Crossy Road Problems

Crossy Road can be played on Android, iOS and also Amazon devices and as many of you know, is a very addictive game, although fans aren’t so fond of the game when they are having problems with it. Many past reports have mentioned that users have login issues, game progress not being saved, loss of characters, having trouble trying to download the game, with even some even crashing in the process.

Crossy Road Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Crossy Road is down today, then reports will be found below.

Crossy Road Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • beckieboo

    Keeps crashing every time I go onto the app on my Apple TV, this is the first time this has happened

  • addy

    my rossy road just stays on the part at the beginning where it says yodo games and never moves help me please

  • Sangita kedia

    I can’t open my farm from yesterday…Please help me.

  • Carol Dillingham

    Crossy Road has suddenly stopped giving me free coins after the prescribed time, it no longer gives me the banner allowing me to access the prize machine, and when Inwould. Or ally get free coins followed by the second tier bonus after jumping x number of logs or whatever. None of this is occurring. I have rebooted the game, rebooted my phone but I don’t want to delete the game and reload because I will lose my 35,000+ coins!! Anybody k ow what’s up?

  • Ness_lilclimber

    Why won’t crossy road save ny characters!?! I literally have updated the settings to storage allowed and it still won’t let me save my characters!!! Why?!

  • Tom Mott

    Same here! It runs for about 5 second then freezes. Samsung note

  • Tom Mott


  • TheIdiotGaming321

    Same exact thing for me! Glad to know it’s not just me that is having this.

  • Carol Parker

    Game freezes up as soon as I try to go to the competition or after 3 hops on the main game

  • Grant Mitchell

    I’m not getting to play at all . Turn on game then freezes after 5 secs

  • Having Crossy Road issues crashing on Fire Cube. Works fine on other Fire sticks, gets stick on Whale page. Uninstalled, removed from cloud. How do I fix this?

  • SomebodyUnimportant

    Even though me and my friend and on the same WiFi the multiplayer symbol still won’t show up,,, im on an android if it helps…

  • JOE

    BOOTING #0 -14 THATS IT…….?

  • Cindy Kruger

    In the past week – around Dec 22, 2018 – the Google Play update that I ran caused 6 characters from the New Zealand update (from years ago) to just disappear. Now showing only 2 characters. There were 8 before the update last week. Nothing else good seemed to come from that update, eg, no new characters or environments. Or, fixes to the bugs that have been occurring since the July 2018 updates (no more truly Free Gift of points every 3 hours, no more daily challenges with each Free Gift every 3 hours, stickiness and inability to quickly move many of the Pecking Order characters, etc.)

  • lauryn Hill

    Every time i play it i have to wait like hu ndred year for it to work

  • Pat

    I can get the “Pecking Order” game to play but not the normal game ….no buy prizes, no log in coins… challenge for today, e.g. How many steps, logs, birds etc which is so frustrating. Please help to restore my favourite game.

  • PandaRainbow4

    I was looking through characters and out of nowhere it bought the sloppy penguin and used all my coins!! I want my coins back and I don’t want that dumb penguin!!!!

  • A Chevrolet Spark with a 454

    Really nice considering I bought a bunch of figurines and unlocked a lot, only for them to not be there at all when I signed in on my new phone.

  • Alexander

    The game won’t start for me. It shows the hipster whale but when it gets to the title of it doesn’t work.

  • Ciofey

    Game suddenly pauses, and then immediately unpauses during gameplay. After unpausing, the game may or may not remember my last move. I do not tap the pause button. IMO game now unplayable.

  • Schnulz

    I have the same problem. The one character that moves has a strange cube-like “helmet”, the other one faces the oppsite direction, and does not move. If I jump to a grass-field after a street, then the next car still kills the character. It’s completely unplayable!

  • Ollie

    I can’t change my character thing anymore, it just starts a new game with a random character after I die and then usual button to change characters Is not there.

  • nanna

    the chicken has turned into two characters and the original does not move

  • Thatregulargirl1991

    In my original cross road I’ve been playing for 2 years now. I have over 900 coins but ic amt access the proze machine at all. It just doesnt allow me to.

  • Grant Hudson

    still no daily missions…. my daughter is going mental

  • Dandi Snyder

    The Disney crossy road support responded to my email about this and said they temporarily disabled it to fix some issues. They did not give a timeframe for it to be back. So frustrating.

  • Michelle

    And me, it’s driving me mad!!!

  • Marcelle

    still no daily challenges…this is day 3.

  • Dandi Snyder

    Same with me!!

  • Susan Barton Hebert

    All I get again is the whale! Same problem as 4 days ago…ugh

  • Dude

    My daily challenge button doesn’t show up when I log in.

