giffgaff Problems

With giffgaff being a internet and mobile phone service, which operates on the O2 network, sometimes there can been complications with customers having problems with receiving calls and texts, no signal and no internet connection when using either 3G or 4G when out and about. So therefore, if you’ve got current situation that you aren’t sure about, then you are definitely in the right place.

giffgaff Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If giffgaff is down today, then reports will be found below.

giffgaff Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Kate

    No internet and no signal for calls or texts, is this a regular thing with giffgaff? I didn’t realise this when I switched over

  • Paulina

    Honestly im so pissed off, constant internet issues with giffgaff.. I should of stayed with O2! Love how good the prices for goodie bags but what they do suck on is the internet failures…thats probably why its so cheap

  • Jackie Macartney

    Have had no giffgaff service since yesterday morning. Thought maybe a problem with my Son but my partner’s got exactly the same problem!!!

  • Susan

    Having trouble with internet can’t get on anything linked to internet

  • krystal weston

    My phone signal is down and I cakt receive texts or calls

  • Tarn Hotchkiss

    Rubbish network for the last few days! Sort it out giffgaff and give people extra credit or data for the problems we have had!

  • Zoe

    I have trouble with message because I sent a message ain’t received it is it down

  • Roy

    I keep Getty a text to update my information it’s says your Giffgaff account is at risk to avoid restrictions update your information both my Sims have no signal and yet I still have credit is this a fraudulent text
    Anyone had the same problem no signal whatsoever
    Thanks appreciate any feedback

  • Kealey Rowbottom

    Need to top my phone this is ridiculous I’m disabled and I am having difficulty doing this I need this sorting

  • Shawna

    I live in a community on west coast of Scotland Post code KA23 9NJ and for 3 days all of us have been experiencing terrible network coverage. Little to none at all… texts arrive sporadically, hours later than intended… battery life is terrible cuz phones are constantly trying to send stuff. I just bought a new goody bag Monday and I regret it… it is useless to me right now.

  • ruby

    My phone went blank today then someone called me, the phone would not open for me to take the call it is still ringing after 2 hours but is still blank I have tried everything apart from taking out the sim card or battery, if it doesn’t stop ringing soon I will dismantle it as I can’t even turn the sound down. When will the network be back up.?

  • Gaia Saunders

    I only have calls and texts right now…no data at all since Saturday afternoon…anyone else?

  • Anthonia Eboh

    I am not able to receive or make calls on my giffgaff mobile phone network today 23/6/19. Is there anything wrong?

  • L

    Won’t let me log Into my giffgaff account days forbidden 403

  • tanya

    Absolutely ridiculous, I’ve been trying to use my phone all morning to contact the hospital about my sick nan who is end of life and this stupid network goes down once again. I’m starting to wonder why I changed to Giffgaff now. I’m not happy at all

  • Volodymyr Tsikh

    Why do not you continue,fare, when i have maney on top up

  • Mark

    no line on giffgaff on 02 when are they going 2 fix it ?

  • Ferris Lindsay

    finding the same problem in east London. Is there a page where more info is given about status?

  • chopper1708

    App not logging in. Attempted the reset option via text and email multiple times and nothing. No emails or texts received so as to move forward. Not happy at all!!!

  • chitavira

    If want to see “red joan” on this site sub complete !!

  • Lynn Porter


  • Malcolm

    It says there’s an technical fault wen I ring giff gaff top up I am not happy with this due to just buying a top up worth £25

  • Karim

    Hi there, is there a problem in the Internet these days

  • susi senta

    See -avengers 4 – only on this site.

  • Graham

    The Giff gaff app seems to have an issue with password login. Keeps asking for new password. Then when you try to replace with a new password seems to lock you out.

  • Changed sim card reader board. Given up trying to get it to work, phone well and truly screwed.

  • andrew_k_fletcher why

  • Not registered on network is the error I get

  • Still having problems, unable to call or receive calls. Text working fine Done 2 factory resets, changed 3 new sims. Phone is working correctly. When inserted my sim in Wife’s identical phone, it worked for a minute or so then reverted to same problems as on my phone.

