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With giffgaff being a internet and mobile phone service, which operates on the O2 network, sometimes there can been complications with customers having problems with receiving calls and texts, no signal and no internet connection when using either 3G or 4G when out and about. So therefore, if you’ve got current situation that you aren’t sure about, then you are definitely in the right place.

giffgaff Status insight for Thursday 20th of January 2022

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giffgaff Reports

@giffgaff Your copy and paste empathy is of zero use. I've literally now got zero signal. Imagine if I needed the emergency services? I'd be screwed.

@giffgaff u need to sort ur sh*t out. Cell tower in Manc out AGAIN. No signal. I'm trying to register a death & organise a funeral. I missed the registrars call this morning. At least join the 21st century & allow WiFi calling. Moving mine & my families plans.U're too unreliable

@giffgaff Giffgaff network not been working for over a week now! I paid for always on data but what it should be called is never on data!

@giffgaff Hi! I seem to be suffering a lack of any phone/internet signal, in central London, for the last 40mins or so - any advice?m