Tesco Mobile Down Today?

Tesco Mobile supplies hundreds of thousands of people in the UK with a MVNO service, using operators O2 and Vodafone. Tesco Mobile problems could include login issues, a total network outage leaving customers without data, calls, texts or Internet and many more.

Issues are going to occur and if they do customers can feel happy to complain here on Down Today. This is where you can come to have your say about your service problems. In a way this is the live Tesco mobile status update page, where if something is wrong it can be listed here.

Customer complaints in the past on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook (Links to the right) include signal issues, messages not able to be sent or received, as well as incoming and outgoing calls not working.

Are you having Tesco Mobile problems today?

Tesco Mobile Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Tesco Mobile is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report Tesco Mobile Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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5 months ago

On my pay as you go contract with 4or5 days before renewal my internet stop’s connecting completely. Happened every time in the last six months. Why?

9 months ago

Can’t send messages,keeps telling network is invalid. Can’t connect to network provider and various other comments waste of time ringing cust service most are clueless just transfer you to technical they are no help. Can use what’s app perfectly well no probs there . What am I paying for?????

9 months ago

Can’t send messages, tells mevi can’t connect to network I have unlimited texts and messaging an1200free minutes service has been horrendous the lastc3 days

Graham Anderson
1 year ago

Unable to call out or receive calls but ok with what’s app

Graham Anderson
1 year ago

Unable to call or receive calls but ok with what’s app. Location Fraserburgh

Elaine Roderick
1 year ago

I haven’t had any phone or text service now for 12 days. I keep getting told there is a problem with the mast yet neighbours on O2 say their service is fine – same mast for O2 and Tesco. Absolutely awful customer service – no advance warning and no idea when I will have service again. Tesco trying to impose cancellation charges if I cancel the contract and go to another provider – they’re the ones in breach of contract as they’re not providing the service I signed up to.

1 year ago

I hear a tesco mobile mast is down in the fulham area is this correct

1 year ago

No internet/data connection for week in swansea its a joke

Sara jane
2 years ago

I’m trying to login it’s saying unable to login

Glenda Hewitt
2 years ago

Can’t update payment details not recognising Tesco credit card

2 years ago

Why can’t I log in to the Tesco mobile app? I can’t see how many texts or minutes I have left. What the hell

2 years ago

I am in Ayrshire and have no signal

Rosemary Armour
2 years ago

My service has been out for 14 days now I have been in contact with Tesco customer service had to remove and clean Sim card that didn’t work then had a new SIM card and that has not worked either. Tesco has stated that there is a problem with service in my area and they are working on it but still unable to make calls and receive calls properly.

Will Pattinson
2 years ago

I am not happy about not being able to log into my tesco mobile account

Sarita Coopland
2 years ago

Tesco mobile internet did not work at all for 10 days down in Cornwall. Utterley poor service.

Matthew Hansoon
3 years ago

Where to begin GRRRRRR so lost phone on friday they said they would put a temp barr on it and to ring next day if the phone was found and it would take 24 hours to services up again that being phone and data . So found phone rang newt day waited 24 hours through to Sunday nothing phoned again said oh maybe another 24 hours so through to Monday phoned again the lady said a wrong request had been put in and said she had put the right one in but another 24 hours to wait so now tuesday still nothing then phone started working but still no data Weds and still no data then all of a sudden it comes on for about 3 hours and goes off again ….just to say tried everything phone on off data on wifi off APN setting checked etc etc etc

Three more calls this morning still to no avail and now they are sending replacement sim . Just got text to say they will be taking my bill soon which is a bit of salt rubbing in my wounds would have thought they would be offering some from of compensation for my time and sending me to a shop where they said they couldnt even touch my phone due to Covid 19 and didnt understand why i had been told to go there ? Not happy tired out with it ……tried sim in three different phones no joy and also placed three sim in those phones which works 100% fine with no issues has to their end .

Judith Wilkinson
4 years ago

Hi thought something was wrong with my phone as everyone i called it said “unable to connect” !Then tried husband’s phone and his was the same, so what’s going on?

4 years ago

Hi what the hell is going on all my family have mobile none of us can make any calls we pay for a service and Tesco mobile don’t even consider there customer by letting us know it a bloody joke.

Paul buttler
4 years ago

I’m in Horsham. Can’t make calls . is there a problem??

4 years ago

Can’t make calls…

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