  • Sharon King

    I’ve not had a 4g signal for nearly a week – sent message to O2 and told that a mast is still down in this area – Huddersfield. Went to Manchester today and no 4g there either!! Phone calls and texts are ok

  • Finbar Harvey O’Keefe

    My service is down fully I can’t send texts calls or access the internet FIX THIS

  • Matt Randles

    I still have no coverage for Text or calls. My mobile data is fine and can use internet based apps. I am moving house on Friday and I am missing important calls from people. I asked the community for help on Saturday and followed all the advice but still issues. When will this end

  • Kelly marshall

    R people still having problems with giff gaff? When I try 2 send a message it says not sent try again. This first time I’ve had problems with giff gaff but I really thought it would be sorted by now been over 24hrs

  • Pauline Welch

    Still no internet and I’m still unable to send any texts or receive any texts, this is getting beyond a joke now

  • Viks

    No Internet connection can’t sent texts or make a phone call since 5 this morning definitely changing networks

  • Dean

    I can only run my network off WiFi I can not make no phone calls do no texting or receive calls or texts and no mobile data any information how. Long before we are up and running location carmarthenshire

  • Levi

    As of about 30 mins ago my phone decided to reset and since then i have no signal at all does anybody have any idea when this will be sorted??? As cant even call or text

  • Danielle

    No service at all in London can’t do anything unless I’m using WiFi

  • Dean

    can make aa call but can not send a text message it is stating Not sent with red symble. Retried but had no joy but sent a text again it stated not sent but person did get my message as they replied so why is giff gaff stating not sent it was on TV this morning that 02 updated the data last night and messed the network up how long is this likely to last Dean carmarthenshire

  • Chantelle

    Anyone’s while giffgaff down? I’m able to make a call but anything else like text or internet I can’t do anything how long will this last?


    no data at all in south essex either

  • Samantha Marshall

    no signal no network stoke on trent

  • DIS

    Same in South west Wales, Pembrokeshire no signal, no Mobile Data

  • Maisy Smith

    No signal or internet, can’t do anything at all in north west area

  • SJP

    Can’t send texts, never had any signal issues with giffgaff till today.

  • Lord lewis Macleod

    My internet is down. I reset my whole ohone as thought faulty

  • Mr Martin Brown

    No internet or signal today is giffgaff down in the Portsmouth area

  • Emma

    Hammersmith im not
    got on sigan?

  • Emma


  • Gem Olds

    I haven’t had any connection since Saturday, which I do find really annoying

  • Han_molko

    No data connection today. Very annoying. I do have signal to text and call though. Checked my balance and lots of data left. I have an iPhone and I am in South west England.

  • Em Thomson

    Can’t get any Giffgaff signal and it’s causing me issues due to waiting for an important call.

  • onymee

    Can’t log onto the website. Keep getting “Oops, wrong member name/mobile number or password. Remember passwords are case-sensitive, so double check and give it another go.”. Everything was correct. I tried registering a new account and it *still* won’t let me log in.

  • michael davies

    Is anybody having problems with network as keep getting no service or intermittent signal

  • maxine

    is anyone else having problems today as i keep getting no service signal thx

  • Ian

    No network in BN11 2SP? What is going on/

  • GR138Legend

    No signal, Birmingham and surrounding areas. 22nd May 2018 17:41 onwards, thus far anyway.

  • Peter Godfrey

    I can’t text or make phone calls. Anyone got any idea what I can Do?

  • john wilson

    There 4g is down go to conectuons and put it on 3g that solved it 4 me keep checking back to 4g when its up and running leve it on that

  • Doodle A Kaz

    I have no service from this afternoon is it just me or had everyone else gone down?

  • Kieron

    Unable to top up as line just rings constantly?? Help?

  • Debra Lowther

    Hi am on Tyne and wear and having seriously lagging issues with my internet does anyone know if there is a problem in this area with signal coverage thank you

  • Deb Fellows

    No service, Cornwall UK

  • John

    I need to use phone urgently…when is service coming back up???

  • Gavin

    Seem to have no 3G or 4g – today Sunday 21/1/18 has been like it since around 6pm UK time

  • Emma07

    I have had no signal for 3 hours now what is going on!!! Can’t make or receive calls or messages.I need to keep in touch with my children when they finish school to make sure they are safely home. Not to mention if there is a medical emergency and the school are unable to contact me. Tried turning phone off and on and still no signal. Coverage in my area says network is running fine but it’s obviously not

  • Andy Neil

    Really bad connection for the last few days keeps dropping signal, having to piggy back off other people is becoming a joke, this will probably be my last month with giffgaff

  • David Bailey

    In my postcode data access is down, move over to a neighbouring code and phone bus ok again. What is going on

  • Lanw

    Aghh….getting really fed up with this….no text or calls again!

