iCloud Mail Down Today?

If you are wondering is iCloud Mail down, then you only need to check a couple of sources to confirm any problems today. This starts with looking at this Down Today page for status updates by our readers, then looking at official social and support channels.

The iCloud Mail service supports many products that Apple has released over the years, which include both iPhones and iPads. There’s also millions of Mac desktops and MacBook’s relying on Apple’s mail services in the cloud.

Check the official status page to the right of this page, also leave your mail problems and what device you are having these issues on below.

Support can also be accessed at the Apple forums, but for now, see how many reports have been left on this page by day, month, and this year. Official updates can be accessed from the menu bar and to the right through Appl’s status page.

iCloud Mail Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If iCloud Mail is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 years ago

iCloud email intermittent but mostly down on all my devices. Can’t connect to server, or server busy. 8 days! Frustrated.

4 years ago

My wife is having the same problem, she’s on Apple and i’m on android so i can only think it’s todo with the iCloud. Not good and i’ve been seeing there’s a massive problem in many different countries.

4 years ago

I’m not able to write or even receive any emails tonight, is anyone else having these problems, i’m assuming it’s iCloud? If it is, i can’t believe it, the night i have todo emails!!!!

6 years ago

I cannot access my iTunes account, not processing my request or something. All I want to do is open iTunes and iCloud and can never do so.

6 years ago

When I try to enter my Cloud it keeps saying, “this sight can’t be reached”

Clare Shepherd
6 years ago
Reply to  Ronny

And in Devon. U.K., no mail all day and a stupid message saying my password is incorrect, well sorry Apple It is

Bobby Papoutsis
7 years ago

Can’t access iCloud on the iPad or on the Mac, on iPad it says iCloud is unavailable, and on the Mac it’s saying it can’t get mail and there is a problem loading the application. I’ve looked everywhere online but Apple isn’t listing a problem with iCloud but there clearly is one.

7 years ago

All I get when trying to login is, “connection error, icloud encountered an error while trying to connect to the server.”

7 years ago

Not been able to log into to iCloud, this is the pages section. Basically not able to get pages for iCloud to connect. All I am getting is a connection error.

7 years ago

When on my computer at home and I try to open iCloud photos they are not opening, how come they are not syncing?

8 years ago

iCloud SMTP seems to be down. No mail received by recipients. Anyone else having these issues. Noticed this on Mac OS and iOS.

8 years ago

Not getting any emails in my inbox, iCloud Mail must be having issues surely because my Internet speeds are fine.

8 years ago

I try to login to my iCloud to access Mail and not getting anywhere. I know i have the right password before anyone asks. Sorry if i sound blunt but its because I am angry. Is iCloud Mail down for you?

8 years ago

My iCloud Mail is back but seems to be a little sporadic at the moment, are there still glitches or is it all working at the server end.

8 years ago

Not able to access my Mail in iCloud, it is down in China.

8 years ago

How come I cannot access calendars, mail or notes, is there an issue with iCloud?

8 years ago

It’s offline in Italy.

8 years ago

iCloud and mail down in the UK, Kent.

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