For Honor Problems

For Honor is an online action game by Ubisoft and keeps most players on the edge of their seats. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan, meaning players can occasionally witness problems with the servers. So therefore, you’re in the right place to leave your status and by doing so you’ll be able to notify us, the writers, and also members of the Down Today community.

For Honor Status insight for Thursday 2nd of July 2020

If For Honor is down today, then reports will be found below.

For Honor Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • TopGamer

    Not working for me, located in the UK

  • Chrissy

    Not working for me, login is down. No match play for me then hey!!

  • Hayden

    I played for like 30 minutes and now getting this after being disconnected “Connection to Ubisoft servers has been lost”

  • Dylan

    When i try to get into dominion it keeps saying high activity, which is a right pain in the backside. The servers are getting flooded to heck and yet they do not seem to sort this issues out by getting more.

  • Ahmed

    I am having some serious issues with latency, it is now pinging at like 30-40, frame rate is bad and i mean skipping a lot.

  • Nightmare Sans

    I try to play FOR HONOR, but I got the error
    What does it mean?

  • Wayde

    I know what you mean because over the last week i have been getting MIKE C-21-645, DELTA C-2-229 and DELTA C-2-1279.

  • Brett

    I love playing The Division but today i am getting error code c-0c1279.

  • Joe

    Can’t join friend, or accept my invite. Anyone else having issue?

  • Jason

    For Honor is down for maintenance on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This will be the case for around 30 minutes.

  • Maxie

    For Honor is down for maintenance which means we cannot login to play the game, I read online that it will take about half and hour, which means servers will be totally offline which means no gameplay children lol.

  • Colton Brown The Legend!!

    I want a refund

  • Dishonoured

    This is poor

  • Aceandy

    Still down? Come on? This game is too broken now

  • tim caldwell

    is it still down

  • BlurryBiscuit35

    I brought the game yesterday and only managed to to start the story last night. Can’t get on now. Not impressed one bit

  • Thorgny

    All DLC Are free

  • Victor

    I am not a hater or go trolling on the net for attention but trust me when i say i WANT attention on this For Honor rubbish servers. The game is awesome, the people that run it are my issue, its always disconnecting me and i feel we should all be allowed FREE DLC.

  • Ben

    I love this game very much but to be honest I would like my money back for my purchase because I have not been able to play For Honor for like 2 days now.

  • Matt

    Is anyone having issues since for honor 1.06 patch notes were released?

  • Gian Marco Nolfi

    Servers apparently went down few minutes ago… Anyone facing the same issue?

  • Thee Neisinut

    I Can login to uplay, launch the game, but can not find a game !!!
    Same for you guys?

  • Ben Wild

    for honor uk, i can log in now but i cant play a game, it says we are doing some maintenance work!

  • Peter Kakegamic

    The orochi is a glass cannon, I used to own people, now they are starting to adapt and understand my moves. Get smart, combo warriors (assassins) rely on the first hit. If they miss the first hit, they start sweating, trying to piece together on how to kill him before his friends comes and smash you.

    I’d tell you this though.
    If you nerf my orochi I’ll lower my attack and defence to the point of being stick and go high Stam regen, and start spamming all the moves to show you I can still kill you with a sharpen stick.

  • Toby

    for honor uk is back up again, just logged in fine.

  • Graham Smith

    Had the game four days completed one 4 v 4 battle and every other attempt has lead to a disconnect after a few minutes of play. I understand servers can get busy and there can be issue’s, But this many for so long is a joke. needs fixing or link me a refund page please.

  • joe


  • Joe

    Really my faction just one the round and no reward, im so angry!!!

  • brian

    servers down in The Netherlands UBISOFT FIX THIS!!

  • Nick

    Looks my Champion Status is being spent on my own looking at a wall because I cannot play the game ….

  • Peter

    Come on Ubisoft fix the error, this has been going on long enough now…

  • Alec

    I’m from the uk and it says that the servers are down for 4 hours!!!! And I just got the game

  • Clint Rimmer


  • Clint Rimmer

    Me too

  • Garrett Scott

    Servers down in Tampa, have been for like 3 or 4 days straight now.

  • Tobias jensen

    Down for real fix the server

  • Alastair Devlin

    Won’t allow me to stay in games of pvp – been like this for about 4days and seems to be getting worse – I’m in the uk, anyone else suffering like this. Current errors are 0006000037 (Xbox one) @ubisoft

  • Bas van deijck

    They pay more attention to new dlc and ornaments and stuff than to the servers

  • Dimitar Karachorov

    problem with synh ?!

  • Bigoleredbush

    Me too

  • Nick James

    Really wish this game had a better server system can play with a group of friends aginst the AI but the moment we try and play a pvp match it’s a no go thanks a lot ubi soft was really enjoying this game until this

  • Ben Fisher

    servers down at 6:55 PST on 3/8?

