HBO Now Problems

Not much really goes wrong with HBO Now, but when problems occur with the Internet streaming service users are a little dismayed. Some of the main HBO Now problems with on demand can be to do with a service outage, not being able to login or simply down to videos not playing or running too slow.

Getting instant access to HBO Now is very simple indeed, the two options include choosing a participating broadband provider (Optimum) or via your Apple device. But when signing up people have previously had issues and have had to try again, doesn’t happen often but if it does we want to hear from you.

HBO Now offers movies, comedy, shows, sports and many more and makes a perfect standalone service. You do not need a television subscription to use ‘Now’. If you are having any HBO Now problems with on demand then share with the Down Today community.

HBO Now Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If HBO Now is down today, then reports will be found below.

HBO Now Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • holdfast

    Trying to watch GoT on HBO Now, but after selecting “play” and seeing the “trying to access HBO Now” above the pinwheel gif, an error message appears black background that reads “Video Error
    one moment, please. Something went wrong on our end and we need to restart.
    Service code: -4000

  • HalfTheBattle

    I try to log in to the HBO Now Android app to re-subscribe but says “An unknown error has occurred.” It’s been this way all night. What invalid had the idea of making you use a phone to subscribe to a streaming service to watch on your PC web browser?

  • Leavier Long Dauthors

    I am getting the service code -4000 error when trying to Watch Game of Thrones season finale from last year today July 16, 2017

  • Josh Hille

    Still getting error if I try to use Google Cast.

  • Peter

    I am using the Amazon Fire Stick but having issues with HBO Now. HBO NOW plays all that I want to watch but it pauses on its own without me touching it. I cannot get it to forward or rewind either.

  • Carlton

    I am trying to sign into the HBO Now website but when i enter my email and password its saying its incorrect.

  • roboct6

    Wouldn’t let me watch “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday evening. They usually put it up a few minutes after the broadcast version airs. Last night they kept putting it up and taking it down. When I was finally able to watch all I got was a screen that read, ” Carpe Weekem & On The Air”. We finally gave up and will try again tonight.

  • Anthony Fagin

    It’s up!

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    Guess it works …..all quiet. Mine works, just checked.

  • Josue

    The GODS have anwer our prayers!

  • Unique Eden Thornock

    working now

  • nickberens360


  • Jack Harper

    Error code 4000 in Evansville, IN on Xbox One and Apple Devices

  • Unique Eden Thornock

    It’s down in California as well

  • Wallstbull

    Working! I’m out!

  • Lara Pfeifer

    June 19th Idaho.. Getting the 4000 error as well. Was waiting all day to watch “Game of Thrones”. Come on now..

  • Wallstbull

    NS. Prob flayed by now

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    Imagin the hosts for the GOT PARTIES

  • Josue


  • Josue

    Good thing my kids are asleep, im throwing the biggest fit right now.

  • Wallstbull

    You got lucky

  • Wallstbull


  • jasonmicron

    Houston, TX. Was having problems playing – it JUST started streaming the latest GoT episode. Not sure if I got lucky or if they fixed the issue.

  • Josue

    Nope, 4000 still…Jon Snow is probably skinless by now!

  • Wallstbull

    Well this sucks. Guess I’ll have to ignore the interwebs tomorrow..

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    It went quiet, does it work now

  • Christine

    New jersey…getting error

  • Nancy Schmidbauer

    Down here in WI, tried resetting Apple device and everything else suggested by Apple and HBO Now, still not working. What a way to ruin a good day.

  • Wallstbull

    Madison wi

  • Chip

    June 19th Oklahoma City getting error

  • Johf

    Miami the same error 4000

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    Thank god for wwe money in the bank

  • Jay Drake

    Down in Clearwater, FL. XbOx One app gives no error code, just says Service Error with a generic troubleshooting URL and an option to Exit.

  • Robyn Ramirez-Bieber

    Us too. We’re here in Austin Texas

  • Eddie Gonzalez


  • BB8620

    down in Vermont as well.

  • Jay Drake

    You would think they would have teams monitoring this when they expect people to be logging in to watch…

  • Wallstbull

    -4000 in WI.
    Come on..its ep 9!

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    What city u in?

  • Wallstbull

    Us too. Come’s GoT ep 9 man!

  • Wallstbull


  • Eddie Gonzalez

    Melanie, what city u in?

  • Melanie

    Yes! Same error code in Texas!

  • pa

    Ah, thx

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    Corpus Christi Tx

  • Eddie Gonzalez


  • Eddie Gonzalez

    R these comments from tonight June 19 2016

  • Lori Snow

    Down in Atlanta, ha. service error 4000

  • Melanie

    Me too! Heads will freaking roll if I can’t GOT tonight!

  • Kathryn

    I also got service code error -4000. What is this?

  • Moc4

    I’m having the same service code! I have no idea.

  • pa

    What is service code error “-4000”?

