Crossy Road Down Today?

Crossy Road can be played on Android, iOS and also Amazon devices and as many of you know, is a very addictive game, although fans aren’t so fond of the game when they are having problems with it. Many past reports have mentioned that users have login issues, game progress not being saved, loss of characters, having trouble trying to download the game, with even some even crashing in the process.

Crossy Road Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Crossy Road is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 years ago

Crossy rd completely frozen. It will not allow to change out of it so we are unable to watch TV. Unplugged EVERYTHING!.. Plugged it all back in.. nothing!.. Tried different FireStick remote reboots still nothing.

3 years ago

the quests work now but i still don’t have the gift or the price machine

3 years ago
Reply to  Buchêlaruzit

Same here, I was stuck on the 10 logs. So matter how many I jumped on it still says zero. My access to the prize machine is gone also.

3 years ago

My quest is stuck. It says 0/4 birds scared no matter how many I make fly away. I don’t receive gifts anymore either, and I can’t buy prices at the machine either. The buttons don’t show up when I die.

3 years ago

Crossy Road displays the title splash screen but doesn’t continue past that point. I actually was able to play it earlier today, but now, it appears to be completely non-functional, with the exception of the splash screen. What’s up???

3 years ago

Pecking order does not come up on all my devices that I have crossy Road on. Chromebook gets pecking order 1 Samsung tablet get pecking order the older one. Another new Samsung tablet doesn’t get pecking order. I downloaded it on my laptop and I cannot find pecking murder Box. usually located upper left corner

3 years ago

Keeps crashing every time I go onto the app on my Apple TV, this is the first time this has happened

3 years ago

my rossy road just stays on the part at the beginning where it says yodo games and never moves help me please

Sangita kedia
4 years ago

I can’t open my farm from yesterday…Please help me.

Carol Dillingham
4 years ago

Crossy Road has suddenly stopped giving me free coins after the prescribed time, it no longer gives me the banner allowing me to access the prize machine, and when Inwould. Or ally get free coins followed by the second tier bonus after jumping x number of logs or whatever. None of this is occurring. I have rebooted the game, rebooted my phone but I don’t want to delete the game and reload because I will lose my 35,000+ coins!! Anybody k ow what’s up?

4 years ago

Why won’t crossy road save ny characters!?! I literally have updated the settings to storage allowed and it still won’t let me save my characters!!! Why?!

Tom Mott
4 years ago
Reply to  Carol Parker

Same here! It runs for about 5 second then freezes. Samsung note

Tom Mott
4 years ago
Reply to  IdiotGaming


4 years ago
Reply to  Grant Mitchell

Same exact thing for me! Glad to know it’s not just me that is having this.

Carol Parker
4 years ago

Game freezes up as soon as I try to go to the competition or after 3 hops on the main game

Grant Mitchell
4 years ago

I’m not getting to play at all . Turn on game then freezes after 5 secs

Angela B
4 years ago

Having Crossy Road issues crashing on Fire Cube. Works fine on other Fire sticks, gets stick on Whale page. Uninstalled, removed from cloud. How do I fix this?

5 years ago

Even though me and my friend and on the same WiFi the multiplayer symbol still won’t show up,,, im on an android if it helps…

5 years ago


Cindy Kruger
5 years ago

In the past week – around Dec 22, 2018 – the Google Play update that I ran caused 6 characters from the New Zealand update (from years ago) to just disappear. Now showing only 2 characters. There were 8 before the update last week. Nothing else good seemed to come from that update, eg, no new characters or environments. Or, fixes to the bugs that have been occurring since the July 2018 updates (no more truly Free Gift of points every 3 hours, no more daily challenges with each Free Gift every 3 hours, stickiness and inability to quickly move many of the Pecking Order characters, etc.)

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