Facebook Messenger Problems

Using Facebook Messenger means communicating when you want for free until problems arise, but when they do it could be for the app crashing on Android, iOS, and other platforms. If Facebook Messenger is down today, then you would most likely be experiencing one of the most common issues that include not being able to send and servers not working, so nothing works when trying to open the app.

While the software has changed a lot since the original release, you can now do more than ever with Facebook Messenger and this includes making free voice calls to friends. Other features include group chats, messaging people in your contact list, and sending photos/videos.

Recent glitches when server problems take place have included repeated crashing, being kicked out the app, and errors when trying to send or receive messages. If you have problems today, then share your status updates with rough locations and any error messages being received. You will also see if there’s a major outage due to reports being left on this page.

Facebook Messenger Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Facebook Messenger is down today, then reports will be found below.

Facebook Messenger Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Ces

    I only can swipe and reply on one message. I’m having difficulty scrolling up and view the past messages. I literally have to close the app everytime I need to reply.

  • Petra

    Just like Facebook I cannot do anything on Messenger. I decided to logout and now cannot open app again.

  • Kyle

    The app is down for me, not able to load any photos and send them to anyone.

  • Rhona

    Messenger saying something went wrong

  • Gordon

    yep cant get into groups and wont load messages ok on I phone because I never disturbed but on Andriod or pc no joy

  • Marky Benasa

    Cant open facebook and messenger. Why?

  • Marie-Antoinette Ferreira-Purs

    I am unable to contact my friends in Belgium either by fb or messenger. The message that comes up as though I am blocked. Can any one advise please?

  • Jessie Inah Mow

    Prob w d fb msnger now???

  • Brett Hurley

    the “last active” feature has been buggy for over a week.

  • Anne Edwards

    Now reappeared as Messenger Lite. so what was that all about?

  • Anne Edwards

    Messenger has disappeared from my mobile phone, but working online. I press logo on phone and get big Nothing.

  • Andrea

    Thank you…I will try that. I really appreciate your help! :o)

  • Andrea, on my desktop, I had to use my least fave browser–google chrome–to access it. Sorry, not even sure how I did so, but now, I have to leave the tab open to keep it in place. I open a different tab for reg. FB.

  • Andrea

    Where did my messenger button go on Facebook? It disappeared a day or two ago.

  • Amanda Hall

    My messenger not working today keep saying its stopped.

  • Michelle

    My messenger won’t send and crashes and freezes the page

  • Dana S.

    Working fine on my android, but on PC it is not. Page will load, but portion to enter your login won’t, you see the blue loading circle working but nothing happens. Cleared memory and rebooted, no change. Canada.

  • Melissa Sundstrom

    Peterborough UK app not loading. Both on iphone 6 and Ipad.

  • Corine Hill

    why won,t my video play in my messenger on facebook

  • Jess

    The picture circle on the right under the date is gone. I have to actually open the message to see if it’s been read, sent, etc

  • Georgiaj36

    Messages are being delivered but last active status has disappeared on partners messages after a few hours why is this and how can i get it refreshed so i can see my partners last active status as i know he was having wifi connection issues where he staying aswell…I am in Midlands,UK

  • Ludmilla Ferguson

    When I start typing a message using messenger on Android the app closes before I get a chance to press send

  • Joanie1969

    My Facebook messenger keeps kicking me out! Why????

  • Jean Mckenna

    My FB messenger is down on my IPhone and tablet but ok on my laptop! Please help me it is doing my head in!

  • Tamera Clark

    Is Messenger down today uk as it says something wrong and can’t send any messages

  • Alex

    I can see all my old messages but not any new ones, I am in London.

  • Shanie

    I need to send important docs by tomorrow so please hurry up Facebook and fix Messenger.

  • Deepak

    Facebook Messeger is down for me in India, not working at all.

  • Brittany

    Facebook Messenger is down in Ohio and my mate said on the phone to me 5 mins ago its down on Brazil where he is on holiday.

  • Chrissy

    Is Facebook Messenger down right now for anyone else?

  • Jane

    Every time I go into certain apps I get kicked off trying to get into my activity log but keep getting kicked off cannot clear searches has anybody else got that problem on Facebook I updated it a few days ago but still got a problem any ideas how to solve this I have uninstalled it and installed it again turn the phone off but this hasn’t resolved the problem

  • Angela Mathers

    My friend just posted a My Day pic,I can see it fine on chat box on pc,but not on messenger on my phone.This happened the other day and it took ages to appear on my phone. His brother posted one this morning and I got it straight away on my phone!

