Clash Royale Problems

Clash Royale was released in 2016 for both Android and iOS users, it seems the game is very stable majority of the time but no and then problems do occur.

A Clash Royale maintenance break is one of the main reasons for the game to go offline, when this happens it is mainly down to fixing a few bugs and improving the game further.

Other problems do occur such as the app crashing upon opening on mobile devices, Supercell servers going down and mid-game freezing. Just like its borrowed setting from Clash of Clans popular games can have difficulties and when you have yours please do list them below.

If you are having issues with Clash Royale please do comment below with what platform you are using along with your problem.

Clash Royale Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If Clash Royale is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash Royale Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Samuel Dons

    I’m on iOS because I’m not poor like the android people and mine works perfectly. Well every iOS device does and android clash Royale doesn’t work because android is shitty and it’s for poor people like the ones below.

  • Gideon

    Hi there. Last night we had a war so I switched to my other account to war on it. One I whas in I made my deck then I.started the Battle. Then it showed me the Previous guys Attack. Then when I try to Battle again it just Stopped on 50% and could not go into the game after a while I got back in but my.Attack whas lost. This is the 4th time it happens. Did not even put a single Troop down. Can we please resolve this issue .

  • Mahesh

    Hi I am using Android device and my clash royal account get crashed when i open the game it loads to the bar down loads to 100% and then app closes by itself I have verified my storage space and app permissions every thing is fine please supercell do help me to fix this issue

  • Luke

    I’m also on an Android. After the Feb 28 update, there’s no clan functions, and no war screen.

  • Adam

    I’m on a android. They did the matinance break. It still says I’m in my clan but it doenst show my clan on social and there is nothing on clan war page.

  • Robbie

    My clash of clans loaded bit clash Royale when it loads up says maintenance check try again

  • edward O’reilly

    First my crash royal stopped working after latest update now my clash of clans doesn’t load either any ideas?

  • Ömer Şayli

    Works now, there is update on Android

  • Tom B

    Im on an android and it has been updating for more than 4 hour. Any clue when the update will be done?

  • Gamer

    I know…

  • Will

    I have waited a long time (android)

  • Jr stein

    Same issue here

  • Robin Eriksson

    its working on IOS but not android…… keep saying we are updating for new version

  • Rhys

    How long will it be down

  • Ömer Şayli

    It has been down for hours today (android)

  • Mark antony

    From past 5 hours its showing that we r updating.. login aftersometime.. its been 5 hours dude.. when will this be over

  • Jordan

    Mobile: My game won’t

  • Jordan

    My game won’t load

  • Kimmie

    I’m having the same problem with clan related stuff. I can’t even see any clan stats, can’t chat, one screen shows I’m still co leader and the other screen shows no clan

  • Neec

    You need it? You really need it? Omg 😀

  • ShadowX2952

    Dear Supercell, I play the game on a Samsung J3 Eclipse and every time I press on the store, my game kicks me out. This has happened ever since your maintenance break July 3 2019.
    Please fix.

  • Sharon

    They had a maintenance break like 3 hours ago and they said they finished it. But for some reason I cannot play on my iPhone 8. I would like 1500 gems for the troubles.

  • CVB13

    Today after the release of the update when I try to open the game I receive a message saying I need to update. When I go to Google play to update I have only “open” available and no update option.
    I can’t open the game nor I can update

  • Josh

    Please Help!!! I just downloaded the game today and I finished the totorial I pressed the battle button to go into a match and it popped up downloading content 0/36 and it’s taking forever to load

  • Josh

    PPLEPL HELP! When I just downloaded clash royale today and when I load the game up it loads perfectly fine but when I press battle it pops up downloading content 0/36 and it takes forever to load

  • Jaey Shillingford

    This is ridiculous. After the update. My game takes forever to load,by the time it’s loaded, I’ve lost the match. This was the only game that wasn’t giving me problems. Come on guys. Fix this mess.

  • Scott Richardson

    Using samsung s7.been stuck at 50% for 3 days .help would be good .Tried reinstalling .deleting cache .rebooting .everything .damme think won’t work.

  • Scott Richardson

    Stuck at 50% for 2 days .this is beyond a joke

  • Darryl DJ

    im stuck at 50% after update ..please help i need to clash

  • Cuh lar

    When I click on the game, it opens and takes me to the update; yet, there is not an update to select..

  • Amin fouda

    after download last update can’t open the game and it’s loading @ 50% , tried to reinstall game and clear data but still issue exist

  • Ubaidulla Muaz

    After maintenance bracke it shows “new update available” but for app update it shows I’m not aurthorized county to update.

