WWE 2K18 Down Today?

WWE 2K18 is a great stress relief game where you enter the world of wrestling, but now and then the simulation game by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s, published by 2K Sports will encounter issues. The worst would be WWE 2K18 server problems, and when this happens it leave gamers wanting to complain somewhere, so welcome to Down Today.

Other issues do occur such as network errors or problems with DLC packs, one user recently had an issue when they purchased the new ‘Moves Pack’ where they are still having a nightmare trying to install it. Of course this hasn’t happened to everyone, but these types of issues will pop up.

This WWE 2K series game was released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
and we want to know if you are having any WWE 2K18 server problems, DLC, loading, or rendering issues, if you have anything wrong please share on Down Today.

WWE 2K18 Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If WWE 2K18 is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Chris Hayes
4 years ago

Is it their servers or my PlayStation, I’m so confused, it just always says servers are down

Miguel Perez
4 years ago

What a pity that after May 31 is no longer available or the DLC and the community of creations. 🙁

Devin Brodzenski
5 years ago
Reply to  Brandon Hinton

I agree with you on this. WTF is going on with the download and upload in my community creations? I want to upload a logo pic to create a new Championship belt but I can’t upload it due to this. WTF is going on here?

Brandon Hinton
5 years ago

My WWE 2K18 says I’m not connected to the server so I can’t access community creations or online why? What’s wrong with it? When will it fix??

Jamie Bucknole
5 years ago

I try playing private session with a friend on wwe 2k18 but it start loading then hear the crowd then get network issue and it happens every time and it can’t be due to our internet because other games work perfectly with no problems. PLEASE FIX THIS

Vernon Sisco
6 years ago

I’m having problems playing wwe 2k18. Can you please fix the problem. I paid to much money for it to be not working. Y’all should give us something for our trouble and this keep happening.

Chris C
6 years ago

Does it ever work? Constantly kicked when playing private matches

James David Mcgath
6 years ago

Shutdown right at ppv!!!!!!! F u

gaming ghost
6 years ago

please help wwe2k17 onnline download banned unauthorised

Jason Simrell
6 years ago

Dont playonline why still having problems i want my money back

Ashar Sohail
6 years ago

Goldberg pack downloaded but its still waiting to install won’t proceed ahead of that,says can’t find in playstation store

6 years ago
Reply to  Jerome


6 years ago
Reply to  Nolan

Wwe 2k 17 For The 360 Has Been Down For 24 Hours All Ready It Started At 2 Pm Yesterday
It’s Now 2:55 Am My Time

Roger Ryan
6 years ago

Constant online issues with 2K 17 you can’t even have two or three decent Mass matches without it lagging out when you try to download characters a blacks out constantly again this is been in the last 3 2k games 2K needs to take whatever plug up their ass and shove it back in their ass and I’m posting it

William Daniel Freeman
6 years ago

Dude they take down servers for 2k games when the newest is released or a year after that. 2k15 is long gone.

William Daniel Freeman
6 years ago
Reply to  Savagebanana24

Dude servers are taken down after 1 year when they release a new version. Seeing as 17 is out. 15 servers are long gone. 16 MIGHT still be up. But 15 is definitely closed down. It’s to save server costs.

6 years ago

I am so pee’d off, all of my stuff on 2K has gone. I cannot even connect to sort it out.

Wwe fans
7 years ago

Not going when i click online

wwe boy 2000 wwe
7 years ago

My wwe2k15 isn’t liting me go on Xbox live can sum sumbude do something

7 years ago

My wwe 2k15 keeps saying whenever I load it up, An error has occurred on the Wwe2k15 server. Please try again later. Its been like that for a few months now and I’m trying too access Xbox Live mode but I can’t! (PS, I do have Xbox Live Gold)

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