Tom Clancy's The Division Problems

Tom Clancy’s The Division developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is a third-person shooter video game that has everyone on the edge of their seats when playing. But when the servers go down and when there is a scheduled maintenance this leaves hundreds of thousands of players in the dark and a little frustrated, so here is your chance to have your say.

The latest game is The Division 2, which released March of 2019 and  is already loved by gamers; this multiplayer game offers an open world with destructive environments where players can explore.

Players have three weapons, bombs and all the other goodies to take out the enemy, but what cannot be helped is when the servers go down for either maintenance or otherwise.

Are you having issues with The Division today? If the answer is yes please do report them below with what your issue is and what platform you are playing on.

Tom Clancy's The Division Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If Tom Clancy's The Division is down today, then reports will be found below.

Tom Clancy's The Division Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Mark

    The Division 2 game will be down for a staggering 3 hours for maintenance. Guess I will have to do real life things for a few hours hey!

  • Nigel

    Are you seriously kidding me! 3 hours downtime for a scheduled maintenance just for patching. But after just looking at the patch notes there is some good stuff in there.

  • Christopher

    This is just crazy now, keep having the same problem over and over again when I am playing all of a sudden i get a message on screen saying The Division is not available at this time.

  • Donny

    Snap my friend i am getting the same issue, what is the delta error anyways?

  • Michael

    I am still getting this Delta error when playing The Division.

  • Toby

    It is basically for this weekend only where PC gamers will be able to
    play The Division for FREE. This is the full game all weekend, once you
    have had fun with it you will be able to buy the full game with 50% off
    both standard and gold editions.

  • Carl

    The Division Free Weekend is running from December 15 to 18th ans since this has started I ahve been having issues with getting online. What is this free weekend all about anyway?

  • Larry

    It is down for me thanks to the delta error message. The Division sucks.

  • Genie

    The Division server status for me is OFFLINE.

  • Stuart

    I just got the division delta 20010187 error code, what does this mean?

  • Linda

    Maintenance should end at hopefully the latest around 10am UK time seeing as it started at 7am with a 3 hour maintenance schedule.

  • Paul

    The Deadeye dps exploit needs fixing, so hope this is within today’s maintenance bug fixes.

  • Martyn

    Twice in one week we have had to sit and wait through the division server maintenance. Why so many times?

  • John

    The Division servers are down today for a scheduled maintenance that is expecting to last 3 hours, but this is good news because they will be sorting a few bugs out within the game.

  • Larry

    About 3 hours from start to finish my friend.

  • Mikey

    How long is the division going to be down for?

  • Joce

    In today’s maintenance dated July 14, 2016 a few things are being implemented. Better Modified PvP weapon damage modifier percentage, a more kill volumes to Dragon’s Nest map

  • Cherry

    Today the tom clancy’s the division server status will read offline. Always the way aint it when you want to play. So many stoppages with this one.

  • Daniel

    The Division maintenance today is going to last around 2 hours, so should be back online around 10am UK time.

  • Charles

    A 5 hour server maintenance and still no Changelog. Does anyone actually like playing this game online still? Its always down for maintenance.

  • Owen

    There is a new Division server maintenance underway and will be back online around 11am GMT, it went down at 6am this morning. Apparently the changelog is set at TBA.

  • TomClancy

    2 hours just to fix a silly issue, which is the prevention of daily missions showing within the game.

  • Brian

    2 hours downtime on my day of, The Division should be called The Maintenance as they are always doing it.

  • Maccey

    Wahey another downtime on our hands, I am so happy not be playing this game yet again. NOTTTTTTTT

  • Horis

    I am so looking for the new incursion called Clear Sky. Shame you have to be level 30 because i am only at 25. Game on baby.

  • Lori

    Get ready for The Division Update 1.2: Conflict – maintenance is underway to deploy this

  • Tony

    They always do maintenance every week for this game, but for what? Nothing changes for the players.

  • Billy

    What would be good is if they could create something that does not take the game offline when they do a maintenance.

  • Jimbo

    Today is the day i really wanted to play The Division and then they do their weekly maintenance, another hour or so to wait i guess.

  • Bryan

    The Division is going to be down for around 3 hours, this is all well and good but no game changes arghhhhh.

  • Jason

    What is this Error MIKE 20240078? I am a new player playing on my PS4 and then i get this error message when i got it all set up.

  • Peter

    The Division is lagging terribly, it is getting so bad I am cosidering forgetting playing this game.

  • Nathan

    Apparently the maintenance is now finished and servers are fully operational with the new version 1.0.2.

  • Lex

    Is anyone getting the Tom Clancy’s The Division error code lima?

  • Fabby

    Looks like The Division maintenance is still going on. Over on the official Twitter page they are saying farewell to the Bullet King, what does this mean?

  • Alex

    The maintenance was simple and very quick. I was a little worried it will be down for ages, but luckily it was not and i am happy again gaming.

  • Jimmy

    This game went down for maintenance earlier today and they say things are all up and running again, well they are not because i cannot get online.

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