Gmail Problems

If you are having a fight with Gmail at the moment, or not able to access the email service at all, Down Today is here so you can share your pain or tribulations, because you are probably not the only one. The email service Google Mail or best known as Gmail is used by millions of individuals and businesses, but bad occurrences do happen and we want you to report them.

Users feel the harsh pain when Gmail is down because of an outage, even though the service going down is by far the worst for users, there are other issues people experience. Such as Gmail login not working, emails not being sent or received or even mobile apps not opening up.

When Gmail is down or if there is an issue of any magnitude, Google are always on the ball investigating the problem. But, you as the user can report if anything is wrong a lot faster than Google can. This is why Down Today is here so you can report your Gmail problems?

Gmail Status insight for Thursday 4th of March 2021

If Gmail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Gmail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Gmail Reports

@gmail Today morning onwards multiple times getting this issue.not issue in phone, I restarted and check other apps are working well and good. Only Gmail app is getting issues, once I try access email, automatically get back to outside

@gmail All sorted. My domain needed renewing hence my workspace problems.

Anyone else @NYU having problems with their @gmail? Specifically, not receiving emails that have been sent, or sending emails that are never received. I apologize if you've sent me something and I've yet to respond! (In touch w/ College & University IT, but still no answers)

please help me again @gmail Gmails password recovery is not working for me.…

@gmail my gmail was hacked and the recovery process is not working. May I please talk to a human? I can easily prove it’s my email to a human instead of your crappy automated recovery link.

@gmail need help with my password reset. Nothing is working and your help site it’s not helping me.

@gmail I have problems with opening app and on browser all the time. It may have coincided with the upgrade. When using it breaks connection constantly and message shows an error and can’t load. Eventually and relatively quickly I get in, but it’s incredibly annoying.

My gmail acct was linked to my bank and all the important documents also all my important contacts were in it. Blocking of it has caused many problems for me. And every option I tried was failed to unblock. Continued.... @gmail @Google @GoogleIndia @sundarpichai

@gmail Not working on Windows/Chrome browser. Checked my iOS mobile Gmail app and it worked (whew!) so that’s good news and I now know I at least have a solid work-around.

@gmail My gmail app is not working!