BBM Down Today?

When BlackBerry Messenger problems strike they will come in different forms that impact users in various ways. So, your BBM problems today could be due to the servers going down, or you might not be able to send and add contacts right now.

This page allows Down Today readers to share their issues using BBM, connect with other users experiencing similar problems, or read statements from official BlackBerry support channels. If there is a widespread server outage, then you can be sure this will be revealed in status reports below and this rules out issues with your network.

BBM really expanded its user base when they launched on both Android and Apple’s iOS platform. This gave the BBM app a chance to add millions of new user overnight, and they did just that after reaching owners of Android and Apple devices.

If BBM is not working for you right now, then leave the platform you are using and what BBM problems you have below in the comments. Also, connect with others to spot patterns impacting potentially millions.

BBM Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If BBM is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report BBM Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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5 years ago

Bbm is not working today. I cannot send and receive messages.

5 years ago

i cant see my contact or profile pictures on bbm

Carolyn Reardon
5 years ago

I’m on a BB 10 and the BBM is going down every day for most of the day. I can usually use it late at night. But this really stinks as this is my main way of communication with some people. We have to go to text which isn’t so private. Get it fixed please

5 years ago

I am trying to open the bbm app but it crashes immediately. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The moment I open the app after reinstalling- I get a sign in option and on clicking it, I am getting an error stating check your network. However, I have full internet access on my iPhone. I tried reporting the problem – I am getting an error stating error in reporting the problem. I really don’t know what to do next.

6 years ago

BBM not working with latest update on Android (DTEK50, version, lost all discussions, not able to reach out

6 years ago

Bbm not working on iOS or Android

Paul Gerard
6 years ago

System down, can`t send/receive bbm messages. Pending icon and after a red “X” mark.

Michael Geller
6 years ago

Only Android and ios BBM messages can reach me. BBM on os10 dont work

6 years ago

System is down. I’m unable to send bbm messages but other can send messages to me. What’s up with it?

6 years ago

My BBM not able to send any messages via mobile connection.

6 years ago

My bbm is doing same thing

6 years ago

BBM not been working for about an hour, whats going on?

Chris Larochelle
6 years ago

Same here. Just the clock symbol. No delivery

6 years ago

it says connect to a wifi and im connected but still not working

J vH
6 years ago

Bbm stopped working at approximately 20h46 tonight on 06 April 2018. Any reason why?

Philip weir
6 years ago

So fair I had no problems with BBM

6 years ago

Bbm is not responding

6 years ago

Bbm shows server error and crashes when I try to swap device. Using BlackBerry Leap

6 years ago

Also won’t reset either saying wrong username???

6 years ago

Hello my bbm won’t open either stop at lunch time :((

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