Fallout Shelter Problems

The new Fallout Shelter app went live with problems right away for iPhone devices, even though thousands would be wondering where the Fallout Shelter app for Android was after comments at E3 in regard to the Apple partnership.

When the game first saw a release date for iOS, tweets spoke about Fallout Shelter crashing every other animation and some even considered an upgrade to their iPhone so it wouldn’t crash. This is how much the fans love this franchise and look forward to playing Fallout 4 in 2015. Thousands sent crash reports to Bethesda Studios at launch and most agreed the game would crash whenever they rush the Diner, as well in a number of other sections.

This app puts fans in control of a really smart shelter that’s found underground, your job is to build the best Fallout Shelter possible and keep the people inside happy by protecting them. You will need an iPhone 5 or later to play also iPad mini 2 and newer. If you’re seeing crashing or freezing inside the app, then detail the device and issues below.

Fallout Shelter Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Fallout Shelter is down today, then reports will be found below.

Fallout Shelter Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sarah Williams

    Yep unable to load, screen rolls up and stops half way. been like it ALL day

  • Axel Padfoot

    It doesn’t let me enter my vault since this night and i don’t know why?? Somebody that is experiencing my same issue?

  • Vicoro Palmira

    I cannot connect to the store, any suggestions?

  • Kevin M. Hagerman

    GFW logs me in but I have no vaults listed today and I can’t do anything but exit out.

  • Mairead Ladyman

    Can’t even open my vault right now. ๐Ÿ™

  • Johnny

    I just think anything to do with Bethesda Softworks is not 100% working in the manner it should, play Fallout and game crash, Elder Scrolls the same thing.

  • Chloe Louise Newman

    I cant even download it! It worked fine when I first downloaded but when I tried to go on it later that day apparently it wasn’t installed and now gets to 100% and then says error could not download รขหœยน I just need some fallout in my life!

  • John King

    I am giving up on Fallout because I’m tired of it freezing, not loading and I have lost thee lunch boxes recently. When I can get logged on its good for maybe 10 minutes at best. I love this game and wish that’s Bethesda would get their act together and keep up with updates and fixes.

  • Mainciye

    Creating new vault and it doesnt continue after that. Problems start from point of adding new room. What i see from earlier is at install, game logo has divided with screen half upper side regular logo and other half has shadowy. I am guessing game cause all problems because there is an issue from installing to device. Maybe some patch needed at starting point. Please consider that part. To me its lookslike going to solve all issue at that starting point.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ailish Mckechnie

    Same! So far the game has worked perfectly for me on pc, that is until i click on buy from the shop! Then it crashes… only when I try an access the store… so frustrating.

  • Yuu-Senpai

    cant get notifications

  • ShawnSGE

    Mine won’t let me buy IAP’s. Anyone know a permanent fix?

  • mac

    it deleted my vault and will not load with out crashing. this game has been my favourite game on iOS but since the new update I can’t load up the app and it won’t download on my phone I also upload my vault to the cloud and it didn’t save it at all BE WARNED

  • Gregory Otis Dow

    Having the same issue and cant find anything online about it maybe its because the new update hasnt officially dropped yet ?

  • Joshua Kay

    I can’t even download it, I deleted the data a while back and when this new update came out I decided to download it again buts everytime I try it shows up with the Apple ID password, (Which I enter), I wait a few seconds after it loads it then shows a update notification for Fallout Shelter, when I go back to home screen the app that was downloading has disappeared. When I go back to the App Store very confused and try to see Fallout Shelter again, it shows the “Get” button again, like I haven’t even started to download it.

  • Aiden Fisher

    i uninstalled and reinstalled with the same problem, then downloaded the vaults from the cloud… try that?

  • Lucas Chenault


  • Lucas Chenault

    Does anyone have the problem in fallout shelter were your sellers exploring the wasteland won’t do anything unless your looking at the screen were they give you see what there doing

  • Scott Armstrong

    Same exact thing for me. It crashed during Deathclaw and now I can’t load that vault. I can load my other vault just fine…but not my larger vault. This really sucks as I had spent $$ on a vault I can’t open.

  • Matt

    Same here!

  • Miggy Z

    Will they ever fix the Crash Bug !!???!!!

  • Kevin

    Mine wont load now either. Crashed during a deathclaw attack and cant load the vault ever since

  • Summer

    Same here

  • Dan

    Hi i’m experiencing some problems with fallout shelter my vault won’t load up I’ve updated my phone and app and the issue is still occurring any advice on how to resolve this?

  • Adam

    This is a great game that is very addictive, but now and then it decides it wants to crash unexpectedly. Sometimes when i am running around it gets a little buggy on me all strange.

  • billy

    Fallout Shelter is kind of strange for me, not letting me in when i click on the app on my smartphone, just opens and then goes back to the app icon on the homescreen.

  • Pipboy

    I cant even connect to the store! what a shame.

  • Jen

    The app won’t load anymore. I made an in-app purchase and no it wont open. SOOOOO ANNOYING. I feel like I should get my money back.

  • Daz

    Characters are frozen.. Some just drift across the room.. Have to restart iPad to get it to work.. Pain in the arse, good app let down by bugs

  • Amber Roberts

    vault worked perfectly fine yesterday… yes it did crash every now and then but i kinda expect that now (as bad as that is) but got up today and *poof* my vault is GONE. The save data is still showing as 307kb though so i refuse to reinstall the game

  • Cara

    Haven’t been able to get into my vault since the 26th. Contacted them to figure out why and all I get back is “see if your phones compatible”….its been compatible since I started playing…wtf guys c’mon!

  • ThePrestige Assassin

    I think that in the next update they will apologize and fix it

  • ThePrestige Assassin

    I can’t open my vault to

  • Reed

    I also meant to say that I’m far in the game and I can’t open the vault up anymore

  • Reed

    As the article stated, the game crashes when I rush the diner and now it has gotten to the point where I am far into the game, I have two children that were just born and a guy in the wasteland… HELP!!!

  • Makita Sakamura

    Mine has not opened for a week. What’s going on? ๐Ÿ™ Are they planning on fixing this issue?

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