Etsy Down Today?

Near enough everyone knows Etsy and all the amazing items you can buy on there, and of course sellers are the ones supplying us with items you would not normally find anywhere else. But when the Etsy website or app is not working this can cause a little bit of a stir.

Etsy is a fantastic e-commerce website that mainly sells vintage or handmade custom items and of course amazing art pieces, thousands love to show off their creations as well as craft supplies and tools.

Some of the main Etsy problems include the website and apps being down, PayPal not working, in some cases not being able to list a product properly as well as selling on Etsy either using the app or website not working in the right manner. Maybe you’re having issues with a seller or not being able to login. If the service is down for you or you are having other troubles please do comment below.

Etsy Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Etsy is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Dan Berry
1 year ago

Can’t open Etsy on Chrome AND have updated Chrome. They must have lost a lot of business if I’m not the only one inconvenienced. Friction reduces use.

1 year ago

Etsy sever is down today because I couldn’t get to my page it’s just blank page saying no sever pls what can I do ?

Cristina Siriteanu
2 years ago

is this somehow related with the major etsy strike? like some sort of evenge etsy makes on people who went on strike? or is it a hack also relating with the ridicukously higher fees?

Victoria Buffrey Lewis
2 years ago

I can’t log into my UK Etsy seller account this morning. Can’t find out any info. No way to contact Etsy. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Barbara Rowe
2 years ago

Etsy not functioning properly. New listing was imediately deactivated for no reason and cannot activate it. Then trying to send a help request, that won’t send. Frustrated as the listing his showing as charged to my account but my only choice to try to activate is to Delete the listing.

2 years ago

Had a buying account for years in the U.K. But the last week it has been random whether or not I can sign in . I get “I’m not a robot “ I tick it then it says I have IP address sending dodgy information??? But it isn’t my internet as I can log in on my computer- it’s my apple iPhone and I can be any where – sometimes it lets me in sometimes it doesn’t – so cannot see the point of opening a shop !!!

2 years ago

Same here. Looks like a problem with their cloud hosting provider but they don’t say anything about when they expect it to be resolved. :/

2 years ago

Etsy is down – problems at their website host.

From their Twitter acct – Our cloud hosting provider is experiencing an outage that is affecting many of their sites. We are working with them to resolve this as quickly as possible.

2 years ago

Yeah, same here.

Misty Mitchell Anderson
2 years ago

same here. tired different servers, all gave me a Google 404 error that the URL can’t be found. Frustrating because it was working 10 mins ago.

Ash Yuki
2 years ago

I can’t open etsy app or website. (As of 16th November)

Ellen Elman
2 years ago

Yep, same here. :lots of WATCHERS and favorites BUT NO SALES.

Latoshia Bilbrey
2 years ago

is etsy defect? why you cannot add anything to your basket cart?

Latoshia Bilbrey
2 years ago

why you cannot add anything to basket ?

Helen Dawson
2 years ago

Cant put anything in my basket

Veronique Blommaart
2 years ago

Can’t put articles in my shopping cart. Can only buy through “buy direct”. Cannot see my recent purchases.

Helene Meyer
2 years ago

Have got an issue with my shop which I had running for less than a week, hit issues with setting up my bank account details have tried to resolve but no luck, shop has been suspended for 90 days have emailed customer support but no response just got the generic email which doesn’t answer my issue. No support after a week of waiting, no phone number to contact someone. Is this normal for Etsy. ?

Colleen Wilhelm
2 years ago

I cannot access any of my 3 etsy shops…not one page will load correctly…sick

2 years ago

Same, I am unable to log in. After entering login details a red message appears: You may be unable to access your account. I have orders to process so this is worrying, it’s been over 2 hours now!

Carolina Primi
2 years ago

I can’t log into my etsy shop, I inser my mail and password but i receive a message that i can’t enter, help me please..

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