  • Kyle

    I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION! I confirmed this by doing it on my phone then trying it once again on a different device. STEP 1.) if needed, update your phone so it is up to date on the lastest version of your device. STEP 2.) DO NOT OPEN OR TOUCH THE APP FOR 24 HOURS. If you try to open it, it will get stuck again and your time will reset. Once the 24 hours is up, open the game! The Hipster Whale screen should take no longer than 5 seconds to go away and open to the main screen. Stay Crossy my friends!

  • Bro

    I had the hipster whale problem yesterday, but mine was fixed when I tried today.

  • MEP

    Mine is stuck on hipster whale, too. I dId a force stop in settings as restarted my Android phone, no change. I don’t want to lose anything so I’m going to sit tight and hope developers can fix it. I have about 16000 coins and over 4000 points. In not going to be very happy if I lose them.

  • Angie

    Mine got stuck on the whale. I am playing on an iPhone. I made sure iCloud was backing it up and I uninstalled the game. It works now, but I lost all coins and pixels. Tickets and characters were still there. Also lost my stamp streak. I had over 1,000 pixels saved…

  • Jackie

    Mine isn’t working either ☹️ Hopefully this is resolved soon

  • Shannon

    I’m glad I’m not the only one having this problem. Still stuck on the Hipster Whale screen. Tried everything. Any solutions?

  • Susan Barton Hebert

    Still down :/ no getting past the whale

  • Marcelle

    so glad I found this page. Same thing going on here. Was fine last night but I have not been able to get past the hipster whale screen all day…

  • Grant Hudson

    Same issue here. 3 Iphones and Disney Crossy Road not working on any of them.

  • Hayden

    Have they found a way to fix it yet?

  • Steve L

    Agreed. Can’t get past Hipster Whale screen. Really frustrating because I was supposed to get my Daily Mission character today, and that would have meant I only had 5 characters left

  • Jesus

    Any solutions yet?

  • Elizabeth McDaniel

    Same problem here. Stuck staring at the hipster whale!

  • Gator Fan

    same here, sticks on Hipster whale Logo.

  • Bro

    How did you get past the hipster whale page?

  • Bro

    My screen stays on the hipster whale one and won’t let me play. I don’t want to delete and reinstall the game because I would lose all of my characters.

  • Lindsey Lichtman

    This happened to me today. Did you ever find a solution?

  • Husker Fan

    This just happened to me this weekend. Any solutuons? I see the last post a few months ago. I also like daily and weekend chalkenges. And don’t want to lose all the cool characters in different Disney worlds.

  • Faith Martens

    I’m having the exact same problem for a few weeks now. So frustrated. We’ve spent a mint of characters to appease my son, I definitely don’t want to delete and reinstall the app on my fire tv and lose them. Help please!

  • Liz Page

    Same for me on hipster whale, just says crossy roads has stopped and goes off. Don’t want to uninstall and reinstall for same reasons as above.

  • Taylor Croft

    I have the same exact problem and it happened about midnight as well.

  • Melanie Stull

    Mine is the same. We did uninstall and reinstall and lost all our characters. Still not able to play when weekend challenges arise

  • Kelly

    I tried mine again yesterday and it was fine again! Then today I was doing the daily challenges and it just bailed on me. It wouldn’t let me continue once I died and once I closed the game it wouldn’t reopen. I’m also doing well with characters and don’t want to lose what I’ve got.

  • Laura Heilig-Trexler

    I am having the same problem! It started with last week’s weekend challenge and came back yesterday! If we are all having the same problem with Amazon products, it must be a glitch in the game. I will be pissed if we are forced to uninstall-I have almost all the characters! Please post if anyone gets info.

  • Ckaiser

    Mine had problems all last weekend, when I was one challenge away from the enchanted character and had spent actual money on tickets to get there. Then magically it worked fine all week, then today when the weekend challenge comes back up suddenly it won’t load the game again… hhmmmm coincidence?!? I play on firestick btw I sent a strongly worded letter to the game runners

  • Kelly

    Did you guys manage to fix it, without deleting and reinstalling? I’m having the same issue.

  • Kelly

    I’ve got this problem too as of about midnight last night (start of the weekend challenge). Have you found a solution?

  • Jana Siepert

    I can not past Hipster Whale page. This happened Saturday and then Sunday I could get in but the game would not recognize any of the completed task in the weekend challenge. I have shut down Kindle and logged back on several times with no change. I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall as I will lose all my characters. Anyone have and ideas or know what is going on with this game. I love playing it but am getting aggravated at all the problems lately.

  • Chris

    My daughter purchased a few characters but they do not work in the game?! Are we doing something wrong?