  • Crepmaster

    I’m in UK trying to video call my friend in Canada and the line cuts right at the begining all the times. We’ve been trying to call each other many time. Once it worked.

  • Nana Ampuan

    My messenger app was updated but when I login the old version of messenger would do.

  • Taryn Davyn

    my messemger keeps on crashing after deleting and installing it many times…. im pissed off bec messenger app is the one i use to talk, see, and communicate with my family and friends …. gggrrrr

  • Jennifer Frotten

    Worked! Thanks!

  • Ann Robson

    How do you delete original app

  • Darren

    I’ve been having the same problems, I just deleted the app went onto fb clicked the messenger icon top right of the page and re down loaded it from there and so far it’s working fine, hope this helps.

  • Janice

    This morning when I woke up my 5s said I had two messages on messenger and I needed to install it. (I had given up after multiple tries of installing, deleting etc and finally left it uninstalled.) It gave me a link and I clicked on it and success!

  • Vicky

    This worked for me as well, thank you so much!

  • David Page

    Just loaded the latest Apple update and now Messenger does not work ???

  • AGirlHasNoName

    I don’t have problems with Facebook, but every time I open messenger I get kicked off. Tried to restart my phone but it didn’t help

  • Tracy keeler

    Mine not working either don’t know what to do have iPhone 6s … ??

  • Tracy keeler

    Hi if you do this do you lose all messages that you already have as don’t want to lose them ??

  • Suz

    If I delete messenger and face book will I loose all my contact

  • Dee

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus!! Every time I try to get my messages from Facebook I get kicked off Facebook altogether. I have tried rebooting we installing nothing is worked . So frustrating I want to throw this phone Errrrrrr

  • Lofty

    I’ve struggled the past hour with deleting the apps, soft and hard reboots and clearing my settings. Just managed to get it working by deleting Facebook and messenger and then installing messenger on its own

  • Sondra Wiley

    My iPhodne 7 Plus is doing the same. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times nothing works. Call Verizon and they said to do the new update and it might fix the problem. It did not help. My iPad is working fine

  • တင္ မင္း ဆက္

    You can try
    1. Double tap home and clear all apps
    2. Delete fb massenger app
    3. Re install app from fb not from Apple Store ( i.e open Facebook app and tap the upper right massenger symbol and download)
    4. Goodluck

  • Chamitani Srimali Dewagedara

    delete both apps fb and messenger works for few minutes, again happend

  • တင္ မင္း ဆက္

    You can try
    1. Double tap home and clear all apps
    2. Delete fb massenger app
    3. Re install app from fb not from Apple Store ( i.e open Facebook app and tap the upper right massenger symbol and download)
    4. Goodluck

  • Kathleen Churchill

    I just removed both Facebook and messenger, then reinstalled. They appear to be working correctly now!

  • Cindy Chen

    iPhone 6s, IOS9

  • Julia Armstrong

    All of them by the look of it. Mine is a 5,

  • Jlea

    I rebooted several time, same thing happening, anyone? Thoughts?

  • Jlea

    I thought maybe i was hacked

  • Dom Price

    Which iOS and phone?

  • Dom Price

    FB messanger app crashing for me as well. I wonder if it’s a server issue.

  • Jlea

    Ok every time I try to log into messenger it kicks me out, cant get into either acct i have

  • Kathleen Churchill

    Only FB Messenger blacks out to quick to see messages. I’ve powered down and restarted but that didn’t cure it. The only comfort is it is happening on my iPad too, so now I know it is not my phone alone malfunctioning. Hoping for a cure soon.

  • Nicole

    Can’t do I tht as don’t no my login details ☹️

  • Cindy Chen

    Tried deleting both FB and messenger and reinstall. Works now!

  • Julia Armstrong

    Mine’s been doing it for a couple of hours. Have deleted & reinstalled but still the same.

  • Robert Byrd

    Messenger on my iPhone 6 works fine from FB and from the messenger app

  • Robert Byrd

    Same thing here for my wife’s 6 Plus . At launch of Messenger, whether, from FB or directly from Messenger app, she gets white screen then screen goes back to home page. But double-clicking on home button shows that the app is actually running in the background.

