iPad Mail Down Today?

iPad Mail problems can be down to many reasons, with the main culprit being down to Apple server issues. It has been known for iOS updates playing havoc with services, as well as bugs in system and the app not loading contacts etc.

Other common issues with iPad Mail could be sending and receiving of emails, complaints have come in on social media sites as well as within the Apple communities to do with syncing email accounts with the likes of iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook.

No matter what reason of iPad problem, leave your status update right here with your location. Is your Apple Mail working properly? Are you seeing Apple servers down today? If anything is wrong then please do share with Down Today and our readers.

iPad Mail Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If iPad Mail is down today, then reports will be found below.

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6 years ago

I have a few emails set up on my iPad, Outlook and Gmail etc, but when I try to access and put in my password its not letting me access them even though my password is correct.

7 years ago

iPad multiple e mail accounts used to show as all e mails inbox. This has disappeared , I still have the individual e mail inboxes for each account ????
Any ideas????



7 years ago

Hi I just upgraded to iOS 9.3.5 on iPad and find that while I can read, create and send emails via the yahoo app, I can no longer forward or reply to emails. Does anyone have any ideas?

Edna Adlington
7 years ago

Message should have included it’s an iPad

Edna Adlington
7 years ago

Why don’t my emails show immediately. I have to go on e mails and then it checks and I could have many since last time I was using it. I would like it to alert me when I get one

Sue Thompson
8 years ago

Writing on received emails runs into each other and lines are on top of lines rendering email illegible. Unable to sort – any ideas?

8 years ago

Every time I delete an e mail it trebles and comes back have now got 746

8 years ago

Trying to put e mails in trash basket they go but all of a sudden all e mails from when I bought I pad have come back to mail box and when I try to get rid of them they just come back .got 3500 emails I can’t get rid of any ideas any one?

8 years ago

Since update ios9 emails come through but can’t read them area greyed out,only way is by going onto desktop .

8 years ago

Not receiving any emails, iPad Mail has always been good for me, its only today i have ever had a problem.

8 years ago

My iPad Mail just keeps crashing every time I open it, as soon as I click on the icon it just flashes on then goes off.

9 years ago
Reply to  Paula

I would recommend a hard reset, shutdown your iPad and when restarting hold the on and off button and well as the round menu button down and do not let go until it opens. This should work.

9 years ago

Each time I open my Apple mail on my iPad it keeps crashing.

9 years ago

I have tried entering my password on a number of occasions to access my mail but to no avail. Have I got to start all over again and set up a new one?

9 years ago

It is a little strange since downloading the new update that i can receive emails but not send them. How do I fix this?

9 years ago

Since I installed the iOS 8.3 upgrade, my mail on my iPad has stopped downloading and sending emails!

9 years ago

When I open up my ipad emails it is not showing half of my contacts, am I doing something wrong?

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