  • Sam Wilson

    Its saying call barring is on when its not cant make calls or texts

  • Jonny googoo

    I’ve payed for top up and it’s working

  • Frugal Dougal

    I have no bars showing on my Moto G – working perfectly last night. Says ‘ No service’, But my partner’s phone – also Giff Gaf – has full bars showing – whats up?

  • Marie Jones

    My phone keeps saying not registered on network . Any ideas anyone .

  • Dot

    I have no signal on my phone near Colchester, Essex. Anyone else got the problem?

  • Tony Stansfield

    Giff gaff no signal for days in Barnham west Sussex. Sometimes it gives three bars but usually one bar or nothing at all. I am voting with my feet and I am off. This has been going on for months. It’s not my phone as it effects others. Just don’t bother with this network.

  • Marco

    No service for 2 days ……what’s happening?. Brighton

  • Camille Astrid

    My phone keeps saying ‘no service’ and has been like this all day. I’ve reset everything on my phone and then the signal comes back for like 10 seconds and goes back to ‘no signal’ wtf is going on??? I NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE MY PHONE.

    Thank you
    Sad customer in Glasgow

  • Disqus0071

    Assume that Giffgaff is always down. It really saves the headaches. It has proven to me to be an unreliable untrustworthy company that provides little to no service at all.

  • Donnielass

    Had no cover for 6 hrs, phone saying not registered on network. Whats occuring pls?

  • Paying for what exactly?

    No Giffgaff service since Saturday morning in Scotland for me,lots of credits,cant ring out,text,or receive incoming from any other giffgaff family members either,I emailed complaints last night,your board shows no probs today but Ive got one!how am I supposed to check children are ok and safe when out ???we all giffgaff and have credits???Where has proper accountability gone toward people paying for a working service these days?? Funny that I could still get a text out successfully to a buisness though?

  • Lee Cych

    Had signal problems since yesterday, what’s going on

  • Paul

    When is giffgaff back up running again because I coruntl do not hav giffgaff single

  • amiee

    I woke up this morning and my giffgaff sim won’t accept incoming or outgoing calls no text and won’t let me use my mobile data? does anyone know why this is and how it can be resolved?

  • andy

    what the f**k is going on with giffgaff you useless tossers!!!! if im paying for a service I expect this to be delivered!!!! is giffgaff going to refund its customers?? I hope so but again with most establishments these days they always find a way of wangling out of things..

  • Keith Haywood

    No signal in Flixton (Woodsend Circle / Red Lion area, M41 postcode) . First noticed problem evening of Saturday 14th Oct.

    Any updates ?

  • Josie

    This is getting beyond a joke over 2 days now had no signal, I can’t make calls or recieve them, can’t send text messages or recieve them, it’s bad enough that we don’t hardly have signal when it does work now we have none, thinking of changing provider, what is taking giffgaff so long to sort the problem?

  • Simon M

    Still no service, what are we paying for

  • Riaz

    Yes same for me for past few days no service

  • Simon M

    morning, is giffgaff down today? i have no service at all, worked ok last night but all morning it’s just been emergency calls only, any body else experiencing the same?

  • Cairon

    (11th Oct) – have been told that when people are trying to ring me it’s not connecting. Would like to know if this is my phone or the network?

  • Riaz

    11th October Need to know if it’s my phone or network as I keep losing my signal an keeps saying no signal??

  • Dave Young

    Hi Peeps, getting fed up with this, had no signal, very little internet, no texts and haven’t been able to ring or receive calls all day (5th Oct) cos the O2 mast which is about a quarter of a mile from my house has problems. How long is this going to be going on for cos all my family are on Giffgaff and I can’t contact them at all.
    And we live in Kent.

  • Toppy Loke

    Hi Guys,
    is it just me today (3rd Oct) i have lost all connectivity since last night, need to know if its my phone or the network

  • Sandra Carthew

    No giffgaff cant log in!

