  • Ethel

    Sorry should of said can not ring out or receive calls

  • Ethel

    Hi is Tesco networks down I can phone out or anyone ring me , can send texts still ??

  • Liam

    Dursley, Gloucestershire, what was 4G has now become GPRS and it’s infuriating

  • Julia

    I’m fuming, Portsmouth is the most condensed city in the UK but I’ve had no service for two days now.

  • Aaron Weissenborn

    I haven’t had data for a week and a bit and I live in inverness

  • TK

    I need my mobile for business and it is not only annoying but not having it working for at least two days this week is causing me real problems.
    What is the problem and when will it be solved….I’m another Nottinghamshire user.

  • Penny Crossland

    Ive had no service for 3 days now getting very annoyed anyone in nottinghamshire have same problem?

  • Pam Winton

    I’m in Telscombe Cliffs, East Sussex and unable to send texts or make calls. Anybody else having problems?

  • Elaine Wyatt

    Is tesco down today as I can’t message ring or reserve call but my bill date is today and yes payment been made

  • imnotimaginary

    tescos down in purfleet

  • Susan Stone

    Had this too.

  • Rory Goss

    Is the Tesco network down, I can’t make or receive calls in Crawley Sussex

  • Nic

    Is tesco down in surrey/Sussex 7.4.17

  • Georgie EF

    Is tesco mobile down in littlehampton West Sussex?!

  • Lucy

    Is Tesco mobile down again in Shropshire?

  • Suzanne Pashley

    Been erratic signal coverage for past 7 days now from Devon area – NOT GOOD!

  • Al

    Mobile network been on & off all day, South Cumbria

  • Cliff

    Is the mobile network down? I cant find the network

  • Tony Oakley

    Not very good when you have a 90 year old mum and the wife and I can’t recieve calls from doctor or carers shame on you TESCO.

  • Al

    No network coverage in Livingston!!

  • Rachel Carnelley

    Total loss of data, calls and texts for 10 DAYS now. Keep being told mast will be working soon LEICESTERSHIRE

  • More Tea Vicar

    Been unable to text, call or receive calls ALL DAY TODAY…25/3/17 in Essex
    WTF is going on TESCO???????

  • Andy Hydes

    No text messages being sent/received in Coventry area Saturday 25th March.

  • Karen Meddings

    Unable to call out or receive calls in Burton one​ Trent since yesterday.

  • Jan

    No network service today in Stirling!

  • Joo Dee

    mobile phone signal nearly non existent today? in Launceston area, Cornwall

  • Mags

    No service on my phone since Friday 17th,

  • Yvonne

    Unable to make calls or receive calls and texts. This happened about lunch time today this is not good enough.

  • Steve cork

    No signal today , yesterday intermittent text . Wots going on

  • Jen Langdon

    For months I am unable to receive calls and send and receive texts, I always have one bar of signal or emergency calls only, my partner has to try 7 or 8 times before it rings. What’s going on?! My contract started off great with them now having no signal is getting ridiculous. Gloucestershire

  • Stuart

    Emergency calls only on both mobiles linked to the Tesco network, just occurred out of the blue when I tried using the phone after arriving home, I have emailed the one web site I found last night, no reply as yet, I am in Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6, hardly a back water in the UK…. I can only assume my local relay is down, however it would be nice to be able to get a more direct contact with the service providers, than is available at present…

  • Nigel Blackburn

    6 months ago phone signal was great send receive and all service great .Then over night emergency calls only.complained to Tesco and they said everything was ok with network.after weeks of ringing and complaining Tesco said if you are not satisfied we will cancel your contract and nothing to pay.great customer service.who is at fault Tesco or O2.we have people visit who are different networks and they struggle to get a signal.why are we been robbed and put up with it.good old British upper lip.silly buggers r we.

  • Heather

    I can’t send texts or get calls. It is showing emergency calls only. it has been like this since yesterday. I could be missing important messages.

  • Maria Grant

    can’t send or receive texts. Also message saying gmail account pword had been changed so thought account had been hacked. Managed to change pw but unable to receive verification codes on my mobile. Any suggestions?

  • Trevor James Mair

    Not able to make calls from Cullen, Moray. Really annoyed as I have been waiting for garage to call about van. The guy from garage had called & left a message in morning that I never received until 3pm. Not good enough. If I hadn’t phoned garage from house phone at 2pm I wouldn’t have know my van was ready to pick up. I was nearly at garage when I got message on my mob. Not good enough Tesco. When are we going to get phone e reception???????

  • Susie Crane

    I’m sending one text at a time and my daughter seems to be receiving 20 of the same message. I did wonder what was going on.

  • Amy Jane Cascan

    In the 15 months I’ve had my contract with tescos I have had nothing but problems with signal. Only once in a blue moon can I make/recieve a phone call as the signal keeps dropping out. Very rarely do I have more than 2 bars of signal and a lot of the time (including right now) I have absolutely no service at all again (which normally lasts for a few days) I have repeatedly tried reporting the problem and they refuse to accept any responsibility for their poor service, instead blaming the handset and telling me I’ll have to send them the handset for them to investigate the problem because it can’t possibly be there mast. I keep telling them I cannot afford to be without a phone. Worst customer service ever! I cannot wait for my contract to end in 3 months!