  • Tobias

    Does anyone agree with me that they need to try and fix the ladder!! How about ladder repair, i say totally forget challenges for now…

  • Alex

    The Clash Royale maintenance break is still underway, thats like nearly an hour now and still going.

  • Will Redd

    When trying to load my game Everytime it says Unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped

  • Neil Richardson

    lost loads of gems last few days compensation is now only way to get people back

  • neil

    Clash royale game loads to 50% then says updating… I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled three times today help

  • Taylor Owens

    iOS latest update. Game keeps crashing at 100% occasionally I will get in and then it kicks me mid game or while I am looking through the app.. going on since last night.

  • Juan

    Same thing is happening to me

  • Brian

    iOS latest update. Game keeps crashing at 100% occasionally I will get in and then it kicks me mid game or while I am looking through the app.. going on since last night.

  • Robson

    I use a Samsung galaxy j5.
    Since I first downloaded the game, I’m always having connection problems and Wi-Fi bars appear. But there’s good connection in my house. I’m currently in arena 10. There was a time I reached arena 8, but because of the problem, I went to arena 6. This is really frustrating since I’m using great decks but I’m looking challenges cause of this.

    Plz fix this connection issue.

  • Adriam

    Same here

  • Jesse Delisle

    same crash for me

  • Mzungu98

    Game won’t update. In app store, under updates, clash Royale doesn’t appear. Try to open app, says there’s an update. App store opens, it says Open(not update). Tap open, it goes to the same message: there’s an update.

  • Gavin Ramejkis

    Mdlew, cracked it, dont try to do the update by just launching the app itself, close it, go to Play Store and check for updates, apply the 30+Mb one waiting then launch it, working again now

  • Gavin Ramejkis

    Same for me, just a chinese symbol and a question mark, whatever that maintenance break was its screwed the game for me, running Android 7.0 on a Galaxy S8+, was working fine before the break

  • Mike Harper

    Same issue as Mdlew describes below

  • Mdlew

    Hi. The game won’t update. Just keeps coming up in I assume Chinese writing and asking for update. When I click update it reloads and just does the same thing. I have closed all apps and restarted phone and this hasn’t helped. Please advise what to do next.

  • Ros Fazilah Jamalludin

    never ending updating at 50%.since 17th oct

  • Simon Parker

    Yep. Been like it for a day

  • Zack Manning

    Anything 2v2 just gets stuck looking for players anyone else having this problem?

  • WeAry_Bat

    gmt +8 region here. Had the same infinite update loop problem since 11pm up to now 1039am.

  • D

    Been waiting for 8 hours for this to work on apple and it’s still not working… This is ridiculous! Android has been working for hours!

  • Ian

    Is this fixed yet or is there an estimated time when it will be fixed?

  • Mega

    The latest update just takes you on a constant loop…Keeps taking you to the “update available” screen when it was already updated at 50% of loading screen…can’t log on at all cause of this. It sounds like this is happening to a lot of people which means the recent update is buggy and is what is causing this!!! Please fix.

  • guest

    Keeps putting me on play store

  • Raul Turtle

    Says update is available but its not

  • guest

    Then puts you in play store?

  • Jimmer

    Tells me there’s a new version available, takes me to the store, and there’s no new version. Just wanna play some football 🙁

  • Dustin

    Mine Does not work

  • Nagendra

    its not updating

  • Kameron Franklin

    Bro I been waiting for an hour , the estimated time was like 20 min

  • Guest

    “Updating to new version”

  • Zach

    I just tried it and it works now nevermind

  • Zach

    Plz tell me

  • Severin

    Is there actually a fire in supercell office?

  • Raul Turtle

    Now when I go on it it says update with a Chinese symbol :

  • Vedant

    It could be because there is the new update coming and it’s a huge one

  • Zach

    Mine says maintenance break how long will it last?

  • Abrar

    New news it says maintence break is estimated for 5 mins now I saw

  • Irfan Arfa

    Maintenance break sucksss

  • Abrar

    So what will we gonna to do now?

  • Gavin Taylor

    Which office, Netherlands, Helsinki, Finland, San Francisco.

  • Gavin Taylor

    Yeah they changing their firewires, all good.

  • Lemonade

    Mine got 1569 days what is going on?!

  • Raul Turtle

    Imma just play splatoon 2 fn

  • Ryu Yamazaki

    Its like that for everyone dont worry

  • Caleb Turpin-Walters

    Mines says maintenance break estimated time 5mins. 5mins later that is replaced by a try again button. When you push it it just restarts the game and the same thing pops up

  • Gavin Taylor

    Yeah it will be back, only the dedicated complain and question. Keen for the new update though. Going to change the dynamics, Worth waiting for. Good luck fellow clashers hope it resumes soon.

