giffgaff Problems

With giffgaff being a internet and mobile phone service, which operates on the O2 network, sometimes there can been complications with customers having problems with receiving calls and texts, no signal and no internet connection when using either 3G or 4G when out and about. So therefore, if you’ve got current situation that you aren’t sure about, then you are definitely in the right place.

giffgaff Status insight for Sunday 19th of September 2021

If giffgaff is down today, then reports will be found below.

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giffgaff Reports

@O2 @virginhelp @virginmedia @giffgaff #O2 #virginmedia #giffgaff service for broadband is very bad, whats happening? i dont need 'sorry' internet not working, wifi turning on/off, mobile service 2,3 bars. nothing can do. i think all #customers needs to ditch these services

@agovavicky @giffgaff I don't know what's happening with Giffgaff, but I'm now trialling over sim networks so I can jump ship after 7 years running 2 phones with them. I really like them as a company but their data signal has turned atrocious in the last 3 months.

@giffgaff is there a signal issue? My 4G/5G isn’t working properly over the past 2 days

@giffgaff hi, checking if there has been any signal issues over the weekend and today? Been struggling to get strong signal for past 3 days. Tried all the usual troubleshooting.