Apple Mail Down Today?

Many rely on the Apple Mail App that is on iPhones, iPads and Watches, especially for those who use it work purposes, although it can sometimes be a nightmare when it suddenly has an outage and people aren’t able to receive or send emails. There can be a few issues, which can cause this certain app to not be working that’s, bugs, haven’t updated to the latest iOS or your local network provider is currently having problems.

Apple Mail Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

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2 years ago

Sick of no mail for weeks now going to feed my phone to the river

3 years ago

Any issues today? Been crashing all day.

3 years ago

Issues today anyone?

3 years ago

Suddenly having issues where for the past few days I’m unable to receive any emails and with using it for work, I need it sorted ASAP.

Gregor Brdnik
6 years ago

Mail connection is down today. I could not connect to any Email account.

Jennifer Dawson
6 years ago

I am unable to get my emails today on my ipad and iphone .

Ash philip
6 years ago

I am unable to get mails on my iPad ( gmail) for past 2 days

Ash philip
6 years ago

I can’t access my mails through iPad from yesterday afternoon…

Rob B Newman
7 years ago

I’ve lost my icon on my IS5 phone so unable to use Mail at all!

7 years ago

I can’t receive emails into my inbox. They send ok. Just can’t see any in my inbox. So frustrating

7 years ago

Not working today Tuesday 12th April. I keep on entering the password. It wakes up a bit then goes down again. Fortunately have Yahoo too.

Grace-Ann Pickles
7 years ago

Same issue. Mail app asking for password but not working

Duncan Paul Simpson
7 years ago

Same 🙁

7 years ago

It finally worked

Yousef Al-Janabi
7 years ago
Reply to  bwin9


7 years ago
Reply to  pepperelite


7 years ago

My mail app keeps asking for a password but won’t load when you enter it I use outlook thru the apple email app
It is working fine on other devices

Caroline Fisher
7 years ago

My I phone mail box has not been receiving mail since the 13th Feb, also when I’ve tried sending mail it appears to send it but then nothing shows in my sent box! Really concerned as I’ve had to send some really important emails over the last week. Not only that when I’ve logged onto safari and into google mail it’s showing the same that it’s upto date but again nothing since the 13th Feb! So frustrating I have no idea what’s going on!?! All settings are the same ! And I haven’t updated to the new iOS yet.

7 years ago

Anyone’s mail app will not open

Joan Baker
7 years ago

IOS Mail keeps crusading on iPad and iPhone What is going on??

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