  • News


  • Raul Turtle


  • Bruce Jin


  • Ryu Yamazaki

    It will be fixed today dont worry

  • News

    Fire in Supercell

  • Massimo


  • Gavin Taylor

    Mine said maintenance break estimated time, 25mins about an hour ago. Now it says maintenance break estimated time 11d 9h.
    You must be joking.

  • News

    Bro It wont back for some days

  • Ryu Yamazaki

    Biggest update for the game to date, experiencing technical difficulties, Clash Royal will be back as soon as problems have been resolved.

  • Leonel Parra

    should be out in a hour or 2. or maybe 30 minues? whos knows

  • News

    Yep did’nt you hear about fire in supercell office

  • Massimo

    When is the maintenance break ending for the new big update?

  • Bruce Jin

    few days!!??

  • Bruce Jin

    ikr what’s happening

  • News

    That is because watch the news Supercell office is on fire

  • Ryu Yamazaki

    Yeh it happens, be patient, clash will be back in a few days


    On the time on the matnice thing


    It said 5 min but it’s been 3 hours

  • Alez

    My gets to 50 says maintence break then says try again click it nothing happens

  • Clashplayer

    My game gets to 50% and crashes what the heck it has been like that for the past 30mins

  • News

    Server Malfunction Supercell Office is on fire Watch the news

  • RumblingBean

    what is taking supercell so long? is anyone from supercell going to talk to us..

  • mama

    mama mia

  • poo

    hi hi

  • hi

    I do not know

  • gir

    what is taking supercell so long?

  • Luke Simons

    Ik the feeling waiting for clash to come back online to continue playing but have to sit around and wait because the times not announced

  • Alexandrus

    They should announce the starting and ending time of maintenance before hand so we can adjust our plan! Waiting for god knows when its going to be finished is a waste of time!

  • Kyle

    Bye I will see it late reply if it still says that I will tell you guys

  • Me

    Have no idea just that theirs a maitanance break that is lasting for a while now

  • Kyle

    Today they are kinda slow

  • Raul Turtle

    Yeah I’m just waiting for the update so I eat and play

  • Kyle

    I found out

  • Kyle

    I know what is going on they are improving the game so you can’t play it or see it

  • Joshua Barrientes

    What’s going on with the update

  • Kyle

    You can’t even shut your iPad down to get out the glitch I tried it it did not work

  • Hey

    My game keeps saying try again and when I try again it crashes

  • gir

    I haven’t had breakfast yet because I am wait for the maintenance break to end,so I can check out the new update

  • Raul Turtle

    An hour and 4 mins

  • Kyle

    The new update is the worst

  • Kyle

    I don’t like it I hate it

  • Harsh Salunke

    When maintainence break is gonna end i am egarly waiting for it

  • Raul Turtle

    Stops at 50% and shows maintenance break and on the bottom it says try again

  • gir

    it’s been on a maintenance for about 40 min to a hour

  • ZukkiJuJu

    This is happening to everyone, no need to worry 🙂 Just be patient

  • Raul Turtle


  • gir

    same here

  • Bipidyyyyy

    Yeah I’m getting the same thing

  • Same here try again

  • Maria

    Ok so for me the clash royale maintenance break thing at the bottom says “Try Again” but when i click it.. It keeps bringing me back to the break thing… Is my acc lost or do i just need to be patient?

  • Mostafa Talaat

    I have the same problem

  • Instructor Hala

    Updates 50% and stops!!!????? Oooooh

  • Ali El Shaer

    Am having the exact same thing.

  • A K

    Same here, im using ipad air ios 11.

  • Laila Azmy

    I’ve changed my phone and since then it doesn’t open! Though it’s backed up !
    Loads till 50% then says updating then reopen till 50% then crashes! 2 weeks now

  • Faez

    When I’m opening Clash Royale . A maintenance Break chart appears.
    Using it from Android

  • Nihar

    What happens if clash of clans hacks your IOS bank to get 0 dollers??!!

  • Cody

    I put my phone back to factory settings to give it a good clean up and only retired it with the minimum such as my contacts and hardly any apps just to play Clash but i still keep getting loading errors.

  • Nguyen

    I start the game up and before it goes any further it gets stuck as like 52% load. Login failed yet again.

  • leigha dowen

    It won’t load past 50

  • Clarence

    I am sorry but the 2v2 update is the worst by far to date. My friends list is no longer there from clash of clans, new cards stolen etc.

