DVLA Problems

The DVLA, also know as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, is a place to register new number plates, change address on your driving license or even check a certain vehicle. Although if you’re currently visiting the website and you find yourself having some issues along the way, then you’re in the right place to give our writers the heads up, so that they’ll be able to guide you along the way until everything has been resolved, as of in the past there have been several outage leaving my people feeling slightly annoyed.

DVLA Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If DVLA is down today, then reports will be found below.

DVLA Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Katherine Kaffers Marron

    I’m trying to rebook my driving test that was cancelled and it keeps saying error 14 access denied… What do I do

  • Ant

    I purchased car tax on 31st today at 3pm on the government website as my Tax is due tomorrow . However the payment has gone through and no confirmation email has sent and my vehicle is still not taxed when you have taken the £68.75 for 6 months tax . I have tried to call . Web chat no form of help what so ever . This is terrible service and i would like to know if my vehicle is taxed . As the money has clearly came out of my account

  • disqus_Op1MWaVfNW

    The last few days I’ve been trying to change address of licence and enquire about new licence:each time I get the same message,Safari can’t open the page, it might be busy etc etc please try again in a few minutes.Any ideas about what one can do?

  • OldBuzzard

    Phone number not available. Not allowed to send emails. No instant chat. No way to communicate at all.

    Letter today says my MOT is due now – their site says Jan 2021. What do I believe?

    They’re no help at all.

  • Douglas Young

    Again DVLA won’t load driving licence change of address page, this happens too often.

  • Ian Marriott

    Car tax part of DVLA site not taking payments in Google Chrome and Windows Edge browsers today 15/07 2020. Will take payment in Safari.

  • Martin Albericci

    Yes, the website is not working (for me) for any web browser today, Firefox says it is untrustworthy (!).
    By using an iPhone and Safari, it worked, so try this or another smartphone as a workaround.
    Obviously the DVLA doesn’t seen to care. Firefox obviously is very intuitive.

  • Lisa Stripe

    Trying to do my tax on a new car…. not working!

  • Paul Dennis

    Wasted half the day trying to update my licence with my new address, Apparently I can be fined £1000 for having incorrect details, Maybe someone can get off there rear end and fix this !

  • Hilary Angus

    Trying to change address on my drivers licence online. Not a chance, times me out every time. Can’t phone them, email them or webchat. Surely somebody must be working there!

  • William Steward

    Great advice to change browser thank you. I tried a few more times with Chrome and had same technical error. Just used Firefox and payment accepted!

  • Natalia Taylor

    Hi everyone, I had the same problem as you. I was using Google chome browser. After I tried Safari, it worked. So try to use a different browser. Hope this helps!

  • Alison

    I have tried to tax the car online and it’s rejected all my cards ( technical error like others have experienced ) and my daughters too
    Is this just to force us to take direct debit and earn extra interest from us? Or just poor systems?
    I tried to call but they won’t take calls at present – even though other businesses are back to work.
    This forces us to go out into the community to the post office – not very clever.

  • William Steward

    Tried to get replacement driving licence and renew car tax (28 June). Credit card payments for both failed due to technical errors. All application data lost for both whci is very frustrating!

  • Liam

    Cant apply for new provisional license. I fill in the form and nothing happens when I press next.

  • David Wilson

    Have tried to tax my car online yesterday and today ( Friday 26 June). Technical error message saying payment could not be processed. Sent email. No response. Will need to go to PO tomorrow as it is the last day before tax expires. I hope the Police know about this delay in the system!

  • Matthew Power

    Just tried to apply for a provisional driving license went through the whole process and when it goes through the payment process I get a notice saying payment wasn’t successful due to a technical error.

  • Paul Rathbone

    Tried to tax my vehicle today but website is down, email query simply gave automatic response with same non-working web address, and phone answer service nsaid they were too busy to even put me in a queue

  • Lax Hirani

    Had posted here 11 days ago that I couldn’t renew Vehicle Tax on the website. Have kept trying daily, no luck. Tried phone today, like others had posted, payment still failed after CCV entry. It was entered correctly. Re-entered it and payment went through. Perhaps it’ll help someone and save them having to sign up for DD or having to make a journey to the Post Office.

  • RomaBob

    I can only assume most staff are on extended leave for the duration of the WuHu Flu. I do wish they would get off their lazy backsides and get back to work.

  • RomaBob

    Tried to tax car today (Fri), technical error, same as Wednesday. Crap system or do they just want everyone to go onto Direct Debit?
    TECHNICAL ERROR – Sorry, we are unable to check your card details at this time, no payment has been taken and your vehicle has not been taxed.

  • Christy

    Tried to get a replacement license today but got technical problem over and over…

  • Liga

    Haveing the same problem today 14/06/2020

  • terry

    trying to change bike ownership since 9pm sat 13.6.20.. not working..

  • H

    trying to transfer ownership of a car but keeps getting to the last page then saying

    This service is currently unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    This service should be available daily 7am – 7pm.

    Please try again later.

  • Kevin Allen

    Is anyone working on this issue? its still telling me…… A technical error has occurred…. I have not had a reply from trying to report it.

  • Tim Brown

    Have been trying to put a registration number on retention, submit payment details. System says ‘Payment cancelled or not authorised’ tried four different debit/credit cards!

  • Lax Hirani

    Same here, multiple unsuccessful attempts today to renew my vehicle tax online, keeps resulting in “A technical error has occurred. Sorry, we are unable to check your card details at this time, no payment has been taken and your vehicle has not been taxed.”

