DVLA Problems

The DVLA, also know as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, is a place to register new number plates, change address on your driving license or even check a certain vehicle. Although if you’re currently visiting the website and you find yourself having some issues along the way, then you’re in the right place to give our writers the heads up, so that they’ll be able to guide you along the way until everything has been resolved, as of in the past there have been several outage leaving my people feeling slightly annoyed.

DVLA Status insight for Sunday 19th of September 2021

If DVLA is down today, then reports will be found below.

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DVLA Reports

@DVLAgovuk I've been trying to apply for my provisional license but it says the website is experiencing problems? When will it work again?

@DovTrams1 @DVLAgovuk Hurry this is the DVLA were talking about Working from home 6 months after Boris Johnson said it's ok to return to the office the company still blaming Covid for their incompetence DVLA stopping buses picking up passengers lorry's delivering food Not fit for purpose DVLA

Can anybody explain to me why the DVLA play are still working from home 6 months after the finish of the pandemic there is currently a backlog of 10 weeks for HGV and PCV licences nobody ever answers the phone and the chat is always down in my mind they are not fit for purpose

@EnsorDean @DVLAgovuk I've been waiting 10 weeks for my PCV licence and no sign of it yet Boris Johnson is fuming and blaming the DVLA for it's in confidence still working from home in the House of Commons the transport secretary said similar I was saying not fit for purpose

@WBSTRJK @DVLAgovuk You'll be lucky I sent mine off in July and is a PCV licence phone lines and non-existent the chat never working and of course on top of that the incompetence of the DVLA are still blaming the pandemic only in Swansea I'll people working from home not fit for purpose

#Taxis | #UK #VOSA and #DVLA restrict driving working hours to 9 hours per shift for both #LGV and #HGV drivers who have to undergo a mandatory #CPC course. So why are those same safety rules not applied to taxi drivers who drive in excess of 12-14 hours per shift?

@DVSAgovuk I have tried several times to ask about my Id that I have sent to DVLA to amend change in my name on my license till now I can’t get any answer. I want my id back. All contacts number you have provided on the web are not working neither the web chat

@grantshapps please can you sort out the DVLA, my daughter applied for a replacement provisional Licence at the start of August and still not received it, so a wasted theory test this week as the Licence not arrived and the website to rearrange test has been down.

Reduced services and changed timetables on @EYBuses in #hull and #eastriding will last into the winter. @realbengilligan tells The Burnsy Show @RadioHumberside they are 35 drivers short, mainly because of new drivers licences being held up by problems at @DVLAgovuk

@SwanseaCouncil is giving my parking fines while @DVLAgovuk have not sent my license back for over 6 weeks!! #Communication problems between two governmental institutions we have to pay for!! Help!

@IshahSian Hi, our system tracks the issue of a licence but not mail received at our offices waiting to be processed. The online status will not update until your application has been processed. To check application dates we are currently working on please see: gov.uk/guidance/dvla-… - Sue

@Rumpilstiltski2 @Murf1956 @tokane38 @arfurmometer @STVNews He was too busy looking at dates on his cheap Superbrew and not the dates on his license, digi card, or CPC card. Any real driver knows all these dates. Real work places check up on all these regularly. This proves he was not working. And btw, all this is to with DVLA in Wales 😂