WWE 2K18 Problems

WWE 2K18 is a great stress relief game where you enter the world of wrestling, but now and then the simulation game by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s, published by 2K Sports will encounter issues. The worst would be WWE 2K18 server problems, and when this happens it leave gamers wanting to complain somewhere, so welcome to Down Today.

Other issues do occur such as network errors or problems with DLC packs, one user recently had an issue when they purchased the new ‘Moves Pack’ where they are still having a nightmare trying to install it. Of course this hasn’t happened to everyone, but these types of issues will pop up.

This WWE 2K series game was released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
and we want to know if you are having any WWE 2K18 server problems, DLC, loading, or rendering issues, if you have anything wrong please share on Down Today.

WWE 2K18 Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If WWE 2K18 is down today, then reports will be found below.

WWE 2K18 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Chris Hayes

    Is it their servers or my PlayStation, I’m so confused, it just always says servers are down

  • Miguel Perez

    What a pity that after May 31 is no longer available or the DLC and the community of creations. 🙁

  • Devin Brodzenski

    I agree with you on this. WTF is going on with the download and upload in my community creations? I want to upload a logo pic to create a new Championship belt but I can’t upload it due to this. WTF is going on here?

  • Brandon Hinton

    My WWE 2K18 says I’m not connected to the server so I can’t access community creations or online why? What’s wrong with it? When will it fix??

  • Jamie Bucknole

    I try playing private session with a friend on wwe 2k18 but it start loading then hear the crowd then get network issue and it happens every time and it can’t be due to our internet because other games work perfectly with no problems. PLEASE FIX THIS

  • Vernon Sisco

    I’m having problems playing wwe 2k18. Can you please fix the problem. I paid to much money for it to be not working. Y’all should give us something for our trouble and this keep happening.

  • Chris C

    Does it ever work? Constantly kicked when playing private matches

  • James David Mcgath

    Shutdown right at ppv!!!!!!! F u

  • gaming ghost

    please help wwe2k17 onnline download banned unauthorised

  • Jason Simrell

    Dont playonline why still having problems i want my money back

  • Ashar Sohail

    Goldberg pack downloaded but its still waiting to install won’t proceed ahead of that,says can’t find in playstation store

  • russell


  • russell

    Wwe 2k 17 For The 360 Has Been Down For 24 Hours All Ready It Started At 2 Pm Yesterday
    It’s Now 2:55 Am MyTime

  • Roger Ryan

    Constant online issues with 2K 17 you can’t even have two or three decent Mass matches without it lagging out when you try to download characters a blacks out constantly again this is been in the last 3 2k games 2K needs to take whatever plug up their ass and shove it back in their ass and I’m posting it

  • William Daniel Freeman

    Dude they take down servers for 2k games when the newest is released or a year after that. 2k15 is long gone.

  • William Daniel Freeman

    Dude servers are taken down after 1 year when they release a new version. Seeing as 17 is out. 15 servers are long gone. 16 MIGHT still be up. But 15 is definitely closed down. It’s to save server costs.

  • Chris

    I am so pee’d off, all of my stuff on 2K has gone. I cannot even connect to sort it out.

  • Wwe fans

    Not going when i click online

  • wwe boy 2000 wwe

    My wwe2k15 isn’t liting me go on Xbox live can sum sumbude do something

  • Savagebanana24

    My wwe 2k15 keeps saying whenever I load it up, An error has occurred on the Wwe2k15 server. Please try again later. Its been like that for a few months now and I’m trying too access Xbox Live mode but I can’t! (PS, I do have Xbox Live Gold)

  • Kenneth MacGregor

    It’s the same right now with WWE 2k16. I got the game through gold playing yesterday can not load it today

  • Vincent D’Onofrio

    my wwe 2k15 says there is an error on the 2k15 servers please try again later it’s been down for days now I’ve restarted my Xbox I’ve done everything it won’t work someone plz help if u have a solution

  • Anzar

    My wwe 2k15 i am not able to drag my screen anywhere I cannot play anything I cannot even go to settings only thing I am able to play is one on one normal match everything else is coming in shade black letters what can I do I bought this game from PlayStation store what do I do now please tell me

  • Jeremy

    I am having an issue where after a tag match in universe mode the screen goes blank. I can still hear the crowd and music but nothing happens. I tried playing on and reinstalling, nothing helps. What else can be done?

  • KZJR25

    If your online servers are suspended, click on the 2KShowcase and when it loads for you to select the rivalry, go back and you should have online available. It worked for me and my friend.

  • Youri

    Can someone help ? i cant play online now sinds i downloaded my dlc

  • Raj

    is your server started working now… i purchased this game to download community creations caw but it is not allowing me to connect connection is breaking again and again.. are you experiencing the same ??