  • Alan Shelton

    Multiple attempts over the last 2 days to renew my vehicle tax. Online, after completing all the details, I just end up with a “technical error” message and a request to try again. Same with the telephone application. Tells me my security code for my credit card is invalid (IT ISN’T!) Absolute shambles. Typical of Government computer systems. Totally useless!!!

  • Lynn Raper

    Email from DVLA saying my payment had not gone through a DD was being cancelled. My bank say DVLA have not tried to collect and the DD is still active. Cannot call, online chat or email them! Nightmare. I shall write but website says it will be weeks before they can respond to correspondence.

  • Sheist Bubz

    Trying to pay for my renewed licence yesterday it said we can’t process your payment, timing expired etc try again 24 hours. Tried to pay for it again today and it said the same thing again 24 hours bs.

  • Notamused

    Enter all details required to claim my car tax refund and when I hit enter page just will not load!! Infuriating

  • Gareth Jones

    it won’t load the page that follows the organ donor page, ie the declaration page

  • Michael Trussell

    ‘Sorry, there was an issue with the payment processor. Please try again shortly.’ I am trying to tax a vehicle with all boxes accurately filled and keep getting this response, whether I try it on line or by phone. Any ideas? Driving me potty!

  • Adrian Rainbow

    Trying to sorn one of my cars, but I keep getting ‘site unavailable’ at the reg entry page.

  • Jake Smith

    trying to renew my drivers licence and it keeps timing out after I enter all my details. Is there any alternative to this farce?

  • Britneybunny24

    I have tried to renew my provisional but keeps saying my passport is not valid enough though it is as only just got it last year with an interview. Calling them tomorrow. I have also tried to book in for my theory but its not giving me the test centre in birkenhead and when I do click on the other test centres, It is saying my test isn’t available here. I clicked all of them and it said the same thing. Im looking for book for a car theory test. There seems to be issues with the website. Also when I open up a new page and it loads up after a second, It says that its timed out.

  • Notarobot

    Tried over 30 times to renew my driving license -website constantly crashes and then times out in a few minutes only.

  • Barbara

    Being trying to replace my stolen license, web page keeps freezing then times out.

  • Craig

    The DVLA car hire code section is down today. Been trying to hire a car and cannot because of it.

  • david smith

    trying since 6.30 pm last night to register the sale of a car keep getting this message

    This page isn’t workingIf the problem continues, contact the site owner.
    HTTP ERROR 414

  • david smith

    been trying since 6.30pm yesterday to register the sale of a car, get as far as confirming adress get this error message

    This page isn’t workingIf the problem continues, contact the site owner.
    HTTP ERROR 414

  • doctorcheese

    tried to tax with both 11 digit and 8 digit numbers and via automated phone service. apparently my motor doesnt exist. i’ve had it ten years

  • Matt Rees

    Can’t get more than 3 pages into the process of taxing my car. Could be my phone but it’s working fine on this site???

  • Natasha barker

    Hi! Me and my partner have been trying to update our driven licence for two weeks now, wanting to change our address. We get half way fhen it randomly says times out!

  • mum

    Can’t pay for vehicle tax. Getting error that wrong card type for card number entered. But I have entered the right details.

  • Kim

    Trying to retain a private number plate that has to be done today and the system is down

  • Juckky F

    Just tried to transfer a vehicle I have sold and the system is not available.

  • has

    trying to report a lost driving licence, gets to very end and displays this error message “We cannot access your record at the moment, please try again in 24 hours when you should be able to apply.”

  • Brian Dean

    Tried for 2 days to pay car tax online just wouldn’t connect . Don’t know if payment went though saying website not available

  • Bryan Hammond

    DVLA site down today?

  • Victoria Nichol

    Tried to apply for a provisional license for my son and get right to the end then says there’s an error. Frustrating. Been trying since 7am

  • Neil Taylor

    Tried for ages on various computers and search engines – no luck

  • Andrew Jackson


  • Sarah Louise Thomas Johnson

    Cant change my adress on the dvla website keeps timing out using my mobile as I have no laptop. So annoying I have tried many times and keeps timing out. I’ve recently moved and need to get this changed as soon as possible. What do I do ?

  • Julia Michell

    How can say above that these outages seem to be rare when obviously most people will not bother to post it here? There’s lots below

  • Julia Michell

    Wanting to check penalty points and driver licence renewal application but both pages are down today

  • Grace

    yeah today 8th oct whole website comes up with 503 temporarily unavailable, noticed while trying to access the learning zone

  • qasim

    is DVLA TAX your vehicle down? as when I click tax your vehicle button it times out.

  • Mehar

    Saturday 5th October – been trying to apply for a provisional drivers license everyday for the past week, “technical problem” each time.

  • David Wilkinson

    Tax vehicle button (start now) takes me to a Safari message saying “connection lost”. Has been like it for two days now

  • Lisa Mills

    Tried 9th and 10th Sept to renew a driving licence, both times it says ‘Record unavailable’.

  • Solomon

    I’m trying to track my provisional license to see the status, but it won’t even load the page whenever I click on track my application. 8 August 2019

  • cherry

    is your car showing as taxed yet? Ive had the same problem… the dealership have told me they have done it this morning but still showing as not taxed

  • Ajax

    I ended up taxing my car using the Welsh site and pasting everything in Google translator.

  • Dirk Ritter

    DVLA Friday maintanance ????who did this ??, Hello ,welcome to victorian times (you have to work for the goverment to have a comfortable life without any responsibilitys !!!)