  • Tshaj Xyooj

    yo after the update i still can’t join my friend or neither can he join me.

  • Ragnar Rollo


  • Ragnar Rollo

    Matchmaking fails across all modes. Just when I got a green NAT after 2 hrs, this had to happen. FML. Singapore 0243hrs

  • Chris

    Honestly why do UbiSoft even keep releasing games? They are the pathetic joke of studio’s worldwide …. Haven’t been able to reach the servers even once despite trying for 2 weeks. Melbourne, AUS.

  • Szakos Márk

    same in Europe, Hungary

  • Maestro Gin Qodrie

    cant reach server my location SEA

  • Jossi Wales

    I heard that.

  • Jossi Wales

    Orochi doesn’t need a nerf. Warden/Warlord needs a nerf. Orochi is easy to beat if you just pay attention to their attacks. Don’t hard initiate them.

  • issac williams

    I have been kicked off of the server all day. This game runs like crap. Thanks ubisoft for no dedicated servers. I want my money back.

  • greg czysz

    Can’t reach friend is on. Even invited me?

  • Aikawakun

    Cant reach the server… my buddy in utah is on right now… wtf?

  • Lustmord Baron Torque

    Here we go again, can’t reach the server

  • Sloth Star

    Sort it out, keep getting kicked. champion status wont make up for this

  • legendariana

    getting kicked put

  • Luca

    Nobushi you meano

  • Luca

    Can’t join or be joined by friends by the way. Are there others with the same problem?

  • Luca

    I’ve got the gold edition, so I should get the elite outfits right? Or not?

  • Jari Kuipers

    Continuous random disconnects in the servers one Xbox One (Netherlands).

  • Tony

    Red NAT in NC. Come on Ubi!

  • JC

    Red NAT here in AZ USA. What a pile of garbage. So many kicks last weekend.

  • Joel Rivera

    Red NAT in Canada

  • Dean

    Red NAT status in Australia too right now 🙁

  • Eduardo Portugal

    Sadly, you can’t get into Story mode… if the servers are offline.

  • Ryan Provus

    6:34pm, North Dakota, U.S. Red NAT (1st time ever, even with the Beta), no multiplayer functionality (other than A.I.) and no fix in the foreseeable future. Time to finish Story Mode.

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    everyone had red

  • Eduardo Portugal

    I got red NAT =/ is it the same in the rest on the UK?

  • Ian Burns

    Sorry I was taking the piss 😀

  • sonny nielsen

    goddamnit when its it going to start working again got red nat forever now :c

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    it just says that they was bad … other champions are much more op than orochi

  • Olgierd Aiko Turowski

    They are French servers, something will always be wrong with them.

  • Raphaelios

    If i can kill reputation 4s on my first time with orochi… says enough

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    orochi isnt op u need to can play for it

  • Raphaelios

    Down in Belgium… Btw nerf Orochi and Nogoshi.

  • Daniel_ Lugo_

    everyone had red nat cuz they change server form east to somwhere i forgot it ….. some post on google was sayin it

  • Nikkis00

    In norway aswell, red nat :((

  • Márk Szabó

    getting red NAT here in hungary too

  • sonny nielsen

    neither in denmark

  • Josh McGuire

    Still nothing in the UK

  • Rajiv

    I mean Ian!

  • Rajiv

    Explain yourself Sonny!

  • sonny nielsen

    why do u think they give us 5k steel for being down?

  • Tom Dobson

    still cant get on uk

  • Ian Burns

    Back but red Net con – can’t even duel a Bot in Practice lol – at least when they’re back on Ubi will credit us all with 5k Steel….

  • Jamie

    How long will they be down for roughly

  • Jamie

    Down in the uk

  • Rajiv


  • Ian Burns

    Servers executed with no chance of a rezz – NO Honor!

  • WeeGamingHD

    yeah the servers will go down and they will fix nothing at all they haven’t even fixed the bugs on the heroes clearly dont give a s**t

  • Gabriele Bragoni


  • Andrea Profeta


  • Kevin

    Servers down in us as well

  • Gabriele Bragoni

    Also down in Italy.

  • Farky

    Down in Brazil

  • WeeGamingHD

    ubi I am actually sick of this from u constantly your servers go down watch dogs 2/rainbow six siege/ for honour why dont u invest your greed u take from people and buy a server that works infact u dont care because every tittle is bad when it comes to servers the beta is better than the full game u having a laugh infact u are in your office drinking bubbly your servers are a joke

  • biological hazard

    server down in Austria

  • sonny nielsen

    lol stupid troll post

  • Marc-Gabriel Milliard

    Damn, not sure if I can handle this.. just gonna commit suicide now

  • Michael Pillips

    2 weeks usually

  • Torus Horus

    until its past out of your system yes, you should be fine… give it 48hrs if nothing changes, please consult your local doctor .

