Paladins Problems

You have come to the right place if you are experiencing issues with Paladins! This is where you can have your say about the game Paladins Champions of he Realms and Paladins Strike Mobile, being it maintenance, update or login etc.

What is your Paladins Server Status? The main issues that occur with this game are the servers being down, generally this happens when there is a maintenance update but can be rather frustrating when the game is offline for a few hours at a time.

Issues with logins or not being able to open any of the game modes being it Siege, Onslaught or Team Deathmatch, maybe you’re not able to download new updates or say linking your PC account with PS4. No matter what the problem please do let us know along with the area you reside and what gaming platform being in mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox One, MacOS or Nintendo Switch.

Paladins Status insight for Wednesday 28th of October 2020

If Paladins is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Paladins Reports

@Aequdsama @CheesyCanine5 @FlackJared @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame I dont have those issues luckily. But my opinios is just that the pala team gets so fucking much hate. And ig bothers me. Cause they clearly alteady improved a lot.

@HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame I have resorted to playing on American servers as almost every time I connect to an Australian server I have issues with either double reloading heaps not going off having to click 3times for skills to work or shots not registering for a few seconds... and I have stable net in AU

Does anyone play Paladins on the Australian servers, I would love to play low ping but I’ve been having a terrible experience playing on the local servers then no issues playing USA based servers but the ping is still quite annoying @PaladinsGame please fix them...

@endmygame @Yozhin02 @PaladinsGame None of them said anything of the three times cl was for the problems

@HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame She only want to do her job pls only report the problems from oceanic region servers

@PaladinsGame is anybody else having problems login with their switch?

@HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame Yes, but when they updated the status of the servers, the ping was low, but still with problems, there are 70 ping games but 4 out of 5 games are with +200 ping, it is very difficult to have fun or enjoy the game like this.

@DonkersPirate @GyroPetra @PaladinsGame I don't, but you fragile Mortals seem to have issues with accepting this. I never had a weakness for Io. I was determined to follow her until her lies brought us into more danger than expected. I wouldn't forgive her for all the lives that we had to sacrifice to restore peace.

@NigachuG @PaladinsGame Where did you see her treated in a rude way ? When she asked about server problems , pampa gave her a link to the redit and pointed out the Problems . Where are the reasons for such an inadequate reaction from Romanova ?

@Invisible_Anus @primegaming @PaladinsGame I had the same issue, have both Twitch and Amazon accounts linked, have done this at least a couple times for it and still no reward. I really think that issue is from @PaladinsGame side, not from @primegaming as on other games I had no issues.