Apple Mail Problems

Many rely on the Apple Mail App that is on iPhones, iPads and Watches, especially for those who use it work purposes, although it can sometimes be a nightmare when it suddenly has an outage and people aren’t able to receive or send emails. There can be a few issues, which can cause this certain app to not be working that’s, bugs, haven’t updated to the latest iOS or your local network provider is currently having problems.

Apple Mail Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Apple Mail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Apple Mail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Chris

    Issues today anyone?

  • BusinessBilly

    Suddenly having issues where for the past few days I’m unable to receive any emails and with using it for work, I need it sorted ASAP.

  • Gregor Brdnik

    Mail connection is down today. I could not connect to any Email account.

  • Jennifer Dawson

    I am unable to get my emails today on my ipad and iphone .

  • Ash philip

    I am unable to get mails on my iPad ( gmail) for past 2 days

  • Ash philip

    I can’t access my mails through iPad from yesterday afternoon…

  • Rob B Newman

    I’ve lost my icon on my IS5 phone so unable to use Mail at all!

  • Hch

    I can’t receive emails into my inbox. They send ok. Just can’t see any in my inbox. So frustrating

  • Pats1945

    Not working today Tuesday 12th April. I keep on entering the password. It wakes up a bit then goes down again. Fortunately have Yahoo too.

  • Grace-Ann Pickles

    Same issue. Mail app asking for password but not working

  • Duncan Paul Simpson

    Same 🙁

  • pepperelite

    It finally worked

  • Yousef Al-Janabi


  • bwin9


  • pepperelite

    My mail app keeps asking for a password but won’t load when you enter it I use outlook thru the apple email app
    It is working fine on other devices

  • Caroline Fisher

    My I phone mail box has not been receiving mail since the 13th Feb, also when I’ve tried sending mail it appears to send it but then nothing shows in my sent box! Really concerned as I’ve had to send some really important emails over the last week. Not only that when I’ve logged onto safari and into google mail it’s showing the same that it’s upto date but again nothing since the 13th Feb! So frustrating I have no idea what’s going on!?! All settings are the same ! And I haven’t updated to the new iOS yet.

  • neil

    Anyone’s mail app will not open

  • Joan Baker

    IOS Mail keeps crusading on iPad and iPhone What is going on??

  • Gotcha

    Have not received any emails since 9PM last night on my apple/mac email account… what’s going on?

  • Karina

    The mail app has me logged out of all of my emails and every attempt I have to log in fails with it just going to blank. It affected my contacts as well

  • Mo

    Cannot get any mail due to a “wrong password” that is definitely correct an has been reentered more than 10 times.

  • dave

    Cannot get any mail due to a “wrong password” that is definitely correct an has been reentered more than 1o times.

  • Nusrat

    cannot get any mail says server is down software is upto date

  • Jess

    Mail won’t work saying cannot get mail. Connection to the server failed. Used mail yesterday fine!

  • Betty

    Yes I have exactly the same problem! Any solutions?

  • Karen

    Unable to access Apple mail. It shows a blank screen with the compose message icon in the bottom right corner.

  • David Rush

    Was accessing mail until a couple of hours ago. Can’t get both my gmail or yahoo mail. Can still get them via browser just not the apple mail.

  • Adri

    My mail app keeps crashing and won’t load

  • Nicola

    I’ve had no mail I my apple app since last iTunes update !!! When will it be sorted ?

  • Gerrad

    Not able to get any mail on my iPhone. I used Gmail then changed to Apple iPhone Mail and wished I didnt, maybe look for another alternative.

  • Chuck

    My Apple Mail client is not retrieving email since 330pm yesterday.

  • Kriz

    I have not been recieving my emails for about three days now, is there a glitch in the system or something. iCloud must be having problems thats all i can guess at the moment. Any ideas folks?

  • Leigh

    iCloud is down in Hong Kong, has been for around 20 minutes now.

  • Mei

    Mail is down in Beijing, not accessible right now, which means something is wrong with servers right?

  • James

    Is iCloud down today because I cannot access my Apple Mail, Notes or any apps.


    Since iOS 8.2 upgrade, my mail has stopped downloading and sending mail! Is there a fix for this??

  • Dan

    My mail app just opens and then crashes again, I need a fix ASAP.

  • Bob

    My iphone 5 has stopped receiving emails since March 22, so for the last two days. Am I alone, or are others having issues?

  • Yves

    Mail is OK here. Attachments aren’t, once clicked they stay downloading forever

  • Terry

    The iphone mail app isn’t working with Gmail or Yahoo today, NYC.

  • Kerry

    My iPhone mail isn’t working, not receiving or sending anything.

  • Bill

    Are the Apple servers down today? Where is the status page for different services.

  • Eddie

    Mail is failing to delete attachments on iPhone 5, after March 2015 update.

  • Tony

    My Mail password isn’t being accepted for outgoing mail on iPhone with iOS 8.

  • Rick

    Mail search not working after iOS 8.2 update.

  • Harris

    Mail can’t connect to the account, is it down?

  • Jess

    My iPhone 5S keeps crashing when I open the mail app, anyone else have this problem on the latest iOS 8.2?

  • Bob

    I see mail coming in but not going out, my wireless is fine. I am on an iPhone 6 plus running iOS 8.2.

Apple Mail Reports

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