Spotify Problems

Problems with the Spotify music streaming service will have a variety of causes that include your own network issues, Spotify servers not working thanks to going down, and software glitches.

The song database Spotify features includes content from a number of record labels, which include Sony, Universal, Warner Music Group, and EMI. The software allows users to find music by genre, album, and the artist. If you pay money each month, then you can have the advertisements removed and also benefit from the ability to download songs for listening when an online connection isn’t available.

Common problems include Spotify sound card bugs on computers, streaming issues on multiple platforms, being unable to log in, and problems with networks like Virgin Media and Vodafone in the UK. If Spotify is down right now, then our readers will report a status update today below and you can also share yours as well.

Spotify Status insight for Thursday 4th of March 2021

If Spotify is down today, then reports will be found below.

Spotify Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Spotify Reports

Anyone else having issues with their @Spotify for iOS? The app keeps crashing

@Spotify if some of the songs are going to be deleted because of your issues in korean music streaming apps, then don't launch the app there! We, international fans are suffering because of this. This is so frustrating and it is also unfair on our part.

Anybody else having issues with the @Spotify app randomly stopping?

@Spotify updated the app, and the stability and performance issues that were solved, appeared again. It’s exhausting how bad the app is “working” really. (IOS)

Not sure what's going on with the @Spotify app on the #PS5 but if you are having issues & need to listen to some music then open the Spotify app on your phone & play, then connect it to your PS5 (if you have it linked) small work around & even this is unstable to a degree

@Spotify where can I complain about issues I’m having with the app. There’s so much lag in the songs offline and online. Music stops playing if I minimize the app and play in background. Never thought I’ll diss about the most used app on my phone. There’s no help section on app.

@thorntheory Some of our earlier content are already on @Spotify. We are working on resolving some minor issues and updating our music & artists' profiles on the app.

Canceling my @SpotifyUSA @Spotify subscription. I’ve had nothing but problems with the app. Constant connection and rendering issues, over priced garbage. Unfortunately I’ll no longer be able to listen to my favorite podcasts. Oh well. The censorship ruined them anyways.