BBM Problems

When BlackBerry Messenger problems strike they will come in different forms that impact users in various ways. So, your BBM problems today could be due to the servers going down, or you might not be able to send and add contacts right now.

This page allows Down Today readers to share their issues using BBM, connect with other users experiencing similar problems, or read statements from official BlackBerry support channels. If there is a widespread server outage, then you can be sure this will be revealed in status reports below and this rules out issues with your network.

BBM really expanded its user base when they launched on both Android and Apple’s iOS platform. This gave the BBM app a chance to add millions of new user overnight, and they did just that after reaching owners of Android and Apple devices.

If BBM is not working for you right now, then leave the platform you are using and what BBM problems you have below in the comments. Also, connect with others to spot patterns impacting potentially millions.

BBM Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If BBM is down today, then reports will be found below.

BBM Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Eva

    Bbm is not working today. I cannot send and receive messages.

  • mandy

    i cant see my contact or profile pictures on bbm

  • Carolyn Reardon

    I’m on a BB 10 and the BBM is going down every day for most of the day. I can usually use it late at night. But this really stinks as this is my main way of communication with some people. We have to go to text which isn’t so private. Get it fixed please

  • Rishika

    I am trying to open the bbm app but it crashes immediately. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The moment I open the app after reinstalling- I get a sign in option and on clicking it, I am getting an error stating check your network. However, I have full internet access on my iPhone. I tried reporting the problem – I am getting an error stating error in reporting the problem. I really don’t know what to do next.

  • MO

    BBM not working with latest update on Android (DTEK50, version, lost all discussions, not able to reach out

  • Lalit

    Bbm not working on iOS or Android

  • Paul Gerard

    System down, can`t send/receive bbm messages. Pending icon and after a red “X” mark.

  • Michael Geller

    Only Android and ios BBM messages can reach me. BBM on os10 dont work

  • barbara

    System is down. I’m unable to send bbm messages but other can send messages to me. What’s up with it?

  • önkritikus

    My BBM not able to send any messages via mobile connection.

  • Lrp

    My bbm is doing same thing

  • Mikey

    BBM not been working for about an hour, whats going on?

  • Chris Larochelle

    Same here. Just the clock symbol. No delivery

  • raz

    it says connect to a wifi and im connected but still not working

  • J vH

    Bbm stopped working at approximately 20h46 tonight on 06 April 2018. Any reason why?

  • Philip weir

    So fair I had no problems with BBM

  • JAZZ

    Bbm shows server error and crashes when I try to swap device. Using BlackBerry Leap

  • Shel

    Also won’t reset either saying wrong username???

  • Shel

    Hello my bbm won’t open either stop at lunch time :((

  • terry


  • Lennie Shemilt

    also it has happened to quite a few who i know that use BBM

  • Lennie Shemilt

    hello my bbm has just closed and logged me out and now i cant log in again….says no username

  • Elaine Kryworuczka

    My bbm is not connecting at all and I don’t know what to do

  • Cherie Reaburn

    Chats have come back but contacts still do not show up

  • carol

    mine has just done the exact same thing! eeeekkkk how do I get it all back?

  • Cherie Reaburn

    Couple of days ago my contacts pictures disappeared and I didn’t know which conversation was with whom. Next day everything was fine. Today all my contacts are completely gone and BBM is asking me to add them??? Getting tired of this – up and down

  • Norfolker

    Why aren’t BBM feed pictures showing as they update? Has been like this for 2 days!

  • Ana Francisco

    My BBM has lost connections since last Sunday, July 15th. I cannot even get into my settings. It is blank. I tried everything as to shutting it off and on. How can I resolved this. I am able to text out but I know I receive text messages but I do not see them. Can someone please help me.

  • Ali

    When I open bbm it says bbm is unable to connect to the server, please try again later.. I’m connected to a wifi actually

  • Mary Osei-Gyau

    Blackberry mobile network seems to be down. Network is showing as off.
    Can connect to WIFI but cannot receive or make calls and texts

  • T

    My bbm is down and using a blackberry

  • KB

    Is BBM for iPhone down now?

  • Robin Peo

    Did you find a solution?

  • Robin Peo

    Hi. My bbm on Android has been giving me a problem the last two weeks. It’ll be connected and messages will send but now at random especially during the day it just stops connecting. I’ve restarted. Tried not using wifi and so forth. But it just shows the red clock next to messages. And then after many hours they eventually send.

  • Odufa

    Bbm channel on Android phone not working today why?

  • Sally

    Is BBM working over Android today? Messages won’t send – just get a tick

  • Enbee

    BBM not working today. I m using BBM on Iphone. Messages not going. Same situation with my friend who also uses BBM on Android.
    Looks like there is outage at BBM end. Can someone confirm this Pls?

  • Abhishek gupta

    My BBM isn’t working today..neither I am able to send any message nor able to receive…any suggestions??

  • jay241971

    BBM not working today. I am using a BlackBerry Z10, my wife is using BlackBerry PRIV. Very frustrating. I compose a message and send to her, I get the gray check mark but it stops there. Any thoughts?

  • Reet Inder Sandhu

    My bbm is not working today. Im using it on my android. When i send message, it shows green tick mark but its not being delivered. Any news about it?