  • Muhammad Imran

    From Tuesday no signal at all.I am fed up now

  • Mark

    Since the thunderstorms on Tuesday only have 1bar signal cant text out

  • ifiif

    this craps pissing me off. how long does this go on for till i can call and receive

  • Claire Lilly

    My signal is always at 2 bars but can’t call or send texts and when on a call after about 5 min thay can’t hear me and the Internet not good

  • Angharad Mair Phillips

    I have not had any service all day…. 🙁

  • Andy Byrne

    Haven’t been able to send texts or make calls or receive them for 2nd day running tiday

  • The cable guy

    Terrible. I am on the unlimited goody bag for 20pound! I have no service for past 3days and my goody bag runs out in the next 3days, that’s 6days of unlimited data calls texts I am owed. Plus compensation for missing calls for work which they couldn’t get in touch with me. Giff Gaff / 02 sort it out man!!!

  • Audra Paula

    We using 3 giffgaff cards for 20£ each! Two days no internet at all . Shame!

  • John Bramham

    I’m not a big mobile user, so a £5 goodybag a month is adequate for my needs; to be fair, the service has been very good for the past year – until last week.

  • Ross Knight

    There’s isn’t any agent it’s all run by community it’s crap u can’t just call someone I know

  • Ross Knight

    Had giffgaff back for 6 days I’ve had half service for entire time yet calls are dropping or not coming in or out, texts are not sending, and internet is very very poor also says I have a voicemail buh I call in and there is none what it goin on is it just me or what??? Ross – cardiff

  • ALAN


  • Neil Jacquest

    Mine did this and each time I checked it was using the last scrapings of my top up balance. Next time I go to see if it’s activated there wasn’t enough balance left to access giff gaff! It took me to a giff gaff page saying you don’t have credit etc you need to top up. But it wouldn’t let me go further because I had no credit to pay for browsing giffgaff pages. I thought accessing giffgaff from your phone would be free but it wouldn’t let me until I had topped up, which I needed access to giffgaff to do. In the end I waited 9 hours until I was home to connect to our wifi and then I finally got access. Goodybag still didn’t activate for another few hours after that.

  • Neil Jacquest

    Not exactly the same issue but related, I had £8.10 credit, I added the minimum top up of £10 to take it to £18.10 and then purchased the £12 goodybag that I usually opt for so would of had £6.10 left. As it activates the new goodybag it wiped my £6.10 remaining credit as well. Who are you meant to complain to because taking a customers money in exchange for nothing is obviously not lawful but when there is no customer service what are you meant to do?!



  • Emma Matthews

    Having no service on phone for past week it’s not good for me is need a working phone

  • Amy commins

    I have been on no service for 6 days now can not use my phone it’s really annoying me now

  • Karl Fitzharris

    I’m having the same issue I topped up this morning and then could not buy a goodey bag

  • Davey Bhoy Lee

    Site appears to be down. I can’t login or buy goody bags?

  • Marisa

    I cannot so any calls I don’t have any signal today I don’t know why

  • Laura Nixon

    My internet is down today?

  • disqus_KNJERUSHB3

    unable to text or call out…. just topped up yesterday so this isn’t the problem.

  • No happy

    Ive been trying to top up all morning to buy a goodybag its took my credit and theres no airtime or goodybag but the voucher has been used i dont get it

  • P4raNrm4L

    no service for last 2 days

  • Leanne

    I have no service

  • Sabby

    Can’t make no call or receive unless I switch to 2g

  • Mr Christopher F Haynes

    My messages are failing. I have unlimited texts. Anyone else have this problem

  • Daniel Schofield

    No service at all in Dartford area

  • Shannon

    Has anyone phoned a relative or friend in there phonebook and been connected to someone they don’t know?

  • Frauke Adair

    No service in Colchester, Essex. Has been getting worse since yesterday.

  • Robert Hartley

    Internet not working all day west yorkshire

  • Danielle

    Internet not working in Bristol for a day now!

  • Don

    No service London. Very disappointed. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon.

  • Walker

    No service today and rubbish last night !

  • Courtney Foster

    service on my phone has been saying no service now for 2 days this happened saturday.

  • Amy Murphy

    Anyone else having problems in North Norfolk today? Seems to have started in last few hours. Working on my own at home so can’t tell if it’s my phone or the network!

  • Arghhh

    No service currently. Problem started this morning

  • Kay d

    Nothing of mine working tried to get on website says server cannot be found so tried on my daughters phone on and. DIfferent network still nothing can’t even download the app what’s going on

  • Vernon Wheeler

    Try spending 500 quid not getting your new phone and then spending hrs mailing only to be told we cant give you a refund because of technical fault.
    Online now to snall claims court.
    My partner has just left giffgaff to go to Vodafone and i will follow as soon as i get my 500 quid back

  • Dee Ross

    No service at all today. Can’t text or call anyone. Atherton area. Anyone else havin difficulties/know what’s goin on?

