Uber Problems

With Uber now being one of the most popular ways of transport, due to them going worldwide in over 300 cities and 58 countries, you can imagine how popular they are. However, with their service being very good, Uber do find themselves having problems such as problems when paying, adding a payment method, customer service or even their website being down.

Uber Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If Uber is down today, then reports will be found below.

Uber Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Holly

    Trying to sort my payment method out for future rides as I’m new to this and it’s not excepting my card?

  • Jul Jumaw

    Good afternoon. I am an expat and presently residing Riyadh, K.S.A. I contacted an Uber for me to bring home from my shopping, an uber driver responded to pick me up with the license plate of 5110 TXJ around 11:58 am at 12:09 I received a call from a mobile number of 0500707047 that he is around that I have to get in the car but I told him your plate number is not the same that appear in my phone and he told that there is no problem sister it’s the same car, however I refused to ride in because I know this is not the plate number of the car that I am looking for.
    He cancelled the trip and he charged me. Well, charging me the payment is not an issue but my security is the most important that I am scared of. I want the Uber company to make an action to this incident so that it will not happen again. This is for the safety for everybody.
    Thank you very much.
    Jul Jumaw

  • James Cook

    When did the Uber driver at the National History last Friday run away

  • FL NJ

    Do you get money off when a taxi is late. do drivers get money when they have to wait for you?

  • FL NJ

    Why do you want your child killed in the car. Put your stupid car seat in a shopping cart moron.

  • FL NJ

    Every passenger is insured for $1 million during an Uber ride.

  • FL NJ

    Uber drivers are not soccer moms we can’t drive minors nor do we want to.

    But I do agree Uber is horrible, but to it’s drivers, they let the passengers abuse us.

  • Chris Ruehl

    How the he’ll can you be picked up by someone who has no background check on them? How can they pick you up and they don’t have proper tags to carry passengers ( for hire) which means they are not properly insured? How does urber allow a drunk driver to pick-up passengers? When something goes wrong URBER comment is always (WELL THEY DON’T WORK FOR US ANYMORE) but they were working for you at the time. As said by many people you don’t know or care who the he’ll is working for you nor do you know any background about them.ALL UBER CARE ABOUT IS THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR AND SCREW THE PEOPLE.

  • shannon puerta

    Uber is NONSENSE!!! The drivers are HORRIBLE! Unprofessional. No credentials at all. A registered sex offender driving for uber is not ok. No thank you. I’ll stick to the taxi service that drives my child home from school.

  • Oscar

    I tried to sign up to the Uber service but it keeps telling me my card is not valid when i know the cards fine. The card works with many other online stores so why the problem with Uber, so from the get go there is a problem, so that tells me how the service will pan out. Thanks for the pre-warning.

  • Bobby

    The Uber app is brilliant, it works very well and rarely have any problems. The rating screen pops up on my phone when i leave the Uber car but then it vanishes very quickly before i can rate the service,

  • Christine

    Uber is a great servic normally, up until last Thursday that is. I said I had a baby and they told me to bring my own car seat, so what the hell am i supposed to do with the car seat when i am shopping?

  • Gravesite

    Quit and join the future. Taxis have ALWAYS SUCKED. Now that an alternative service with better service is around, the taxi drivers and companies are crying. Boohoo! Update your business model.

  • raj

    Iam unable to login since early morning. 401 authentication error, iam getting

  • raj

    Hello…..is uber service down today of 31st of Oct 2015

  • Jeriam

    Should we get some sort of money off if a driver is late. No point having a really good set like Uber only to be let down by drivers. Only happened once but not the point.

  • Kerry

    Why is there a penalty for passengers canceling a ride but yet no penalty for drivers canceling?

  • Mason

    I had a slight issues trying to change my card, when i tried to pay with a different card all i kept getting was “Error Processing Request”.

  • Kenny

    Do people have a problem with Uber drivers doing the Knowledge?

  • Jack

    Yeah I have a problem with Uber, my taxi firm is not doing nearly as well as it used too. Just ridiculous how we who have been working for years have to work even harder now to make ends meet.

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