Far Cry 4 Problems

First-person shooter Far Cry 4 is a stunning world action-adventure video game by Ubisoft Montreal, and is available on the PS3, PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. One of the main problems is when Far Cry 4รขโ‚ฌ™s servers go down, which has a massive impact on gameplay and its gamers.

Other Far Cry 4 problems include loading of the game, new DLC weapons not working properly, updates not installing correctly or taking to long to do so. A few gamers recently had issues with flickering using SLI with patch 1.9.0, but whatever the reason of issue please do share with Down Today.

Released mid-December the game has been a huge success, as of December 31, 2014 over 7 million copies of Far Cry 4 have been sold. This makes this one the fastest selling game in its series – Are you having any Far Cry 4 problems?

Far Cry 4 Status insight for Sunday 12th of July 2020

If Far Cry 4 is down today, then reports will be found below.

Far Cry 4 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • philipdk

    the servers are down for me also, they have been down today and yesterday

  • I know my Name

    No issues at all, just can’t get connected to the Server. Try to get it on line! ๐Ÿ™‚ You could count the connections to the Far Cry 4 Server over a period and see if there is an option to ad it to an existing one, like Far Cry 5. So, that the coop can be played. I already have it all on the PS3, but not on the PC. When you can activate it:
    PS: Have a happy work week & weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stuart Carruthers

    Far cry 4 servers is down as im unable to play with a friend which is disappointing and frustrating.

  • Frank Gerdenits

    Farcry 4 maps unable to view or download for a week now. ๐Ÿ™ logs in and i see the maps names but no image and when you goto dl it says “ERROR the farcry 4 service is not available. Please try again later” xbox 360 North Vancouver BC Canada.

  • Jerome Taylor

    Does anyone know how to access Valley of Yetties with season pass? It’s not on the right menu screen and when I go to the Xbox store it wants me to pay for it again… but it says I have the season pass downloaded? Any tips?

  • munaleikkuri22

    servers down on ps4

  • aR Frxnchy

    Just installed it and the Server is down -.-

  • Luke brain

    Ubisoft you suck

  • Luke brain

    Anyone have any idea what time the server should be back up?

  • Frank Gerdenits

    Logged in but maps unavailable ๐Ÿ™

  • Edmundo Lara

    Cuando busco partida me pone sin coincidencias, no me deja unirme al cooperativo

  • Server unreachable in SEA Malaysia

  • PHANTOM56473

    When i try online it says servers are unreachable can any1 help?

  • David Philpott

    Hi guys is anyone else getting a message on farcry4 on Xbox one saying services not available ? I have been getting this message since the being of Dec. I know it’s not my Xbox or Internet as all my other games work fine. Any ideas

  • Clive Bielby

    I played video game at Far Cry 4 campaign online and also offline on Xbox 1 but had noticed uplay did nothing improve for XP reward points. I have already to put pvp guns pack from Uplay but that is still doesn’t appear on crafting this moment . I saw uplay logo popped up during the game on the screen recently but doesn’t have XP reward points ! Does Far Cry server working ? What happening the server?

  • D0&/68:!

    Down for about 24hrs now… in USA

  • Dion Jones

    Are they down today? Game worn’t start but my internet connection is fine

  • Anthony Mussari

    Down in USA, days now

  • tuscantony

    Down in Italy for at least 5 days (16 June)

  • alandeboss

    far cry 4 server down for over a week, Germany 13th June

  • Luke Lowe

    ts, u seriously haven’t been able to get into a single game since u got the game? Coming to think of it, neither have I, wee take

  • ts

    I bought the game ovee a monrh ago and still havnet played because of this. I feel screwed over. Why fo we need the servers to play the fuging game? ! Norway

  • Luke Lowe

    Monday 14th March, severs down yet again, England, Birmingham

  • Luke Cain

    Thursday March 10th, servers are down PC. United States.

  • ts

    Down for a week on xbox, Norway

  • Lisa

    I got live so I can get online and co-op with my son in Michigan but out of the 3 weeks I’ve had it we were able to play only 3 times……when will these problems be worked out? My money was for naught.

  • Ben

    Down right now…

  • Hi

    I am a sever guy we are back online in 1 day ok

  • tim barrett

    I have no got online yet. Had game for a week

  • Blaccgun

    Server have been down more then a week whats going on I can’t play my game that I just bought

  • Kaiyn Benzedrine

    Just tried to continue my story mode online and it gives me an error message. I haven’t tried going online for a co-op session yet, but I can only assume it’s the same

  • Dan

    Keeps saying far cry 4 servers are down and will only work offline

  • Chari Smith

    just bought the game, and its froze at the Loggin in screen.

  • Vanessa

    Ugh stupid server down been an hour

  • Dan

    Impossible to find a game lobby, if lucky enough to find one it’ll either take forever to load game or loose connection after both rounds have been played. Glitches when ppl either quit or loose there connection resulting in numerous issues, loss of wepons, bell tower being inactive, radon not showing anyone. When works brilliant game, when down so fustrating, which is more often than not. Don’t think I’ll bother with the next one as it seems they’re not intrested in sorting any issues.

  • McKenzie Turner


  • DutchDroopy

    Far Cry 4 server is unavailable for me. 20:45 GMT+1

  • Cody

    I can play with friends for 5 mins then one of us losses connection on severs

  • Gaige

    Demo not working

  • Louis Zeferjohn

    Can’t access map browser on Farcry 4.. Everything else seems to work.

  • jordan

    Can’t find matches

  • billy

    Takes long time to load to start playing, related to servers?

  • Down…3PM NYC Time…

  • Jonathon

    I can’t even go on Co op

  • Max

    I am having issues with FC4 Textures-Scripts and VOY.

  • Taylor

    Far Cry 4 is not loading for me in UPlay, I have no idea why, do you?

  • Martina

    After installing the new Far Cry 4 DLC patch I am getting really bad flickiering when using SLI. Anyone else having same issue?

  • Jacob

    Is anyone having issues with Valley of Yetis DLC? It is not letting me play this DLC.

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