123 Reg Problems

If you have a website hosted on 123 Reg servers, then when there’s maintenance or routing issues your server may be down today, which could impact the webmail, control panel, all your websites and more of their Premium Hosting, Shared platforms or even dedicated if it’s something more complicated.

123 Reg Status insight for Monday 8th of March 2021

If 123 Reg is down today, then reports will be found below.

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123 Reg Reports

@planninglounge @123reg Why not contact @jasmine_meek1 for recovery of your account he can help you recover that because I was having same issues with my mom account

Soo... website currently down & cannot access the DNS settings @123reg due to an error message which keeps locking me out of my account. Over an hour on hold over 2 calls to be told it can’t be fixed as tech support are unavailable at the weekend 😡 Not good enough #timetoswitch

@123reg you are the worst company ever after having domains for over 5 years and I had financial issues and you take them all and sell my domains !!! worse company ever!! you could have called @GoDaddy its better than you all my clients are changing domains !!

hey @123reg I cancelled my Hosting last month, why all of a sudden has it been reactivated and I'm being charged?

@NeilSmythe @123reg 123 for domain register is good. For hosting. Cloudways or Digital Ocean. if you want any help dude give me a shout. Happy to go through anything with you :). For WordPress I highly recommend Kadence theme :) It's what we used at Coggeshall quality theme!

@NeilSmythe @123reg Hey Neil! Happy to help where possible mate - I’ve made my own website from scratch with a GoDaddy domain, powered by Wordpress, hosted by Hostinger and designed by Elementor - feel free to text if you like 😌

@NeilSmythe @123reg If you're looking for something not too expensive, for a WordPress website, with email, you can get a good hosting service for around $10/month. DreamHost shared unlimited plan would be my choice. There are some more options: typesofhosting.com/shared-hosting/

@DG_400h @Thomasfrombrum @123reg I gave up online and with the live chat. They did do it, eventually over the phone but only offer you an immediate cancel with no refund. It’s rubbish.

@Thomasfrombrum @jamesallenw @123reg Yes, they make it incredibly difficult to end services...I continue to search for the option to end mine

@NeilSmythe @123reg If you are going to do Wordpress you need to decide on managed or non managed hosting, managed is by far the best if you want to spend minimal ongoing time doing constant updates. Non-managed if you want more customization and you have the time to keep the site updated - hth

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