Fox Now Down Today?

Fox Now and on demand problems can consist of streaming quality, apps not downloading, other issues could relate to sign in or no shows playing at all. But the major issue is when Fox Now and on demand problems encounter an outage leaving services completely down with no viewing at all.

You can watch Fox Now shows after they have aired on, the iPad, iPhone, Android devices, as well as Apple TV, Roku, Windows 8, Xbox, Kindle and Samsung TVs.

Recent complaints were to do with viewers trying to watch Empire and American Idol; they said they were not too happy about the amount of ad pop-ups during the shows. Fox Now also on demand also airs Gotham, Red Band Society, So You Think You Can Dance, and may more.

If you are having any kind of Fox Now and on demand problems right now, please do leave your status report below. Please leave your problem along with your location and what device your Fox Now is on, thank you.

Fox Now Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Fox Now is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 years ago

Been a problem for months, i stream live shows and use the restart from beginning. I can watch about 75% before it crashes. I use my xbox one to stream, and after 75% it goes back to the xbox home screen. Extremely frustrating when i cant watch the end of a show and that you do not have it available for on demand. I wasnt home in time to watch from the start, so thats why i use my xbox to stream it.

jennifer nicodemus
4 years ago

Florida Seminole pinellas county…roku…wont play show past 1 min. Crashes.

4 years ago

y fox now crashes after about 1 minute of running either live or past shows. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, checked for updates, unplugged internet. Nothing seems to work.

4 years ago

My fox now crashes after about 1 minute of running either live or past shows. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, checked for updates, unplugged internet. Nothing seems to work.

5 years ago

FoxNow & FXNow both down! Simply says “UNAVAILABLE. The app is unavailable at this time please try again later. “

5 years ago

Fox Now was working earlier today. Just tried to watch a channel at 8 PM tonight and can’t watch anything.

5 years ago

The foxno w app only allows me to watch the latest episode of a show. I can’t see any previous episodes.

Richard McManus
6 years ago

Foxnow just spins saying “loading your collection.” but as far as I know we don’t have a collection and it never comes back. On Apple TV today, April 2 in the EDT usa.

Nik Nik
6 years ago

Fox channel on my iPad not working it’s stopping and starting I’m trying to watch American dad and family guy? Why is this?

Michael C. McGregor
6 years ago

FOXNOW is not playing any programs on my Roku from the Fox Presents, New Seasons, New Episodes, Action, Unscripted, Drama, Animation and Comedy sections. The only sections that actually play their programs are FX Presents, National Geographic Presents and that is all that works.

6 years ago

can’t get fox now app to work on PC or xbox one, says server issues try back later

6 years ago

I can get it to work via laptop but not on my new iPhone 7, I hate this phone its been a nightmare sinnce i have had it.

6 years ago

Have been watching Prision Break every night on FoxNow with my Roku. Last night when we opened the app it did not go to our next episode. However we founded it but when we click on it it goes back to fox now starter page. It will not play the episode.

Haley Emma-Madonna Watts
8 years ago

Fox channel via sky isn’t working atm :/ wanted to watch Family Guy 🙁

8 years ago

Fox Now app is not working for me, each time i try to open it – it just crashes. I have the iPhone 6 Plus.

9 years ago

Getting Fox Now to work on my laptop seems to be problematic when trying to get a show to play. But yet it works fine on my Apple iPad.

9 years ago

I cant get anything to play when using Firefox, yet is works on Chrome and Safari well.

9 years ago

Is Empire playing for anyone on the Xbox? I have also tried on my Android device and its taking a while to play.

9 years ago

Some shows you do not have to sign in I know but when trying to watch American Idol you have to, and this is where my problem lies. signing in seems to be a little hit and miss at the mo.

9 years ago

I am getting sick and tired every time I try to watch Empire, so many ads, please get rid of them.

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