DVLA Down Today?

The DVLA, also know as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, is a place to register new number plates, change address on your driving license or even check a certain vehicle. Although if you’re currently visiting the website and you find yourself having some issues along the way, then you’re in the right place to give our writers the heads up, so that they’ll be able to guide you along the way until everything has been resolved, as of in the past there have been several outage leaving my people feeling slightly annoyed.

DVLA Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If DVLA is down today, then reports will be found below.

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28 days ago

It was confirmed that I’d paid my road tax online on 2nd August 2023. In December I returned home to find my car clamped because apparently I hadn’t paid it. Had to pay £160 to get clamp removed and was fined £100 from DVLA. Yet on the very same day it was clamped I “renewed” my road tax. I was informed that I was taxed till December 2024 – so it hadn’t been backdated. Why? I believe because it was confirmed that I’d paid. ??? I’m pursuing the matter

29 days ago

Multiple unsuccessful attempts to renew my car tax via the telephone service!!! Subsequently tried the on line car tax renewal service and both my cards were declined.The information imputted was correct. Advised to contact my bank re visa secure password but at no time was this requested.

30 days ago

DVLA vehicle-tax site seems unavailable today and hes been so for the last couple of weeks. We have been trying every day for quite a while. Is it coming back soon?

Hazel Hawthorne
1 month ago

I’m unable to access the DVLA portal for fleet vehicles, anyone else having any issues

1 month ago

trying to renew my driving license, fill all my details in to get to the end and get this message,

Sorry, a problem has occurred with this service
We hope to have it up and running as soon as possible.

Please try again later.

Return to GOV.UK

anyone else have this problem?

Marguerite Downey
1 month ago

Tried multiple times on several devices to pay my car tax but the system is not working

Janet Brough
2 months ago

I have tried twice a day ago to renew my driving license on line with my digital passport, it has been rejected both times and site says I have to apply by post. I tried again today and I have been timed out after about one minute.

Hugh Clinton
2 months ago

Unable to change my address on DVLA site, doesn’t work on any of 3 PC browsers – insists that I’ve timed out, despite clearing caches and cookies, eventually tried on my phone but too slow and not mobile friendly, almost finished then got the now constant timeout message. Waste of an hour. RUBBISH

Ian Walby
2 months ago

attempted to apply for car tax online, every time press ‘Start’ from government site it hangs, this has occurred over the last 2 days on Iphone and Microsoft computer.

Attempted today to call the DVLA, get to the point of processing payment, and the line just hangs up! tried twice!

Mr G
2 months ago

Exactly same as below, won’t accept card also no box to put security number. Useless! Phone option same as below line went dead at point of me giving payment. what is wrong with this country?!!!?!!mr

2 months ago

Phone cut off just before I was about to make payment. And the online facility is not working either. Trying to tax vehicle

2 months ago

Unable to renew car tax, payment keeps saying “invalid card type for card number entered”. Tried different cards. Same when I tried two days ago.

Clunky phone system failed before I got to the payment section.

Oh well. I tried!

Carol Dryburgh
2 months ago

Trying to tax my car today no luck system is pathetic both on line or by phone no working ridiculous for a government department defo broken Britain

2 months ago

‘Trying to renew my driving licence. Invalid URL’ following link on gov.uk site.

Daniel Brennan
2 months ago

Trying to renew my car tax, keeps telling me car cannot be found from the 16 digit number they’ve sent me. Can’t get through when I phone, either say they’re too busy, and cut me off, or don’t call back when I request it.

2 months ago

Have tried 3 times today to renew driving licence but just get message that network not connected

2 months ago

I’ve tried to arrange the tax for my car today and it claims it doesn’t exist!

2 months ago

I tried to renew my car tax but it said the card type wasn’t correct for the card number. It was correct. Have tried for a couple hours on and off and no joy

Derek Williams
5 months ago

I cannot contact the DVLA site it just states that the site cannot be contacted. Is it down?

giles martin
5 months ago

I have just tried to renew my driving licence and could get beyond a certain point and was told to try in 24 hours time???????????????????????


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