Google Drive Problems

Google Drive lives in the cloud and allows users to keep all their files close no matter where they are. Users of Google Drive can access files from their mobile devices and computers, although problems do occur that result in all services not working on occasion.

There’s other Google apps within Drive and that support Drive. When one service goes down, you might also notice Docs, Sheets, and Slides not working. If this is the case, then use the contact information on the right to see current status of these apps, or leave a report detailing your problems below.

Error messages can range from 500 server errors, other connection messages, and some might see services running very slow.

Google Drive Status insight for Wednesday 27th of May 2020

If Google Drive is down today, then reports will be found below.

Google Drive Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Coco

    Short / small videos (up to 1 MB) still showing “video is still being processed” for days on end after uploading them onto Google Drive.

  • Blake

    Google Drive is having issues sharing files, other issues with shared files are happening too.

  • Josh

    I have no idea why but my Google Drive is not loading.

  • Lenny

    google drive apps teach assist yrdsb login is not working

  • Mark

    MY google drive login is not working.

  • Kyle

    I am having issues Google Drive progress book parent access, is anyone else?

  • Silvia

    I am not getting into my Google Drive, access is denied basically. I have not clue as to why this is so.

  • Ethan

    I cannot seem to edit or delete my Google Drive documents, can anyone else let me know if they are having the same issue – thank you in advance.

  • asif iqbal

    Sum page open Havey problem not good networking this time

  • james

    cant upload..i tried upload some photo to google drive. upload proceed and complete uploading. but actually no files uploaded.

  • varghese

    having problem today , page can not be open

  • kenneth525

    Seems to have some problems today with Google Drive.
    cannot display all folders and cannot upload photos/files

  • nib

    My Google docs deleted an amount of text without me knowingly causing it, also after working normally my Create a Document began to malfunction by not displaying any choices left of ‘Print ‘ i.e. Edit, File etc. What causes this and what is the remedy? I can not access Revision history Rename etc. The missing text was not found in the bin but just totally lost which I understood to not be possible in Google Docs and Gmail. My sole reason for using these sites

  • Wally

    I’m having a problem with the mail merge this week.

  • Dan

    Google Drive seems to be back up working now, Dec 10.

  • mad in michigan

    Me too…for a couple of hours now

    “Internal Server Error
    Error 500”

  • luiz

    also here pt-br, internal server error 500… and my research in this night >>> #fail #drive #google

  • Aaron

    “Internal Server Error, Error 500” for me across multiple computers and IPs. Finals week, have term paper due tomorrow which is saved on docs. This is the worst thing possible.

  • Col. Sanders’ Housewife

    stop relying on cloud storage ya idjit

  • ManilaByNight

    ERROR MESSAGE:Internal Server Error

    Error 500 message on all our school computers today.

  • A

    “Internal server error, Error 500” on several browsers today.

  • Beth

    Getting “internal service error, error 500” when I try to get into googledrive in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, on macbook pro and iphone. Please fix!

  • Mario

    One of our administrators lost all access to Google Drive on December 1st. It is now the 9th and Google has not yet been able to figure out what the problem is. We’ve tried multiple platforms, 10+ computers, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, Macbook Air, Android, all of them result in error 500. Countless hours of work has been lost, and we already wasted a week of work trying to rebuild these files. At this point all we want is a functioning Drive, and we don’t even have that.

  • Nathan

    I have been trying to share for just under 3 hours, having no luck.

  • Lewis

    Just looked at Google’s status page and it looks like google drive is down along with a few of their other apps. Oct 27, 2014.

  • Kerry

    Having nothing but problems with docs today, anyone else?

  • Mike

    Got to love Monday’s, especially when Google Drive is down.

  • Billy

    I keep getting a 500 server error, I can’t connect to Google Drive.

Google Drive Reports

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