  • Catherine

    I love crossyroad road game but they have a pause when I’m jumping to go across they have to be something wrong when I first started it did not do that

  • Steve

    Updated 5 days ago start up to game just freezes tried turning off and on again not working so annoyed as built score right up

  • Polly

    What discussion no one seems to know the answer when screen freezes. Just lost 164 characters Down loaded three times. Still frozen Most annoyed

  • 礼珊

    Finally got a response from support. Their suggestion was to delete and reinstall, which i tried. Unfortunately, the title screen freeze problem still persists.

  • Jane

    Will you post here when you get feedback from support?

  • 礼珊

    I have the exact same problem. Tried the on off solution to no avail. Emailed support and also tweeted them but no reply. Left a feedback on the app store re this problem too. The app is on my iphone 5c with latest ios10 update. Works fine on my ipad but all my coins are on the iphone app.

  • Jane

    I have the same problem, Crossy road support was no help since their only solution was to turn off and on the device. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

  • Gianluca Meroni

    my new version of crossy road just updated freeze on startUp (on the blue screen with white 3d text “crossy road”
    i’ve got an iPhone 5 and iOS 10.1

  • Don Reed

    Just lost all but 4 of my characters. I had 163 10 minutes ago. My tablet shut down, as it sometimes does when playing CR, and then re-sorted with my reduced number. My high scores are still showing in the achievements, although not on the playing screen. Anyone???

  • That simply means you have all the characters that can be dispensed. The rest must be discovered by playing. Pocket Gamer has a great set of walkthroughs for all of them (& for Disney CR)

  • Black

    How to restart

  • NightFury

    Same for me

  • Karen Pritchard

    The button to win prizes is not working and has turned grey

  • Nicola DeFalco


  • Jessie


  • Sofia Bunting Newman

    Mine is stuck on the Hipster Whale screen, and I don’t want to lose my characters either!!!

  • Hayley Jane

    my daughters game is stuck on the hipster whale screen. shes been building her charactors up for weeks will she lose them if I uninstall and reinstall… actually fuming because shes spent so much time getting them.

  • Olivia

    The button to win prizes with coins is grey and it won’t let me click on it, so I can’t spend my coins to unlock new characters. Even when I’m not using my coins, I keep on losing them yet I can’t use any.

  • douche

    crossy road isnt letting me update to multiplayer edition

  • Leilz

    My game was sticking at the Mickey loading screen. I deleted and re-downloaded the app (I’ve done this once before when I was having the same issue). This time when I opened the app the game was re-set and I was given a box containing Mickey Mouse and all of the characters I had were gone. Any help with this would be much appreciated as I really don’t want to have to start collecting again.

  • Michael Innis

    Me too! I didn’t notice it last night but today it was there. I cant click on it either. Also, when I die, it doesnt say anything such as “free gift in 6hrs 0mins” and “58 coins to go” and stuff. I also cant see my characters when i click the little mickey in the bottom left. My screen just brightens up and all my clickable options go away. And when I try to get a new character and click on the pokeball looking thing, the screen lightens up and gives me a choice of 100c or 100p (which is odd because it should be 500p). When I click on the 100p and 500p (ive tried both), it just goes back to the bright screen and no options. Help please?

  • Mar

    i played today at 9 am and I got to look through my characters and I chose Nala (I had a Lion King mission) but then I couldn’t go back and look at my characters again

  • Derrick Philibert

    I am having the same issue on my android device. I can’t spend my coins and can’t get the free gifts either. I also noticed an additional tab that looks like a 1st 2nd and 3rd place pedestal

  • Robert MacDonald

    I encountered the exact same problem. Started immediately after I unlocked Yama (black shell-suit with yellow stripe) on big Hero 6. I have tried powering down the phone, stopping the app and winning a new character with 100 coins. None of these attempts resolved the issue.

  • Chloe

    My crossy road wont let me see my characters when I go to click to see my characters it just turns lighter like I turned up my brightness. It’s making me very frustrated because I had a lot of characters and now I can’t see them.

  • MRLoller54

    can t restore purchases from Windows to android devices, because both versions are different, I bought psy in the pc, but I can’t use it on my phone, and I will have to buy it again. That feels like a scam

  • queenxxhala

    i keep on losing my characters and my coins and i nearly had all my characters.

  • Fotomaker

    Since December occasionally the eagle flies out to grab a character & the screen freezes & requires me to reboot my device. The Brazil update ‘broke’ Crossy Road on my Google Nexus 7-2 (Android) tablet. The game just crashes & won’t launch.

  • Aaron Bush

    Cant launch the game on J1 ACE 4G. All it does is play sound and the screen is stuck on a multicoloured stuffed up screen like the screen is broken just wont start the graphics

  • Sara Teitelman Riegel

    Can open the game now, but when I move to slow, the bird comes out but doesn’t pick me up and I am just stuck on the screen.