  • Grumpy Jimbo

    If the system is down because of “routine maintenance” then someone needs their **** kicked

  • Timbo Lomoto

    not working , wont take credit card details tried 3 cards at 9.30 am 2nd Aug 2019

  • Christina Barbi

    Tried to tax my car twice last night and once was advised timed out, second occasion advised it had been accepted but my car is still showing as not taxed????

  • Kerry Ucar

    Is DVLA vehicle tax website down be trying to tax my car since yesterday with no luck

  • Andrea Leaf

    Couldn’t purchase our new car today as the garage was unable to tax it as website was down what was supposed to be a couple of hours. We waited until 5:20 then gave up and set back of home, having to back today which as resulted in taking another day annual leave!!!

  • Scott

    Is the dvla website down?, been trying to tax my car all day yet it says service is unavailable?

  • Shane cullen

    Does anybody know how long the dvla site will be down for as i was told it would be back on by 1pm today 30th april but its still down

  • Mike Agar

    Been trying to tax my car for two days now. All I get is this error message;
    Cannot securely connect to this page

    This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner.

  • Uzi

    Been eager to buy myself a particular registration plate but the DVLA Personal Registrations service has been down today (14th Sunday 2019) and yesterday.

  • Lynsie

    Yesterday and today can’t pay fine shows unsafe website won’t let me overide


    I’m having problems today. 03.04.19

  • Janet Cresswell

    I’m having the same problem. Keeps telling me ‘vehicle details cannot be found’ but I know I am giving them the correct details

  • Olly

    Yesterday and today 1/4/19 can’t tax my car. Poor website

  • Les Dowlen

    Trying to renew my licence. 4th attempt. Get so far then stops

  • Mike

    No possibility to tax a car since yesterday, no possibility to check MOT status and no information why is that and when they will fix an issue. All vehicle online services is down and no one give a sh…. And this phone service without possibility to speak to some human is absolutely nightmare. I have no confirmation of my tax and I cannot check it anywhere because…of dvla system down. This is ridiculous. How it is possible that one of the biggest government organization can’t fix most valid service for over two days? Is anyone working there at all?

  • Wayne

    Been trying to use the online reporting service to tell the DVLA I have sold my car today. Service has been down all afternoon. I could post the registration document but it’s close to the end of the month and the site says they will only refund tax for full months after they receive the information. This could cost me an extra month’s tax. I am not very happy!!!

  • Don Telfer

    Trying to tax a car today (27th January 2019) only to find the website down with no explanation as to why. Typical!

  • Neil Tampkins

    Trying to apply for a Provisional License for my daughter – site will not let me complete the transaction due to a technical error – no explanation why – very frustrating!

  • Rebecca Finan

    I have been trying to replace my licence, as it was stolen, for over a month now. The page keeps throwing me out.

  • Kae Margetts

    I am trying to renew my driving licence on line – but it doesn’t even recognise my address which i have lived at for 19 years?
    I have tried several times today because I have a gateway id, but it just told me to reregister, then wouldn’t accept my post code or address saying ‘not recognised’!

  • Hardeep

    Hi have been having the same problem for over a week now. The session keeps timing out. What can I do. I can’t get to a post office during the week and Sundays they are closed.

  • Carol

    Trying to change the address on my driving licence. keeps throwing me out since 27/10/2018. When is it going to be fixed…. If I get stopped and my d licence has incorrect information on it I’m at risk of a fine. Please advise…..

  • Toni

    Trying to renew my licence and the website is down 25/10/2018 11.31am GMT

  • May Gilchrist

    Trying to tax my car as I only remembered it ran out at the end of last month when I received a reminder on Friday. Will keep trying. My fault for not remembering but not a good service so I won’t be going out in it till it is done. Inconvenient to say the least. We rely on these systems too much!

  • William George Aston-Wright

    I have been trying to contact DVLA for essential communication all day, due to them not contacting me as promised last week. Pre-recorded message saying technical issues so cannot access any customer information – please call back later… but when is later, and from messages being posted here and elsewhere, how long has this been an issue? Shoddy communication at best DVLA!

  • David Houston

    I’ve been waiting over three weeks to get a CAT D provisional added to my licence, and now all I get is a recording of some female telling me there’s technical issues…… Disgrace might end up losing a driving course and wasting £115.00 because they cant process paperwork in three weeks….

  • Emil

    I have been trying to tax my car for the last two days and each time I go through all the stages and click on pay it times out. I contacted my credit card company to check if the payment had been taken, fortunately not. They explained that this problem happens quite often with Gov.Com as it is unable to cope with peak demands on the system. I would tax it at the local post office which, of course, is closed on Sunday.

  • jana

    Have finally got it done. Don’t know what the difference was but to vary things I used all capitals for info & waited 10 seconds before pressing ‘next’ .. probably nothing to do with anything but voila! phew!

  • jana

    I’m having the same problem , Tried two days ago and same thing . Can’t even complete the registration!!

  • Richard May

    31/08/2018. Trying to renew my license but site is down. Really need my license and dont have 3 weeks for post office to do it. Says down for maintenance. PLEASE tell me how long the site will be down.

