Gmail Problems

If you are having a fight with Gmail at the moment, or not able to access the email service at all, Down Today is here so you can share your pain or tribulations, because you are probably not the only one. The email service Google Mail or best known as Gmail is used by millions of individuals and businesses, but bad occurrences do happen and we want you to report them.

Users feel the harsh pain when Gmail is down because of an outage, even though the service going down is by far the worst for users, there are other issues people experience. Such as Gmail login not working, emails not being sent or received or even mobile apps not opening up.

When Gmail is down or if there is an issue of any magnitude, Google are always on the ball investigating the problem. But, you as the user can report if anything is wrong a lot faster than Google can. This is why Down Today is here so you can report your Gmail problems?

Gmail Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Gmail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Gmail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sam

    Gmail problems with emails.

  • Jesse james

    Gmail problems. Fix now.

  • Otigo

    Fix now if Gmail is not working for you.

  • Dominic

    Sending and receiving mail problems. Resolve now.

  • Carly

    I have tried a few times today to send an email and they are still sitting in drafts, I have good broadband so that’s not the issue.

  • Kathy

    Problems with Gmail.

  • Johnson

    Gmail issues. Get solutions.

  • big wonka

    GO BACK TO BASIC GMAIL …. we loved Gmail for its basic, no scamming system. cut out the multiple login crrrrap .

  • willy wonka

    This problem with login to Gmail where we have to login 2 or 3 times sometime before we can access our accounts. What the hell is going on and why has this problem lasted for weeks, months. Even when finally in our account.. we get error messages to say not working and have to reload, refresh.

  • laura

    Gmail problems?

  • joel fred agcaoili

    cannot use my email today. everytime I open my gmail, it suddenly shutdown in a seconds.

  • Onnik

    New mail is not loaded in the Inbox. I had to search for them in other folders. A transient notice appeared in the panel informing that connection is lost. Is Google aware of the problem in London, UK area?

  • Egita

    Can’t receive any emails. Is important info coming. Is not working on the phone,tablet and trued browser on laptop. Can you fix it?

  • Janet Patterson

    Cannot get into my emails message displayed when opening g mail has stopped

  • Ebuilders

    CAn’t attached files today Oct 13, 2017

  • Sue Lemasurier

    I’m not getting any attachments to my gmail account today

  • Free Helpline+(44)808-143-3686

    Report now
    Login problems

    Mail Issues.

    Get 24*7 Live support.

  • Proudfoot

    Am not receiving emails from my yahoo account since yesterday morning. I can see them in yahoo – they’re just not being pulled through to my Gmail account as normal. I’ve checked my settings and they all seem to be OK
    Is there a problem?

  • TAM

    Not receiving any emails to gmail account from other email domains. I sent an email to my gmail account from my hotmail email to check, and still my gmail is not receiving emails. A lot of important emails are being sent to my gmail account but they are not coming through. This has been happening since 2 days ago.

  • Maureen Rule

    Unable to access gmail at all for 2 days. Says ” unable to sync”. Tried updating app but same mess appears. Trying via Android.

  • Lally

    I have not been able to receive emails into my gmail account for over 24 hours. Please help.

  • Clive petrie

    Some of my emails are not being received but others are. Please help

  • Rosalee Adams

    Unable to get into my gmail entirely

  • Gmail Customer Care

    Call Now (44)8000903248
    Login problems
    Mail Issues.
    Get 24*7 Live support.

  • Ramasubramanian

    g mail not loading for more than 7 minutes. If it loads, then no mail can be opened.

  • Niharika Kakkar

    Not receiving any mail since June 14, 2016

  • Shirley

    3 gmail account and not one works. Servers must me down or something.

  • Diana

    I have tried to open Gmail on iPhone and iPad and nothing, so I decided to open on Mac but still not opening. Seems to be fine on Android mobile devices.

  • Email support +1855-777-1707

    Contact live support for Gmail, 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Help.

  • Email support +1855-777-1707

    Contact live support for Gmail 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Help..

  • Email support +1855-777-1707

    Contact live support for Gmail 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Help.

  • Clare

    I have not been able to receive emails for 2 days, i am starting to hate Google. Maybe they should start down-sizing so they can cope.

  • Geoff

    Cannot get any access to my Gmail account today (14th May 2016). Nor for the previous nine days.. I am a committee member for a local charity; so it looks bad when either members or others cannot get a timely response.

  • Craig List

    imap screwed up again… what a f..ed up service… yeah – let’s all use cloud services LOL

  • Chrissy

    What is wrong with the Gmail imap protocol, had nothing but issues for a while now and it is really testing my patience.

  • Mark

    Gmail is not as reliable as it used to be, if someone is using for personal use i can see they will be upset when they are not receiving emails, but for someone who uses it for business it is very frustrating when things do not work.