  • Roxanne Davies

    My giffgaff been down for two days no signal always searching. When’s this going to be fixed?

  • Vicky

    Iv no signal just keeps saying searching what’s going on??

  • Software Developer

    I paid for a goody bag it’s been 7 hours and it still says processing

  • Sharon Kerr

    No internet service for 24 hours calls and texts are working though anyone else experiencing this??


    No service for 36 hours,W,T,F,going on,I.need my phone for work issues.prontoo get it sorted

  • Johobson21

    No service for 2 days….what is going on!…sort it please

  • gillgallagher

    Can’t login had to change password but it won’t do anything and I just keep going round in a loop! Driving me insane! If I can’t login I will have to change!

  • gemluca

    No service at all today

  • Barford

    No signal

  • Kirsty

    Is anyone else’s down today mines been searching since 1 today

  • Steven Russell

    It’s not letting me on my a count to top up ? And it not letting me on Internet forgot user as well

  • GiffGaffUser

    Full signal strength, but cannot make calls to any network!

  • Andrei

    Today problems with signal , dissappear a lot ,

  • Charlie

    Last few days intermittent signal, texts not working properly, callls not coming through. My wife and a neighbour having similar problems. Giffgaff website says no service issues, but that doesn’t seem correct.
    How do I get this fixed?

  • Seán

    Data changed from 4G to H+, but rarely comes on and only for a few seconds. Struggling to make/receive calls/texts – most of the time says “not registered to network”. Tried switching off, battery pull, remove sim, hard reset, manually selecting network… nothing works! Been like it for 4 days now

  • Dunk

    Same thing I’ve had no service for two days now!

  • George McIlroy

    Definantly network issues sort it giffgaff I dont want to change but i will change if this happen again.

  • Gemma

    Anyone else having problems today and yesterday? Can not figure out what’s going on because I have loads of data and minutes but my phone isn’t working without wifi

  • David B

    Not getting phone calls come through.
    Texting problem too. I guess as a result of very poor phone signal.
    Internet fine.
    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Alex buckingham

    No signal since this morning? anyone else?

  • Dave

    Phone calls intermittent, sometimes I can here them and vice Versa?? Also txts not sending, any body any info of this being a giff giffgaff network issue??..def considering a change of provider…..

  • Bob

    No recieving calls just goes to voicemail then dont recieve voice mail. My nans is doing the same this need sorting out! Too many time had problems with this network give it another day if no improovment am goin back on 02 sort it out giffgaff!!!!!

  • Tracey

    No signal since 16th July gettin beyond a joke now. Been in the o2 shop they said it was meant 2 b fixed yesterday 29th July.

  • Carl Smith

    Great Yarmouth Norfolk. .. phone went down Wednesday afternoon. No Internet at all. Phone signal full but try and make a call or text I get a message saying not on the network….

  • Carol

    is any one having problems ordering and paying their monthly topup with giffgaff when i get to the end its not allowing me to order and pay

  • Mark Brown

    cambs CB7 4EY 2 days+ no signal, please get it sorted disabled
    customers like me need our phones we are dependant on them they are a
    life line.

  • Jonathan Wood

    My giff gaff has been down for 2 days now. Yesterday my phone showed ‘network error’ today it shows ‘searching’. No texts or calls all day. I’m London/Heathrow area. The website says signal in area currently good with no problems!!

  • arta

    I have no signal….this is been second time lime this for several days. I need my phone working. Cant receive calls messages, can’t call or text either.

  • Andy G.

    Hi everyone. My wife and myself are having the most horrendous experience with giff-gaff. We most definitely will not recommend this diabolical service to anyone. We are 40 quid lighter since Saturday afternoon. We have not received the two twenty quid goody bags we signed up for. On Sunday morning we found that my wife was disconnected. On checking our new accounts my wife’s account said zero balance.and my account said fifteen quid balance. We are using brand new Samsung galaxy s5 neo’s. On checking our data usage my wife’s was less than 0.5GB, my usage 0.158GB. My wife has no service at all from gif-gaff. There is no access to anybody for dealing with these issues. It seems like it’s alright for the providers to use us as ‘cash cows’ while we have to fend for our selves with no recourse. Can anyone help? On the basis of what has happened to us ….I would definitely dissuade anyone from using this provider.