  • Tes

    Make sure you login using secured network. HBO is very particular about security. So, make sure yiu have used a secure connection with password.

  • Steven Kelly

    Let’s me watch about 5 minutes of GOT and then it freezes never to play again. Have to quit the app and then restart to watch 5 more minutes… about to cancel my free trial / membership 🙁

  • Steve

    I signed up for HBO Now and all went well right up to the point of watching the GOT premier. I watch other existing content with no problem. Started the premier a few minutes after live time and got audio but no picture. HBO help says that if you get this problem, you (the user) have a bandwidth problem. The thing is, I can still watch other HBO Now content, just not GOT. This is an HBO service problem. Can’t believe that I actually paid for this.

  • Cody

    I am having the same problem. I deleted it and added it back and still saying there is an error,

  • Pierre Magallón

    Join HBO NOW today cause i want to watch Game Of Thrones. I registered for free trial, set up payment, downloaded app n it wont let me log in. My brandnew subscription doesnt expire till May 24th. IF THIS DOESNT WORK , IM JUST GOING TO WATCH HBO SHOWS ON THE PIRACY WEBSITES AVAILABLE. you give no choice! And for free too!

  • HardAppleCider

    I’m having exactly the same issue. Checking my subscription history on Google Play it says that the $0.00 payment is pending. I turned off Auto Renew because I saw that worked for an Apple user, but that didn’t do it.

  • Stacy Pickhardt

    I registered for the free trial, set up paypal, downloaded it on xbox one and my phone and I cannot watch anything. Says I need to renew my brand new subscription that doesn’t expire until May 24th and won’t even let me renew it either. Just takes me in a circle

  • Delete and re-install the app…

  • Delete and re-install the app.

  • WarwickChristian

    Have you had any luck with this? I’m having the same problem

  • Won’t play. Just says “Error.’ I guess Game of Thrones is too popular for their network.

  • Andrew

    None of my shows will play. They go 20 seconds and freeze 20 seconds and freeze. It’s not my internet because showtime and Netflix work fine.

  • John Wood

    HBO NOW won’t load movies or series on my Memo 7. Supposedly this is a flashplayer issue but I’ve installed Puffin and I still have the same problem.

  • jose rios

    Hbo on demand movies are freezing alot and lagging

  • Royce Edgar

    Hbonow freezes contantly… ive knoticed it happens alot on the same scene or at the same time in the show. Game of thrones worked ok it didnt happen alot to me… whatever it is i see its been a long time without a fix in sight. Im pissed its not worth watching like that because your going to break something while being so frustrated.

  • Lisa Borg

    flying on Southwest…paid for Wifi, have the HBO NOW app, Game of Thrones comes up but when I touch the episode…an error occurred box pops up.
    What am I doing wrong? installed an ONboard Player app, but still no luck.

  • GoDogGo

    Black screen on Apple TV. Plays sound but HBO Now app does not respond to any commands. Have to unplug and reboot. TERRIBLE service – crashes Apple TV, sound is not synched, etc.

  • Kimberly Ann Kuhn

    Couldn’t sign in. Gave me a error message. When I tried resetting my password I also never received the email from HBO Now to assist with that, still waiting on it hours later. So I am signed up but unable to use it.

  • Piero Amadeo Infante

    Using windows 7, and chromecast to my smart TV I am getting more freeze than a colombian wedding, if you dig my meaning.

  • Dawna

    Free trial played beautifully the 1st day, buffered a lot the 2nd and every since the 3rd, the video freezes after a few seconds of starting but the audio continues to play as normal. Android version.

  • Eita

    I have had the android app on above average samsung tablet for about 24 hours now and have been able to successfully watch 47 minutes (one episode curb and the first 20 minutes of a movie). It took roughly 4 hours to watch that 47 minutes due to “an unknown error”. Eventually curb played for about 20 minutes straight with only minor hiccups but prior to that it would only play for about a minute, freeze, then kick me to the main menu with the unknown error, then attempts to restart the app would result in my tablet’s WiFi disconnecting (behavior that no other app has ever done but happens 100% of the time with HBO now). I’m not a noob when it comes to either tablets or streaming video services (I work in digital video distribution). My tablet it more than capable of running all kinds of memory and process devouring apps without issue) . When I gave up on my hbo now movie in favor of Netflix on the same tablet, not one single issue was had when streaming a 720p stream, not one single hiccup I tell you. In summary: The android app was appears to have been rushed through development. If the status quo for the app is to hope there isn’t too much network traffic so I can actually watch a show maybe today if I’m lucky, then count me out…. of the service, not their content, I’m stil going to watch their content … just not gonna be paying to do so …..arrrrrrrrrrrr

  • John A

    HBO NOW has run into a problem. -4000

  • Peter K

    HBO NOW has run into a problem. -4000

  • Bill B

    Good Dog No HBO Now! Tried to watch last night, took two hours to watch one episode of Game of Thrones because it wouldn’t stream properly. We tried streaming through Windows 8, Android, and Windows 7, same problem with all. Image and audio would freeze simultaneously and sometimes just the image would freeze and the audio would continue: Game of Thrones slideshow :0 /

  • MicheleinCA

    The HBO NOW android app doesn’t function properly. The audio continues while the video stops. This happens with everything I try watching. I switch to Netflix or Amazon and it runs smoothly, so it’s not my wifi or my tablet.

