Dying Light Problems

As many of you know, because you’re on this page, Dying Light is an awesome open-world survival horror video game, which can be played on PS4 and Xbox One, although things can start to become bumpy when there’s problems with the server and causes issues to those playing the game, as there’s nothing worse than playing and being interrupted due to unscheduled maintaince or an outage of some sort.

Dying Light Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Dying Light is down today, then reports will be found below.

Dying Light Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • EliottTheGreat

    hey it’s happened to one of my friend right now u have any updates about it ?

  • Jeff

    Just noticed this thread is really old tho so nobody will see this

  • Jeff

    Techland online service says its Offline for me and I dont understand why!? It worked before but starting today it says I’m offline at the bottom of the main screen.

  • WolfKing

    been trying to join my friends game and it keeps saying the session is no longer available. i literally just bought her dying light yesterday so we could play together today.

  • Gage Helton

    The servers ARE down b/c one week i was playing DL and i was playing invasion online, the next week i try playing w/ a friend and we couldn’t play at all, and we may have accidentally pulled an all nighter trying to get it fixed, then we decided to wating thinking that they’d fix it, after a while we tried again, and same thing happened, that’s when we knew the servers were down, now we just have to wait until they come back up, god knows how long

  • tyler

    so a couple of hours ago I was trying to get in a lobby but it always put me in a 1v1 player lobby in be the zombie mode does it mean some servers are down because I play on the Xbox one.

  • paul mc mahon

    Where’s all the players are the server’s down or something have they taken invade by the zombie out of it ?

  • Shadow Cortex

    everytime i join a friend or a friend join me one of us gets disconnected?!(xbox one s)

  • Kenny

    Won’t let me join people or let them join

  • Austin Michael Gaines

    I was playing in all kinds of games yesterday and today nothing?…. hard to believe everyone stoped all at once

  • Austin Michael Gaines

    No games can be found what’s going on

  • Erik Smith

    it says my network thing is down but it is not plz turn it back on plz i wanna roleplay with my friend badly

  • I_am_Falcon


  • adam

    co op onlien
    will not work me and my friends keeps disconnecting (xbox one)

  • Jfrog

    I think the servers are just down bro

  • XxfosterdxX

    My game keeps saying I’m not connected to the playstation network but I am….

  • Derek Zimmerman

    I got the same prob too. y’all know what’s actually going on though????

  • Jfrog

    Yea me too

  • Candice

    Hey the same thing is happened to me just now

  • XxfosterdxX

    Are any of u not able to play dying light co-op today? My friend can join but then gets kicked after a few minutes….help.

  • Tory H.

    PlayStation dying light servers are definitely down right now

  • Blake

    Servers are having trouble rn

  • Jonathan

    LOL Tom that’s funny. They need to sort their servers first before they even think about releasing the sequel.

  • Tom

    I would love to know if there is going to be a Dying Light 2 release soon! I have heard there may not be but there is hope right.

  • Jeremy A Yorks

    are dying light servers still up?

  • Jose Cabrera Jr.

    I keep getting kicked from co-op and were trying to play 3 people my nat type is open plz fix’s

  • Omega Dragoth

    my NAT is open on Xbox one and I am unable to join games iv tried for the past 3 days and it attempts to connect then throws me back into my own game saying the session is no longer available. what’s the deal?

  • Joseph

    Dying Light Enhanced Edition on Xbox One. My brother and I can’t seem to stay connected during our coop sessions. He always gets disconnected. We don’t have any issues with other games. We can play overwatch and battlefield online endlessly. Please help.

  • Chrissie

    Is dying light under development as i cant seem to play online it keeps telling me no matches are found and crashes and boots me out the game

  • No Name

    Anybody lost all the saved progress from the game and the cloud, i’m reset back to level one lost weapons blueprints bassically everything.
    psn dannyboy1973

  • tcox

    The game won’t let me play with anyone Now been a fee days of this going on please fix the issue

  • tykshi

    I keep getting kicked as soon as I join my friend on his game idk what’s the issue plz fix

  • S2k

    My buddies and I were playing last night and loving it, today can’t stay connected for more than a couple minutes..we were planning all planning on buying the DLC’s today, NOT ANYMORE

  • S2k

    So we pay for this?

  • S2k


  • Thegreatberstis

    Having a lot of problems playing multi player it keeps on kicking one of us out

  • Boncio Bonci

    This game, in less words, is only a bunch of bugs and horrible multiplayer platform. Only issues, horrible matchmaking.

  • bobo

    Having a problem right about now.

  • Boof

    Have not been able to play co-op with my mate since the release of the new dlc – kind of ruining the experience and cannot find any feedback regarding this issue

  • Romeo Cox

    when will they be back up and running

  • AffectiveCruve

    there is a huge problem with co-op at the moment….. max 2-3 minutes then it disconnects…

  • FetusMcgraw G

    Wtf is up with co-op just paid $55 for enhanced edition and cany even play 5 mins in co-op way the lads without getting disconnected SCANDALOUS

  • LavaPasta

    Yea me and a buddy keep getting kicked out at least every 2-3 after joining each other. Even though it really sucks it’s not like Techland is doing this on purpose, it doesn’t matter how long game devs make games these issues still and will happen from time to time. So some of you people need to take a breath and do what the rest of the world does and wait.

  • Carlos

    Servers not working on ps4 for co-op. Me and my friends are constantly getting kicked every few minutes the last 2 days

  • Scott

    What’s happening with the following servers on ps4. I’m trying to play co op but we keep getting booted every couple of minutes. What’s happening

  • jeremy mccaffity

    Cannot stay connected on Co op for more than a few minutes

  • Robert Norman

    Are y’all working on it or what or do you even realize that you are down?

  • Robert Norman

    I’m so sick of games that you can’t play because of server issues.

  • Robert Norman

    Service offline what the heck wow but they got their money.

  • Duke Snider

    Why can’t my friends join or I join them… STUPID GAME CONSTANTLY GOES DOWN AND HAS MULTI-PLAYER ISSUES… If they think I am going to dump money on a map pack when I can’t even play what they have that has been out for a while they have another thing coming…


  • Kim

    Not really played thins game lately, so thought i would give it a shot again. But now i remember why i haven’t, glitches are too much, Had issues with sound one minute, then it started to lag the second. Not playing anymore.

  • Patrick

    No problems at all people, its all fun and games here. Stay happy gamers.

  • Sharon

    New Dying Light DLC releases are in the making, so there are going to be new outfits and gameplay modes, even weapons. Hopefully it will stop a few glitches like sound issues, login problems etc.

  • Rickers

    I was playing online and had audio issues, like the sound was coming and going rather bitty when action kicked in. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Lucky

    I tried to install Dying Light last night but it was taking forever even though I have good Internet speed.

  • Chance

    Is anyone having performance issues when play Dying Light?

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