  • Ryan Nicholls

    I can’t call or text or receive calls today at all and yesterday it was working is the network down at all

  • chris harding

    cant text or call out started today in peterborough (how long will this go on?)

  • Lottie

    Meant to have my minutes/data/texts renewed today and Tesco mobile is saying that’s I’ve used nearly everything up already!!!! I haven’t used anything!!! Anyone have any idea what’s going on before I rant to Tesco later????

  • LynF

    I have had no mobile phone service since yesterday. Then Tesco have the audacity to put extra charges on my bill. What an absolute joke

  • Dom

    For the last 8hours my phone has been searching for a provider (and still is). Thankfully I have wifi now as to research what is going on.
    I’ve been stuck in a tiny village 20miles from home due to snow causing cancellations of buses and trains. Due to having no provider I couldn’t call or use internet to find what was happening or to get lifts/taxis. I’ve been totally screwed by this problem (circumstantial I understand, but im sure other people have been put into difficult situations because it too). I’ve been stuck in sub-zero temperatures, snow, and sodden clothing for 2hours and had a kind lady at Morrison’s (ironically) allow me to use their phone to contact a few people. Which took more time as they were struggling with he snow too.
    Dom – East Sussex

  • Julie

    Can’t send emails this evening – Burnham Market Norfolk

  • Kevin Harnell

    Service in Gurney Slade Somerset has kept going off for last two days !!!

  • Kittycity

    No signal in Ryde area on Isle of Wight since Christmas Eve. What the hell is happening

  • Jojo

    Service just gone down in West Midlands.

  • David Teece

    No phone service now for 3 days in HG4 area of North Yorks.m

  • David Birch

    No mobile data ,only on wi-fi.Have reset via settings etc but nothing.

  • Vicky

    No network for 6 days now very annoying

  • Tricia

    No signal in Fenstanton ince 5 yesterday evening Can’t send or recieve messages or phone

  • Peter wilyeo

    I haven’t had a signal in Ickleford, Hitchin for 3hrs now, get msg, txt, but no phone.

  • Sarah bush

    No signal now in rm13 area since thursday. All it says is a mast broken. Dreadful.

  • Megan

    Down for 2nd day in Braintree too

  • Peter Henry Mulligan

    Tesco network down for 2nd day nottingham

  • Diane Bastow

    Once again Network problems…. Calls dropped and texts not sending.. This has happened on numerous occasions in the last couple of months… What’s going on Tesco??

  • Emma Millar

    Texts unable to send in Glasgow all morning. Calls can be made though.

  • Kay Rutherford-Henry

    messages keep saying failed or not sending yet we get several of them. Calls ok? Southampton area. What’s going on Tesco?

  • Mike

    Texts not sending in London.

  • kayla

    in Bristol, texts not sending at all

  • steve

    no network today really not happy Dorset UK

  • Curly

    Mast down in old colwyn area. Can’t send or receive texts and calls. No mobile internet either.

  • Michael Brown

    Colchester highwoods exactly the same what’s going on please

  • Pat Bertenshaw

    I have had no network where I live for going on 2 months! I’m now at the end of my tether and about to cancel my contract. Example I get 1000 minutes talk and so far have only used about 30 mins this month! I’ve missed loads of calls and texts, it beyond a joke now! I’ve contacted CS numerous times. Come on Tesco get your act together!!!!

  • Allan Roberts

    allan, DYKE, Near Bourne. Now been down 2 days. o2 say “working on mast in South Kesteven” I’m paying for this ?

  • Caron Newson

    Signal really poor in Ulcombe, Maidstone, Kent (ME17) today and calls not getting through but going straight to voicemail. Anyone else having issues?

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Can’t call from mobile

  • Gill

    No coverage in Caerwys North Wales for the last 24 hours

  • Andrew

    No connection from Manchester with the EE and TalkMobile numbers located in London. Goes straight to voice mail. Calling from EE no problem.

  • te

    Is tescos down I cant hear my calls

  • Sue Dyer

    I cannot send a text or make a call, except to an emergency number. Got credit. If I ring my own mobile I get tesco messaging service. Near Hunstanton, Norfolk. Never had a problem before today.

  • Poppy

    I know how you feel, been over 2 weeks without a signal

  • Lilly

    Going to Vodafone as they have better signals and better customer relations with their customers. Not like the people in the tesco sin Dereham who did not care if we had a signal or not.

  • Lilly

    Had no tesco signal for two weeks in Bradenham Norfolk

  • Alan Williams

    no signal since Saturday 11/06/16

  • Emma

    Myself and my parents are on Tesco mobile, and so are some other family members
    Our phones are all under a year old and have daily use, but the last couple have months we have been calling one another and the phone goes quiet mid call, and then it wont hang up but neither of us can hear the other. Signal has always been high in this area and its becoming very annoying – would appreciate knowing what the problem could be as it has never happened before now

  • Karen Davis

    How much longer is this network going 2 down for really need get in touch with husband who working away atm really is not good enough !!