  • Rm

    29/08/18, I have tried several times, all goes fine until I select pay by card, it tells me the network connection is lost, very frustrating as I am watching TV streamed via the internet so I know my connection is working

  • tammy

    Site still down today. Been trying to rebook a driving lesson for days now

  • AD

    Just bought a new car and I can’t use it until Monday??!! Read an article saying that the DVLA made it very clear that they’re going to be down for maintenance, now is it just me who didn’t see it then because that’s the first I’ve heard about it! I am so angry with these people, they’re quick enough to take your money any other day of the year but when you actually want something from them, now it’s on their schedule!

  • YouKnowImRight

    I just drove my new car home today without tax because of this, risky because the pigs could take it away and crush it as insurance is invalid too without tax. But I’m impatient. If they can’t have a backup server (very very very easy to do) Then I imagine more people will do what I did. This country is going to end up 3rd world soon, all the mongs stay and breed and the people with brains move country.

  • radios

    I bought a new car, but I can not use it
    because they do not have the road tax in this advanced country
    developed country?? hahaha
    Can’t tax my vehicle as website down ! Not happy as need it for first thing in the to get to work

  • Sharne

    Can’t tax my vehicle as website down ! Not happy as need it for first thing in the morning to get to work !! “Angry face”

  • jem

    Been waiting way longer than a ‘couple hours’ to tax my vehicle. Not happy.

  • Otter

    Been trying to tax a SORNED vehicle since 2pm 5/8/2018 still not working at 20:30hrs.

  • SG

    Yes. Been trying for the last 30mins.

  • Craig

    is anyone having issues processing anything on the dvlc website?

  • GB

    Down today for maintenance

  • John Ogle-Skan

    Down 14th and 15th May 2018-can someone tell us when it will be back please??

  • Frances

    Been trying to book a test since 6am this morning (7/5/2018), keeps getting blocked at the point where I choose/find a test centre.

  • Becci

    Is DVLA website down today? 7/5/2018

  • Chereen

    Been trying to track my provisional license for a week now on the website. Every time I try to log on, it says the website is unavailable or under maintenance

  • John Horrigan

    is the dvla driving licence site down today 29 /04 /2018

  • Louise Olive Fuller

    Lost my licence, trying to apply for a new one but it says service temporarily unavailable 🙁

  • Flinchy7

    Trying to change address/renew license for about 3 weeks now. I know I can do it by post but I literally have very little time during the day to go to the PO and pay for the renewal. Same problem every time: sign into the gateway, put my new and old addresses in, get told I have to phone them. What is happening?!

  • Keith Starsmeare

    DVLA down for maintenance allegedly . Having spent 15 minutes filling in all their nonsense just to change my address.

  • GR

    I was well into renewing my licence online, when I received the dreaded “Driving Licence Online service is temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance.” Pity they couldn’t have said that before I started my application!

  • Lynn Joy

    Tried to tax my car got right to the end and put in my bank details and then it said down due to maintenance ,but the payment is showing as pending on my bank account. Am I taxed or not??? ? Anyone’s guess

  • z3ktF8KX4b

    Just tried to order replacement driving licence and told right at the end the website is down for maintenance!!

  • Ruby

    Although DVLA’s main website shows on the browser as secure, their registration page, dvlaregistrations, is NOT! If you click on the warning to the left of the web address, it tells you your connection to that website is insecure and ” You should not enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards), because it could be stolen by attackers. ” This is a Government website… DVLA why don’t you make this secure for us? Perhaps this is a reason you appear to have been hacked and have now added a warning message to your automated answering service to inform us to ignore any requests from DVLA (hackers) that ask for personal information!

  • Ruby

    WARNING! DVLA’s website is down. No idea how long for but it’s been since last night.

    If you call them they have an automated telling you to IGNORE any DVLA requests asking for personal information.

    Sounds like they’ve been hacked!

  • DPD

    Tried for the second time to license my car. Both times I get to the debit card screen from Barclays, and get told the system has not received payment, and to try again. That puts me right back to the very start, so enter some details, and a screen comes up and tells me their system is unavailable, sorry. How can these clowns let a system for collecting cash go live in beta when it clearly doesn’t work, and when people are subject to prosecution for non-payment? I am writing to my MP.

  • Ghost Rider

    Just been on the phone to them regarding a shortfall in the refund and told they wont do anything until over ten working days have passed since my complaint, please see my post from 8 days ago.

  • Ghost Rider

    Currently on the phone trying to get my full refund as they have refunded a month short. Told cant do anything until over 10 working days have passed, discusting.

  • Peed off

    Can’t apply for license, today and yesterday! Filled in all the fields several times and it keeps giving “service unavailable” message at the very end of the application, very annoying. Useless! @ 19:07

  • Justin Todd

    back on guys, just did mine 😉

  • Alice S

    Woo finally got on! But my vehicle tax has gone up AGAIN…

  • Alice S

    Been down several hours, I keep trying but get the same Service Unavailable message…

  • Antony Venables

    Just managed to get on! Be quick!!

  • Antony Venables

    Trying to tax my van this morning as I need it for work tomorrow but website is unavailable. Have been trying since this morning but no joy. Where the hell do you stand if you can’t tax your vehicle!? It’s bank holiday Monday so no PO open either. I want to set up a direct so can only do this online

  • Neil M

    Trying for over an hour. Perhaps the don’t won’t my money.

  • Michael Artingstall

    waiting to pick up our new car today but the dealership cant tax it, ironic really as its zero rated!!!!!!!!!

