Etsy Problems

Near enough everyone knows Etsy and all the amazing items you can buy on there, and of course sellers are the ones supplying us with items you would not normally find anywhere else. But when the Etsy website or app is not working this can cause a little bit of a stir.

Etsy is a fantastic e-commerce website that mainly sells vintage or handmade custom items and of course amazing art pieces, thousands love to show off their creations as well as craft supplies and tools.

Some of the main Etsy problems include the website and apps being down, PayPal not working, in some cases not being able to list a product properly as well as selling on Etsy either using the app or website not working in the right manner. Maybe you’re having issues with a seller or not being able to login. If the service is down for you or you are having other troubles please do comment below.

Etsy Status insight for Wednesday 28th of October 2020

If Etsy is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Etsy Reports

@fools_gd @Etsy As a shareholder that has never used etsy.. What protects the buyer if the item never arrives? eBay had its share of fraud issues but then came up with the eBay "gaurantee."

Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine 3 Issues 1985 #crafts #sewing via @Etsy

Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine 5 Issues 1983 #crafts #sewing #vintage books via @Etsy

Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine 3 Issues 1984 #crafts #sewing #vintage books via @Etsy

@Etsy Shop Manager is having technical issues for the second day in a row, it will not let me post listings. I have cleared cache/cookies and tried chrome, safari, and the iPad app but all give the same "Hmm. Something went wrong." error.

@Etsy your website is down I think.

@Etsy is there issues with the site or app? Iโ€™m having issues with the app and Iโ€™ve even tried going on the website .

@Etsy whats going on with your website i was able to sign in about an hour or two ago not it just shuts down whenever i even try to get on the site

@Etsy hi, is your site down? Both website and app and not loading and/or producing error pages

A decent portion of my income is made on @Etsy, so I already check it multiple times a day in hopes I'll be able to pay my bills. The fact that it's been down for a bit now is stressing me out, so I'm gonna run away and think about how to pay for my own website...

@Etsy I have orders I need to ship but cant get the address. Both the website and app is down. Come on Etsy !!