  • Joanne

    Clash Royale is not working for me, darn this new 2v2 game mode update. Since I done that things not working.

  • Max

    The maintenance break today fixed the content update bug, but now they need another maintenance to fix the dreaded bug called the Elite Barbarians.

  • Maxine

    Wonder if they deleted the replays. I so hope they have not because I like them.

  • James

    Clash Royal was down for a while for maintenance, but think they are online now… I am not able to get online as at work, let me know if all is ok now please someone….


    I have to
    Say clash royal is a an awesome game but sometimes it freezes and I hate it right now when I press the app it just puts me out of the game please try to do something because i don’t want to restart the game.

    Sincerely,CAN MASTER

  • Shaz

    After 100 % loading it got freez .. i am playing this game from one year … I am much angry. How to fix it .

  • Lol

    I just hate the lags of this game…. supercell’s company try to fix further compitcated issues but not the simple ones

  • Victor

    Wats up with clash royal today (march 25) im a android user and so is my brother we cant get in. Itll load to 100% then not lets us in. Sooo help please i need my chests opened and my crowns earned !

  • Justin Shifflett

    I am experiencing different problems. I checked with about 20 people that i know and they are experiencing the same things. At first it worked but then it froze in a clan battle so i closed clash royale and reopened the app. This is when the problems started, after loading i saw my chest and thought didnt i just start a battle? i went to the chat and my game had been going on for 12 minutes. after restarting my phone it would not even load my clan chat or info. although face book friendly battles work.

  • Jake

    Clan not loading in so can’t do clan chest

  • ujjwol shrestha

    Loads upto 50% and crashes on ios

  • Dee

    I am trying to get on to clash this s morning but I only get to 50 per cent and then it crashes. I have tried to upgrade but doesn’t work it won’t let me go beyond 50% I am on my iPad

  • Shaarawy El Zachary

    and lose all the cards that you’re supposed to win right? >_<

  • SharraLynne Rogers Guymon

    On our android phone my son can’t log in. He gets to 50 % load and then it crashes

  • Pat

    Clash Royale is under maintenance to correct the Clan Chest to 3 days, this should take like 20 minutes tops to sort out come on now.

  • Ming

    Mine says updating then it goes back to SUP-ERC-ELL and says update again over and over

  • Chase

    Wonder how long the clash royale servers will be down for!!!!

  • Jeffery

    I think I should get my gems back after getting the 12 grand challenge win.

  • Carl

    Thanks for that, I lost a match because you decided to do the royale maintenance right now.

  • Gerry

    Come on now how about nerfing the royale giant?

  • Malcom

    The August Clash Royale maintenance is underway, The maintenance is to do some small adjustments within the trophy system. Apparently it will help players progress though the middle of 4, 5, and 6 arenas.

  • Carter

    They had a maintenance break yet again today, which now they are back online. but I thought they already sorted the fix for next week’s end of season Trophy reset!!

  • Travis

    There was a clash royale server maintenance, but now its back online so happy playing folks.

  • Danny

    OMG there is always a maintenance break. Even if they are quick its not funny when your in the middle of something.

  • Stephen

    I was nearly in spell valley and then the game goes down. Now i am back in barbarian bowl, not happy.

  • Jacob

    Seems to be back online guys and girls, they hope and i hope to see you in the Arena.

  • Brian

    There is a maintenance break going on right now for clash royale.

  • Otis

    New cards are getting some love today along with monitoring of Royal Giant and Freeze changes. Other changes are to do with the Furnace, Fire Spirits, Guards and more. Check out the official Clash Royale blog for more information.

  • Patrick

    Today 18 May 2016 there will be a maintenance break that is to do with new balance live and bug fixes.

  • Kerry

    is there any chance in the future to turn convert cards into gold?

  • Davido

    You can now throw confetti and watch friendly battles live, plus see the cool battles from any Arena.

  • Larry

    There are 6 new cards including Rare Card: Furnace, Common Card: Fire Spirits, New Epic Card: Guards and Legendary Cards: Lava Hound, Miner, Sparky.

  • Timmy

    Earlier today there was a Clash Royale maintenance break to fix a small issue to reset to 3000 trophies after the season ended. They are back online now though which is a good thing.

  • Chris

    what about the phantom notifications, you know the gold/silver chest false unlocks notifications?

  • Joan

    Wahey, I just got the super magical chest, it scares me every time they have a maintenance break because i fear they will take this from me.

  • Timmy

    Yeah it went down a little while ago but it was not down for ling, something to do with Asian Languages.

Clash Royale Reports

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