  • weezy1208

    No problem! Safe drive home 🙂

  • kate Jacobson

    Done! Thanks Weezy 😉

  • Craig

    Trying to tax a car I bought but it’s not working even at the coop post office

  • weezy1208

    Website now up and running! Quick before it goes down again…

  • Nicola Jayne

    tried 5 times overall and still not working @ 11:54 02/04/18

  • kate Jacobson

    Have tried the automated phone line but thats down too :-/

  • kate Jacobson

    DVLA website still down. Need to tax our vehicle as we’re away on holiday and due to go home today! Obviously can’t go to a PO as Bank Holiday Monday and also don’t have all documents with us. Where do we stand if we get pulled over? We need to get home as have a ferry booked and work tomorrow. Hace taken a screen shot of the website but what else can we do to cover ourselves?

  • weezy1208

    Have just tried both the website and phonelines…still down! Even if the nearest Post Office was open I would have to drive there to get to it…..doh!

  • Dee Jones

    It doesn’t help that most Post Offices have closed down, not of course that any would be open Sundays and Bank Holidays even if located at the back of a shop which is open.

  • Andrew W

    Unable to tax vehicle. website down. – .GOV is crap for the £millions poured into it. Another consultant led screw -up for the public purse………

  • Sandra Darlington

    Still down today and need to tax my car been trying for 2 days

  • Ghost Rider

    Tried to SORN at 11:55pm on the 31st March 2018 only to find the website and automated telephone system was not working. I do have a voice recorder on my mobile which dates and times the call I made at 11:57pm.

  • Jozsef Gavlucz

    Same experience.

  • Anon

    Can the DVLA put a message up advising when they expect tax renewal service to be working again please?

  • Agnieszka Falicka

    have the same problem… need to tax my car as of today but website is down-cant call them as its sunday today and monday is bank holiday so that leaves me with no road tax for the next two days unless they will fix the website issue asap…

  • S.Begum

    For 40 minutes been trying to tax my vehicle online as expires today but server has been down due to change in vehicle tax budget.

  • Jo Byford

    Trying to pay by card for road tax not accepting the card type! Please fix asap!!

  • Caroline Zilboorg

    Keep getting’ technical problem’, so can’t renew my licence online… does this happen all the time?!

  • Trevor Potter

    Tried to get a DVLA check code to hire a car site down again, how am I supposed to get a car?

  • Martinetta

    Tried to tax my car today, website down. F……..g great.

  • Jane Berwick

    why can’t I assign personal plate today ? Managed to tax it at 6 am this morning, but now can’t transfer plate. I have online retention certificate number, all else is ok. I tried to phone, but says “closed due to severe weather” I have to assume that is the reason, not something I have not done correctly

  • Kev

    TRYing to book my driving theory for 3 days and system still down. Really bad

  • Gerald Wickes

    Been trying to get on site for 4 days keeps telling me unsecure site.tride ipsd phone and computer.all the same.what do i do.

  • Kaylie

    Trying to tax my car and the site has been saying somthing about hackers for the past week tamping like I need to tax my car wish they would sort out their site

  • Kim Billingsley

    I’ve recently moved address and all my post had been redirected. I’ve only just received a letter today that says I need to renew my driving licence or face £1000 fine and my licence revoked. I have tried for hours to do it on line but it just keeps saying they are doing maintenance. Do you know how long its down for? . I can’t get to a post office due to working. Thanks!

  • Gazi Hussain

    disable your adblocker or other anti tracking programs. like ghostery.

  • Gazi Hussain

    Hello guys, ive found the problem and was successful in paying my tax today. the problem lies with browser addons such as adblocker and Ghostery. if you disable them, you should be able to pay online. simply re enable them after payment.

    hope it helps!!

  • A C

    Trying to check status of change of address! After I enter gateway and password it says currently off line this has been happening for 9 days anybody else having problems?

  • Alison

    Been trying to tax my car for a week now NO JOY

  • Robert Welstead

    I am trying to tax a car I brought on the 1st Jan 2018, but it will not let me. I just get this “Successful application already completed”. The car has no tax on it as I have checked the tax and MOT. MOT OK and the car was SORN. I have been trying for 2 days now to tax it.

  • Suze

    Tried to renew my tax today, got all the way to the end then it says the service is unavailable, pretty poor show on the 1st of a month

  • Alison Borries

    Unsuccessful taxing car today as says website not secure and will not let me continue. Runs out today 31st December
    , bank holiday tomorrow what am I supposed to do !!!!

  • Stu

    Tried today 4 times to pay my car tax online goes right through to end then says card is not authorised, my bank says account is ok, think I’ll go down to the post office and do it the old way, this happened to me last year.

  • Andy

    This happened to me yesterday, this is not good

  • anon

    I try to tax my car online and cannot , it tells me it is not secure my only option is to go back! It has been like this for weeks now, has snyone gor any ideas?

  • Mark Pegler

    I log in put in my details and it goes straight to the ‘your session timed out’ screen. Seems it has been doing this for a while..please fix it!

  • Hywel N Williams Esq

    I log in and it goes traight to a session timeout screen

  • Eileen Bartlett

    Haven’t been able to get on the DVLA vehicle site for 2 days now. Says it is not secure, invalid certificate

  • Dan N

    didn’t work for me. still comes up as not secure using chrome or internet explorer.

  • Dan N

    Keeps telling me connection is not secure

  • Lola

    i need to book my driving test!

  • Oliver

    Tried registering for the online service today; 3 time-outs, 1 401-Access Denied error and now it says “Record Unavailable; Please try again in 24 Hours when you can apply again.”.

  • belltopcone

    paying on line today my car tax, 3 times timed out, driving me mental.

