Anthem Problems

Anthem is a highly popular game that was released February 2019, and is a very addictive online multiplayer action role-playing game by BioWare published by EA.

Even though majority of the time players get to combine 3rd-person shooting and pure action gameplay there are issues now and then, such as the game servers going down for maintenance or other unknown problems.

What is your Anthem server status? We have dedicated this page for Anthem players, call it your live status page if you may! If there is a scheduled maintenance we will of course update this page with information on when and of course times. If there are any other problems you are experience with gameplay, lag, game login, connection issues or anything else please do report your status below.

Anthem Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If Anthem is down today, then reports will be found below.

Anthem Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Assassin1nBlack

    Got kicked last night in the middle of an Instance, and I’m still not able to load the game back up.
    Uninstalled and Reinstalled everything and still nothing, any word from EA on what’s going on?

  • NotUrAverageGirl

    Really hope the next game has way better servers, crossed fingers

  • Jessie

    All servers are down right now for a scheduled maintenance, looks like we will have to update the game before we can play again.

Anthem Reports

@bioware @anthemgame Need a more stable server. The game kicks you out quite a lot!

@AnthemYour @anthemgame Figuring certain things out with a good team, discussing startegies and routing, and pushing the limits of what we thought was possible to get higher scores was amazing back then. Often crashing the server with excessive adds farming at Vara was not though 🤣

@anthemgame I can not play Anthem on PS4 because when i join a Server i got connection issues. And my Internet works...why?🤔😞

@bioware @anthemgame I still can't play the Game, today I screamed of happiness because it opened but again lasted 5 min in first mission before sending "ea server connection error" and it's not my internet :( and i'm extremely sad because I loved the 5 min I managed to play :( pleaseee helppppp usss