Spotify Down Today?

Problems with the Spotify music streaming service will have a variety of causes that include your own network issues, Spotify servers not working thanks to going down, and software glitches.

The song database Spotify features includes content from a number of record labels, which include Sony, Universal, Warner Music Group, and EMI. The software allows users to find music by genre, album, and the artist. If you pay money each month, then you can have the advertisements removed and also benefit from the ability to download songs for listening when an online connection isn’t available.

Common problems include Spotify sound card bugs on computers, streaming issues on multiple platforms, being unable to log in, and problems with networks like Virgin Media and Vodafone in the UK. If Spotify is down right now, then our readers will report a status update today below and you can also share yours as well.

Spotify Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Spotify is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 years ago

Never really had a problem with Spotify, although today something doesn’t seem to be right as my music seems to be skipping on certain tracks.

5 years ago

I am trying to upload a track I have just made online to Spotify but its not uploading. Yes I am logged in and can listed to tracks already on there.

6 years ago

503 error is a nightmare because I cannot access the website, anyone know how long the servers will be down?

6 years ago

Spotify is down right now with a 503 Service Unavailable, I am in the UK.

Michelle Trachtenberg Royall
7 years ago

mine is not working to

Mark Bray
7 years ago

Has spotify gone down today for anyone else . Whats going on

8 years ago

iPhone app won’t stop skipping every song until it crashes

Virginia Hayes
8 years ago

My spotify app been down for three days now.. Keep saying that spotify is not responding.

8 years ago

My spotify web player is playing up, even more so that my premium account is going to be stopped because it keeps crashing. Never had any problems with the non-premium one.

8 years ago

When I open Spotify on my computer i seem to always get a message saying, “spotify application is not responding” but yet on my smartphone is works fine.

9 years ago
Reply to  Bobby

Then just delete it, I just saw it on there and do not want it. But it does give you the option to delete it.

9 years ago

I wanted to know how to remove the Spotify app on my PS4, after installing it was easy with a simple click and delete.

9 years ago

I really do not want the Spotify app on my PS4. It is not what I want.

9 years ago

Hey, Spotify app has gone live on PS4

9 years ago

The Spotify app is live on PS4.

9 years ago

The server status seems fine without any issues officially reported, but I cannot login and it just spins.

9 years ago

All I see is spinning, can’t get it to load.

9 years ago

Been unable to connect to Spotify for an hour, the network is up but it keeps spinning.

9 years ago

Spotify problems gain today, it’s just spinning and spinning.

9 years ago

I’ve still got issues streaming music on Spotify, it just keeps freezing and cutting out. Not sure if it’s related to my network, the UK, or something else. I’m with BT broadband?

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