  • swampdonkey

    I have no signal nothing

  • Sid

    Same i cant either

  • Chris Fuller

    Can’t log on to Giffgaff website through my laptop or through the app.

  • Franklin_Percival

    I am having intermittent problems accessing website, either ‘not found’ or ssl failure.

  • melanie saddler

    Cant get on giffgaff website and my affiliate links arent working and havent been since at least 8pm 2nd may onwards past midnight and still arent now and as a super recruiter for giffgaff its not good im in the north east

  • me

    Internets been down all weekend in hull

  • Naz Akhtar

    In Derby…

  • Naz Akhtar

    My phone will not let me ring anyone apart from my daughter who is 8.
    What is going on?
    I can text and recieve text and I can recieve calls.

    This has been going on for 4 days!!!!!!

  • Louis

    Hello, I’m unable to buy a goodybag as it’s saying my card details are incorrect. I’ve had the same details saved on here for a year and double checked they were correct but still getting the same message. Can someone help please?

  • Ak

    Signal stopped recently on my iphone. “No service” is what I see. It’s been working fine for a few months and now it’s totally dead. So disappointed with Giffgaff.

    I tried a Vodafone sim and it works. Extremely sad !

  • Clare

    I have had no signal today at all. Is there a problem? When will it be resolved? Looking at other posts, does no one from Giff Gaff comment? Would be useful if users knew what was going on.

  • Siani

    Hello, I have had no signal today at all. Does anyone know what’s going on and when it will be fixed?

  • nick

    Hello i recently bought a sony experia z and put my giffgaff sim in and its been working fine. Then all of a sudden my signal goes and says no signal even when everything else is working. Please can you help?

  • LordStrange

    I’m in Norwich atm btw. Anyone else suffering?

  • LordStrange

    First it was Clash of Clans now it’s Giffgaff. Is it me?
    All l want to do is make a call but it ain’t happening.
    Sort it out folks…

  • Shaf

    Cant call or txt, is giffgaff down, so annoying, cant ring family to wish merry Xmas

  • Patrick

    Next to no signal constantly. No 3g, only gprs.

  • jack

    have problems sending texts out anyone help with this matter

  • staples

    Giffgaff the signal is always 1 bar, when you do get a connection it drops the call, got to be the worst provider out there as they linked with O2 they we must have last priority on after O2 customers. In my opinion got to be the worst choice I’ve ever made. lost business, lost family and friends as they think I’m avoiding them due to all the no connection and dropping of calls so no one calls any more as they think I’m being rude or ignoring them due to the massive amount of no connection and dropped calls . Avoid at all costs, imagine if you had an emergency and could not call from this pathetic provider. if I sold goods and or services that did not work I would be sued and in court or at worst lynched. This a faceless service provider not providing the service I pay for. when you complain on the Giffpaff forum you get banned as the moderators are earning money and do not want their gravy train ruined. Shocking service, shocking thieves.

  • Tomas Thomas

    Whats going on in llanelli slow network slow sending text and clicking 20 times to call one number

  • Tg

    Now sorted normal service resumed

  • Tg

    Problems in the Cupar Fife area with no service.

  • Ingrid van Agtmael

    Now found out that they are working on the mast here on South Hayling

  • Jh

    Same! Can’t seem to solve it no matter what i do :/ it’s annoying!

  • Ingrid van Agtmael

    I have had signal problems for a few days now. Today, although phone is showing 4 bars, unable to even send a message. Even taken battery out, but all to now avail. Any other people have these problems on GiffGaff?

  • Haydn

    I am Unable to call overseas numbers, I get cut of as soon asI dial and I cannot access any advice on the gifgaf community because that section of the gifgaf website is not responding. I am Unable to send picture messages.

  • Lana

    Every time I click on an app it goes off before even loading, and just takes me back to the home page. None of my notifications are coming through and my text messages are disappearing when I send them! Annoying!!!!!

  • Rhi

    no service STILL!!

  • Riley

    Has giff gaff been down since yesterday I keep getting service then it cuts out!!

