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With giffgaff being a internet and mobile phone service, which operates on the O2 network, sometimes there can been complications with customers having problems with receiving calls and texts, no signal and no internet connection when using either 3G or 4G when out and about. So therefore, if you’ve got current situation that you aren’t sure about, then you are definitely in the right place.

giffgaff Status insight for Friday 14th of August 2020

If giffgaff is down today, then reports will be found below.

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giffgaff Reports

@alison_youd @O2 @VodafoneUK @giffgaff Signal is a factor but I’ll give them a shot.

@giffgaff Thank-you for your rapid response 😍 It does say works are being carried out but it also says my signal should be good inside and out 😢 hopefully by Saturday it’ll be sorted (so it says) :)

@giffgaff what is wrong with my signal? Most day’s I have none at all and it’s been going on for about two weeks 😭

@giffgaff Looks like it’s all sorted & my signal is better than ever bonus. Thanks Jeanette 😊

hey @giffgaff I'm sad I will have to leave you after 6 years because I simply have no signal in my flat.... is there anything you can do to help me? I couldn't find info in the forums

@giffgaff i get signal but i can’t make calls texts data etc. i did get a new sim to do a sim swap from the shop but it kept saying the activation code was invalid so i have ordered one from giffgaff but there’s apparently a mast down in the bn3 area but it’s been down since monday night

@giffgaff No I am not. I tried to send a 'forgot my password' email and is not working either yet I'm still being charged

@giffgaff I am using giffgaff for my mobile phone - not sure why the 4G internet is not working since early today and I can only use 3G now, any reason why?

@Veganforever67 @giffgaff No you don't,just pop the unactivated sim in your phone and if you get the giffgaff name and signal bars at the top of your screen then your phone will work with giffgaff.

@giffgaff I'm getting 0.28mbps on my £25 unlimited data Goodybag. I'm only 4.5gb in so I've not hit the cap yet. Last month I got ~20mbps & nothing's changed (same signal strength, same phone, same number of devices connected to hotspot). Please advise - 0.2mbps not good enough!

@giffgaff I have missed an important phone appointment twice today as the person trying to call me was sent to voicemail twice despite my phone showing good signal, and website showing no coverage issues for my area, and despite restarting my phone between call attempts.