Clash Royale Down Today?

Clash Royale was released in 2016 for both Android and iOS users, it seems the game is very stable majority of the time but no and then problems do occur.

A Clash Royale maintenance break is one of the main reasons for the game to go offline, when this happens it is mainly down to fixing a few bugs and improving the game further.

Other problems do occur such as the app crashing upon opening on mobile devices, Supercell servers going down and mid-game freezing. Just like its borrowed setting from Clash of Clans popular games can have difficulties and when you have yours please do list them below.

If you are having issues with Clash Royale please do comment below with what platform you are using along with your problem.

Clash Royale Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Clash Royale is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Ashton Jayathilake
2 years ago

I am using bluestacks for clash royale it was all working perfectly before the maintainace break, now it goes to 50% and then it just shuts off, my clash of clans works and my brawl stars please help.

3 years ago

Umm how long is the break

Samuel Dons
3 years ago

I’m on iOS because I’m not poor like the android people and mine works perfectly. Well every iOS device does and android clash Royale doesn’t work because android is shitty and it’s for poor people like the ones below.

4 years ago
Reply to  ShadowX2952

Hi there. Last night we had a war so I switched to my other account to war on it. One I whas in I made my deck then I.started the Battle. Then it showed me the Previous guys Attack. Then when I try to Battle again it just Stopped on 50% and could not go into the game after a while I got back in but my.Attack whas lost. This is the 4th time it happens. Did not even put a single Troop down. Can we please resolve this issue .

4 years ago

Hi I am using Android device and my clash royal account get crashed when i open the game it loads to the bar down loads to 100% and then app closes by itself I have verified my storage space and app permissions every thing is fine please supercell do help me to fix this issue

4 years ago

I’m also on an Android. After the Feb 28 update, there’s no clan functionalities, and no war screen. “Social” doesn’t work at all, apart from the “Trade Cards” timer. The rest seems fine.

4 years ago

I’m on a android. They did the matinance break. It still says I’m in my clan but it doenst show my clan on social and there is nothing on clan war page.

4 years ago

My clash of clans loaded bit clash Royale when it loads up says maintenance check try again

edward O'reilly
4 years ago

First my crash royal stopped working after latest update now my clash of clans doesn’t load either any ideas?

Ömer Şayli
4 years ago

Works now, there is update on Android

Tom B
4 years ago

Im on an android and it has been updating for more than 4 hour. Any clue when the update will be done?

4 years ago
Reply to  Mark antony

I know…

4 years ago

I have waited a long time (android)

4 years ago

The game continues to show like “we are updating to a new check back in a short period”. So what can i do for that

Jr stein
4 years ago
Reply to  Kimmie

Same issue here

Robin Eriksson
4 years ago

its working on IOS but not android…… keep saying we are updating for new version

4 years ago

How long will it be down

Ömer Şayli
4 years ago

It has been down for hours today (android)

Mark antony
4 years ago

From past 5 hours its showing that we r updating.. login aftersometime.. its been 5 hours dude.. when will this be over

4 years ago

Mobile: My game won’t

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