  • Kelly Nijhuis

    not working for direct debit today

  • Donna Bradshaw

    Just managed to renew our van tax using the Welsh site, and then Google translate at the same time, all worked out.

  • Ian Titto

    Probably been hacked! . i cant check my licence status either, technology the way forward ?

  • Elliott Dunning

    I need to know can I drive? I’ve been siezure free for 6months and I’ve received a letter saying my license will be issued out to me after 27.08.2017. can I drive in the mean time?

  • Bob Pickersgill

    Unable to renew driving licence online so presume system is down. Been trying since yesterday am.

  • Rob Whitehead

    One of my daughters is trying to insure her first car but insurance companies cannot verify her new full licence as DVLA is down so she can’t insure or drive her car, useless bunch of idiots who are unhelpful. We don’t seem to have any manual fallback position “Computer Says NO!”

  • Leanna Buttigieg

    Tried to apply for a provisional for my daughter, goes threw all questions then says session times out 20 mins..even tho it’s been 6 or it says lost connection but net is fine.tried 4 times this morning

  • Peter Kirkham

    trying to declare a car sorn as its not insured and the websites down.says down for a few hours that was on the 1,8,17 its now 20.00 2,8,17 and its still down what a joke

  • nickthompson

    Problem with changing address still exists a week later. Sort it out DVLA – you tell me you’ll fine me for not letting you know, but you won’t let me tell you!!

  • Matt Wilson

    Tried to change address on driving license 3 times now and the session keeps timing out.

    Appalling and no phone way of contact for this purpose, just post.

  • Tendayi D Gweshe

    I bought a car with private plate via dealer, the previous owner had claimed their plate, so the dealer offered another private plate.I had to get this registered before taxing the car.The previous new keeper supplement has the old private plate so cannot tax my new car or drive it.As new plate not yet registered l cannot SORN the car as it requires 11 digit number on new keeper supplement baring old private plate.I cannot drive the car for 6 weeks. If DVLA still had walk in office this would have been rectified in less than 20 minutes.I use my car for my job it’s appalling.

  • Andy

    Tried to do a tax check on a car and it keeps saying page unavailable. Just out of interest I clicked on the ‘this page is also available in Welsh’ link and it worked! Then translated the page with google back into English. May be worth a try on other services!

  • Frederico

    Ive been trying to get the “check code” for renting a car, the website is down since I first tried at 14h.

  • Connor

    Tried to renew my liscence today but its coming up saying technical problems before i can finish!!

  • Mrs Patricia Luscombe

    Can only tax my car at post office with a V62 form. The system is down so I rang dvla who say try again tomorrow. Who’s going to pay the fine for me having no tax…..

  • Mrs Patricia Luscombe

    I’ve been trying to tax my car today at post office and they couldnt do it so phoned dvla who said try tomorrow. Who’s going to pay the fine for no tax…..

  • Yani Angelov

    I was trying many times today paying my new car’s road tax because I needed drive to London but nothing was coming up… very difficult situation as I need really to be in London . I had a try from the post office as well but with same result ….

  • chris gumz

    tried to tax my car online since yesterday and the website is down

  • Kathy Rush

    DVLA site seems to down so I cant not a code anyone else having problems?

  • Austin Howlett

    Tried to get a code to share license details so I can hire car in Ireland. Can not get one , message on screen ‘Error. Page cannot be found.’.Rang DVLA and they tried to generate one at their end and could not. Advised to keep trying and if I can’t get one before I travel I should ask car hire company in Ireland to ring them to confirm entitlements. Bring back the paper counterpart and stop this messing/

  • Vera Higgs

    Just taxed my car by old fashion telephone. Quick and easy. Thats technology for you.

  • Vera Higgs

    Need to tax my car been trying for 3 days. Surely maintaining a Government sight does not take this long.What do you call a few hours it used to be 3 hours not 3 days.

  • Taleba Wax

    omg i need my tax disc!! in my area they are so quick to bloody clamp!!! ffs!!! website is down!

  • Jack Jones

    Trying to SORN my car before the start of the next tax month, but the site is down for “essential maintenance”.

  • saranp

    Trying to pay tax but site won’t let me…not sure why we pay it here in Devon anyhow…we do not have and roads, just holes and earth

  • Meg

    Have discovered that you can’t use this website from apple devices like iPad and phone. Tried on windows and it worked fine.

  • Meg

    Trying I change my address and it won’t go past a certain page. it’s very frustrating.

  • rob

    i need a code to show my new bus driving job, no website means no code, no code means no check, no check means no job. disgusted with the zero help from this service. i have a limited time-frame. what a joke !!

  • Lottiel

    Cannot pay road tax ahead of buying a different car tomorrow. Site will not connect to payment confirmation and bank has received no notification. How can we tax the car?? We need to drive it quite a distance to get it home!

  • Jill Oldham

    Cannot tax car, says no mot but all other mot sites and mobile apps clearly show my car has an mot. I have been trying to get on the DVLA site since 14.00 14/03/17 and I have just tried again this morning 07.43 15/03/17. It’s still not working. Very annoying.

  • Lee Berry

    ive got the same problem only way to advice is to fill all boxes ie nearside front (upper inner centre etc)?????

  • David mays

    Mot not working properly as unable to record advice or fail cars.pass ok.

  • Mrspie

    Inform vehicle has been sold section is not working even though says availbkle 7-7 !

  • bsg017

    It seems that I can get a code when using Chrome as my browser with Windows 10, BUT NOT if I use Edge as my browser!!