  • Marc-Gabriel Milliard

    Also down in quebec

  • Marc-Gabriel Milliard

    really ?

  • sonny nielsen

    srsly 2days thats crazy :O

  • Torus Horus


  • sonny nielsen

    also down in denmark

  • sonny nielsen

    how long is it usually down when this stuff happens?

  • Tom Dobson

    servers down uk

  • Sebbasss

    wtf?? what happend?

  • Torus Horus

    a month ago ?

  • sonny nielsen

    tell when its up

  • Pain cRonic II_aRquLa_II

    Server down spain

  • Ninjacut

    Server down germany

  • papabobo

    holland to

  • Torus Horus

    down uk, u wont get many complainers or messages telling you , as its people that’s probs just had about enough of the game until certain minor but major problems are fixed within stability

  • Rajiv

    Servers are down in the UK still.

  • Rajiv


  • Hamster

    Servers Down- Denmark

  • kamehameron

    I can’t connect to servers, but my brother is play playing at his place just a few miles away!

  • Dwayne Silver Gray

    Servers down at 21:24 GMT+0.
    United kingdom.

  • Bruno Luz

    Great game with a lot of simple problems…. they could spend a little more money and get decent servers. It’s sad to see this on a company as “experienced” as @ubisoft

  • QuigleyTheYardie AU

    Servers down? – Brisbane

  • Clark

    Me, too.

  • Clark


  • Jim

    Down yet again, what’s wrong with the servers this time?

  • Arken Falgurd

    game doesn’t connect to servers, desktop splashscreen and trying to connect for ever

  • Blobby

    Aus servers down error code
    (5-00000001) anyone got any ideas?

  • Buddy Hackleman

    im getting the error code (7-00000004) what does this mean. i play for 1 minute and it tells me that it can’t connect to ubisoft servers

  • Master Templar Shay

    I’m getting the error code 2-00000014. What does that mean? I’m stuck on the title screen and it gives that code when I press A on Xbox One.

  • Jiajun Peng

    Can’t play multiplayer server doesn’t respond

  • Zeph Red Lion (SirZeph)

    the game launch is tomorrow ^^

  • Barry Van Dam

    Servers still not working in Belgium. Lot of people are complaining cause the game allready came out in stores today…Like over here. We can’t even play single player !

  • Primal Omega

    The beta ended so why is everyone complaining about the servers????

  • Random

    So, the servers are down? Keep just getting connecting

  • Lllllll

    Mine keeps saying there down for maintenance

  • Kristian

    Servers down in Australia

  • Francis Furse

    server down in Uk but they were working yesterday

  • Francis Furse

    same thing un106ble

  • kamikazemp3

    Server down in Norway

  • Blacksou08

    I need play. servers down in Panama

  • OW

    servers are down in the uk

  • DrCamus

    Servers down in Mexico!!

  • F word

    F word Serverss

  • un106ble

    i keep getting the same error msg about server being down with error [7-00000005]
    2h trying to connect. and still not able to. T-T

  • Said Ben Mimoun

    matchmaking slow !! i cant find any match !! wtf is going on

  • Chris Walker

    yh my servers dropped 2 hours ago i hate this

  • Dadestroyer Al-ghamdi

    saudi arabia … servers down

  • Ross Mac

    Games keep dropping out because it seems to rely on a host player, often they will leave before the game ends and the time spent is wasted since it goes back to the menu immediately. Any ideas if they’re planning to sort this?

  • Roberto de Siqueira

    same here

  • Teo Sinarellis

    i have the original game in ps4 and i cant play it tell me connwction failed [2-00000014]

  • Jonas Brændeholm

    9.19 – Servers down in Denmark

  • Eetu Tossavainen

    Down in Finland and Sweden

  • charif

    servers down , closed alpha netherlands amsterdam

  • John

    Servers down Louisiana

  • George Lark

    10:10 London UK GMT servers are down.

  • Zielony420

    Cracow, Poland 10:50 CET servers are dead

  • John Smith

    Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future…”.”

  • Pastis Balle

    J’adore !

  • Егор Егоров

    russia moscow 12:42 server is down

  • Jasper

    NC servers down, cant get on siege ether

  • Tomslicer89

    Does anyone know if the servers r down now can’t get on anything on the for honor

  • Micky Luu

    10:35 CET Servers down

  • Ezekiel Josiah Martin

    EST 4:33 am Servers completely offline. Unable to even get to the main menu anymore.

  • Dante Lima Vescovi

    Brazil 2:40 servers down.