  • frncsc

    For the last 2 weeks I have been having several connectivity issues. People trying to call me, saying that they got a call signal whilst I didn’t had nothing registered on my phone. Also messages that took a long time to be delivered, like one that was sent to me from another giffgaff nr yesterday between 20 and 21.00 and only receiving it today at 15.40. I have tried to turn off and on the phone a couple of times but that has not improved the service in a way I have noticed. I am baffled with this. And considering changing nr.

  • diane emery

    Why cant I buy my goody bag today. What a waste of time.

  • seyade

    i just joined giffgaff from tmobile week ago. and start having network problem with it that i never had before.

  • nick

    Is gifgaf down today I have no signal

  • Karen Farquhar

    Is giffgaff down

  • Ellie

    Barely any signal no Internet at all

  • Kay

    cant even ring my family as there is no reception on giffgaff. the network is a joke.

  • Dave Edge

    No service cant make calls or tx data workin in oldham any 1 else got this problem

  • AuldScotsGit

    I am having the same problems with THREE. I have both GG and Three.

  • No bloody signal internet or calling in Norwich and surrounding areas!!! can’t rely on this rubbish as my work number!!!

  • Sam

    I’m on giff gaff still been down for two weeks gunna change nice one just topped my goody bag up and can’t us it

  • Saman


  • David Hughes

    Cannot make calls in Ayr. I’m guessing the network is congested with the huge influx of people for the Air Show today. However my sisters o2 mobile has no problem making calls. Very good evidence of the prioritisation of o2 over giffgaff customers, something giffgaff shockingly fail to mention to new customers.

  • ern

    No GiffGaff mobile broadband or intermittent at Swanage. This has been ongoing JUly and Aug. Phone OK. Not good enough back to 3 I think.

  • Sam

    Fed up no with giffgaff 4 days this really peein me off what’s app works fine can’t call out can’t make a call I’m not gettin msg hurry up or I will change

  • Karen

    Is there a problem with the network? For 3 days now when I recieve a call I answer it and the person can’t hear me and the same if I call them, however I can call via whatsapp or any Internet application and its fine, seriously what is the problem as in all the time I have had giffgaff, I have never had this problem. Pkease get this sorted ASAP thanks

  • Kayla

    Unreal this

  • Janice

    no signal in the Alnwick area what’s going on ?

  • wendy

    What is going on with your giffgaff network because the signal failure getting l call and it ends up cut off sort the problem out not happy get it done

  • James

    GiffGaff is no gaff i want to be in, No signal half the time and when i do get signal i get dropped calls. In wales cardiff.

  • Mike

    No Highgate device at all . I’m in Sandbach, as usual no info or assistance from gg. Good to see they’re so reactive Stoll. As oppose to pro that is 🙂

  • Susan

    Not able to ring anyone using my phone, and apparently when people call me all they get is answer machine man.

  • Tracy Mcinally

    Do you have any idea how long it will take for them to get their server up and running as can’t log in to top up so my phone is basically useless till i can access my account thanks

  • Tracy Mcinally

    Thanks same here i can not access my giff gaff account so can not top up and don’t know how long the server is going to be down for so basically my phone is useless at the moment hopefully they get it sorted soon as can’t find any information on how long it is going to be before they sort this

  • Micky

    In Wakefield, West Yorkshire. No loss of service however I cannot access the giffgaff website or balance status via the app on my iPhone. From what I have deduced one of their servers has broken

  • Tracy Mcinally

    I am in Glasgow and can not log in to my account or top up my goody bag can you tell me what’s going on and when this will be sorted not a happy customer Tracy

  • Tobias

    I am in Lincoln and my friend in in Hull and we are both not getting any signal on our phones. Just had to use the old primitive house phone, felt so weird holding that thing.

  • Jilly

    Got no service in burnham.

  • Lori

    Got no giffgaff service, is this happening to anyone else?

  • andrew

    I have no service why I have tried everything im not a happy customer im honestly thinking about changing networks

  • janice worthington

    i can’t make calls or send texts. No service

  • ermintrude

    can’t get on their site on my home computer today 🙁

  • Rose

    I am also in Pembrokeshire Hilary and my Internet is running smoothly.

  • Chase

    Hey giffgaff you are playing up again, i cannot send any texts.

  • Edward

    Not able to access my account, I live in Manchester.

  • Hilary

    I am in Pembrokeshire and Internet is down.

  • Smithy

    Is anyone having problems trying to login to their giffgaff account today?

  • Chaz

    In Devon and no giggaff internet for a couple of days now, can we please soort this issue asap as i need it.

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