Spotify Problems

Problems with the Spotify music streaming service will have a variety of causes that include your own network issues, Spotify servers not working thanks to going down, and software glitches.

The song database Spotify features includes content from a number of record labels, which include Sony, Universal, Warner Music Group, and EMI. The software allows users to find music by genre, album, and the artist. If you pay money each month, then you can have the advertisements removed and also benefit from the ability to download songs for listening when an online connection isn’t available.

Common problems include Spotify sound card bugs on computers, streaming issues on multiple platforms, being unable to log in, and problems with networks like Virgin Media and Vodafone in the UK. If Spotify is down right now, then our readers will report a status update today below and you can also share yours as well.

Spotify Status insight for Friday 14th of August 2020

If Spotify is down today, then reports will be found below.

Spotify Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Spotify Reports

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@Spotify @sushitrash Hey, my Spotify account has been hacked three times now. I changed my password 3 times. Is your app having security issues ?

@TheRichWoods @EpicGames @amazon @Spotify @Microsoft365 Heh... Until suddenly their apps "have issues" and get Thanosed from the App Store lol

@Spotify good day. My Spotify app keeps stopping to play. I logged out of all devices and logged in several times with no luck. I have no connection issues whatsoever. Please advise.

@Spotify Having issues with native app on Mac OSX v1.1.38.558.g4b100958 Error: Current song cannot be played Clicking the same song from the list view works. Reinstalled the app no difference.