  • James

    The HBO Now app is not that great to be fair, basically has a mind of its own when it should open or not. It it much simpler to going online using WiFi.

  • Lisathescot

    Problems getting through finale of Game of Thrones. It gets stuck on a scene and audio progresses but video does not. Sometimes neither works.

  • Behinder

    At least you have legal access to HBO NOW….

  • Mark

    For some reason my HBO Now app is not working for me, i open and it closes or gets stuck on one screen.

  • Why,

    Am I the only one that finds it ironic that hbonow is having issues streaming Silicon Valley, homicide; an episode about having issues streaming online.

  • ninja

    hbonordic service is terrible. I cannot get any movies to play on Firefox and Google chrome browsers!

  • Stacy Kowtko

    Vice ~ season 3 ~ I can’t get the episode list to open :~(

  • Annoyed

    Wtf… Just got the free trial on my phone and not a single movie or tv show will load. It will sit at a black screen doing nothing

  • Tasmeem Lodhi

    I believe they didn’t anticipate so much traffic on their new streaming service and the result is the terrible buffering. There must have been some sort of miscalculation. HBO usually doesn’t fall short like this. whatever it is, they NEED to fix it. its starting to get a bit annoying.

  • micheal

    HBO NOW was running fine for the past 2 weeks. Only yesterday night did it start having some problems (frames dropping/stutter and loss of quality) Will this issue resolve soon?

  • Micheal

    Most likely. HBO NOW in general is running slow. But the movies are a-little more stable then GOT atm. Hopefully HBO resolve this soon.

  • Jenett Tillotson

    No, I’m trying to watch Real Time from past Friday. But lots of people seem to be trying to watch GoT. Perhaps it’s the GoT episode demand that is causing these issues.

  • Michead

    Are you having trouble watching GOT ep 3? Are you experiencing frame dropping and stutter?

  • Jenett Tillotson

    HBO NOW is giving me “Video Error No feed available.” It’s been doing this since 5pm EDT.

  • Scott

    Crawling. Doesn’t matter what I select to watch

  • Micheal

    Was watching GOT ep3 anyone and was stuttering every couple of seconds. Any one having the same problem? HBO NOW is running slow

  • Suit Yourself

    It is April 25th, 2015 and I signed up for HBO Now 2 days ago via my new Apple TV box. I just cannot believe how horrible the buffering is, and especially on an OLD movie at 11pm at night! Something must be done and not place blame on our provider as HBO seems to indicate on various sites. My provider is just fine, top notch.

    But really, this isn’t worth the $15 a month trying to watch a movie and see it freeze throughout it. And these lock ups last 1 to 1.5 minutes each, at least 8 to 10 times per movie.

    Not even a darn commercial to watch while killing time waiting for the buffer to catch up.


  • Bridget

    Watching on Apple TV, I cannot get bill maher’ latest episodes – only 2014. No wonder they gave the first month free!

  • Jassa

    The error I am getting is Video Error no feed available

  • HBOLow

    Constantly getting this error. Needs attention; paying twice what other streaming services cost per month, with significantly less content … so they best start delivering a better experience!

  • Jess

    Videos won’t always load. After watching a few episodes, it will stop loading other episodes. Says that an error has occurred. Search function also not always functional. Have to restart the app. I’m assuming they are working through some bug fixes since it is brand new. Videos seem to load fine once they start though. No freezing or buffering lag.

  • JM

    HBO NOW has run into a problem. -4000

    Might want to get this fixed before my 30 days is up … just sayin’

  • Michele Hemenway

    we have tried it four nights in a row on an ipad and never gotten it to work. Pathetic

  • Jay

    I have the app on my iPhone6. When I try to watch a video, it tells me i’m logged into to many devices. I only logged in with my iPhone. I have no other devices to watch HBO now, I don’t understand!

  • JustWannaWatch

    Over and over :/

  • JustWannaWatch

    HBO NOW has run into a problem. -4000

  • JK

    Can’t login with a windows machine running chrome Version 41.0.2m. I keep getting redirecte to the “order” page. Anyone else having problem?

  • Jackie

    When playing a movie it seems to lag a little, more like slowing down than lag i guess.

  • Tommy

    I tried signing up on my Apple TV but not going through right, I will try again later when i get more time.

  • Violet

    HBO Now videos are rather slow for me at this given time.

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