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The DVLA, also know as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, is a place to register new number plates, change address on your driving license or even check a certain vehicle. Although if you’re currently visiting the website and you find yourself having some issues along the way, then you’re in the right place to give our writers the heads up, so that they’ll be able to guide you along the way until everything has been resolved, as of in the past there have been several outage leaving my people feeling slightly annoyed.

DVLA Status insight for Tuesday 7th of December 2021

If DVLA is down today, then reports will be found below.

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DVLA Reports

@fatnoddy @jessphillips @UKLabour As my first post said it all - political point scoring when the afghans were left swinging by civil servants working from home and not processing the information quicker - probably busy tiling their bathrooms - like the DVLA and the passport offices 👍

@Hardeep_Matharu Thousands of civil servants were sat at home working part-time for full time pay - they've had two years and they don't want to go back to the office. It's why it now takes forever (DVLA, Passports) to get anything done. It's not safe to go into work but fine to go the pub :-)

@wallaceme It’s not just the FCO though is it? A close look at all govt departments is required. Home Office and DVLA aren’t working efficiently, new state pensions are being paid months after they are due, I bet the civil service in general is not fit for purpose

@choccrisps Hi Fiona. Our online system tracks the issue of a licence 👉viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record… , but not if mail has been received. We are working to return documents, as quickly as possible. For info on how long your application will take please see: gov.uk/guidance/dvla-… . -Ing.

@talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 @TomTugendhat Covid Work-from-Home culture (laziness ??) seems to have permeated all walks of life. From Hotels claiming not enough staff so wont clean room (price stays the same natually) to DVLA taking 4 months to issue replacement license bcause “staff working from home”. Now the CS.

@DVLAgovuk I've applied for my provisional on the 03/09/2021 and it was received and i still haven't received my provisional license or my passport documents which has caused a withdrawal for my passport application and im having problems with SFE My reference number : 20212461736045

@Valleeblanche @jessphillips If you are having problems phoning the @DVLAgovuk please write to their chief executive using the email address from here: CEOemail.com/?q=dvla We hope that helps!

@tonyblackburn @DVLAgovuk You can now lodge official complaints via the gov.uk website. I’ve had no end of problems with them as I have a medical condition. In the middle of November they managed to lose my payment (cheque) then sent a letter back saying I didn’t enclose it.

Is anyone else having problems managing to speak or get any response from the @DVLAgovuk #DVLA ?

@tonyblackburn @DVLAgovuk There have been problems for months. Been waiting for a licence to be reissued since September.

@tonyblackburn @DVLAgovuk Sent my new photo off to @DVLA in July. Still not got my renewed driving licence. 3 weeks? Nah, 6 months. #DVLA not working

#nhs #dvla #landregistry #councils. Call Time on the abysmal Public sector. Dvla fail to issue permits, land reg not registering titles, NHS fails miserably no gp appointments. Privitise the lot they are not fit for purpose. Useless public sector funded by hard working taxpayers