  • Oisín Gribben

    I deleted both fb and messenger and reinstalled and it worked

  • Nicole

    I’ve done the same I need to find a solution installed the latest iOS 11 reset the lot

  • Joe W Siple

    Same here

  • Ashley Hussey

    Anyone find a solution yet uninstalled an reinstalled 3 times and still nothing

  • Iphone probs

    Same problem here I’m glad its not just me

  • Nicole loveley

    Mines the same updated to iOS 11 on iPhone 5s was working fine a few hours ago but I go onto it loads up and then a semda me bck to home screen reli annoying

  • Dani

    When I open messenger it immediately glitches and returns me back to my home screen. It’s so frustrating and just started within the hour

  • Lynn Caster Walters

    Same is happening on my iphone7 and my iPad air2 but not on my daughters iphone 7

  • Joshua

    So i opened another account and left it there for like half an hour and i deleted the app and it starter working again

  • Jennifer Frotten

    Mine is crashing on my iPhone but Running fine on iPad mini. Both running same IOS.

  • Janice

    Mine is crashing continually. Tried everything.

  • Icu

    Crashing really annoying

  • Aleksandar Boshnakov

    It started an hour ago – few seconds and BAM – kicked out. Reinstalled, updated to iOS 11…still the same 🙁

  • Vicki Marie Littleton

    Mine is doing this also

  • samantha

    any solution for this yet?

  • Cindy Chen

    Messenger kept crashing on iPhone. Already tried to reinstall, not working!!! But works fine on my android pad!! Why?!?!?!

  • Lee

    Updated messenger. Updated iOS deleted and reinstalled. Keeps loading up. Load a message. Gone. Really irritating too

  • Anouk Hébert

    Click it, opens a few seconds and crashes. Any solution?

  • Rose Schreiber

    Click it, it opens for a sec and then goes black. Extremely annoying when there doesn’t seem to be a fix for it. I have gotten no good advice.

  • Molly

    Yeah and me, all my friends apparently seem fine and work normally

  • Harri93

    Go on fb on safari, hold refresh and request desktop site – should be able to send inbox messages from there

  • Harri93

    I think it’s certain accounts – mines been crashing but I just logged in with my boyfriends account and it worked fine..

  • Terri

    Mine is crashing as well it started about a hour ago tried power cycling the phone tried deleting the app doing a hard reset then re installed it and also done a update to the iOS 11 repeated the steps again and it is still crashing

  • Claire Cossette

    Also crashing continuously

  • Paris

    I’m down open it and it crashes deleted it and reinstalled it still the same issue

  • Harri93

    Go on Facebook on safari, hold down refresh and then press request desktop site. You should be able to see your inbox and send messages from there. It’s a bit basic tho!

  • Paris

    I’m down open it and it crashes deleted it and reinstalled it still the same issue Goes back to the home screen

  • caitlin

    How can I force desktop mode on safari?!

  • Lucy Wilson

    Interesting. Not making the news yet that I can find but it looks like it’s a big deal. (A pain in the butt too)

  • Sharon

    So it’s not just mine then mine literally when I click on it goes blank then closes the app

  • Nichola Clark

    Mine crashes too. I go into it and within seconds it takes me back to my home screen.

  • Molly

    Same, no idea what to do

  • Susan Kanellos

    Mine crashing too..!

  • Sue

    Messenger app crashing continuously

  • Luke

    World wide issue by the looks of it. I’ve done everything I can to get around it. No such luck. I would say try again in a few hours and see what’s happens from there.

  • Cris

    Thanks. It seems an issue on iPhone products and not on android phones

  • Ashley Hussey

    Me too

  • Brenda Baker

    I’m down too

  • Ashley Hussey

    Mine just started acting up this evening

  • Carnen

    I also just tried to get into messenger o. My iPhone 7+ and it crashes 3-4 seconds after opening it.
    I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it is still the same issue

  • Dan


  • Lucy Wilson

    Seems to be a worldwide problem

  • Vicky

    Same here! I’ve tried updating to iOS11, then reinstalling again and still crashing.

  • Betty

    Mine is down also, on my ipad

  • Gianna

    My Facebook Messenger is down. Screen goes black and closes the app. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t work

  • Milvi Lim

    Mine as well but only on my IPad. Works on IPhone 6+

  • Cris

    I have the same issue everytime I try to open the messenger app it is kicking me out on my iPhone…this was not an issue earlier. This just happened few minutes ago. Any idea what the issue is? I see that my friends are able to send messages but I can’t open them.