  • Luise Raymond

    I haven’t been able to open this app for awhile, since the most recent update, on my Android phone. It was my favorite game before this …

  • Jennifer

    My Crossy Roads got updated and now it won’t open. How can I fix it without losing all of my characters and coins? HELP!

  • Rachael

    Yep, updated and now wont open ! Hope they can fix as had all characters and over 32 thousand coins!

  • Melsybby

    I had 413000 coins banked and they disapeared has any one had this happen?

  • Cgcvhgugug

    My Crossy road crashes on launch after the Brazilian up date

  • Sara Teitelman Riegel

    After latest update, fame won’t let me open Crossy Road

  • Sara Teitelman Riegel

    Same here. It just sits on the load screen and never opens up

  • Angel

    In the USA and February 2016 update won’t let me open Crissy road

  • Mojo

    In the USA and can’t play today:(

  • Shari Lee

    All characters including paid for ones, coins progress etc all erased today, they were all there yesterday. Google play games never did work, could not connect/save any games that way. Restore purchases/game ineffective. I had every character including Psy & Piggy Bank. All gone.

  • Josh

    My high score is 163 and somehow the next day I play it and it says my top score is 117 which was my previous high score!

  • Windsor

    I can’t sign in, and the game crashes every time I die or switch characters, also sometimes on launch.
    I used to love this game, but now I can’t even play.

  • mosr93

    My favorite characters all gone after quit the games.
    After I back to the game all gone

    ( after update )

  • Cher

    Tried several times to open Crossy-Road App .. just has black screen with blinking hand. Attempted multiple shutdown and restarts still ‘frozen’ any thoughts?

  • khianna

    Why haven’t I never had a update I have internet and I installed it in 2014

  • andy

    I’ve lost everything I had 106 characters and over five hundred ,it’s all been wiped out I was left with the chicken,
    Will I get this stuff back

  • Alyssa

    The game won’t load not even after I deleted it and reinstalled it. It let me on after I pressed the home button and went back in the game but now if I do that, the game crashes!! Pls help idk if my characters are still there and I want to know!

  • Cmat Role

    What I don’t understand

  • hudjsks


  • hudjsks

    It restared2😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Cmat Role

    I want all my hard work back what should I do I really need everything I had on my ios device

  • Cmat Role

    My characters erased when I reset the app but I was loged in to my Facebook account and when I got the app again and loged it in to my Facebook I had not characters I had to start all over

  • Nick

    Game is crashing, not working properly

  • Fabforte3

    I lost all my characters I had 70 character’s and I lost my top score. Can I call somewhere or get them back somehow

  • binki

    I lost all my progress today and I need my hard work back.😢

  • Shadow

    Just lost all my characters I had earnt since the korean update. So pissed! 🙁 Also why is it so laggy and freeze up regularly?! I think im gonna delete this is the 3rd time its lost my characters and highscore

  • Charlie

    my crossy road (on windows 8.1) as reset itself 3 times now! Crossy road doesn’t have windows support! Please help!!!!!!!!!!

  • AG

    All my crossy road characters are gone this morning.. why is that? Could you fix it soon?

  • faghiLEE

    mine cannot purchase any new character and its secret character. why this happen?

  • Bryn Batten

    Same here!!!!! I haven’t been able to play it for two days!!!😈

  • Patrick Conrad

    Hey my characters are gone today. Please fix that fast!!!

  • James

    Crossy Road is so buggy, characters go missing, app closes down on you mid game. Bored of it now. Bring back frogger.

  • Antoine scott

    Last night I had all my characters on crossy road, but now this morning they are all gone.

  • im the derp

    So I was playing it today and everything was fine and when I got in my car all my characters were gone it erase all my data and I had to start over and I brought the piggy bank for $4 and now it’s all gone! How do I get all my stuff BACK!!!! PLZ HELP ME CAUSE I HAD 80/90 characters SO IM SUPER MAD!!!!

  • Darcy

    I love this game, the only downside is – TOO ADDICTIVE, just ban the game would you. No problems at all my end.

  • Jordie

    Out of the last 20 characters I have been tying to unlock they have not been new ones. This is getting boring.

  • Matthew

    Game keeps crashing on me after first load up screen.

  • Isabel

    I am so annoyed it is unreal. I know Crossy Roads is just a game but after getting 70 out of 90 characters, but
    because I reset my mobile phone the restore will not work. Unbelievable.

  • lucy

    Why is the game saving to google play account

  • Jolie

    I logged out of Crossy Roads and when I logged back in I lost my characters, a little bit weird.

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