123 Reg Problems

If you have a website hosted on 123 Reg servers, then when there’s maintenance or routing issues your server may be down today, which could impact the webmail, control panel, all your websites and more of their Premium Hosting, Shared platforms or even dedicated if it’s something more complicated.

123 Reg Status insight for Saturday 2nd of July 2022

If 123 Reg is down today, then reports will be found below.

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123 Reg Reports

@123reg shocking customer service had the phone disconnected 4 times. They have taken money off my card for a Digital Marketing Suite I never wanted or paid for #123reg

@123reg I'm getting spam calls from 020 7023 4874 - if this is one of your numbers and you wish to discuss my account, then email me, if it's really you then you will have my email. The number is blocked by my anti spam app.

@Nimphal I one had a nice chat on the phone with a sales rep from @123reg about the temperature of water for brewing tea.

hey @123reg How about you knock off the underhanded domain renewal tactics? It's not due for renewal till next month and you email saying it's over due and I risk loosing it? That's a shitty way to treat customers

@gazwood @123reg Move out. They are shocking. Ionos I would recommend, WARNING: do not delete your 123 reg account. They lock your domain. You will need access until you transfer. Look at ionos Great service. Move.

@frustratedcomm4 @123reg Your not the only one. 123reg has been bought by godaddy. Get out. Ionos is amazingly good. Basic £1/month package is Brill. However, transferring out of 123. They make it difficult.

@laurabentley @123reg Ionos We build web sites. 1&1 integrated. Its £1.00 a month, beginner. Lots more for your money. Domain transfer is free. WARNING, 123reg make it difficult for you to transfer your domain

@laurabentley @123reg Wasting your time. Look at ionos, support, the online help, the web builder, loving it. Fab service. 1 problem though. 123-reg locks your domain. They make difficult to transfer. I have been trying to transfer for over a week now.

@123reg I have been trying to use your 'livechat' support all day but there is never anyone available. Is there an issue with this?