  • Andrew

    I tried to subscribe my email to get these new advanced alerts, which come in when i want to schedule a stream. But the only downside is a problem occurs when i try to submit my Gmail address.

  • Choy

    I can open Gmail on my computer but as soon as i try to open on my iphone or ipad it just shuts down on me. The app is basically useless.

  • Grace

    Working fine on my phone but not on desktop. Sign in to Gmail seems to be playing up on the desktop.

  • Lee

    My saved emails in my folder have disappeared and do not know how to get them back, can anyone help me please if they have an answer.

  • Kane

    Gmail is just getting worse by the day, yet another week without getting any emails, cannot even send anything and old ones re-appearing after deleting.

  • Alain

    Gmail server needs some serious work doing to it. It is always either too slow or not working at all because i have not been getting my emails for about two weeks now. This is not constant its like on and off all the time and only a few emails get through and when they do they are old emails out of date to act on.

  • Larry

    its been like 5 days now and still had no emails, had to tell most of my clients to send to Yahoo Mail.

  • Jake

    My emails are delayed by about 4 hours.

  • Christine

    Not good to not have emails being sent to me for four days now. Not happy ay all with the service Google supplies. They have plenty of money so hey why care about its silly mail system, which pays them nothing.

  • Mulanda

    Gmail is stupidly getting worse and it is really getting me down now. having to explain to clients I cannot fulfill their requirements because I cannot open any email.

  • Chester

    Most of my emails are going to spam now when they should be going to my main inbox. How come this has changed overnight?

  • Warren

    This is so not funny anymore. I have very important time-sensitive emails I need to send and cannot. Gmail should just close its doors.

  • Crossley

    So frustrating knowing i have important emails to send and I cannot because Gmail is useless. Been like four days now that i have been unable to send a receive emails.

  • Watkins

    Cannot access server, these are the three words popping up all if the time this week. This is seriously getting frustrating knowing i have plenty of emails to send but cannot.

  • DE Williams

    second time today that I’ve been unable to access gmail – july 9 2015

  • Paul

    I am unable to access my Gmail, I am signed in and all but still not happening. I have even tried to change my password a few times and that has not helped any.

  • Martha

    Receiving and sending emails from my account seems to be somewhat of a pain in the rear.

  • Celia

    When I try to log-in, Gmail asks me to agree to their terms re Privacy, but there is no ‘I agree’ box to click, so I cannot access the mail!

  • Jeri

    Can anyone access GMail today?

  • Kate

    I have never had Gmail issues where I could not sign-in, but I have always had problems trying to send or receive emails.

  • Jamie

    So what is the real point to Gmail? Supposed to get emails but I do not, supposed to be able to send emails and I cannot.

  • Janey

    Why am i getting a message saying invalid request? Gmail is getting worse.

  • Lisa

    Emails are not being sent, they just sit in draft box all the time. I am in North California..

  • Mikey

    Gmail isn’t down, I can sing in but having issues trying to send emails.

  • Jake

    Tuesday 16 June and no Gmail, not able to login yet again. Been like four days now i have been having login issues. I tried to reset password but wouldn’t let me.

  • Gary

    Gmail app is working on phone but computer is not letting me login. Normally it is the other way round, very strange indeed and unable to access my emails that are very important to read for deadlines.

  • MartinGray

    It’s been rubbish for weeks, is it the latest iOS update? The Safari Gmail just spins aimlessly, while the app isn’t much better

  • Mark

    Everything is working again for me, totally down earlier today though in London, UK.

  • Dan

    Lots of Gmail problems today, then things are starting to come back up working.

  • Donna

    Looks like there’s IMAP problems in Europe.

  • Bill

    The email servers aren’t work, they are not downloading email content.

  • Larry

    Gmail isn’t receiving emails on my iPhone 6.

  • Kent

    Gmail is not dowloading my email on Internet to latop or desktop, it all works fine on my iPhoen 6.

  • Suzan

    Not able to recieve or send emails since March 23rd, this is ridiculous.

  • Madaline

    Gmail works in Firefox and IE but not Safari, why is this?

  • Bobby

    Nothing but issues with gmail today, the main problem is not being able to receive my emails, but sending is working fine.

  • Kelly

    I’m fed up with all the junk email going to my gmail, whats the best way to block this? tried a few things, but not working enough yet.

  • Brandi

    Every time I reply to an email it keeps failing to send, these emails are important as well so you can guess my mind is about to explode.

  • Jack

    How come I can log in to my Google+ account and other Google stuff but yet I cannot login to my Gmail, its the same username and password.

  • Stan

    A little strange how I can see my emails on my iPhone but yet I cannot see them ton my desktop. I have tried different web browsers to see if that was the problem but nothing.

  • Jan

    None of my emails are being sent to me, why has Gmail stopped sending me my mail. I know I have some because people have phone me to ask why I have not replied.

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