For Honor Problems

For Honor is an online action game by Ubisoft and keeps most players on the edge of their seats. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan, meaning players can occasionally witness problems with the servers. So therefore, you’re in the right place to leave your status and by doing so you’ll be able to notify us, the writers, and also members of the Down Today community.

For Honor Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If For Honor is down today, then reports will be found below.

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For Honor Reports

@ForHonorGame Imma be real with you For Honor. This is an omega dogshit change. Please don’t continue down this path. And please give your Social media person a raise.

@ForHonorGame Do you know that there are constant problems in your game that I always get fired for no reason?

@Tristan_2B @ForHonorGame Lol your only response is “your just not good” etc I’m obviously speaking with someone who doesn’t know what a balanced character is and your probably think For Honor is perfectly balanced game with no character problems 😂 so good day sir 👍🏽

@aecraa @ForHonorGame He's not my current main but I had already gotten him to rep 70 and the new changes are desperately something he needed. He didn't get a roll catcher so it didn't even fix his problems but at least now he's an effective pick compared to before

@ForHonorGame idk if I'm the only one having connection problems with the game please fix it

@ForHonorGame Server is down? I can't log in to play...

@Taller_yt @ForHonorGame Those things came 3 patches ago, you scrolled down quite far, Shaolin was unchanged from that point and I'd say he's fine balance wise now. I agree what WL could use some love, tho there are other heroes that need it more atm.

@Era_de_Lupi @ForHonorGame For real! It pains me that we don't have anything like it, making it a pain to track down information from a bunch of different places. Give us the lore tab, Ubi!

@RBombaldo @JohZaru @2cuteAlexx @DavidsonPrata @ForHonorGame it's a stretch to say it feels like pk cause he is still very strong 13 for a uppercut down from 17 4 damage but you can hit it easier fair trade his heavys are down from 28 to 22 6 damage it's not that bad either especially when you're getting lots of mixup options

@ForHonorGame Can we get a pirate nerf again maybe slow her down, stamina nerf and damage nerf hell do all 3 she is still oppressive

@TourettesTS @ForHonorGame No, It’s been 60 fps on series x for awhile now, I’ve never had any problems with it until very recently, where it’s only 60 fps in game while the menus are still 30.