  • Ann-marie

    Facebook messenger keep crashing after 3-4 seconds so annoying.

  • John

    Keeps shutting messenger as soon as attempt to access messages

  • Amy Smith

    Keeps kicking me out I’ve reinstalled and everything

  • Robyn Basnet

    Messenger isn’t working on my iPhone 6+ any idea what the problem is?

  • rungirl920

    Same issue just started happening tonight. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Didn’t work?

  • Helen

    Same problem here. Started about 10 minutes ago. 5s

  • Kas’ka Bull

    Snap – been working fine until this evening and it closes after a couple of seconds!!! I’ve done the recent download, reboot my phone and the app and nothing has wir

  • Anka

    For how long is not working mesenger??

  • Anka


  • Donna

    Same here on my 7, can’t even delete app and reinstall, any ideas?

  • Mary Little

    My iPhone just updated & I have same problem

  • Danie

    Is this just a glitch? I deleted the app and got it again and it’s still crashing after 3 seconds

  • Harri93

    Mine is the same. Have just downloaded iOS 11 to try and fix it but to no avail. You can force desktop mode on Facebook on Safari if you’re desperate.

  • Tammy

    Does anyone have any information if the problem is going to be fixed

  • Jessica Ambrose

    My 5s is doing it as well. The update kind of sucks anyway. How do I go back to the previous version?

  • Jin

    App started crashing about 30 minutes ago, was working fine the entire day. Any fixes?

  • Phyllis

    My messenger is doing the same thing closing down after 3 seconds

  • Rach08

    Just updated messenger and it’s not working properly. It will open but then closes again after 3 seconds or so, Bert frustrating.. What’s going on?

  • Aimee Thweatt

    Messenger shuts down after 3 seconds??? This was after I updated????

  • Damien Kayla Steel

    Same here on 7 and 7plus

  • Brittany Simpson

    Yup, I can go onto it but it will just shut down after 5 seconds

  • Eloisa Glp

    i had the same problem

  • Kira-Debra Morris

    Anyone know how to stop this?

  • Kira-Debra Morris


  • Harv

    Yea I can’t go in the app for 10 seconds without it closing itself

  • Mia Rose Gourlay

    I had the same issue it keeps crashing after I go onto a conversation with someone

  • Max

    Whenever I open the messenger app on iOS 11 it crashes on my 5s any others got the same issue it started about half n hour ago as to now (12:30am)

  • Jimbo Ferreras

    i cannot load my pictures on my day and its been two days now

  • Lee

    Messenger problem if i want to send pics or a video all i get is Media loading error.

  • Vanessa Bunton

    Messages are vanishing. Same with threads. Just not working at all. Even said I’d blocked someone and when I tried again I could message them

  • lakeytha

    i cannot load my pictures on my day and its been two days now

  • Chetan Ranawade

    I open it and none of my messages will load. It’s just a blank screen with the blue spinning circle taking ages

  • Loredana Qualls

    I can’t call some of my contacts.And they can’t call me .They don’t see if I try to call them.And I can’t see if they call me .What is wrong with my messenger ?

  • Barbara Mcnicholas

    Facebook said they notified everyone that their messenger would be closed down. I have never seen a message. Well viber and WhatsApp here I come

  • Barbara Mcnicholas

    My messenger has been axes. It’s disgusting

  • Zelah Vincent

    Cannot act activate friend request or message friends using their profile pages on Facebook what is going on

  • Ian Storer

    White screen blue spinning circle for me too. This is very irritating

  • John Henry

    Only half of my contacts are working. The other half I get a message that messenger has stopped

  • Gillian

    After updating, Messenger will not work on my tablet. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still not working.

  • Nick

    Mine is the same, white screen with blue spinning circle

  • Thomas

    I open it and none of my messages will load. It’s just a blank screen with the blue spinning circle taking ages. Belgium

  • Lucy

    I open it and none of my messages will load. It’s just a blank screen with the blue spinning circle taking ages

  • karl

    ye I’m same

  • Melissa Jones

    I am only getting a white screen with the blue spinning circle. It will not load ib waat?.

  • Tom Baydo

    i got the same problem though fb messenger wont ever give a fck to response in their problem we just keep waiting for the updates.tsk..this sucks

  • A Johnson

    I can get facebook on my phone but on laptop. Was working perfectly earlier today.

  • cris

    i cant send message in private since 5 hrs ago what seems to be the problem?

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