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For Honor is an online action game by Ubisoft and keeps most players on the edge of their seats. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan, meaning players can occasionally witness problems with the servers. So therefore, you’re in the right place to leave your status and by doing so you’ll be able to notify us, the writers, and also members of the Down Today community.

For Honor Status insight for Friday 22nd of January 2021

If For Honor is down today, then reports will be found below.

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For Honor Reports

@WnnWnn1 @NxDarknessRises @ForHonorGame Bro, I thought the same thing, then I realized, "Hey, they gave us one variant of the Marching Fire set." They are also going down the line with armor sets, so the next one to get variants is the Marching Fire armor.

@ZockMan1 @AndersCool1 @WheresY1dlcarmr @ForHonorGame Well for tje rest of the cast it's not gryphon needs to be nerfed the fuck down

@EpicScruffest @ForHonorGame Idk I played from beta till about a year ago and the games gone down hill a lot

@ForHonorGame Can y’all add a skip feature to all the loot you get after a game especially the battle pass, it’s so annoying having to tap x 15 times and hold it down for like two seconds twice when I just want to play

@ForHonorGame I think you guys should really give the players cross play option. If you don't you'll risk loosing money, because those players will leave. Just a friendly point of view from a PS4 player, who has problems to find a group in game...

@RandomTophatMan @ForHonorGame atleast im not a big bag of shit who has to put his problems out on MY opinion.