Level3 Problems

Level3 Communications has major outage problems now and then, which means if its services falters in any way shape or form it could potentially leave millions in Europe, Latin / North America and cities in Asia without IP, voice, video and content.

The Internet service provider and multinational telecommunications company based in Broomfield, Colorado are the people that provide core transport for the services named above. They are the local exchange carrier or CLEC for short,

Have you been affected by a Level 3 Internet outage today? If you do have any problems at all please do share with the Down Today community below. If you wish to complain direct about your Level3 internet outage or problems do visit one of the links on the right, we have also added the Level 3 map.

Level3 Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Level3 is down today, then reports will be found below.

Level3 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Joe

    Nothing in Houston, everything is totally dead for most Level3 services. Seems like we are going to have a lot of downtime, ISPs that point to Level 3 is having issues.

  • Jessica

    Level3 should never expand its services until they can sort out what they already have badly in place. Always seems to be a Level3 network outage.

  • Toby

    I am in Chicago and have noticed things have got very slow indeed.

  • Jessy

    The Internet is seriously playing up today, the lag is unbelievable when playing a game.

  • Mark

    Level 3 servers are down for me, seems to be another Internet outage. This comment I am doing here is via 3G on my phone.

  • Kerry

    Level3 has very poor communications at the moment, it went down for a while today but seems to be back up again. Sporadic is the word for today.

  • Jack

    Level 3 services are down for me, seems like since the merger things are going wrong.

  • Nancy

    Level 3 Internet is out for some as well as voice svcs are being sorted

  • jamming with edward

    8-4-16 Can’t log in to comments box. Same result with any site using Disqus comments.

  • jamming with edward

    Cannot log on any Disqus comments on any page.

  • Peter

    My Level 3 service is down, not able to use Voip at the moment. Can anyone let me know if the servers are down or something?

  • John

    No dial tone or internet service 6-2 from 12:50pm EST (us) to current. Level 3 not clear why. Anyone else?

  • Wayne

    Level3 phone lines are very bad lately, been going on since last week Friday for me in Cincinnati. Connectivity is just getting worse by the day.

  • Julian Floyd

    Anyone else suffering Level3 outage in the UK?

  • Jess

    Level 3 still down in Ohio.

  • Katrina

    Two hours with Level 3 problems, the outage is almost over and services should be returning for most in USA.

  • Bill

    Major Level 3 internet outage been going on for Aug 27, 2015. If you point DNS to google, then everything should be fine. It’s only NA with Level3 problems today, but it won’t be down if you change to Google’s DNS.

  • May

    Are Level3 servers down? During MTR test i had a 52% packet loss.

  • Liz

    I’ve been chucked off 3s network several times today!

  • Hari Kobayashi

    Level3 typical horrible chinese service!

  • Mac

    BT was down for me today, did it affect anyone in USA. I have been trying to call my friend out there but cannot get through so wondering if he had no internet for WiFi and that’s why my video call didn’t go through.

  • Skully

    Major UK down time today thanks to Level3 outage.

  • Scott

    Level3 outage today, it seems to be back online now. But I had no BT internet for majority of the morning.

  • Joshua

    Total Internet outage today, so what happened Level3?

Level3 Reports

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