Facebook Messenger Down Today?

Using Facebook Messenger means communicating when you want for free until problems arise, but when they do it could be for the app crashing on Android, iOS, and other platforms. If Facebook Messenger is down today, then you would most likely be experiencing one of the most common issues that include not being able to send and servers not working, so nothing works when trying to open the app.

While the software has changed a lot since the original release, you can now do more than ever with Facebook Messenger and this includes making free voice calls to friends. Other features include group chats, messaging people in your contact list, and sending photos/videos.

Recent glitches when server problems take place have included repeated crashing, being kicked out the app, and errors when trying to send or receive messages. If you have problems today, then share your status updates with rough locations and any error messages being received. You will also see if there’s a major outage due to reports being left on this page.

Facebook Messenger Status insight for Tuesday 18th of June

If Facebook Messenger is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 months ago

I just got signed out of Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. Getting a session expired error message and nothing is working, can’t even login again. Think it’s a major outage for Facebook today.

cime bianco
3 months ago

I got logged out of Facebook & messenger

Windy McCorry
3 years ago


Faith Stoltenberg
3 years ago

It isn’t letting me send messages or anything! It’s all blank

4 years ago

I only can swipe and reply on one message. I’m having difficulty scrolling up and view the past messages. I literally have to close the app everytime I need to reply.

5 years ago

Just like Facebook I cannot do anything on Messenger. I decided to logout and now cannot open app again.

5 years ago

The app is down for me, not able to load any photos and send them to anyone.

5 years ago

Messenger saying something went wrong

5 years ago
Reply to  Chrissy

yep cant get into groups and wont load messages ok on I phone because I never disturbed but on Andriod or pc no joy

Marky Benasa
5 years ago

Cant open facebook and messenger. Why?

Marie-Antoinette Ferreira-Purs
6 years ago

I am unable to contact my friends in Belgium either by fb or messenger. The message that comes up as though I am blocked. Can any one advise please?

Jessie Inah Mow
6 years ago

Prob w d fb msnger now???

Brett Hurley
6 years ago

the “last active” feature has been buggy for over a week.

Anne Edwards
6 years ago

Now reappeared as Messenger Lite. so what was that all about?

Anne Edwards
6 years ago

Messenger has disappeared from my mobile phone, but working online. I press logo on phone and get big Nothing.

6 years ago
Reply to  Ben Burton

Thank you…I will try that. I really appreciate your help! :o)

Ben Burton
6 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Andrea, on my desktop, I had to use my least fave browser–google chrome–to access it. Sorry, not even sure how I did so, but now, I have to leave the tab open to keep it in place. I open a different tab for reg. FB.

6 years ago

Where did my messenger button go on Facebook? It disappeared a day or two ago.

Amanda Hall
6 years ago

My messenger not working today keep saying its stopped.

6 years ago

My messenger won’t send and crashes and freezes the page

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