Gmail Problems

If you are having a fight with Gmail at the moment, or not able to access the email service at all, Down Today is here so you can share your pain or tribulations, because you are probably not the only one. The email service Google Mail or best known as Gmail is used by millions of individuals and businesses, but bad occurrences do happen and we want you to report them.

Users feel the harsh pain when Gmail is down because of an outage, even though the service going down is by far the worst for users, there are other issues people experience. Such as Gmail login not working, emails not being sent or received or even mobile apps not opening up.

When Gmail is down or if there is an issue of any magnitude, Google are always on the ball investigating the problem. But, you as the user can report if anything is wrong a lot faster than Google can. This is why Down Today is here so you can report your Gmail problems?

Gmail Status insight for Thursday 13th of August 2020

If Gmail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Gmail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Gmail Reports

Hey @gmail you have been extremely unhelpful and hard to reach. My email has stopped working. And it’s not because I’m sending too many emails. I don’t send anywhere near 500 emails per day. I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten to 100 in a single day. Please help me. Please.

@TeamYouTube Sir,I try more than 100 times to recover my email ,and follow all steps but still not working ,this email id is more important for me because it contains lot of games progress ,personal information of my school ,business and life @gmail ,@Google ,@GoogleIndia ,@TeamYouTube

@gmail Hi! I mail forward from Outlook, and I access Gmail on Chrome. The signature was working perfectly fine until a few weeks ago, and now it comes and goes...and is currently gone. I've checked the settings and everything is in order, so I'm not sure what's wrong!

@gmail @GoogleIndia your forums and help notes are not helping at all they just give the same steps repeatedly which are not working, there is nowhere to reach for a specific issue, all forums end with " if nothing works try creating a new account".What about my data & security?

@gmail my problem My Gmail account is not recover and not forgot password not working My help

@Google @crazycookiessss @gmail @Google i am not able to reset my google password please give me the password reset link.this is coming again and again despite doing the whole process continued from 2 weeks.i am real owner of this account your recovery process is not working properly is my problem

@gmail my gmail is not working please help

@gmail hello my gmail is not working help me please thank you

@gmail Seems to be working on Application but on browser it seems to be showing Not Connected. Connecting in mins Try Now and the try now button doesn't seems to be responding. Also on reload it seems to be just showing loading sign. Other sites seems to be loading fine perfectly.

Anyone having @gmail problems??? I’ve got nothing but a blank screen on Apple mail

@gmail AZ time of 10:44 am is the last email showing up in my inbox. I know I have newer emails sent to me between then and now (noon) and they aren’t showing up. I have checked on my Mac notebook, iPhone XR and my iPad. Are you having problems today? I need to respond to one.

@ChucklefishLTD @pixpilgames @gmail @Chucklefish You guys are scamming people playing Stardew on iOS by not fixing the huge problems and and obviously ignoring the people reaching out for help with it!