  • Helen Wilson

    I have a full signal and credit but cant make calls send texts or receive anything

  • Terry Smith

    Had no service for 3 days

  • Victoria

    I am able to text and call but try to send1 picture and it tells me the network is down WHY.

  • Debra Battersby

    hi = can’t make any calls from my tesco mobile

  • Ivan Makaveli Mandov

    i had No Service about 4 days whats happening with this Tesco please fix this , Thanks

  • Chris Worthington

    Signal keeps dropping down to 1bar all the time in sk11 8hu will be changing to other mobile network provider soon as contract finishes

  • Emma

    Tesco mobile Signal has been sketchy for months. Constant drops in signal – No service all day 18/1/16 I didn’t know there were problems until people were ringing my landline saying they couldn’t get hold of me. Took sim card out and restarted at 11 PM and suddenly normal service, albeit very weak. Why these problems now? I’ve used TM for 10 years and this is the first time this has happened

  • Sue

    Its been crap all day it won’t load anything .am fuming about I think joined with 02 to make a better service its been nothing but trouble . it’s last contract I have with them

  • d atkinson

    Tesco mobile been down since Friday in td26sl area

  • Shelley

    No network in neath and port talbot area since Tuesday. Can’t make/receive calls and texts and can’t use Internet(only able to use on wifi) this is when I’m indoors and out.

  • tracey rinaldi

    No service with tesco mobile- port talbot

  • Richard R Finch

    Tescos network also down in port Talbot,South Wales. Haven’t been able to make a call or texts all day.

  • charles forema

    Wi-Fi always works fine but phone has no signal or network all the time , waste of time having the phone

  • j

    County Durham
    Cant access internet again
    Contracted to pay for something not working

  • Trevor

    Always have issues with tesco mobile lately. Signal is very poor and sometimes completly missing for up to 12 hours… my friend has the same problem who lives 2 miles away. A shame used to be sooo reliable.. not anymore. Im thinking of leaving now. Its being getting proggressivly worse over the past 12 months

  • Coffee

    Hmmmm???? FYI…. The pay and go old phone just came back on. But the contract one is still saying emergency calls only and when I call it its apparently engaged! I’m moaning about here in the wee small hours simply because tesco clearly dont have any workers or system for me to report the fault to until daylight. Ridiculas!

  • Coffee

    In west Yorkshire 4am wed 11 Nov. Been waiting by phone for a call of “I home safe” after a friend drove home from dinner. Been worried like mad and not see that my phone is not working. So I’ve no idea. Thats terrible. I have a Contract phone with tesco sayig not connected to network… And a separate, older back up phone on pay and go with tesco also not connected to network. Silly old old old orange pay and go that’s now EE is buried somewhere in a draw. Looks like I need to find that one huh! Not happy with tesco.

  • Angela Moran

    I live in Ampleforth North Yorkshire, can only use my Tesco mobile in one room on going for -1 year still another year to go, had to join EE sobnow paying 2 contracts, no help from Tesco

  • Keith

    Erratic connection in East Beds; my son & I both on Tesco however my partner on EE not having any issues even when she is right next to me – I’ll probably move my & my son’s contract to EE when I can in mid November

  • Linda

    Problems for 2 days in Poole Dorset

  • Tricia

    Keep getting message saying “unfortunately Google search has stopped” when I try to send texts or make a call. Started about an hour ago.

  • Alisa Maggie C

    Yesterday and today, I’ve has no signal on my mobile for phone calls. Gt Yarmouth area.

  • carol morgan

    can’t send texts , receiving multiple texts of same message , calls not connecting

  • baker

    No mobile to mobile calls ..drop out…not connecting

  • d sheppard

    I have been having problems with calls and txt for two or three days now around the fenstanton and St Ives area if I go to barhill tesco it’s ok

  • Charles

    Tesco mobile as we know is not on the finest label, because it is one of the worst i have ever chosen when it comes to service. Night,are on Tesco Mobile street, even Freddie Kruger is much better company.

  • Simon

    Problem’s in Gloucestershire GL12 for the last week,if your lucky to be able to make a call nobody can hear you,been told they are upgrading to 4G also told they are having problems!

  • James

    Tesco Mobile have verified over on Twitter about issue with its service. They said keep rebooting your phone until they find the issue.

  • Mark

    A little strange how my wife’s and my mobile phone with Tesco Mobile have no signal. So shows it is an issue their end not ours.

  • April

    Burnham on sea, Somerset, this is where I reside and got no TM signal.

  • Marion

    I am in Northants and got no Tesco Mobile signal at all.

  • Lorraine

    Having slight issues! OK, BIG issues trying to login to my Tesco Mobile account..

  • Del

    No incoming calls on my samsung galaxy s5, when I click the answer nothing happens.

  • Simon

    Can i get a free tesco mobile booster so i can at least get a decent network call.

  • Maddy

    This is mad to think this, but is there any possibility I can make a few calls on my Tesco Mobile phone.

  • Tania

    transferring numbers with Tesco Mobile is not the easiest of things to day, all TM issues when trying to do so. Unhelpful.

Tesco Mobile Reports

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