Gmail Problems

If you are having a fight with Gmail at the moment, or not able to access the email service at all, Down Today is here so you can share your pain or tribulations, because you are probably not the only one. The email service Google Mail or best known as Gmail is used by millions of individuals and businesses, but bad occurrences do happen and we want you to report them.

Users feel the harsh pain when Gmail is down because of an outage, even though the service going down is by far the worst for users, there are other issues people experience. Such as Gmail login not working, emails not being sent or received or even mobile apps not opening up.

When Gmail is down or if there is an issue of any magnitude, Google are always on the ball investigating the problem. But, you as the user can report if anything is wrong a lot faster than Google can. This is why Down Today is here so you can report your Gmail problems?

Gmail Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If Gmail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Gmail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Gmail Reports

@gmail Hi, Thank you for checking up. It's still not working. As mentioned, I can send emails from the account that I'm having issues with. When I reply to that email, I get an error message saying that the email wasn't found. It's strange...

@Google @gmail don't get the option to verify it's you I have the phone in which I was last logged in and I am in the same location also I have my recovery number but i am not able to login from my android phone, i have tried everything but other way from google side it is not working

@gmail Please I've tried all I could to recover this account but is not working

@gmail Im pretty damn having to deal with no upgrades -lYour entire platform seems to have been somewhere back in 1964 when are you going to fix the problems and make us allowed to actually easily send information to others right now you suck

Anyone else having problems these last couple of days with @gmail ? I had two businesses (one a city water dept) send me files and never got the email. Sent multiple times until I finally had them send to my and went through just fine. Am I missing more?

@gmail Hey, could you please DM me - I'm having some problems accessing an old account & it's impossible to reach any support conclusion :(

My account is disabled suddenly and no recovery phone number and email attach with this account this is my important email,and the forgot password all options are not working,for OTP,or else,so please recover my email Thank you @Google @gmail

@gmail I was trying everything. Eventually they said I must wait 48 hours so they could send me a link. Today is Monday I couldn’t even work because my Gmail is not working, I’m losing opportunities. I’d expect that a cooperation as huge as you guys supports its customers

@Vish_0226 @GoogleIndia @gmail @Google @cyber @TechnicalGuruji @Mrwhosetheboss @googledrive @googledevs Hello mate dm with your complaint or problems you might be experiencing we are are your service pal

@gmail Sir please Help me my gmail I'd was not working I can't access in my Google account I get verification code on this so plzz do something plz

Sir my gmail login is not working, I have tried many times. I even remember my password, even after giving it, even after giving it, 2 level verification was also turned on so that otp should go to my second gmail but that too is not happening what to do sir. @gmail

@gmail I have done this also now...not working..same like before...