Taichi Panda Problems

With the Taichi Panda being a fast fun action game, which is available for iOS, Android or Amazon devices, it attracts many gamers, although there’s a downside, that being, the server can sometimes go down due to the high demand, baggings, the app crashing or even unknown maintenance happening leaving many people feeling confused on what the current situation is.

Taichi Panda Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Taichi Panda is down today, then reports will be found below.

Taichi Panda Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Shan

    My son was playing it until it suddenly decided to close the app down, tried to fix it myself to see what’s going on and nothing, so I don’t know what’s happened, can someone help?


    EU S5 DOWN

  • Marcel LegalizeIt Schmalz

    Eu s5 mir is down

  • Pat T

    Us50-petrify down as of 0400 this morning

  • George

    Is there any chance Snail that you could add more outfits for Wings? A fix to the Outfits for Avenger would be nice also.

  • Lisa

    I think some of the updates in this game are pathetic, who really cares about getting a new pet. It is not a real update so bring us something serious please?

  • Manny

    Is there any chance to switch characters and still obtain Wings from the top up? I do not think we should have to buy top up to do this.

  • Tom

    This game is amazing and now on level 73 with a huge 315K might, but i am having issues locating my characters. I use Facebook to login like usual and sent emails to Snail to try and help me but not sure what is happening now.

Taichi Panda Reports

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