  • Nmadu

    Bbm messages not delivering today just getting the timer symbol.

  • mohtih coool

    my mesages are not getting delivered ..what should i do ? if i send some hundreds of mesages only4 or 5 mesages are getting delivered ..any solution ? i have strucked in midlle of my businees work !!.am using blackberry mobile for only BBM ….if this doesnt work then i have to thrw this mobile in dustbin !! am freakedout totally !!

  • Darren Stanley

    Having problems sending photos, grey tick no ‘D’, photo size 229KB, even smaller photos have problems. Not a great endorsement for convincing friends to join me on BBM.

  • Olo

    Same problem I face

  • Em

    My bbm keeps crashing upon opening. I have deleted and reinstalled the app uncountable times, hard reset and even reset factory settings at least 3ce. Same thing. Help pls

  • Gavin

    Updated BBM software to and now messages are not delivered or received. Messages just sit there with a grey check mark not the usual blue D or green R when read. February 15,2017

  • David

    I’m getting move to an area with a better coverage area or use wifi

  • shuliana

    Same problems that I face, keep saying mobe to an area with network coverage. My internet works fine.
    Please fix it.

  • Kemi

    It keeps saying move to an area with network coverage..I uninstalled and ‘re installed it but now I can’t even log in..keeps saying move to an area with network coverage

  • Rachel

    Bbm not delivering messages to recipients! Issue occurring for last three days. Is anyone facing this or knows how to solve?

  • Victor

    Bbm not connecting on my LG G2. I have tried lots of different versions, tried WiFi connection, I don’t know what the problem could be…. Any suggestions please

  • Chuma

    Theres no problem in my network but stiil have no idea how to fix bbm “limited bbm access / connecting”
    Please help for fix my bbm

  • Ronny Dahat

    I cant setup my BBM after flashing new ROM.. it keeps saying “move to area with better coverage”.. network is mighty health.. i,m using 4G Network and there is no problem with the network.. whats wrong with bbm server?

  • Amna

    It says: Temprary problem with the server!
    Thats why it’s not working

  • luke davis

    can not add 5 or 7 pin on my blackberry you need to sort this out as i pay 120 per year for use of my bbm as got 2 phones

  • Nas Alhajri

    I cannot add pins from other phonse e.g I phone or Samsung pins that starts with 7 or 5 , i can add blackberry pins only that starts 2

  • Xino

    BBM not working for me today. It stopped opening all of a sudden. I have deleted and re-downloaded it and same server down issue

  • Beta9x

    Is BBM having a breakdown? I cant connect to my BBM group and cant sent message

  • Monkey

    Messages are not sending just stating as ticks

  • kimrosani

    cant use bbm today , feb,23rd 2016. it says : oops, move to an area with better coverage. there is no problem with my internet access… i still can browse to the internet.. pls help

  • Kay Beilby

    My bbm won’t work I want this sorting today and it will NOT let me sign in

  • Ejwright

    Bbm won’t log in on iphone

  • martinbpl

    Bbm keeps losing messages to my fiancee phone at random sometime as many as a third of the are said to have been delivered but have not arrived so when I send another to confirm if they arrived (which by the way are confirmed delivered by blackberry) the message that has arrived is confirmed read well the message that sent wasn’t delivered is also confirmed read but can’t have have because it never arrived anyone else have the same issues this has been happening since early Dec 2015 and still is as of 21 Jan 2016

  • Edgardo Cartagena

    BBM not working in my Iphone since Dec 20th. Messages only appear green as in undelivered. Still that way this morning Dec 23 2015. ???

  • Tina Marino

    Voice dictation has not worked for two days.

  • Lia Tjahjono

    Can’t sign in to BBM, BBM “temporary server error occurred”
    Have tried to sign in on both android and iPhone

  • Kim Wells Fitzsimmons

    Not receiving texts or emails, what’s up?

  • Starmoon Seer

    my wife in Ontario Canada can’t receive or send messages for last two days, Whats up with that ?

  • Michiel van Staden

    Huawei G7 can’t even open bbm, keeps giving me a “no connection” notification even though I am currently watching YouTube on the same WiFi and browsing 9gag on my browser.. WTH?

  • Tonie

    I have the BlackBerry Bold and my BBM is not working. I cannot even send photos or text messages, this phone is useless.

  • Lance

    Not been able to access BBM for two days now, this is on my Android HTC One.

  • LDR

    I have tried to BBM a friend in London England and it shows the tick but it doesn’t go through, I also BBM’d another friend in England way outside London and it goes through, I re added another friend living in London and it won’t add, I am in south africa. is there a problem with BBM, its been like this for almost two weeks now and I am using Android and I believe my first friend is using either android or OIS.

  • Adam

    bbm not working for me on Android.

  • Kerry

    Is BBM down? I’ve tried 4g and wifi on my Z10, also on my husbands iPhone and only get a check.

  • Tony

    BBM down again for Android

  • Diana

    I’m getting no Facebook updates for hours on my z10, although it’s working fine on my laptop and the Black BlackBerry PlayBook.

  • Nathan

    Is there a blackberry outage today, can’t open the app on Android?

  • Jess

    I got problems sending and adding any contacts to BBM, anyone know a workaround? I’m on iPhone.

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