Bubble Witch Saga Down Today?

Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems can be a pain, and these can include the game itself not loading online, power ups not working properly and so much more. But instead of sitting around trying to look for answers please let Down Today be your first port of call.

Hopefully without Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems you are having a lot of fun and hopefully busting the bubbles to succeed, the more levels you climb the harder things will get.

This game, by the same makers of Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga and of course the first Bubble Witch Saga ‘King’, and the game has seem millions of downloads. Some of the issues that have occurred before include the game itself shutting down, online gameplay with friends not working and not opening via desktop or mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Are you having Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems? List them below with your location.

Bubble Witch Saga Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Bubble Witch Saga is down today, then reports will be found below.

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5 months ago

Hi we cannot play with Bubble which Saga 3 now . The client isn’t join to the server . Location is hungary on IOS. We also tried reinstall.

2 years ago

Bubble witch saga 3 says shop is closed and it won’t let me use my fairy dust it is all grayed out

2 years ago

I just finished level 3184 using yellow hat at the end. I had 2 burning balls left. All was cleared, and game was stuck, and did not give me credit. I wanted to move on not start all over again! And why can I not sign in per log in. I know everything correct and wrote down password. How am I suppose to report problems? I wanted the Royal path first time,and could not too messed up.No place for USA wi stuck in venezuela

Lisa A Strevig
2 years ago

Game hasn’t worked all day In Maryland

Arlene K Parriet
2 years ago

Bubble witch sagas keeps spinning; can’t return to game to use coupon on

Terry Shepherd
2 years ago

Won’t connect to Facebook

Patti Abel
2 years ago

Why can’t I save my progress anymore by using Facebook to sign in

herekitty na
2 years ago

Why has no one replied to the players who noted there is something wrong with the app? Same here, will not launch the game after the King logo displays it crashes. What is happening? If I need to delete the game I will not reinstall it. I have too much invested and am a long way into the levels.

Catelina Kennis
2 years ago

I’ve been having the exact same issue as Frank Sr.. I’ve cleared the cache, I’ve force stopped the app, I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled about 7 times. I’ve cleared the cache in my Google play store and in the Google play.. NOTHING! I’m well past the 4100 mark..

What’s going on?

Frank Loseth Senior
2 years ago

Starts with the orange King page for 10 seconds or so .. then disappears (shuts down) I’m well past the 4000th game. Would like to complete the total game course..HELP

Kim Maraldo
2 years ago

I have not been able to play this game in over a week. Get to the screen with Play, click on it, and nothing. Whatsup??????

2 years ago

Tried opening the game on my PC and it downloads but then it looks like it is enlarged and all I see is a half of a black screen with the a quarter of a pink square inside that….can’t do anything with it.

edwin pawarski
2 years ago

it can not finish downloading level 1985 on BW3S. it gets me to the next to the final screen of that level…but thats it…been doing this over 8 days..help me. i gotta play this game…ty

Robin P. Mik
2 years ago

I can log on to the game, get fireflies points, and can activate my cats – but the game doesn’t load!? Has been going on for 4 days!!!???? Any ideas on how I might get it to load?

3 years ago

how mutch longer is it going to be down

Tammi J Johnson
3 years ago

Puck is not counting down time to the next cat bonus. Restarts after each round to activate and starts at 30 min

Muriel A. Cavallaro
3 years ago

same as deanna 🙁

Muriel A. Cavallaro
3 years ago

level 1210 is not adding bats. bbwsaga3 so why not ?

3 years ago

Have been trying for 3 days to play BUBBLE WITCH 3..I’ll be in the middle of a game and it closes.

William Cordova
3 years ago

Have not been able to load Bubble Witch Saga for 2 days now. Uninstalled and reinstalled! What’s up?

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