  • bsg017

    Still told session has timed out. at 1248hrs on 12th Feb 🙁

  • bsg017

    Still out of action at 2120rs

  • bsg017

    Been trying to get a Licence Check Code for at least 4 hours (now 2000hrs). Need to have a courtesy car while my own is serviced next week..

  • Sarah Rolfe

    Trying to put reg on retention all day and still no luck (06/02)

  • Steve

    Same for me as well. Tried ringing to find out expected return to normal but got into a Kafkaesque answer service loop!

  • Dave

    Exactly the same for me been trying all day and can’t use the service…

  • Rob Bohte

    is this a trump runned company?

  • Barry

    I have been unable to put my car registration number onto retention as the website has been down all day today. It just says that the service is normally available between 7 am and 7 pm.

  • Daz

    Back online

  • Daz

    Can’t tax my car and have no time tomorrow to call them….. what do I do now?

  • Vic

    Same problem as many below. Trying to renew my car tax but website not working. Guess I’ll have to phone them tomorrow!

  • Nick

    Cannot tax car as site is down!!!!!

  • Taxless Joe

    It’s gov site down when the public needs it the most just like ambulance service and nhs

  • Alice

    Boyfriend can’t get his car taxed, so crap as he’s been excited about this car for weeks and now he doesn’t get to drive it now he’s actually got it!

  • Tracey Stephens

    I can’t tax my new car arraaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  • Amanda Moulding

    Can’t renew car tax online, runs out tomorrow. Hope they get it sorted sharpish!

  • George Trist

    Can start tax process by timesout on page immediately after start. Need tax asap it I’m taxless and stuck in middle of nowhere. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh

  • Mark

    No idea what is happening, but I cannot seem to find an official DVLA website, it is now a dot gove website or has it always been like that?

  • Chris Aguilar

    Trying to renew my license but keep getting server down messages, then session timed out, even though I’m actively inputting details and moving from page to page fairly quickly. Nowhere near 20 mins logged on each time it goes down.

  • Peterkeen Keen

    Cant tax car,website says slip v5/c2 ref no invalid.

  • Samantha Martin

    Can’t collect my new car as they can’t tax it due to the system being down today not a happy bunny right now

  • Testing

    Can’t tax car today, what a uselss website (New Beta) , still going to drive it as I have no other option.

  • Stuart

    Was supposed to pick my wife’s brand new car up yesterday but dvla couldn’t finalise the paper work not happy

  • Tricky

    7th November 2016. Tried to renew my driving licence today but neither Safari on iPad or Google on Android can get this to happen.

  • Peter Nicklin

    Still not working

  • CHeryl Darby

    Does anyone know when the site will be working again???

  • Stephen jay

    Hi have been trying to tax a car i borut to day dvla site will not let me

  • Elle

    Can’t tax vehicle , been trying all day . It folded initially on the third screen, but now major steps forward ….. It now folds on the second.

    Wednesday 19th October

  • Sian

    DVLA site down today. Travelled all the way over to Slough to take my driving theory test. Was kept waiting for over an hour before being told that the system was down. The person in charge was very unhelpful. He was not able to give me any useful information, yet had the time to stand texting on his phone. And I’ve been told that I just have to rebook. What a waste of time for everyone involved.

  • Ray Hewitt

    Tried to renew my driving licence today,19/9/16, not able to complete the transaction, site refusing to load. I resorted to the old postal system. God bless the governments IT systems, almost as useless as the government.

  • Kate

    I had to send of marriage certificate as my name has changed. But now I have had my licence and V5 log form back but not my marriage certificate back, I will be so UPSET if I do not get that back. I am hoping it will be sent separately.

  • Winston

    Can’t tax my car this morning (Thursday 7/716). Click the start tab and get “Page can’t be displayed.”

  • Elizabeth Giddens

    Can’t renew my daughter’s car tax ! I have been trying since yesterday (Friday 1/7/16) . Very annoying. Up to post office instead now!

  • Sarah Sheldon

    First tried 20 minutes ago. Need a car hire code for tomorrow. Something to do with the referendum? (govt site)

  • Rotondared

    Having the same problem. Need a hire car code but system down. First tried 30 mins ago

  • Chris Rigg

    Trying to get a DVLA code prior to going abroad for a holiday – service down, no mention how long this is likely to last. Anyone else had this issue?

  • Patricia Roberts Âû

    Trying to find cancellations for practical testo but it has crashed and says service not available

  • Penelope Roy Dube

    Impossible to tax my car on the website! Tells me the credit cards are not authorized.. Call the credit company and they say it’s the website that crashed..

  • Mark Ryan

    I am waiting for my licence details to be updated online so a finance company can validate my licence and my new car can be released to me, can anyone please tell me how long I should expect to wait? Thank you.

  • Graham

    Same here. Have been trying since Saturday morning. In the mean time I have had to insure another vehicle – looking forward to the compensation from DVLA!!
    DVLA know about the problem but still refuse to take payment over the phone, just advise not to drive the vehicle. Hopeless system.

  • Kathryn Robinson

    Same here, tried post office three times already as it needs changing from disabled tax. Looks like taxi to work today!

  • Lee Stephens

    Trying to retain a plate. Click the “start” tab and get an “Invalid request” page!

