Paladins Down Today?

You have come to the right place if you are experiencing issues with Paladins! This is where you can have your say about the game Paladins Champions of he Realms and Paladins Strike Mobile, being it maintenance, update or login etc.

What is your Paladins Server Status? The main issues that occur with this game are the servers being down, generally this happens when there is a maintenance update but can be rather frustrating when the game is offline for a few hours at a time.

Issues with logins or not being able to open any of the game modes being it Siege, Onslaught or Team Deathmatch, maybe you’re not able to download new updates or say linking your PC account with PS4. No matter what the problem please do let us know along with the area you reside and what gaming platform being in mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox One, MacOS or Nintendo Switch.

Paladins Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Paladins is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 years ago

I’ve had a few problems over the weekend, lets hope it’s ok when I go to play this tonight.

5 years ago

I have been trying to level up and boom disconnect. Then when i get booted its not letting log back in.

5 years ago

2 days and still not able to login, nightmare to say the least.

5 years ago

The last time there was a maintenance Paladins was down for like 4 hours, wonder when the next one is.

5 years ago

I tried to link my PS4 and PC accounts together but its not working for me. I went onto the main website and logged in but saw two links saying other unlink your account or back to homepage, i have no clue what’s happening but i am not linked.

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