  • Gary Beaulieu

    That doesn’t make sense since I bought 2k14 when15 was out and I was able to use the same downloads without issue. That one still works to this day.

  • Cameron Zimos Demoss

    Sorry bro, but I think their down for good. 2k likes people to upgrade and 2k15 died off so they want you to buy 2k16 now.

  • Gary Beaulieu

    Downloaded the game, accelerator and moves pack but the server wont connect and the accelerator isnt working. WTF….when is the server expected to be up??

  • Lol


  • Houari Cenation

    And another time the servers are down !!!! Pleaaaaaase get it running again my gold will expire saturday pleaaaaase

  • Houari Cenation

    FINALLY Tthe servers work !!! After 5 days of waiting the servers run again thank you. God

  • Keith

    What’s going on with WWE 2k15 lately? I’ve been receiving a lot of server error messages when viewing Custom Creations and just this evening I can’t seem to download the logos I uploaded through their upload site. When I even try to view them it gets stuck in eternal loading. If I close and restart the game the server shows no response all together.

  • Ken Andrews

    no the server is still down dude! it is annoying me each day i try..

  • Steffen Husung

    Und zuviel versprochen . Läuft wieder.gruß

  • Steffen Husung

    2k basteln jetz auch mit anscheinend schafft xbox es nicht allein . Wenn schreib mal facebook. Hier nicht soviel Infos

  • Steffen Husung

    Alle die 360 wie gesagt xbox hat mir versprochen das es in den späten Stunden wieder läuft. Wie gesagt kann passieren sind ja viele Neuheiten ws instalieren werden muss .

  • Eric Claßen

    Ja ich auch bis jetzt noch nix frei welche Konsole haben die den ?

  • Steffen Husung

    Ich habe wie gesagt auch nur von xbox live . Mit der Entschuldigung. Aber auch nur weil ich täglich da genervt habe . Und 2k mit ins Spiel gebracht habe . Weil sie den Fehler da hinschreiben wollten. Bis dato arbeiten sie noch an den Fehler. Denke mal in der Nacht werden sie neu starten. Hoffe auch eher weil meine Jungs warten das sie weiter w2k 15 zocken können

  • Eric Claßen

    OK kann dir glauben 🙂

  • Steffen Husung

    Wenn kannst mich bei facebook ereichen. Ich habe die Info auch nur bekommen nach stundenlangen telefonieren mit 2k und xbox live. Und heut nach den 5 Tag ist mir allmählich der Kragen geplatzt.

  • Eric Claßen

    OK das gut danke dir für die info 🙂

  • Steffen Husung

    Ja da sollte alles wieder gehen . Soll aber erst zu späterer Stunde on geschaltet werden . Seit nachmittag wird an den Fehler gearbeitet. Mfg

  • Eric Claßen

    Hey auch bei Xbox 360 🙂

  • Steffen Husung

    2k ist nicht schuld. Zur später Stunde geht das Spiel wieder online. Gruß

  • Houari Cenation

    And today can you play it online?

  • Houari Cenation

    I cant play wwe2k15 online for 4 days !!!! There is an error message : “there is a problem with 2k15 servers try later” please get it running ! Im still waiting :/

  • TheOneAndOnlyGaming

    plus- you have not told us when there coming up..

  • Ken Andrews

    why are the servers down still? its been a week so far and yet nothing is done. how many more days do we have to wait. if it was GTA 5 R* would of done this in a day or so. but wwe2k what BS since 2k took over from THQ we have had nothing but problems. 2k your letting down the wwe players.. sad

  • Braedon Austin Wyllia

    WWE 2K15 server is down😩please get it running again

  • Dhd

    Still down. I’ll check again after work.

  • Jason Farmer

    why is wwe 2k15 servers down still?

  • Ronnie

    Is there some sort of glitch with 2K today? The reason I ask is simple really, I was playing this game for a while and then all of a sudden the servers went down leaving me frustrated as was half way through a game.

  • Nolan

    Just got xbox live THE SERVERS ARE DOWN!!!!

  • Wayne Sewell

    July 7 2015 it’s been 4 days what give

  • Davon Coachman

    The joint has been down for 4 days

  • James Dixon

    Wats wrong with xbox live for wwe 2k15

  • James Dixon

    Same I can’t get on it as well

  • Nidal

    I can’t even get in to xbox live like why

  • chris

    Server down can’t get on community crestioins

  • Dante

    Is anyone having issues with warrior 2k showcase?

  • Jerome

    Are the 2K servers down today? Because i am trying to play online with friends and cannot.

  • Chancer

    Servers were down yesterday, but all happy days now and playing like a god.

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