  • karlm

    same here been told to come back later

  • George

    Been trying to tax my car since Saturday got it for my birthday haven’t been able to drive it. What a stupid system

  • Andy

    Can’t tax car as when entering post code and clicking find my address it doesn’t phill the boxes below so when submitting form shows error ” needs full postal address” why hasn’t DVLA got a team that checks this …

  • Adrian Wood

    can’t renew my car tax today – site just hangs on card verification – off to the post office tomorrow

  • Ian Mence

    cant tax my car keeps crashing have tryed two different cards… no good



  • Becky

    Couldn’t take my old car for its mot yesterday and now it won’t let me tax my new car?

  • S doughty

    Took half an hour trying to apply for over 70 driving licence, searching for passport numbers, NI number etc before failing at last hurdle. No indication beforehand that site was having problems. Father now resigned to filling in paper form. What a waste of time!

  • Viv rigby

    Site down today need to advise sale of car!!!

  • SAP62

    Trying to generate a hire code & getting no response from the system. And no indication that it’s down. Only found out by googling. Thanks for the posts

  • SAP62


  • Matt

    Cannot generate hire code due to ‘technical problems’ on the DVLA site. Tried all day yesterday as hiring a vehicle at 8am today. What a fantastic system!

  • Rb123

    DVLA down. Can’t generate code to hire car

  • Stu Sutcliffe


  • Sarah Turner

    DVLA site down today.

  • Pat Egan

    Down today when I need to organize a code to share my licence details!! Down over an hour now…

  • wayne

    The site seems to be down now for trying to buy a private registration, frustrating.

  • Cole

    I got an email back from DVLA but not of the links within are working. I have not had this problem before.

  • David James

    Non of the links for email contact are working?

  • Joy

    When I try to do a search on the official DVLA website it does not show any results. All I was searching for was how to renew my licence as its nearly running out.

  • Annoyed dvla customer

    Is it me or is dvla down right now??

  • James

    Trying to renew photo on licence, rubbish website! Completely unworkable, do they even test that it works!!!! Cannot find address, puts name into title field, time in property fails (two numbers, years and months)…… someone needs sacking! !!

  • Andy

    Trying to tax my vehicle but site keeps telling me that my session has expired before I get to even enter my payment details. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Beth

    And it’s working now.

  • Beth

    I can’t get on to tax a vehicle. It says the websites security certificate has been revoked. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Adrian

    I can’t get on the DVLA auction website. It is auction day today and I guess its busy

  • Melvin

    It was the same when they changed the tax disc ruling – absolute chaos.

  • TomSUP

    I don’t mean to sound horrible but I am glad it wasn’t just me. I tried for an hour this morning but had to go to work – I’ve just checked now and the cherished number I wanted is gone. Useless DVLA.

  • Baz

    Took me 3 hours to get on the site this morning, luckily my plate was still there.

  • Mat

    I can’t believe it, I’ve had my eye on the perfect 15 plate for weeks but when I tried to get logged on before the start of todays sale the site was deliberately taken down by DVLA. It then came live at 8.30 and it has taken me until 10.03 to actually get logged in – to find that the numberplate I wanted has been SOLD. I am fuming, if DVLA know its going to be a high demand sale why don’t they beef their systems up? Typical government run agency.

  • Ron

    I think the DVLA need more web servers, especially at busy times like today when we want to register a 15 plate.

  • Dan

    Come on, this is a government website they should be able to handle the traffic.

  • Mike

    I wanted to get a new 15 number plate today and was also looking at personalised plates, it has been down for ages…anyone else able to get on?

DVLA Reports

@DVLAgovuk absolute nightmare trying to get in touch with the DVLA..71 calls so far.. webchat not working just says user busy!

@DVLAgovuk Except all methods of communication with DVLA are down, including all the links from their website

@lochinch @DVLAgovuk Never had problems before to be fair?

@TheDannoGaming @DVLAgovuk @DVSA_HelpMe I keep tracking it and recently it’s saying it’s been issued so hopefully it will come soon. If it doesn’t I’m going to have problems with insuring my car and lessons that I’ve already booked :/

@DVLAgovuk the phone number found in gov.uk seems not working. How can I contact DVLA for assistance?

@DVLAgovuk I have my BRP stuck with you lot for more than a month now. I know you would reply with “following social distancing”, but have you made steps to resolve this issue yet? holding official documents for too long causes legal problems to people! #DVLA

@vbrad06_payne I must advise that the DVLA does not give cover to drive. The onus is on yourself to establish if you meet all of the criteria. You should seek legal advice if you feel it’s necessary. Our team's working as quick as possible while social distancing. Thanks for waiting. 2/2. -Ing.

@DVLAgovuk Hello I am unable to sign into my online account to renew the address on my licence. Can this be rectified please? The apostrophe in my surname always causes problems 🤦🏼‍♀️

@DVLAgovuk bad move to part with v5 as the new document will not be recognised so problems taxing. utter useless automated service

No answer to this yet, and their Twitter page is a bin fire of people trying to get hold of documents. DVLA needs to invest in proper remote working kit, fast. Plenty of the rest of us manage to deal with confidential/sensitive stuff at home - not clear why DVLA can’t. twitter.com/unacceptapaul/…

@DVLAgovuk It’s now been nearly two months and still no update on my daughter’s provisional driving license application. You’ve also taken payment. Please can somebody update me. Still problems getting through on the phone!

@RishiSunak Yes that's all great...HOWEVER, example of how pathetically UK is working compared to Europe right now, my working day just today: emails not responded to by clients, calls not returned from banks, lawyers taking ages, DVLA lost my info etc. UK plc is broken! Support needed!!