  • Aaron Taylor

    I’m in South Korea and it rarely finds a match and when it does, it fails

  • Diego De Marco

    I still can’t connect to the beta…It won’t launch…what shall I do? UK location…please help, I dont have any antivirus or firewall

  • Craig

    The game isn’t recording my eliminations so I can’t progress and complete missions keeps saying that the server is “slow”, and matchmaking takes forever

  • Zukirin

    server connection failed. Germany

  • J L J

    Every 1/3rd of a game im in on the ps4 i keep getting disconnected from the match. Really starting to piss me off

  • Diego De Marco

    I can’t launch for honor in UK, black screen and doesn’t start at all… wtf?

  • Nathan Haggard Parr

    Yeh not working in the UK neither, yet the cheeky twats have the nerve to say there is a problem with “MY” internet connection or I have insufficient hhd space! Thats Uplay I suppose arseholes!

  • francisco Gomez Roje

    Servers down in Chile…

  • Dan Khola

    Yeah I’m having issues downloading client… Servers are clearly loaded!

    Look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield in next few days!!

  • disturbed#235467

    1:15 and he servers are still not working in the united kingdom

  • Stefano

    Servers down in Italy too

  • Sebastien

    In quebec is down too

  • Ben Brown

    10:09pm on Brisbane Australia and still down…

  • John Tarantino

    So much for approximately one hour can’t wait to play though

  • Ben Edwards

    Yah uk still down


    Ubisoft announced release at 2pm GMT on twitter

  • Gimmi Geld

    11:35 in germany….still not working…..FU Ubisoft!!


    10:50 in France, nothing’s happening …

  • Aironas Cistiakovas

    It’s 9:31 in UK and the servers still not up got a solution

  • Gimmi Geld

    Servers are down in germany…..

  • Stuart Deacon

    Still down 07:55 GMT

  • shakes

    Still down at 4:30pm est, anyone found any info about an eta? Ubi seems to be avoiding putting out any updates

  • Tolga Mizrak

    you too

  • Dean Hancock

    No worries, enjoy when you get on the game

  • Tolga Mizrak

    oh thats to bad thanks for the reply anyway dean

  • Dean Hancock

    Don’t think so, for some that has the preloaded part still can’t get in and they was ment to get it on the 6th :/

  • Tolga Mizrak

    is it working for anyone

  • Dean Hancock

    3:30 and servers are under maintenance still

  • Moe Sizlack

    The servers go online at 2PM today.
    Just check the website or do a google search.

  • Callan

    It’s the 9th today and it’s 1:30 P.M.
    God damn where is our Beta

  • Max

    Servers down in EU too

  • Brendan

    Servers down all day in UK, what a let down :/

  • DeAtomizer

    Server down in Australia

  • Caleb


  • MercQc

    Serveur down

  • CK Witz

    Servers have been down 2 out of 3 times I have tried to play it. If it happens again then that will be the last time I try.

  • Copy that

    Servers are down… Somthing to look forward to when the game releases. Maybe buy somthing not created by ubisoft :/

  • Grny Sensei

    Cool I got to play yesterday and now I don’t get to play anymore before the beta ends

  • George Keeley

    Still unable to reach For Honour servers…

  • potato

    is it still down it wont let me join any games or custom matches just me or everyone just wondering

  • SaltyAsFxxk

    still down..

  • Lord Of Aces (Ace)

    i mean you can always add me, i got a code, but could always use friends
    IGN: Icemackmyself

  • Jay R

    sure, send one my way….add me to your friends list if you like and i’ll join ya

  • Hirenkyaku

    will only be down for 20 minutes.

  • Xam Borg

    dfuck took the day off at work …

  • Hirenkyaku

    anyone need for honor ps4 closed beta keys have 2 left and dont have friends xD


    What is going on with the servers?…

  • Fabrizio95

    Same problem on PS4 atm

  • Batralla

    Same here on Ps4, but i don’t have ps plus so i’m not completely sure it’s their problem

  • TwentySeven

    Servers currently down? Getting a “servers down for maintenance” message on home screen. Kicked me from game with no notification :/ just checking if it’s legit down or I’m just having connection issues?

  • Taylor

    For those trying to play beta and haven’t gotten in or are trying to register I do not think you’re going to get in due to all the keys being given out 3 days ago to those who got in along with that I registered about a year and a half ago and just got notified I got in.

  • Janice

    I would love to know when I will be getting my For Honor code so I can play Beta on the PS4.

  • Alan

    I have tried to use the share feature to record and it works ok sometimes and then other times its a little sketchy.

  • Mike

    Is anyone trying beta and its not letting you register, i so want to play this its unreal.

  • Kylie

    I am in the For Honor beta and would love to know how I can invite friends, please do let me know. Thanks in advance.

For Honor Reports

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